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 The Legit BOSS !
Sasha Banks
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 10:08 AM

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Wrestlers Name:<BR>
Sasha Banks<BR>

Nickname <BR>
The Legit Boss<BR>

Hometown: <BR>
Fairfield, California<BR>


114 lb<BR>



Theme Music:<BR>
"Sky to the Limit" by CFO$<BR><p>

user posted image <BR>
<h1>MOVESET: </h1><BR>

Finishing Moves: <BR>
(Minimum Of One / Maximum Of Two)<BR>
Bank Statement<BR><p>

Signature Moves: <BR>
Frog splash<BR>
Monkey flip<BR><p>

Favorite Moves: <BR>
Diving double knee drop<BR>
High knee<BR>
Japanese arm drag<BR>
Kneeling jawbreaker<BR>
Springboard arm drag<BR>
Straight jacket<BR>
Suicide dive<BR>
Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown<BR>
Wheelbarrow bulldog<BR>


The Queen vs The Legit Boss

"The Boss is ready for some action tonight !"

"I am definitely a hugger and not a fighter"

Sasha Banks is seen backstage walking towards the lockerroom as she spots her best friend Bayley, they both smile and nod their heads and start chatting together about the WWE Divas.

Sasha Banks: Hey Bayley, what's up you seemed down lately wanna chat about it?

Bayley: Well it's just that Charlotte has been bugging me lately and I feel weak in front of her and I want to prove to myself that I;m not weak but a strong person do you get what I mean?

Sasha Banks: Yeah I understand. But I don't get why she is being mean to us lately like I know she hangs around with that ugly mess of her's and she thinks she's the QUEEN of WW-----.

The two ladies turn their heads towards Charlotte and Dana Brooke who heard the conversations from Sasha and Bayley about the two women. Charlotte gives a slow clap looking elsewhere whereas Dana Brooke had this smirk on her face, thinking that she wants to start an argument.

"Bow down to your Queen . . ."

"Don't push it to the limit"

Charlotte: Sasha, Sasha, Sasha. You know that you can't disrespect the Queen but I can disrespect a BOSS like you because you see Sasha no one can defeat a Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke. And Bayley tonight we have our first match I'm bringing Dana Brooke and you can also bring your little friend along with you.

Dana Brooke: Just one thing Sasha the only ugly thing in the Divas Division around here is YOU !.

Sasha Banks: Look Charlotte me and Bayley can beat you and Dana, so if you want a real match let's scrap the Bayley vs Charlotte and do a 2 on 2 tag team match.

Charlotte: Okay we accept your challenge see you both in the ring.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke both walked off giving Bayley and Sasha a smirk whereas Sasha pats Bayley on the back and they stand there watching Charlotte and Dana Brooke walk off the camera<BR>


RPing Experience: <BR>
I'm new to E-Feds but I'll try my best<BR><p>

How did you find us?: <BR>
Voting Site<BR><BR>

Do you currently play a Character here?: <BR>
<h1>THE SIGNING</h1><BR>
Have you read the RULES of WWE 2018?: <BR>
No not yet but I will do after I get accepted<BR>


Do you plan to show for your matches when Booked?: <BR>
Stephanie McMahon
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 07:01 AM

Reading the rules is a must before contract can/will be accepted.
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