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 Rules, These are the rules. Read carefully
Stephanie McMahon
 Posted: May 18 2013, 12:26 PM
Stephanie McMahon A number years old, played by Stephanie
Stephanie 2283 posts (view all)

Character Rules
Registration:Please when you register a account do it with the name of your superstar, not your name. Example if you choose John Cena, register with the name of John Cena.

Character Switching as of AUGUST 24, 2016 Due to people signing up as one character and then been placed in a match and not roleplaying with that character you signed up for, and then switching. You will have to show at least twice before you can switch. So at least you have given your original character a good chance.

Contract: When you register, you need to post your application with your superstars stats. If you don’t do it after 48 hours your account will be deleted. You can find the full required sign up template in the sign up forum. Be sure to fill it in completely, contracts will not be reviewed until a sample is provided. This sample does not have to be massive, just a small showcase of what you can do.

Character Switching: When you register a wrestler, then after a day or week you find that you aren't comfortable with that person you chose, you may switch character as long that you not on the card, but when you already booked you cannot switch character as long you don't reach ONE month being active on the site, Contact any of the staff and we'll be happy to help you. Please don't make it a habit of switching characters often.

CHARACTER NUMBER as of AUGUST 7, 2016 Maximum of characters only 1 active wrestler for every brand Maximum of 3

>> 1 Character for Monday Night RAW
>> 1 Character for Tuesday Night SMACKDOWN
Keep in mind that if you sign up as your first character, whether you're new here or returning after leaving the fed, then you MUST wait until you've posted for your debut match with us before you can pick up another character. Thank you.

[SIZE=4] Character handling ::You may not hand an account over to another player at any time, if you wish to drop your character and someone else pick them up you must go through the standard channels of dropping and picking up characters. By signing up for a new account and posting a contract along with the current player informing a General Manager they wish to drop that character.

*Failure to do so, could result in deletion of that character.*

account ::If your account goes inactive for more than 7 days WITHOUT REASON it will be deleted.

Signature Rules

SIGNATURES and PICTURES::: You may have no more than two signatures. Nudity/sexual images in signatures is not permitted and they may not stretch the page, as a general rule no wider than 500 and no bigger than 300 height wise. We reserve the right to edit your signatures and pictures to comply with the RULES.

*Failure to comply will result in your entire Signature area being deleted.*

Roleplaying Rules

We want you to try your best. If you are not an expert, don’t worry. We are here to help. So if you got a question or something about RP just ask us, and we will be happy to help you. And remember the more you participate and the better your RP's = The higher your chances are of getting better matches or even winning Titles!

NON-MATCH ROLEPLAY ACTIVITY::: It is highly frowned upon to "gate crash" a general roleplay. This means responding to a roleplay with a "TBC by So and So" tag when you are not the expected person to respond.

ROLEPLAY CONTENT::: Roleplays should not contain sexual, offensive or overly violent scenes. Profanities (swearing) is allowed but please only use it in moderation and in fitting scenes, it shouldn't be all over the place. Your roleplay should be your own work and not copied in whole or part from somebody else or any of your past roleplays.

Limits::: You are only permitted to submit one roleplay per match unless your opponents post already then you allow to post another one vice-versa. LIMITS: Regular Match Male and Female 2000 word limit or it depends on the card, ( note: check the card always ) and for the Main Event/Championship 2500 word limit. Please remember we judge quality over quantity.

Permissions::: You do not need to ask permission to use staff characters, ring announcers, commentators and interviewers in your roleplays. If you wish to use a played superstar/diva, be courteous and ask the handler.

No showing ::: (No-showing for matches is a no. Unless clear explanations are given to staff in advance of the deadline, no-showing matches will potentially lead to expulsion from the fed. This will again be at the discretion of the staff dependant on circumstances and previous record. The LOA form is there to prevent you from being booked if you are not going to be available.

Results Rules

THE JUDGING PROCESS: This is a common asked question and one that probably is not addressed clearly on every fed. Just what are we looking for? We we definitely believe in quality over quantity, but just what makes a good quality roleplay? We want to see relevance to the most important things going on with your character and on the shows. We want to see connections to the upcoming matches and even towards past matches while remaining unique. Note that relevance should not limit you but rather challenge you to think outside the box. We want you to be as entertaining. free and creative as you possibly can be! If you need more help understanding this feel free to PM the staff and receive a little more help.

