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 HELL IN A CELL (SAMPLE RESULTS), November Monthy Pay Per View!
Triple H
 Posted: Dec 9 2016, 05:29 AM

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WWE: WWE Proudly Presents....

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[The show started with the battle royal a match that many were anticipating to be a huge match of the night. Among the many superstars that joined they were easily eliminated one by one until only two remained out the bunch. The sole survivors ended up being newly signed Paul Burchill and Madison Rayne . As Burchill had his back turned to the beautiful Madison after eliminating his last opponent before the two remained alone inside the squared circle. The crowd going wild as cheers and chants erupted throughout the arena, a mixture of reactions as some fans were rooting for Paul while others were rooting for Madison. It was just a matter of seconds that Burchill took his eyes off her for Madison to try and capitalize on his mistake as she went for a spinning heel kick which Burchill blocked and countered with an irish whip. Sending her crashing onto the ropes he wasted no time connecting with a vicious drop kick that sent her flying over the top rope as she came crashing onto the hard floor. The referee calls for the bell as Burchill celebrated his victory in the middle of the ring as Madison started screaming and shouting at him calling him a cheater but he just didnt seem to care.
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Sami Zayn and Shelton Benjamin start off in the middle of the ring as the referee calls for the bell . The match starts with both men locking up and exchanging a couple of kicks and punches. It was quite obvious that both men wanted the victory bad as they were not taking it easy on each other as both came at one another with everything they had and then some. There were moments when it seemed as is Shelton had the upper hand and many thought he would pick up the victory but each time Zayn not down each and every single one of Shelton's attempts proving that he wanted the victory twice as much. There came a moment during the match when Shelton had Zayn trapped in a headlock which Zayn broke after connecting with a couple elbow shots to the stomach of Shelton. With Shelton stumbling backwards a couple steps Zayn used this moment to his advantage as he set up Shelton and successfully connected with a reverse sto . Zayn quickly dropping down and covering Shelton with the pin as the referee started the three count and completed it successfully as the referee then called for the bell and Zayn was announced as the winner. The match went to commercial break with images of Zayn celebrating his victory in the middle of the ring.

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Then.Now.Forever video comes upon our screens. As it ends the cameras fade on in the backstage parking lot at the TD Garden. We are just moments away from WWE Hell In A Cell kicking off, and as these cameras begin to roll we see a long black limo pull up into the backstage parking lot.

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The limo comes to a stop, and the driver opens his door, and gets out. He comes around to the back of the limo, places his hand on the door, and opens it up carefully. Right on time, Triple H steps out from the limo, and then proceeds to turn around and help his wife, Stephanie McMahon out of the limo as well. The fans all give a mixed reaction after seeing these two. Some convinced they have turned over a new leaf, while others still don’t trust them. Hunter and Steph tell the driver thank you, and then start walking towards the arena with smiles upon their faces. As they do, they are soon joined by Tom Phillips.

TOM PHILLIPS "Stephanie, Triple H, may I have a quick word with you two?”

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Of course Tom. What can we do for you on this glorious night?”

TOM PHILLIPS "Well, it is about tonight actually. What are you two expecting from such a night?”

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “What are we expecting? We are expecting another amazing night of WWE action put on by the best brand in wrestling: THE RAW BRAND! Tonight will be one HELL of a night.”

Stephanie and Triple H share in a quick laugh together, as Stephanie tries to play on words there at the end. The two clearly seem to be in a rather joyful mood tonight. Setting the stage for what they feel will be an amazing night.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Like what you did there, honey. Tom, we have a six pack challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. We have the very first No Disqualification Lumberjill match for the Divas Championship. We have a vicious first blood match, and to top it off we have not one, not two, but three Hell In A Cell matches. Doesn’t get any better than that.”

TOM PHILLIPS "Will these matches be straight up?”

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “What is that suppose to mean?”

TOM PHILLIPS "Due to what happened on RAW near the end of the John Cena versus Sting match and so forth.”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "What happened on RAW should have never happened. Owens and Rollins will be delt with. Every match will be straight up. Only true winners are walking out of hell tonight. It will be brutal. It will be entertaining. Most of all…it will be a night that is best for business!”

The fans watching on the video screen inside the arena, give a nice pop, as Triple H and Stephanie just smile and then walk on past Tom Phillips. The cameras fade out, and the screen goes to black. A few moments go by and suddenly a few words come upon the screen:

In 1997, A new evil was born. A merciless structure.

Images now appear on the screen In hazey imagery of past stars competiting. We see images of Foley in some of his most memorable moments inside the Cell, and then we see highlights of an interview he did about the cell. We can hear foley saying: “WHEN I ENTERED HELL IN A CELL, I REALIZED CLEARLY SOMETHING IS WRONG.” We then see images of Shawn Michaels competing inside Hell In A Cell and hear his voice speaking: “YOU FEEL LIKE, IS THIS THING GONNA GET THE BEST OF ME.” Images then switch to Edge inside the cell in the past, and we hear his words over the images: “IT JUST LOOKED LIKE IT WOULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. IT TOOK A TOLL. THAT’S FOR SURE.” The images then stop, as the blank screen comes back, and more words slowly fade upon it:

Unlike anything before it. In this place…men will do things. Things that can’t be undone. Tonight on the battlefield that is the Devil’s Playground, lives will be altered. And the suffering inflicted will be eternal. Hell…..AWAITS.

The screen goes black again. Again, a few moments pass us by. The screen is still black, when suddenly we hear the sound of a dark and demonic voice speaking, amongst the dark black screen.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight is my night, to bring out the worse in them. I will find pleasure in their pain, and make evil things happen. I am…..HELL IN A CELL!”

A demonic image of the structure known as Hell In A Cell, appears on the screen now.

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Images now switch to that of John Cena and Kevin Owens encountering one another, brawling, beating one another down. As these images display upon our screen, we hear that same dark voice.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, the face that runs the place faces his unquestionable demise in the form of a prizefighter, as these two men look to tear each other apart.”

The images quickly change to that of the battle that has roared on between Seth Rollins and Sting over the past few weeks. As these images display, we hear the voice again.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, a new prince, forged in the depths of dishonor, faces the heaven’s last standing warrior with a face of darkness. Hell will be unleashed, and only one will rise from the depths of hell, to carry on their legacy.”

The images quickly change to showcase tonight’s main event. The Miz and The Rock. Two veterans competing inside the devil’s playground to see who will walk out on top, and be the new champion, the new face of Monday Night RAW. As the images of their battles display, the voice over continues.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, a challenger emerges that drags a champion to the depths of hell, to ignite a war, where in the end…one true champion will emerge to lead them all.”

Images really pick up now of devastation that has endured inside the Hell In A Cell over the past few years, as well as images of tonight’s competitors going at it over the past few weeks. As these images showcase, we hear the voice over one final time.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, these mortal men must endure my torture. My hell. So if they haven’t already, they better start praying. Welcome to HELL!”

With that, the opening theme for Hell In A Cell plays, and we are immediately taken inside the TD Garden as pyros go off everywhere, and the sold out crowd rises to their feet going absolutely nuts. The camera scans through the screaming crowd, and as it does we hear the voice of RAW, Michael Cole, welcoming us.

MICHAEL COLE... “You are looking live inside the sold out TD Garden! Tonight is the night! Tonight Monday Night RAW puts on one of the most brutal pay per views the WWE has to offer. Tonight….is HELL IN A CELL!”

The cameras leave the crowd and zoom in on Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield who are at ringside.

MICHAEL COLE... “Tonight is a huge night, John. Intercontinental title on the line, divas title on the line, a first blood match, and three, count em’ three Hell In A Cell matches!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Oh boy, I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so excited for tonight. You said it Michael. Three Hell In A Cell matches. Owens versus Cena. Sting versus Rollins and our soon to be new WWE Champion, god help us, The Miz taking on current champion, MR. Hollywood….The Rock.”

MICHAEL COLE... “New champion? Already calling the end?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Well I’m not the biggest Miz fan, but he is a whole lot better than The Rock. I’m tired of that guy. Let Miz be the champ and we will roll with it.”

MICHAEL COLE... “I think there are millions and millions of others who would disagree with you, John.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Millions and millions? I see what you did there. Nice joke Michael, but no…it’s not happening.”

Right then the two are interrupted as the video screen inside the TD Garden fades on. The fans all turn their attention to it, and once they do, they erupt into a roar of cheers. The cheers reign down for non-other than….The Rock! The Rock appears on the screen, as he is currently standing next to the Boston Harbor. The Rock turns his attention towards the camera before him, adjusts his sun glasses and then looks deep into the camera before him, as the fans inside the TD Garden continue to cheer for the current WWE Champion.

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The fans erupt into a cheap pop, and with that, a thunderous ‘Rocky’ chant breaks out inside the TD Garden. The Rock adjusts his stance, and continues on. Clearly with a message to deliver.

The ROCK..."In 1773, the great people of Boston had had enough! Enough of the British! Just like you are with the WWE Universe today, the British was always in their face. Annoying them. Every day, month after month, YEAR AFTER YEAR! The people started a revolution. The American Revolution! Tonight, when I beat you inside that Cell a new revolution will continue….THE ROCK REVOLUTION!”

The fans give another pop for The Rock, as he just smirks for a moment. The Rock then adjusts his sun glasses, licks his lips, and returns to a more serious demeanor as he continues on.

The ROCK..."In 1773, the people took England’s tea, and threw it in the Boston Harbor. Calling it the Boston Tea Party. Well tonight, we are having a party of our own. That party starts now, so lets get it started. Camera man, follow me over here.”

The Rock takes a few steps to the side and comes upon a table that has been set up near the harbor. The set up is covered in Miz merchandise, and in front of it all rests The Rock’s WWE Championship!

The ROCK..."You see, what we are gonna do is pay respects to the Boston Tea Party. We are going to do that buy throwing all of Miz’s stuff, all of his hot garbage, into the Boston Harbor. Here is just a few of the items.” …..picks up a Miz “I’m Awesome” t-shirt…. “Here we go, The Miz t-shirt. THERE GOES THAT!”

The Rock tosses The Miz’s t-shirt over the edge into the Boston Harbor. The crowd gives a nice pop, as The Rock goes back to rumbling through the merchandise on the table.

The ROCK..."A Miz wrist watch. What poor child is forced to wear this by their sexually confused father? Tick tock, tick tock, yeah time to get your ass whooped!”

Rock tosses the wrist watch into the harbor. The Rock goes back to rumbling through and pulls out a Miz action figure still in the box.

The ROCK..."We got the Miz action figure. What 4th demintion of hell did this come from. Somewhere, somewhere in the world there is a man who has this in his home, on his shelf next to his bed….and he is a virgin!”

The fans laugh and cheer, as Rock tosses the action figure into the harbor. The Rock goes back to rumbling, and then pulls out the Marine four dvd.

The ROCK..."Look what I have here….The Miz’s movie. Marine 4. Yes everyone…yes, I am the one that bought it. Someone had to. Miz, here is some advice….don’t get your day job jabronie. Enough of this trash.”

Rock tosses the dvd over the edge into the harbor. The Rock then rumbles through one more time, and pulls out one last item. This is a baby sized costume of Miz extravagant costume. The black trench coat and sun glasses he wears to the ring sometimes.

The ROCK..."Uh-oh! Uh-oh, look at what we have here. The Miz costume for midgets! What an insult to midgets. What midget wants to look like a Gay Vampire!”

The fans laugh some more and cheer for The Rock as he tosses the costume over. The Rock then looks deep into the camera before him to adjust one man, and one man only…The miz.

The ROCK..."Miz tonight is The Rock revolution and we are throwing all your hot garbage away. So you can take it all, Miz, you can take all the crap you have been spitting week after week, you can take all the claims that you will walk out WWE Champion, you can take all the insults, take all that garbage, roll it up into a ball, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!”

The fans erupt into a huge pop, and another “ROCKY” chant builds throughout the arena. The Rock reaches down, picks up his WWE Championship and throws it over his shoulder. The Rock adjusts his stance one more, licks those lips and continues forward.

The ROCK..."Miz, tonight The Rock is coming for you. The Rock is going all over Boston tonight, and then he will end up right there inside the TD Garden inside that Hell In A Cell, and will give you an ASS WHOOPING OF A LIFETIME!” …Rock turns his attention to the camera man… “You jabronie, get in a row boat and pick up all that crap out of the Harbor, throw it in the garbage where it belongs and burn it!” ….Rock looks back into the camera… “The People’s party is tonight! Boston….here we go!”

The fans give another pop, as The Rock walks on past the camera. The scene fades out, and the roar of the crowd can be heard. They are now even more excited for tonight’s huge pay per view.

MICHAEL COLE... “You hear it! This crowd is ready to roll! It’s time! Lets get Hell In A Cell underway!”

With that, WWE cuts to some promotional videos promoting the WWE Network, as we prepare for the first match of the evening to take place.

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We were taken to a flashback scene that took place hours before the Hell in a Cell event was scheduled to get underway. Cody would be opening the event up when he would be taking on CM Punk in a No Disqualifications match. It was obviously going to be a brutal match, as was a majority of the matches to take place tonight. With the event still a couple of hour’s way, Cody had decided to squeeze in a quick workout session just to ensure that his body was ready for the grueling consequences of a No Disqualification match. Just as he was about to head to the training facility, he spots his fellow royal friend Charlotte looking like she was just about to head into the training facility as well. She spots Cody as well who had a smile on his face.

CODY RHODES..."Looks like our royal paths were destined to cross again. Which only makes sense, since Hell in a Cell is tonight, the biggest event of the month on the RAW calendar. As much I could joke around and say that you’ve made sure to be here super early to ensure that you don’t miss my match will be opening up the show. I know you’ll have your focus on the Divas title match between Alexa and Eva tonight. An up close and personal focus I’d say as you’re probably going to be one of the lumberjacks out there surrounding the ring right?

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Charlotte looked directly at him and gave him a smile, she had wanted to be here for all kinds of reasons. But yes she was focused on the divas title match.

CHARLOTTE..."Oh believe me I am here for all kinds of reasons but that is definitely the right one. I am more than focused on the Divas Title match. I know deep down the Divas Championship will be around my waist in the near future. As for being here early well I wanted to get some gym time, and I was simply hoping to catch up with you before your big match against CM Punk.

Cody nodded his head out of respect hearing what Charlotte had said.

CODY RHODES..."Tonight’s going to be big. That’s for sure. I’d say the landscape of the company will change by the night’s end. I’m not delusional by any stretch of the imagination, I know my match against Punk is going to be brutal and I’m going to take my fair share of punishment, but I’ll be sure to dish out more than I take. That mindset alone with guide me to victory. I know things are very competitive here in the women’s division. But that hasn’t stopped you from being on top of your throne as you’ve been the top woman in the past, I know it won’t be long until the Queen is back at her rightful place atop of her throne. Not only will we have a royal celebration, it’ll be accompanied by our championship gold that we will be in possession of.

Charlotte smirked over at Cody, He was right that the ring is her throne but tonight she is going to watch closely at the lumberjack match.

CHARLOTTE..."You know as well as I know that the ring is definitely my throne tonight might not be my night but in just a short amount of time, It will be when I take that Championship from whoever wins here tonight, As for you I know you got what it takes to beat CM Punk. You are the Prince after all. Our celebrations will be bigger than anything else.

Cody nodded in agreement of what Charlotte had said.

CODY RHODES..."That's what I like to hear. Sure the celebrations will be big, just big as these biceps of mine. I've been putting more gym time in leading up to tonight's match which is why I wanted to get another last workout in before the event is set to get underway.

Cody flexes his right arm while expressing a cheeky smile on his face. He managed to get another smile out of Charlotte who playfully shoved him before leading the way into the training facility with the scene fading to black.

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Boston , Massachusetts was where all the action was at tonight as thousands upon thousands of wrestling fans from all over the world gathered tonight at the TD Garden to bare witness to one of the most talked about and anticipated ppv's in sports entertainment and that's none other than WWE's own Hell In A Cell. Tonight the TD Garden has been completely sold out and the atmossphere feels almost magical as everyone is enjoying themselves and already having witnessed a couple matches the fans know that the best is yet to come. The cameras circle the crowd as the crowd goes wild and many fans show off their signs they made with much love in hopes of catching the eye of their favorite diva or superstar. Zooming in on the ring we see Lilian Garcia standing in the middle of the ring with a smile upon her face and a microphone in hand. Slowly she raises the mic up to her lips as the crowd quiets down knowing that another match was just seconds away from happening before their eyes. “ Kingdom “ begins to blare throughout the entire arena as Rhodes appears at the top of the ramp .

LILIAN GARCIA... Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is set for a one fall and it is a no disqualification match. Making his way to the ring from Marietta , Georgia weighing in at 220 pounds he is.... CODY RHODES !!!

Rhodes begins to make his way down the ramp as he reaches the bottom of the ramp he then makes his way towards the steel steps. Climbing the steel steps he then enters the ring and makes his way towards the center of the ring where he locks his eyes upon the top of the ramp as he awaits on the arrival of his opponent. It takes but a mere second for the music to die down and is quickly replaces with “ Cult Of Personality “ which begins to blare throughout the entire arena. The crowd going wild as Punk gets a loud pop from the crowd, appearing at the top of the ramp he looks out to the crowd and smirks as he begins to make his way down the ramp as he locks his eyes upon Rhodes.

LILIAN GARCIA... … and his opponent from Chicago , Illinois weighing in at 218 pounds he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD.... CM PUNK !!!

Reaching the bottom of the ramp Punk heads on over towards the steel steps as he climbs them and then enters the ring getting an even louder pop from the fans in attendance. Making his way towards the center of the ring as both men engage in a stare down as the music comes to an end. The anticipation can be felt throughout the entire arena as the referee calls for the bell and all hell breaks loose inside the arena. Both men charge at each other as they engaged in a grapple lock with Rhodes getting the upper hand momentarily as he has Punk trapped in a headlock as he begins to add the pressure. The CM Punk chants starting instantly as this aggravates Rhodes as he locks in the pressure as Punk begins to connect with a series of elbow shots to the stomach of Rhodes as he manages to break the lock after a couple shots. Rhodes is sent stumbling backwards a bit as Punk charges at him and takes Rhodes down with a vicious clothesline that nearly knocks his head off.

MICHAEL COLE... What a vicious clothesline that was from CM Punk who is not taking easy on Cody Rhodes inside that ring. He nearly knocked his head off with that move .

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... The thing you fail to realize about Punk is he's out here to do what he does best Cole... he's not here to impress the fans nor is he out here to waste his time . He going straight for that win and if Rhodes wants to win tonight he's going to have to try a hell of a lot more than that.

Back inside the ring both men are at it again as Rhodes has irish whipped CM Punk into the turnbuckle as Punks crashed hard against it. Rhodes wasting no time comes charging at Punk as he connects with a drop kick that drops Punk onto the mat once again. With vicious stomps Rhodes begin to attack CM Punk as the crowd goes wild . Rhodes is quick to exit the ring as he begins to look for weapons underneath the ring as he manages to pull out a steel chair and tosses it inside the ring. Punk on his feet now watches on as Rhodes tosses the chair inside as Rhodes hops onto the edge of the ring as Punk grabs the steel chair and goes to hit Rhodes with it only for Rhodes to quickly enter the ring and duck the chair shot attempt. Running up behind Punk , Rhodes goes for a bulldog as Punk counters and sends Rhodes crashing onto the nearest turnbuckle only to connect with a step -up high knee that he quickly follows up with a bulldog. Seeing Rhodes face down on the mat Punk goes to the nearest turnbuckle as he quickly climbs it as looks down onto Rhodes and smirks as the crowd can only wonder what he will do next.

MICHAEL COLE... Look like CM Punk is about to do some flying around here and these fans are crazy enough to cheer him on.

Punk comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a vicious diving elbow drop but before he can properly connect Rhodes quickly rolls out the way only for Punk to come crashing elbow first onto the hard canvas . Punk rolls around in pain as Rhodes charges to the ropes and bounces off them as he then connects with a knee drop to the chest of CM Punk who rolls around from side to side in pain. Punk trying his best to bake his way to his feet as Rhodes grabs the steel chair he had previously tossed into the ring and goes to crash it onto the back of Punk who is quick to roll out the way as he does a leg sweep and knocks Rhodes down. Both men quickly making their way to their feet as they charge at each other once again as Rhodes manages to gain the advantage here and connects with a inverted suplex slam as Punk drops down and onto the mat again Rhodes is quick to hook the leg of Punk and cover him for the pin as the crowd goes wild.




JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... KICK OUT BY PUNK ! And Cody Rhodes came so close but Punk once again proving just why he is the best in the world .

Rhodes getting frustrated as he slaps the mat with frustration as he begins to punch away at Punk who is quick to shove Rhodes off him . Both men quickly making their way to their feet as they charge at each other once again with Punk getting the first hit this time around as he counter's the clothesline attempt by Rhodes and instead connects with the arm trap swinging neckbreaker . The crowd going wild as they see Rhodes collapse before Punk who drops down and connects with an elbow drop to Rhodes who then rolls around in pain. Quickly making his way back to his feet Punk picks Rhodes up and connects with a mongolian chop that sends Rhodes stumbling back a couple steps as Punk charges at Rhodes and scoops him up and connects perfectly with the GTS he then taunts to the crowd as he drops down , hooks the leg of Rhodes and covers him for the pin as the referee starts the three count.




LILIAN GARCIA... Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner... CM PUNK !!

“ Cult Of Personality “ begins to blast throughout the entire arena once again as CM Punk celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring. Aj Lee appearing at the top of the ramp as she watches as he exits the ring and walks up the ramp and meets up with him . Embracing him in a celebratory hug as she then pulls away and walks backstage with him as the cameras cut to a brief commercial break.

Hell In A Cell was finally here and it's a defeat or be defeated night. Many fans from all over the world have gathered at the TD Garden in Boston , Massachusetts to witness history in the making. Tonight only the best of the will shine inside the squared circle , some will be come out on top as other will be knocked down from the top and dethroned , robbed of that which they have held onto so dearly. Among such cases is that of Aj Lee the former divas tag team champion who along with Cameron were dethroned and robbed of their championships by the team of Nattie and Zarah. Now at Hell In A Cell Aj Lee gets a shot at the divas tag team championships but this time around she will no longer have Cameron as her tag team partner. Kicking Cameron to the side Aj has acquired the help and support of the baddest diva on the entire roster... the baddest of the bad... Sasha Banks. Coming back from a brief commercial break the camereas set upon the backstage area where Aj Lee is seen walking along the long corridor decked out in her ring attire as she turns the corner she spots Paige who was there to support her boyfriend Baron Corbin . A wicked little smirk appearing about her face as Aj skips up to Paige as she reaches her hand out and taps on Paige's shoulder as the women's champion turns around and stares at Aj who glares back at her .

user posted image

BLACK WIDOW | Aj LEE ..."I would say welcome and thank you for coming to visit me but the fact is I know you aren't here for me , you are here for Corbin . By the looks of it life on the blue brand for you is rather peachy eh ? Being women's champion and all you don't have time for your friends anymore huh ?

Paige can't help but chuckle a bit as it was clearly to see how jealous Aj Lee was and it was to be expected Paige held championship gold where as she did not. Paige clears her throat and smiles over at Aj and pats her on the head gently as she goes to speak.

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Aww... what's wrong Aj ? Not happy to see me ? Or is it because you have no gold to brag about... must suck being empty handed huh . In all seriousness though I did come here to see you as well … to wish you luck for your match out there tonight. I was rooting you on during your previous reign and this time around should be even better as you have Sasha on your side. Smart move there bestie boo... are you ready for tonight though ? Surely Nattie and Zarah wont take it easy on you ladies out there tonight.

Aj clenches her fists at the mere mention of Zarah and Nattie and her beloved diva tag team championships. Tonight was the night that she was planning to put an end to their reign and once again taking the throne and this time with Sasha Banks as her tag team partner.

BLACK WIDOW | Aj LEE ..."Luck ? I got rid of the dead weight Paigey... I got rid of Cameron who week after week would rely on me to get the job done. I had to do what was best for those championships and I found someone more deserving of them. Surely you will agree right Paigey Bear ? Who better than the boss? And just like that tonight I am about to walk into that ring crowned the new divas tag team champion and then maybe I'll pay you a visit on your brand. For now though Paigey Bear... I'd hold onto that championship nice and tight as you might here to show support to Corbin but surely that pretty little championship will catch the eye of someone around here and not in a good way. Maybe you should keep an eye out on my match cause tonight when I defeat that little buddy of yours Zahra and take MY championship back from her I will get my throne back and maybe she will be so broken hearted and humiliated she will take her ass over to Smackdown... birds of a feather right ? Surely you can accommodate her over there . But hey... if you can't land her a spot over there I'm sure it won't be hard putting her back in her little street corner she never shouldve abandoned. Now if you will excuse me... I'll let you get to lover boy as I've got a match to prepare for... I'm glad you're wearing all black though as right after my match you will be attending your bestie's funeral … ciao doll face.

With that said Aj skips her way past Paige as she has a devilish smirk upon her face leaving Paige behind with a confused look upon her face. She never could figure Aj out but then again who could ? Aside from CM Punk there was no one who could understand her little dark and twisted humor .

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The atmosphere from the Boston crowd was wild. The sold-out fans engaging with every superstar that Monday Night RAW had to offer. Backstage, the cameras caught up with everybody’s favorite interviewer—Renee Young. Her short, bleach blonde hair in soft waves as she twirled a microphone between her fingers welcoming her guest at this time.

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RENEE YOUNG ... “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest… She’s competing very shortly in tag team action tonight. She is “The Boss” … Sasha Banks!

There was nothing but a roar of cheers for the hometown hero as Sasha Banks made her presence known. She walked into the camera shot with swagger and attitude. Her signature shutter shades rested firmly on top of her brightly colored locks as she soaked in the cheers from the crowd. With her typical “Boss” necklace around her neck and her bling shining--- The Boss was here.

SASHA BANKS... “Keep talkin’, I hear ya’.

RENEE YOUNG ... “ Welcome, Sasha! How does it feel to perform in front of your home crowd?

SASHA BANKS... “You’re walkin’ on my territory now. Boston knows how to put on a show, this is where the Boss started her journey and this is where The Boss is goin’ to win the WWE Divas Tag Team Champions. Just you watch. But I’m thankful to be back. In the holiday spirit, I’m thankful that everybody who got me here, can have the opportunity to watch me change the game tonight. Nobody knows what’s comin’ tonight. Natalya ain’t got a clue and neither does my dear, dear, Zahra Schreiber. Champions are made here in Boston.

The confidence oozed from Sasha Banks as she displayed a sinister smile across her dark-coated lips. Renee Young switched the microphone back underneath her lips as she proceeded to the next question as The Boss watched closely.

RENEE YOUNG ... “Actually, that rolls nicely onto my next question. Tonight, you’re scheduled to face Zahra Schreiber and Natalya for the WWE Divas Tag Team Championship as you team with your new… “Partner in crime” AJ Lee. What are your thoughts going into this match?

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SASHA BANKS ... “ C’mon Renee, what type of question is that for lil’ ole’ me? Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m not nervous. Look! I’m not even shakin’. I’ve got the best partner around. AJ Lee knows what it’s like to be a champion. She’s skilled, talented and she’s been breakin’ down doors since she’s arrived. Just like The Boss. Watch and learn Renee, ‘cuz you’re witnessing greatness in the making. I’m just getting started.

Sasha Banks spoke with her head held high. A sigh escaped from Renee Young’s lips in preparation for the next question however The Boss extended her arm, throwing it in front of her face signalling for silence. Renee Young, who stood baffled remained quiet as Sasha Banks flashed her an innocent smile.

SASHA BANKS ... “Don’t interrupt me, Renee. People can talk, people can say whatever they want… But the important thing is that I’m the one that’s keepin’ them talking. And tonight? You’ll see exactly how I do that. I was born to do this. I was born to be a champion. Zahra and Natalya? I hope you kept them championships reaaal warm for me and AJ. It’s the last time you’ll see ‘em. Bank on that.

Ending it on a high note, Sasha Banks exited the camera shot. With the closing statement, The Boss received a positive reaction from the hometown crowd. She had her chance to shine in front of Bo$$ton. Leaving a stunned Renee Young, the interview came to a close.

Triple H
 Posted: Dec 9 2016, 09:16 PM

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WWE: WWE Proudly Presents....

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The match starts off with AJ Lee and Natalya locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up with Natalya quickly transitioning the tie-up into a side headlock. With AJ in the side headlock, Natalya applies pressure. The referee checks on AJ, the latter of whom reaches up to grab Natalya’s hair and gives it a good yank. The referee tells AJ to let go of Natalya’s hair, but AJ keeps pulling until she manages to back Natalya into the ropes on the east side of the ring. With Natalya against the ropes, AJ pushes her off and forces her to run to the ropes on the west side of the ring. Once Natalya bounces off of the ropes, she runs at AJ and knocks her to the mat with a shoulder block.

MICHAEL COLE...“Both ladies were joking for position and Natalya out-powered AJ.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That’s not surprising. Natalya’s always been powerful, and that was just another example of her power.”

AJ gets back up to her feet and locks up with Natalya again. AJ manages to back Natalya into the Southwest corner. With Natalya in the corner, AJ throws a punch. Natalya ducks and sidesteps, turning the tables on AJ. With AJ in the corner, Natalya punches AJ in the face – once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times, seven times, eight times, nine times, ten times. Natalya follows up the punches with kneeing AJ in the stomach – once, twice, three times, four times, five times – before the referee gets in between the two ladies and pulls Natalya away from AJ.

MICHAEL COLE...“It didn’t take long for things to heat up.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."With a title on the line, things are supposed to heat up, Michael.”

The referee chides Natalya over her actions and she walks past him right into the hands of AJ, who grabs her by the throat and throws her into the corner. Natalya is thrown into the corner with such velocity that she is thrown over the top rope and sent to the floor. Natalya looks up in shock, as she’s unable to believe that AJ is deceptively strong. AJ leaves the ring in pursuit of Natalya and grabs her by the arm. With Natalya’s arm in her grasp, AJ whips her into the barricade, slamming Natalya’s back violently against the barricade.

MICHAEL COLE...“Now, AJ’s got the upper hand. She’s showing, as she has many times in the past, that despite her petite frame, she has a lot of strength.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."You ain’t kidding. She’s exactly like a black widow as her nickname entails.”