DISAGREEING WITH DECISIONS::: Please have faith in the judging team when it comes to match decisions. The only people biased to your work on the fed is you. Our judges have probably read more roleplays than you've written so they're certainly not inexperienced. However, if you lose a match and you are unhappy with the decision, please do not moan and be angry about it in the Cbox or on the forum whatsoever. Kindly request official roleplay feedback from the respective show staff. If after this you continue to create a negative atmosphere surrounding the loss, you may be suspended or banned. We are a completely fair efed now the best roleplay has won every single match and it will remain that way. If you have an ego, leave it at the door because we won't hesitate to bring down the ban hammer to those who can't take a loss.

Factions: To create a Faction (Stable) you need at least 3 members and no more than 6.!

SEGMENTS: Please try and keep your segments to the point. Remember this is supposed to be TELEVISION we're watching and thusly we're not necessarily privvy to the thoughts in a characters head. Actions between words are of course needed, but two paragraphs worth of inflection and back story between speeches is not, as we wouldn’t get this in reality watching RAW.

Out of Character Rules

Advertisers::: The advertising of sites, e-feds, etc is not allowed via PMs or in the Cbox. If we caught you advertising you will be deleted!

Vacations/ Injured/ etc: If you are going to be out for some time. Please post in the Headquarters forum before you leave and you will be put on the vacation/injured list. If you don’t do it and you are out for more than a week your account will be deleted. The LOA Limit is 1 month, should it be a special circumstance such as a move, please contact a staff member and discuss it accordingly.

Please make sure you ACTUALLY post an LOA though. Dont just tell someone, or announce it in the cbox, or PM an admin. Make sure you POST in HQ. Only way your LOA will be valid. And identify who the LOA is for, Just putting your name, or the name of the person your posting for it is not good enough.

If you are on LOA, have posted a thread about it, but get put into a match. Dont RP.. simple as. Dont RP and dont count the loss on your record. Ignore it. So long as your account is on LOA, you won’t be getting deleted haha. So just relax, no harm, no foul.


All out of character postings, whether on the forum, Cbox or through PMs should carry an appropriate amount of respect. We do not and shall not tolerate OOC wars or discrimination of any kind including the harassment of another member regarding but not limited to their; gender, race, age, sexual orientation, roleplay skill level, religion or any other reason. Bullying is not allowed whatsoever. If you feel bullied, you should contact a member of the Admin Team. In addition, no member may post pornographic, violent or otherwise illegal, highly offensive material or material deemed highly inappropriate to those under the age of 16 years old. There will be absolutely no drama in the cbox. No harrassment of any kind. And, you should never disrespect your admins. Staff may Stop, if you don't Stop may result to be ban. If you continue to be banned, you will then be banned forever. You might wanna question this; Who will be punish, not only the person who started the Drama will be punish but also the person who involve the Drama. No one should feel unwelcomed in the cbox. Watch what you say and how you say it. If you disrespect an admin in the cbox, main admin or mod you will be banned without warning. Punishment is staff discretion.


BEHAVIOR::: Please be respectful and act like an adult when dealing with anything on the fed. We understand that when roleplaying you will be in character but don’t let that affect your out of character dealings. There will be no inappropriate behavior tolerated whatsoever by the WWE Inc. Staff. No drama please! We understand that you are all mature and responsible individuals who can handle conflict appropriately.

NO DRAMA!::: NO DRAMA! We have a zero-tolerance policy concerning any forms of drama on this fed. And if you are proven to provoke or perpetuate any form of drama on this fed, we will ban you without warning.

Staff::: We don't allow anybody disrespect staff or any member via pm, messenger or in the forum for any reason, first time we give you warning and if you continued that behavior you will be deleted and not welcome back and be banned.

Complaining::: There will be no complaints in this fed, whether it's about results, word limits, rp'ers or admins. If you have an issue, pm one of the four main admins."

SENSITIVE INFORMATION::: Please do not post or ask for sensitive information on forum topics such as email addresses, instant messenger ID's etc. It is not permitted in the Cbox as well (no phone numbers or house addresses!) so long as it's not in a pestering manner and nobody should be harassed for their contact information. We don't allow sensitive information on the forum itself as it'll always be there and you never know who's going to get your information, we have your safety and best interests in mind. Any topics compromising this rule shall be deleted.


This is meant to be a fun place for all and the above 'policies' have stood since the fed began, the fed still stands because of them. But it is time they were put into writing so that there is no mistaking the outcomes of nasty, spiteful behavior. So have fun! Play nice

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