AJ grabs Natalya by the hair and brings her over to the ring. She rolls Natalya into the ring, but leaves her head exposed over the apron. With Natalya’s head hanging over the apron, AJ violently kicks her in the side of the head with a vicious big boot before climbing up onto the apron. With Natalya’s head still hanging over the apron, AJ runs up and drops her elbow across the throat of Natalya. After having AJ’s elbow driven into her throat, Natalya falls to the floor.

MICHAEL COLE...“Right now, AJ’s in control of this contest.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."She’s showing how vicious she can be, not like we needed a reminder.”

AJ picks Natalya up by the hair and her short tights, and she rolls Natalya into the ring. AJ slides into the ring after Natalya and covers her. ONE! Natalya gets the shoulder up and AJ brings the blonde to her feet. With Natalya on her feet, AJ grabs her by the arm and pulls her into a shoulder block. AJ follows it up with pulling Natalya into another shoulder block, sending Natalya down to a knee. AJ brings Natalya up to her feet and pulls her into another shoulder block. The force behind the shoulder block is great enough to back Natalya into the northwest corner. With Natalya in the corner, AJ charges at her and attempts a clothesline only for Natalya to duck out of the way, forcing AJ to collide with the top turnbuckle as the crowd lets out a collective “OH!”

MICHAEL COLE...“Natalya managed to slip right out of that one and if she can take advantage...”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."She’d better take advantage if she wants her team to retain the titles.”

Sasha tags herself in and Natalya tags Zahra in. The two fresh partners enter the ring and it’s Zahra that manages to back Sasha into the Southwest corner. With Sasha in the corner, Zahra approaches stomps on her stomach – once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times dropping Sasha to a seated position in the corner, seven times, eight times, nine times – before driving her foot into Sasha’s throat, choking Sasha with her boot as the crowd boos. With Sasha being choked, the referee starts the count. ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! Zahra lets up and she approaches Sasha, kicking her in the stomach and following it up with punching her in the face. She punches Sasha in the face again and Sasha manages to get to her feet in the corner. Zahra punches Sasha in the face again and follows up with shoulder blocks to Sasha’s abdomen. Zahra hits Sasha in the abdomen with her shoulder – once, twice, three times, four times – before backing up until she’s in the southeast corner.

MICHAEL COLE...“Zahra is sizing up Sasha Banks. What could she have in store for the Legit Boss?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Whatever it is, it better be big if she wants to stand a chance of beating Sasha.”

Zahra charges at Sasha and catches her with a huge big boot in the corner. Sasha staggers out of the corner and Zahra follows it up with a running bulldog. Zahra looks out into the crowd and she smirks. She turns her attention to Sasha and approaches her. However, Sasha kips up and looks at Zahra with an angry glare, causing Zahra’s smirk to be instantly replaced with a look of bewilderment.

MICHAEL COLE...“While Zahra was busy smirking at the crowd, Sasha just kipped up like a boss.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."This is where it gets really interesting, Michael.”

With Sasha on her feet, Zahra kicks her in the leg and follows it up with punching Sasha in the face before attempting to whip Sasha to the ropes. Sasha reverses and sends Zahra to the ropes instead. Zahra bounces off the ropes and Sasha attempts a clothesline. Zahra ducks and continues running. She bounces off the ropes again, and this time Sasha manages to succeed with her clothesline attempt, dropping Zahra to the mat with a vicious looking clothesline. Zahra gets to her feet and Sasha grabs her by the hair and rams her face first into the top turnbuckle of the southeast corner. Sasha whips Zahra to the northwest corner.

MICHAEL COLE...“Now, Zahra’s in the corner.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."What’s The Boss planning here?”

With Zahra now in the opposite corner, Sasha charges at her and smashes her with a huge clothesline. Zahra staggers out of the corner and Sasha knocks her down with a clothesline. Zahra gets back up to her feet and Sasha knocks her down with another clothesline. Zahra gets up to her feet again and attempts to clothesline. Sasha ducks and when Zahra turns around, Sasha knocks her down to the mat with a dropkick to the face. With Zahra on the mat, Sasha goes for the pin.




Natalya manages to break up the pinfall attempt and pulls Sasha off of Zahra by the head. With Sasha’s head in her hands, Natalya throws her through the ropes, causing Sasha to tumble down to the floor, her body smacking against it with authority. Zahra leaves the ring in pursuit of Sasha while AJ enters the ring in order to do battle with Natalya once again. Zahra picks Sasha up, and Sasha surprises Zahra by unloading on her with punches. Meanwhile in the ring, AJ and Natalya are trading blows while the referee starts the count.

MICHAEL COLE...“This match has turned into a melee.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."It reminds me of when Ron and I would get into bar fights.”


Sasha punches Zahra. Natalya punches AJ.


Zahra punches Sasha. AJ punches Natalya.


Sasha punches Zarha again. Natalya punches AJ again.


Zahra punches Sasha again. AJ punches Natalya again.


Sasha wraps her arms around Zahra’s rib cage. Natalya takes AJ down to the mat and punches her in the face one, two, three, five times.


Zahra starts clubbing Sasha’s back with her forearm while Sasha forces Zahra back into the ring post, causing Zahra to yelp in pain before she falls to knees. Natalya misses a punch and AJ capitalizes by turning the tables on her. Now that she’s on top of Natalya, AJ punches her in the face one, two, three, four, five times.


Sasha grabs Zahra by the wrist and attempts to whip her into the barricade, but Zahra has the wherewithal to reverse and sends Sasha crashing into the barricade. Meanwhile, Natalya turns the tables on AJ and they continue rolling around the ring trying to catch one another with hard punches.


Zahra backs up a few feet and sizes up Sasha while AJ and Natalya continue rolling around the ring.


Zahra charges at Sasha and clotheslines her over the barricade with both women falling on the other side, landing in the crowd. Meanwhile, AJ and Natalya roll under the bottom rope and crash into the floor.

TEN! The referee calls for the bell.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Ladies and gentlemen, the official has counted out both Sasha Banks and Zahra Schreiber, the legal women in this match. So, this match has been declared a draw. Therefore, still your WWE Divas Tag Team Champions, the team of NATALYA and ZAHRA SCHREIBER!”

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BRAY WYATT.... "Boston….. I’m here

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Slowly, Bray Wyatt walks out with his lantern rocking slowly in his right hand. The fans greet him with mostly boos, although as always, Bray has his followers who cheer him on. Although he doesn’t seem concerned with their opinions. Bray walks calmly to the ring, guided by his lantern. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. Bray begins to spin in circles, the lantern laying a trail of smoke behind each turn. Bray stops before raising the flame to his mouth and blowing it out. Right on queue the lights in the arena turn back on. The camera cuts to the audience, focussing on those who were not impressed with the eater of worlds. There is a child who has both thumbs down just like Bray’s opponent Batista. We then cut back to the ring where Bray stands alone with a microphone in hand. He begins to sing softly.

BRAY WYATT.... " Mary had a little lamb… little lamb…. little lamb…. Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece white as snow.

Bray begins to laugh demonically into the microphone, he appears to have no control over his manic recklessness. He smirks behind his large beard and begins to pace around the ring. He wears his traditional black fedora with his wrestling attire of a black sleeveless t-shirt and white bottoms. He paws at his long black hair as he paces before finally stopping and speaking.

BRAY WYATT.... " You know children dream of being extraordinary things. Child believe that one day they will fly like they do in their dreams. They fantasise about having the strength of ten thousand men and the speed of lightning. They want to be superheroes and save the world! Dave Batista, you live in a dream world just like these children. You believe in right and wrong. You believe that hard work pays off and that strength comes from lifting weights, saying your prayers and eating your vitamins. Well Dave I’ve got news for you, this is NO DREAM! This is not even a nightmare, this is far… far worse. This is reality. A nightmare is something that you can wake up from, forget about and move on with your mundane life. But the reality of Bray Wyatt turns your mundane into misery. Your day to day become my vehicle for cruciation and your world as you know it becomes flipped on it’s axis. You’ve already seen it happen last week. You’ve seen me control wild beasts at the click of a finger, you’ve seen me bathe in blood and I know deep down, you’re afraid. Because you call yourself the animal, and you take pride in it, but I… I am a God! And whilst you may have seen a glimpse of what I can do I have seen all of this before man. I have seen this same situation play out a thousand times over, and a thousand times I have turned the untameable beast into a little lamb. Make no mistake about it David… You are just a sheep in wolves clothing, a lamb being led to the slaughter; and once first blood is drawn all of you in attendance won’t want to watch what happens next. But I WILL PRY YOUR EYES OPEN! I WILL MAKE YOU WATCH! As your favourite little lamb gets ripped apart piece by piece, limb from lim until there is nothing left but scraps for the birds to pick.

The crowd brake out in a chorus of boos. Bray’s fans in the arena cannot be heard at all now as a ‘YOU SUCK” chant starts to echo around Boston. Bray pays no heed to this as he calmly strokes his beard with a rye smile on his face.

BRAY WYATT.... "Batista, you face the impossible task of making blood our out of my skin. For the only thing that runs through my veins is malevolence and hate for mankind. The only thing I bleed is truth and I bleed straight from the mouth, through this microphone to these masses of brainwashed simpletons. They live in the same world you do Batista, they think that I am the villain and you are somehow this beacon of light. They believe that because you flex your muscles and you have fireworks go off when you move your arms that HEY this is the guy that I imaged I was in my dreams. This is the hero I want to be. But just like Batista all of you in Boston will be forced to see the harsh reality. Any beacon of light can only go so far in a world of darkness, any flame can be extinguished but darkness… Darkness never leaves. We are only being lied to by the false heroes and false shining lights… Darkness always returns to replace what once was hope. Darkness always returns to take the place of dreams. And in that darkness there is the devil and he is not armed with horns and temptation, he is armed with a microphone and truth and his name is BRAY WYATT!

As more boos ring around the TD Garden, Bray Wyatt drops to his knees and spreads his arms wide and once again sang in his creepy, melancholic tones.

BRAY WYATT.... "And everywhere that Mary went Mary went, Mary went, everywhere that Mary went.

The lamb was sure to go

Bray once again begins to laugh manically, looking up to the heavens he keeps his arms spread eagle before returning his gaze to the camera and with a sinister look on his face, he aggressively grunts the word.


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Hell in a Cell has been quite a night so far, from the kick off show through the previous two matches, Hell in a Cell has been quite a treat for the fans and they're still in an uproar of cheers as we come close to our next match of the night where we get to watch as The Big Dog tests himself against the Lone Wolf. This is about to be a match of the ages, something that one would normally see within the animal kingdom, only usually the dog would give in to the wolf or suffer death. This seems to be the case here since where both of these men match up in size, it is about to come to a head and only one of them will be walking out as the winner, hell with the way things have been lately for the Lone Wolf, one can only imagine what mindset he was coming into this match with.

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The scene opens up backstage where we see Baron Corbin walking down the hallway with quite an aggressive look on his face, it looks like the Lone Wolf is completely focused on his match and then as he's drawing closer to the gorilla position, the sound of heels can be heard coming closer before a familiar feminine voice calls out. The cameras zoom in on Paige who is seen making her way towards him . Moments later she stands before him as she speaks .

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Hey ... Ready for your match ?

Baron rolls his shoulders before he cracks his neck, then he speaks.

BARON CORBIN..."You have to ask if I am ready for my match? I am facing The Big Dog... Last I checked when a wolf faces a dog, the wolf wins. So you tell me, am I ready for my match?"

Baron narrows his eyes down on her, all it shows is how focused he is with a big hint towards aggression. She just stares blankly at him and shrugs it off .

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Well hopefully none of his family members try and screw you over .

Baron smirks before he speaks.

BARON CORBIN..."About that…

Baron hands Paige a piece of paper with the address to the hotel where Rikishi and the Usos are being held before he continues.

BARON CORBIN..."How do you feel about babysitting three Samoans?

She can't help but grin as she reads the address and shoves the paper into her pocket as she speaks.

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."I came here to be with you and visit Aj and you expect me to babysit Thing 1 & Thing 2 and s hungry hungry hippo ? Where's the fun in that ?

Baron leans forward and whispers into her ear.

BARON CORBIN..."Well, I know how much you love to dress up, so if you go into my locker room, you will notice I left you a nice surprise.

After he says these words, Baron winks at her. She leans in and places a soft kiss on his chest as she looks up to him .

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Just promise me you'll be safe out there , I know how crazy you get in your matches . You sure you don't need me around big bad wolf ?

She winks at him, he looks her directly in the eyes as he says.

BARON CORBIN..."Worry less about me… And more about him because I don’t plan to just leave him lying in a pool of his own blood, I plan on ending his damn career!

She teases him by trailing her fingertip along his chest as she asks hand most sweetest and innocent of tones .

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Why would I worry about him ? He's not the one who will get me in my sexy nurse Paigey costume . But well ... If I got nothing to worry about then maybe after the show I can meet up with Aj and Summer and have a girls night out .

She turns around and begins to slowly walk away as Paige walks off she leaves Baron behind as the cameras zoom in he has a huge grin upon his face . The cameras following Paige as she comes to a stop before Corbin's locker room . A smile appearing on her face as she turns the knob and steps inside . There before her where two bags , slowly she approaches them and sees a bag full of snacks . Reaching into the bag of goodies she pulls out a Twinkie and eats it happily .

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Sorry Big Man but this is one Twinkie you will not be eating . Besides .... Sharing is caring.

She chuckles a bit as she finishes up the Twinkie and looks inside the other bag and finds two costumes . A grinch like smile instantly appears on her face as she pulls out two identical costumes , Thing 1 & Thing 2 . Reaching into her pocket she pulls out her cell from her pocket as she starts dialing . A few seconds later a familiar voice answers the call as Paige begins to speak .

SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Alright listen I know you probably have plans but I need my lil partner in crime . I'm gonna be waiting for you so just meet me in the parking lot . Thing 1 & Thing 2 are gonna have some fun tonight while The Cat In The Hat takes care of business . So I'll let you go ... Just don't take long though .

Paige grabs the costumes and the bag of snacks, then she walks out as the scene fades to black.

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LILIAN GARCIA..." The following contest is for one fall! Introducing first From Pensacola, Florida and weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds…..ROOOOOOMAN REEEEIGNS!!!”

‘Truth Reigns’ hits the personal announcement system as out from within the crowd steps Roman Reigns. Roman looks quite strong as he stands tall at the top of the stands, then he starts to walk down the stairs, bumping fists with fans on his way down. Once Roman steps off the last step and onto the floor, Baron Corbin comes out of nowhere and hits Roman with a hard clothesline that sends Roman to the floor, then Baron picks Roman up, he holds his wrist, Irish whips Roman towards the stairs but keeps his grip on Roman’s wrist and then pulls Roman back, catches him and without any hesitation Baron hits END OF DAYS! END OF DAYS RIGHT ON TOP OF THE BOTTOM STEP! With End of Days, Baron’s just driven Roman’s head into the bottom step and now Roman is busted wide open and the blood begins to pour. Baron grabs the collar of Roman’s vest and drags him to the barricade before he slams his head into it. With that, Baron picks Roman up and tosses him over the barricade, the fans all start to chant “This is Awesome!” repeatedly as Baron steps over the barricade and makes his way over to where Roman is laid out at ringside. Baron grabs Roman’s vest collar once again and drags up over to the steel steps, then Baron releases his grip on Roman’s vest collar, grabs Roman by the hair and pulls the Samoan’s head back before he slams it into the steel steps ten times.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And his opponent, FROM Kansas City! Weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds… BAAAARROOOOONN COOOOOOOOOORRBBIIIIIIIIIN!!!”

MICHAEL COLE...”Wow… Just wow… Such brutality being shown here, John like are we going actually have a match or is Baron Corbin just going to end Roman’s carreer?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Who knows… But I gotta admit, Michael that this is GREAT! So how about you shut up! And let me enjoy what is happening before our very eyes!”

After the tenth time, Baron drags Roman by the hair up the steel steps, not caring about what damage is being done to the big Samoan. Then Baron tosses Roman over the ropes and into the ring, Baron steps over the top rope and as he stands there the referee walks over and starts scolding Baron and informing him the match needs to be stopped, Baron just threatens the referee and out of fear the referee takes a step back, at this point, Baron storms past the official, the Lone Wolf leans over Roman and with both hands holding the lifeless body of Roman, Baron picks him up and leans him against the closest turnbuckle, of course the referee takes one look at Roman Reigns and goes to call for EMTs but Corbin stops him and starts arguing with him. Then Baron calls out as he turns to face the crowd with his arms extended outwards “I’M THE ALPHA HERE!” Then he follows that up as he turns to face the referee again and then he demands the referee to start the match and out of fear for his own health, the referee does as he is told and calls for the bell to sound the start of the match.


MICHAEL COLE...”Oh C’mon! Roman obviously is unable to compete, how can an official sanction this, John?!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Like I’ve already told you, Michael… SHUT UP! Roman is standing on his own two feet over there so it is quite clear that he’s able to compete! Stop being such a baby!”

At the sound of the bell, Baron Corbin runs across the ring and hits Roman with a corner clothesline, then Baron moves back to the opposite corner and charges forward again, then hits a second corner clothesline on Roman Reigns. Baron moves back once again, then he charges forward, brings his foot up and nails Roman in the head with a BIG BOOT. Roman drops to the mat and Baron just picks him up and drives him back down… DEEP SIX! DEEP SIX CONNECTED! Baron moved in for a pin attempt and as the referee dropped down to start the count, Baron pulls Roman’s arm up and waves his finger in a negative manner in front of the referee’s face, then Baron smiles at the referee before he stands up, he pulls Roman up by his wrist, then while he is still holding Roman’s wrist, Baron whips Roman towards the ropes but with his grip still tight on Roman’s wrist, he pulls back, as Roman comes back towards him, Baron catches Roman and… END OF DAYS! END OF DAYS! BARON CORBIN JUST HIT THE END OF DAYS! The lone wolf doesn’t finish there, he picks Roman up again END OF DAYS! END OF DAYS! BARON CORBIN HAS HIT ANOTHER END OF DAYS! Baron still isn’t finished as he picks Roman up again, however this time as he is holding Roman in position, the referee calls for the bell and makes a decision.


Baron raises his arms up in victory before he vacates the ring and just walks straight up the ramp and enters the backstage area as the show switches into a commercial break.

We are just moments away from the first Hell In A Cell match taking place between John Cena and kevin Owens. The anticipation for said match, is only growing and growing as the minutes pass. Yet before the big match takes place, the cameras fade on backstage. Everyone inside the arena, turn their attention to the video screens above, to check out what is going on. Appearing on the screen, standing backstage, is non-other than the RAW Tag Team Champions: Power Trip 2.0. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. The fans give a mix reaction, filled with mostly boos as they see the two individuals standing face to face somewhere in the backstage hallway. Both individuals have their tag team titles over their shoulder.

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SETH ROLLINS:... "It’s time man. You ready? It’s time. You’re next up. Ready for this?”

KEVIN OWENS..."I’m always ready. I was born to do this…I’m the man to---“

SETH ROLLINS:... "Whoa, whoa, whoa buddy, nah….nah, I’m the man. You are the prizefighter. A very good one, but I’m the MAN. Tha’s my thing.”

KEVIN OWENS..."I know, I know, you are the man. That’s your thing, but what I was saying is I’m the man…..who was meant to end John Cena.”

Rollins has a ‘blonde’ moment there for a second, as he catches on late to what Owens was trying to say before Rollins interrupted him incorrectly. The two share a slight chuckle, and Rollins continues the conversation.

SETH ROLLINS:... "Yeah, Yeah right! That’s my boy!”

Rollins throws up his hand in the air indicating that he wants a high five from Kevin Owens. Owens smirks a bit, and looks at Rollins as if he is saying: ‘really?”. Seth just keeps holding his hand up there, waiting for Owens to slap it with his.

KEVIN OWENS..."Oh we doing this. We doing the high five thing…..alright…”

Kevin gives Seth Rollins the high five, and Rollins seems very happy with it. The two are both feeling quite joyful considering both are in intense cell matches tonight, but they couldn’t feel anymore confident than they do in this moment. With that being said, their joyful attitude soon takes a hit, as Byron Saxton walks into picture with a microphone in hand. Rollins and Owens are both less than pleased to see the backstage correspondent. Owens clearly giving notice that he shares a history with Byron.

BYRON SAXTON...“Excuse me guys can I have a word?”

KEVIN OWENS..."What?! What is this?!”

SETH ROLLINS:... "Who is this?”

KEVIN OWENS..."speaking to Seth Rollins… “Who is this? This is Byron Saxton. An old friend. Never as good of a friend you are but none the less….” ….turns his attention towards Byron Saxton…. “What are you doing here, Byron?”

BYRON SAXTON...“I was wondering if I could get a quick interview?”

KEVIN OWENS..."No, no, I get that. You interrupted us, you have a microphone in your hand, a camera crew following you, I get that…that’s what you people do when you want an interview. What I’m asking is: What are you doing here at a RAW event. I thought you were Smackdown’s token correspondent.”

BYRON SAXTON...“I go both ways.”

The fans clearly break out into laughter, while Owens and Seth chuckle to one another. Clearly everyone is taking Byron’s choice words a certain way. It takes a second, but once Owens responds, Byron gets why everyone seems to be laughing at him.

KEVIN OWENS..."I bet you do.”

BYRON SAXTON...“Not what I meant. I—“

KEVIN OWENS..."Shut up, Byron. NO one cares. Look, you want to ask me about John Cena and our match tonight, right? You want to ask Seth about Sting and their match tonight, right? Well let me make this simple for you, and get this over with quick. Tonight, both those fossils are ceasing to exist. It's bye bye time for father time and grandpa. The two wannabee comic book characters don’t stand a chance against the likes of us, so you….”

Owens is suddenly stopped in mid-sentence as a hand comes upon his shoulder from behind. The camera pans out a bit, and Triple H is there standing behind Owens. The fans give a mix reaction, some filled with mostly cheers over recent revelations from the COO.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Byron, excuse us a moment.”

Byron takes the hint, turns and walks off camera. Seth and Kevin Owens turn their attention towards Triple H, as the camera keeps rolling. Clearly Hunter isn’t too pleased with his tag team champions at this moment.

SETH ROLLINS:... "What’s up boss man? Here for a quick pep talk? Appreciate it, but don’t need it. We are ready to take out those nursing home rejects tonight. We…”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Not why I’m here. Just…just stop running your mouth for a second, and you two listen up. We havn’t gotten the opportunity to talk much since last RAW, but I wanted to make myself clear with the two of you….that I’m not happy! I told both of you that there would be no interfering in the Sting vs John Cena match, but still you two did so. You ruined my main event. The fans’ main event. That is why I am letting the two of you know that tonight if either one of you interfere in the others match…..BOTH OF YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED! You guys are my boys, but the WWE Universe deserves true winners tonight. They deserve it, and that’s what I promised them. So be respectable tonight boys….or else. Now, Kevin….good luck. You’re up.”

With that, Triple H gives Kevin Owens a pat on the back and exits to the right off sreen. We get one last close up on Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, as the scene fades out and we return to ring action.

Triple H
 Posted: Dec 9 2016, 09:41 PM

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WWE: WWE Proudly Presents....

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As the cameras return to the ring action, it is time. It is time for the first Hell In A Cell match of the evening. The Cell lowers, and WWE crew members surround it and help lock it in place.

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MICHAEL COLE...“I have seen this structure countless of times, and I have to admit John, everytime I still get chills. There is just something about it.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Well quite frankly it is hell on earth basically. This is a demonic structure. Men do horrible things once inside it. Cena and Owens are about to find out just how horrible!”

With that, “TIME IS NOW” hits over the p.a system. The fans leap to their feet, and give out quite the positive pop for the leader of cenation! Cena sprints out from the back full of energy, which only causes the fans to get louder with their pop. Cena then takes out a towel and holds it up in front of the camera before him. The towel reads “NEVER GIVE UP”. Cena throws the towel into the crowd, and gives a salute and begins sprinting down towards the cell.

LILIAN GARCIA..."This next contest is scheduled for one fall and it will be conducted inside HELL IN A CELL! Introducing first from West Newbury, Massachusetts and weighing in at two hundred and fifty-one pounds…he is a fifteen time WWE Champion…JOOOOOOOOHN CEEEEEEEENAAAA!”

Cena is inside the cell and has slid into the ring. That is where he has removed his cap and shirt and has handed it to the official who relays it to a ringside attendant who then, via instruction, takes it out of the cell and hands it to a kid nearby in the crowd. Cena then begins to use the ropes to warm up, bouncing back and forth on them as his music fades out. A couple of seconds go by and then suddenly.

“FIGHT” hits over the p.a system. A thunderous mixed reaction comes over the crowd. A reaction that quite frankly is filled with more boos than cheers. Kevin Owens then suddenly comes walking out from the back with a confident look upon his face, and his tag team title over his shoulder. Owens begins to make his way down the ramp way, ignoring the fans as he walks, and keeping his eyes straight ahead at John Cena who stands within the cell.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing next from Marieville, Quebec, Canada and weighing in at two hundred and sixty-six pounds, he is one-half of the RAW tag team champions….KEEEEEEVIN OOOOOWEEEEENS!”

Owens takes his time, but he finally makes his way to the cell door. There Owens stops, takes his tag team title and hands it to one of the ringside attendants outside the cell. Owens then steps foot into the cell, and walks around it for a moment as the refs begin the process of locking the cell. Owens comes full circle around the ring, and climbs up onto the apron. Thus entering the ring near the bottom left turnbuckle, if you are watching at home. Cena, meanwhile, stands across from him in the top right corner. The two are staring quite intensely at one another. The ref inside the cell checks on both guys, who seem ready to go. With that the bell sounds. DING DING DING!

MICHAEL COLE...“here we go! Cena vs Owens! Hell In A Cell!”

With the sound of the bell, the two begin to circle the ring. They make a half circle around the ring, and begin to lounge towards each other, looking as if they are about to lock arms, but quickly Owens side steps, and gets behind Cena, grabbing him around his waist. Owens tries to add an offensive attack to the grapple, but Cena holds tight in his stance, so Owens just breaks the hold, and shoves Cena in the back, pushing Cena forward towards the top right corner. Cena just turns around, and Owens is laughing at him. The two then again, start to circle the ring. This time they make one full circle around the ring, and lounge forward at one another. They lock arms. There is a brief struggle and then without brut strength, John Cena just shoves Kevin Owens backwards, and Kevin falls to the mat, rolls over to a knee in the bottom left corner. The fans give Cena a nice pop. Owens just looks up at Cena with a smirk on his face. Cena motions for him to ‘come get some’. Owens gets to his feet, and again, the two start to circle the ring. They make another full circle around the ring, and lounge forward. For a second time they lock arms. There is a longer struggle this time, but like before, Cena is able to use his strength and just shove Kevin Owens backwards, and down hard to the mat! Kevin again rolls up to a knee. This time he looks up furious at Cena, as the fans give Cena another pop.

MICHAEL COLE...“John Cena showing that power that everyone has come to know him for!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."He is making Kevin Owens angry. I don’t think you want to make Kevin Owens angry inside a cell!”

Owens gets to his feet, and signals he wants one more lock up. Cena obliges him and the two lounge forward for the lock up, but soon Owens has change of heart, and as Cena reaches for the lock up, Owens catches Cena with a kick to the lower mid-section! Owens then follows up quickly with some hard right hands to the forehead of John Cena. The right hands start to back Cena up a bit, but Cena is able to get his arm up after a few shorts, block a right, and start firing back with some right hands of his own. Cena’s right hands now have Owens backing up, but before Cena can fully gain control of this match in the early going, Owens catches Cena with a side knee thrust, stopping Cena’s building momentum. Cena is bent forward, and Owens nails him with a knee lift. Cena staggers backwards just a bit. Owens comes in and starts nailing more right hands, backing Cena into the top right corner. There in the corner, Owens reaches back, and then nails John Cena with a knife edge chop across his chest. Owens then reaches back, AND NAILS CENA WITH A SECOND KNIFE EDGE CHOP! The chops leave a devastating red mark across the chest of John Cena! Owens then looks out to the crowd through the cell and screams out: “one more!”. Owens then reaches back, and comes forward catching John Cena with a third knife edge chop! Owens then grabs Cena, pulls him out of the corner, spins him back and around and takes him back into the top right corner face first, and begins to slam Cena’s face hard into the top turnbuckle! Owens keeps his grip on the back of Cena’s head, and throws Cena’s face into the top turnbuckle two more times! Owens releases his grip, and Cena falls to a knee on the mat, dazed a bit.

MICHAEL COLE...“Kevin Owens really starting to take control of this match in the early going!”

Owens reaches down, picks John Cena up and pushes him back into the top right corner. Owens then grabs Cena, and whips him hard across the ring. Cena goes flying across the ring, and slams his back hard into the bottom left turnbuckle. The impact causes Cena to stagger out forward, holding his back in pain, and as he does, Owens comes in, catches him with a kick to the mid section, AND THEN PLANTS JOHN CENA WITH A DDT! Cena’s face is driven hard into the mat. Owens quickly covers Cena.




That clearly wasn’t going to be enough to keep the fifteen time WWE Champ down, but it was worth a try. Owens lifts Cena up a bit into a seated postion, gets behind him, and gets Cena in a vicious headlock. Owens, grits his teeth and tightens the hold. Cena is clearly trying hard to find some sort of air, as Owens tightens the grip. The fans are clearly behind Cena in this moment, as they cheer loudly for him. Trying to give him some motivation to fight his way out of his. The cheers seem to start working, as after several more seconds, Cena starts to feed of the crowd’s energy and fight his way to a knee, and then to his feet. There, Cena begins to deliver some hard elbow shots into the side of Kevin Owens. After a few shots, Owens finally looses his grip on Cena. Cena catches Owens with a couple of strong right hands, and then grabs Owens. Cena attempts to whip Owens into the ropes, but no! Owens reverses and Cena goes into the ropes. Cena bounces off, comes back, AND DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE ATTEMPT BY KEVIN OWENS! Cena hits off the opposite ropes, comes back, and again ducks an attack from Owens, as Owens was looking to nail a back elbow to the face of Cena. Cena is able to duck, and again, his momentum carries him into the ropes. Cena bounces off the ropes, comes towards Owens, leaps into the air for a diving crossbody….BUT NO! OWENS CATCHES CEAN! There with Cena in his grasp across his body, Owens looks out into the crowd through the cell with hate in his eyes and then simply, NAILS JOHN CENA WITH A GO HOME DRIVER!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."What a counter by Kevin Owens! Show him who’s time it really is now, Kevin!”

Owens sits up, and then rolls out of the ring. Owens drops down onto the ringside floor near the entrance to the Cell. There, Owens starts to look under the ring, as all the fans begin to make noise out of pure excitement. They are all wondering just what Owens will pull out of there. Owens then starts to pull something out, and it is a table! The fans let out a nice pop as they see the table in the grasp of Owens. Owens repositions his grip on the table and begins to try and lift it up onto the apron. But just as Owens gets it onto the apron, still folded, JOHN CENA COMES RUNNING IN AND CATCHES OWENS WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE! The slide kicked the table into the face of Owens, and launched Owens backwards and hard into the cell structure! Owens dropped to the ringside floor. Cena quickly rolls out of the ring and joins Owens. Cena then reaches down, picks Owens up by the back of the head and begins to throw Kevin’s face into the cell structure not once, not twice, but three times! The fans love it. Owens just falls backwards after the third one, and falls upon the apron. Cena reaches back, and comes firing in a hard knife edge chop of his own across the chest of Owens. Cena then reaches back, and fires another knife edge chop across the chest of Owens as Owens leans against the apron in pain. Cena then grabs hold of Owens, and takes him around the bottom left turnbuckle and towards the bottom right turnbuckle. There Cena launches Owens straight forward, face first, RIGHT INTO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HELL IN A CELL STRUCTURE! Fans love it! Owen’s face slams hard into the cell, and he staggers backwards, turning slightly and there Cena quickly grabs him, lifts him up….AA! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ON RINGSIDE FL…NO! NO! OWENS COUNTERS! Just when it looked like Cena was going to hit Owens with the Attitude Adjustment on the ringside floor which faces the main camera view, Owens was able to counter by flipping over as Cena launched him off his shoulders, and landed on his feet! Owens then quickly leaned back, AND CATCHES JOHN CENA WITH A SUPERKICK!

MICHAEL COLE...“What a counter by Kevin Owens! The big man showing he has some serious athleticism!”

Cena staggers a bit, stunned. Owens comes forward grabs the back of Cena’s head and attempts to slame his face into the bottom right turnbuckle pole, but no! Cena puts his hands out and blocks the move. Owens tries again, but Cena blocks it again. Cena then fires back some hard elbow shots into the mid section of Kevin Owens. Owens loses his grip on Cena. Cena then quickly grabs the back of Owens head and throws Kevin face first into the steal pole! Fans love it! Cena then grabs Owens and shoves him backwards, slamming the back of Owens’ head into the cell! Cena really doing a vicious number on Owens. Showing a whole new side of him. Cena then reaches down, grabs Kevin, AND NAILS KEVIN OWENS WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX ON THE RINGSIDE FLOOR! Cena gets up, throws up his arms and the fans give him a nice pop. Meanwhile, Owens is really feeling the wraft of Cena has he crawls on the ringside floor towards the bottom left corner. Cena turns and comes stalking towads Owens, as Owens lays right up near the apron curtain. Cena reaches down to pick up Owens, BUT OWENS CATCHES CEAN WITH A KINDO SHOT! That’s right, a kendo shot! Kevin, just in time, had reached under the ring and pulled out a kendo stick, and nailed Cena not once, but twice with it, causing Cena to back up in pain. Owens then stood on his feet, taking a second to get his legs under him. Owens then went back on the attack, nailing John Cena OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITH THE KENDO STICK! Such brutality from Owens!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Get him Kevin! Swing for the fences champ!”

Owens continues to nail Cena over and over and over again with that kendo stick, as Cena screams out in pain. Cena falls to his knees, and Kevin reaches back, and breaks the kendo stick across the upper back of Cena. Cena falls forward to the ringside floor near the cell, clearly in a lot of pain. Owens drops the broken pieces of the kendo stick as he walks up to Cena, reaches down, and picks Cena up onto his knees. He then pushes Cena forward, smashing his face into the cell. There, Owens puts his knee in Cena’s back and puts his hands upon the back of Cena’s head, pressing it as hard as he can into the cell! The cell is making an impression on the face of Cena, thanks to Owens pressing so hard! Owens is screaming trash talk at Cena as he does. Owens then pulls Cena off the cell, picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Owens then rolls into the ring after him. Owens quickly gets to his feet, and begins to land stomps up and down the body of John Cena! The fans are not liking this. With each stomp, Kevin Owens is mocking and talking crap to John Cena. Owens then reaches down, picks Cena up, and nails a couple of more vicious knife edge chops. The chops sending Cena staggering backwards into the ropes. Owens comes in, grabs Cena and whips him across the ring into the opposite ropes. Cena hits the ropes, comes back, AND DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE ATTEMPT FROM OWENS! Cena then bounces off the opposite ropes just as Owens turns around, AND CENA CATCHES OWENS WITH A LEAPING SHOULDER BLOCK! Cena rolls to his feet and takes off towards the ropes to his right. Owens rolls up to his feet at the same time, and just as Owens gets to his feet, Cena comes back at him, AND CATCHES HIM WITH A SECOND LEAPING SHOULDER BLOCK! Owens staggers back up, and Cean quickly grabs him, AND NAILS OWENS WITH A SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! Fans love it! Cena then throws his palm in the air as he stands near the top of Owen’s head. The fans give him a pop, and Cena then proceeds to bend down over the face of Owens and do his trademark ‘YOU CAN’T SEE ME’ gesture. Cena then takes off to the ropes, bounces off, comes back, AND NAILS OWENS WITH A FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Cena lays over Owens!




The fans give a Cena a nice pop, despite the missed pinfall due to the last sequence of offensive moves. Cena gets to his feet, and heads straight towards the top left corner. There, Cena proceeds to climb up to the top turnbuckle. Just as Cena looks as if he is getting his feet set to make an air attack, Owens lounges to his feet and falls towards the ropes, throwing his arms over the top rope! The impact on the rope causes vibration and Cena looses his footing on the top turnbuckle and falls, causing his crotch to land right on top of the top turnbuckle in the top left corner. The fans qive out a chorus “ooooooh” response. Owens then comes in, reaches up, and pulls Cena down forward. He then pulls Cena off the top turnbuckle a bit, leaving only Cena’s legs dangling upon the top turnbuckle. Owens then looks out towards his right, through the cell and into the crowd, gives them a smirk, AND THEN DROPS JOHN CEAN WITH AN ELEVATED CORNER DDT! Cena’s face is driven so hard into the mat! Owens then grabs Cena and sits him up into the top left corner. Owens then backs out across the ring towards the bottom right corner. Owens then stops, takes a moment and then comes running forward and CATCHES JOHN CENA WITH A CANNONBALL! Owens then rolls up to his feet and signals for one more. Owens backs up into the bottom right corner again, then comes running forward…CANNONBAL! CANN…NO! NO! THIS TIME JOHN CENA FALLS OUT OF THE WAY! Cena is able to fall out of the way just in time, and Owens flips, and crashes hard into the top left corner. Hurting his neck and upper back in the process! Both men are down on the mat! The fans give a pop, as they hope to see Cena get back on the offensive now!

MICHAEL COLE...“Cena was just able to get out of the way of a second cannonball. This match is anyone’s to win!”

Both men start to stagger up to their feet. Owens using the rope to get him up to his, as he still feels a stinger in his neck. Owens then turns towards Cena, and Cena quickly grabs Owens, lifts him up onto his shoulders and….AA! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! The crowd loves it! Cena hits his finisher out of no where. He pins Owens!




Cena is clearly a bit disappointed that he missed the pinfall, but knows he has the control of the match and will just have to put some more punishment onto the body of Kevin Owens. Cena gets to his feet and thinks of what his next move is. With that, Owens rolls over onto his stomach and starts to crawl towards the ropes, trying to crawl out of the ring to regroup near the cell, but Cena notices Owens in the corner of his eye. Cena comes over, reaches down, and grabs the left leg of Owens, and drags him back towards the middle of the ring. Cena then begins to land stomps over and over again to the body of Kevin Owens. Cena then drops down over Owens, and proceeds to fire some rapid fire right hands into the face of Owens over and over again, as Owens lays on his back. The crowd loves it. Cena then leaps right back up to his feet, and continues to stomp to the body of Kevin Owens! Cena is on a fury right now! Cena then backs off and waits. He waits, as Owens rolls over, and slowly staggers up to his feet. Owens then slowly spins around to face Cena, and again, Cena grabs him, lifts him up onto his shoulders and AA! ATTITUDE ADJUST…NO! NO! At the last second Owens is able to wiggle off the shoulders of Cena. Owens lands on his feet near the ref, quickly grabs the ref, and as Cena comes in to regrap Owens, Owens shoves the ref into Cena! The ref crashes hard into Cena and falls to his knees. Cena is a little stunned from the act of distraction, and Owens quickly uses this to his advantage. Owens leans back, and catches John Cena with a superkick! Cena is stunned and falls backwards into the ropes, which send him right back towards Owens, AND OWENS CATCHES HIM WITH A SECOND SUPERKICK! This one sends Cena falling down to the mat, where the momentum carries him under the bottom ropes, and down to the outside floor!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Wow, did you hear that Michael?! That was the kick heard around the world right there!”

Owens falls to a knee, as the stinger in his neck is still giving him fits. He holds his neck in pain, as the ref slowly gets to his feet, shakes out the cobwebs and comes over to Owens. He first starts to warn Owens not to do that again, but then sees Owens is in pain. He bends down to check on Kevin, but instead of answering the medical questions, Owens proceeds to ask the ref for the key. The ref seems to be confused by this request, and then proceeds to tell Kevin, he doesn’t have the key. Owens then reaches at the ref, trying to go after his pockets, yelling at him to give him the key. The ref continues to back away and respond back, yelling at Kevin he doesn’t have the key. Thus Owens gets frustrated and looses his mind. Kevin then quickly CATCHES THE REF WITH A RIGHT HAND ACROSS THE JAW! The ref is staggered and Owens quickly grabs him, and tosses the ref into the bottom left corner. Owens then comes in, and proceeds to stomp a mud hole into the ref! The fans are booing heavily!


The ref falls to the mat, and Owens proceeds to kick him under the bottom ropes and down to the ringside floor near the hell in a cell entrance. Owens then exits the ring, and drops down near the ref, where the table from earlier in the mat still rests upon the floor. Owens ignores the table in this instance and instead, reaches down, picks up the ref, and still fueled with rage, throws the refs head in between his legs, grabs him, lifts him up, AND NAILS THE REFEREE WITH AN APRON BOMB! APRON BOMB! The ref’s back cracks in half across that apron. He is broken on the ringside floor, as Owens shakes in rage! The fans are booing heavily. Finally this prompts the outside referees to use their key and unlock the Cell door. This is exactly what Owens wanted. Owens shoves the door open, pushing through the refs and steps out of the cell!

MICHAEL COLE...“What is owens doing? Kevin Owens is leaving the Cell! What is he doing?!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."It looks as if he is calling someone, Michael. Maybe he is calling for medical to come help the ref.”

Clearly that is not what Kevin was doing, but Kevin was standing outside of the Cell near the bottom of the ramp way, and was motioning towards the back for someone to come back in, as a few referees help, the hurt ref out of the cell, and out of harms way. While one new ref stays behind to call the match. That new ref is yelling for Owens to get back into the cell, but Owens continues to motion towards the back. Suddenly….SETH ROLLINS APPEARS ONTO THE ENTRANCE STAGE FROM THE BACK! The fans boo heavily!

MICHAEL COLE...“It’s Seth Rollins! Owens has called Rollins out here! He wants this two on one! I can’t believe it!

The fans are booing heavily as they can see what is going on as well. Owens has found a way to get the cell opened so that they can make this two on one, and put Cena away for good without any doubt. However, before Rollins can’t even start his departure down the ramp way, TRIPLE H COMES WALKING FAST OUT BEHIND HIM!


Triple H quickly grabs Rollins, turns him around, and begins to yell at him ruthlessly. Triple H begins yell for Rollins to get his ass back in the back. Owens is shocked. Rollins takes a moment to think about this, but finally Triple H wins over, yells one more time, and shoves Rollins back. Rollins retreats back to the backstage area with Triple H. Owens just stands there dumbfounded.

MICHAEL COLE...“Triple H actually keeping his word! He wants this to be a fair fight!”

Suddenly there is a pop in the crowd, as John Cena has gotten up from the ringside floor, has quickly come around the ring, exited the cell, and garbs Owens from behind. Cena then drags Owens back towards the cell, AND THROWS OWENS FACE INTO THE OUTSIDE OF THE CELL! Owens is stunned. Cena then grabs Owens takes him back into the cell, and rolls him back into the ring. Cena quickly turns to the new ref and tells him to lock up the cell. The ref obliges, and relocks the cell! The fans give a huge pop. Cena quickly slides into the ring after Owens. Cena goes to grab Owens, BUT KEVIN OWENS CATCHES JOHN CENA WITH A LOW BLOW! No disqualification inside that Cell. Anything goes. The fans boo heavily as Cena falls to his knees, holding his crotch in pain. Owens then gets to his feet, reaches down, picks up Cena and tosses him into the ropes. Cena hits the ropes, ocmes back….POP UP POWERBOMB! POP UP POWERBOMB! OWENS NAILS HIS POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cena down! Owens goes for the cover!




The fans give a nice pop, as Cena is able to kick out! Owens is not happy with the count and just gives the new ref a hard stare from a seated position. Owens then quickly rolls up to his feet and heads over to the ropes. Owens then drops down to the ringside floor near the entrance to the cell where the table from earlier had been resting. Owens then reaches down, lifts the table up, and begins to set it up on the ringside floor, as the fans hold their breath! Owens gets the table nice and set up on the outside and then rolls back into the ring. Owens then comes to Cena, reaches down, picks him up and moves him close to the ropes. Owens then gets Cena into postion for a POWERBOMB OVER THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE TABLE….BUT NO! NO! Just as Owens lifts Cena up for the powerbomb onto the table at ringside, Cena is able to counter by nailing owens with…A HURRICARANA! A HURRICARANA! WHAT A COUNTER BY CENA! Fans love it. Both men quickly roll up to their feet, Owens a little dazed, and Cena quickly grabs Owens, lifts him up onto his shoulder and then throws him up and over the top rope…AA! AA! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMEN ONTO THE TABLE! OWENS CRASHES THORUGH! The crowd absolutely goes crazy! John Cena just nailed the attitude adjustment over the top rope, and onto the table. Owens broke right through. Owens lays there amongst the rubble. Out. The fans love it!


Cena exits the ring, and picks Owens up out of the carnage of the broken pieces. Cena then rolls Owens broken body into the ring. Cena then slides in and goes for the cover as the fans count on with the ref!




Somehow, someway, Kevin Owens is able to get a shoulder up at the last second. Cena looks up at the ref who holds up two fingers and cena can’t help but to shake his head in disbelief. The fans can’t believe it either. Owens is still alive in this match. Cena rolls up to his feet, takes a moment, looks over to the bottom right corner, then reaches down, and picks up Owens. Cena then lifts Owens up onto his shulders and carries Owens over to the bottom right corner. There, Cena turns, puts his back and Owens towards the corner, and proceeds to start climbing up the corner backwards, with Owens still on his shoulders. The fans are going nuts. Amazed by the amazing strength displayed by John Cena. Cena gets there to the top, and is setting Owens up for a AVALANCHE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! AVAL…BUT NO! Owens is able to slide off, get a footing on the ropes, and push Cena off forward. Cena falls from the top rope, down to the mat. Owens then starts to try and regroup and gets his footing at the top of the turnbuckle but Cena rolls right up to his feet, comes running forward, leaps up onto the top turnbuckle with Owens and grabs him. Cena is looking to hit a superplex! BUT NO! Somehow Owens reverses the grip, lifts Cena up, lounges forward, spins in the air, AND NAILS JOHN CENA WITH A BRAINBUSTER FROM THE TOP ROPE! BRAINBUSTER FROM THE TOP ROPE! The fans can’t believe it! Somehow Owens countered the attempt and hit a brainbuster from the bottom right corner! Both men are down.

MICHAEL COLE...“What a counter by Kevin Owens! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!”

Suddenly Owens starts to move, and rolls over to a knee. He then staggers to his feet, catches his breath and heads towards the bottom left corner. Cena is still down on the falt of his back. Owens then climbs up the bottom left turnbuckle, backwards, and sits at top the bottom left turnbuckle for a second. He then stands upright, leaps straight up, spins in the air, lands feet first onto the top turnbuckle and then flips off backwards…MOONSAULT! MOONSAULT! MOO…NO! NO! CENA MOVES! Fans go crazy as Cena is able to move out of the way just in time. Owens crashes hard onto the mat, face and chest first! This match is full of counters. Cena rolls up to his feet, and Owens soon after staggers to his. Cena quickly grabs Owens, lifts him up onto his shoudlers and…AA! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT DELIVERED BY CENA! Cena falls over Owens! Crowd loves it!




Again hearts are broken, as somehow Kevin Owens kicks out at the last second like before. Owens just won’t stay down. Cena can’t put him away! Cena has a quick discussion with the ref as he sits up, but the ref assures him it was only two. Cena accepts the count, and rolls up to his feet. Cena walks off catching his breath. He then turns bck to Owens, just in time to see Owens staggering to his feet. Owens starts to spin around to face Cena, and Cena comes running and…POP-UP POWERBOMB! POP-UP POWERBOMB! OWENS CAUGHT CENA WITH A POP-UP POWERBOMB OUT OF NO WHERE! Owens falls on top of Cena! Could this be it?!




The crowd goes crazy! Now John Cena kicks out at the last second. The sold out crowd inside the TD Garden is losing their minds!


Owens can’t believe it now. He rolls up and procees to land stomps to the body of Cena over and over again. Yelling at Cena to “STAY DOWN”, and to “GIVE UP ALREADY”, Owens continues to land those stomps over and over again to the body of John Cena. Cena keeps trying to get back up, and Owens gets stomping him back down. Again yelling at Cena to stay down and give up, but Cena won’t give in. Owens finally reaches dwon, grabs Cena by the face and yells into his face….”YOU WANT IT!”…Owens then picks Cena up, whips him into the ropes, but CENA COUNTERS AGAIN! Cena leaps onto the ropes, springboards off them, looking for a springboard forearm, but no! OWENS CATHES CENA WITH A SUPERKICK IN MID AIR![b] Owens almost takes Cena’s head off! Owens then reaches down, picks up the limp Cena, throws him into the ropes, Cena comes back and…[b]POP-UP POWERBOMB! POP-UP POWERBOJMB! OWENS DELIVERS AGAIN! Owens drops over Cena for the pin.




The fans boo heavily as the bell sounds. Owens has did it! Owens has outlasted and defeated John Cena in this epic Hell In A Cell encounter. “FIGHT” hits back over the p.a system, as Owens struggles to his feet and then has his arm raises in victory.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Owens did it! I told you Michael! I told you! Kevin Owens did it! He just beat John Cena! OWENS HAS REPLACED JOHN CENA!”

Owens celebrates for a bit, and then exits the cell, receives his tag title, and proceeds to celebrate his way up the ramp way, favoring his wounds from the battle, as he holds his Tag Titlte high in the air, before heading to the back. With that, the cameras leave live Hell In A Cell action, and fade into more promotional commercials for the WWE Network

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The cameras come back to Hell In A Cell action, and as they do, the cameras are rolling backstage. Owens, still clearly in pain from a vicious match, is walking in the backstage area, sweating and grasping tightly his tag team title. Suddenly Stephanie McMahon and Triple H come into picture and stop Owens in his tracks.

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STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Kevin you did it! Congrats! Congrats on a hard fought win! A well deserved win!”

KEVIN OWENS..."Congrats? Was there any doubt? Was there any doubt I would go out there and beat that ridiculous barney look-a-like! NO! Of course I won, but no thanks to Trips here. You almost cost me the match!”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "I didn’t almost cost you anything, Kevin. You need to calm down. All I did was keep you from cheating and doing exactly what I said not to do. The attempt alone is going to get you in trouble. You are on thin ice, my friend.”

KEVIN OWENS..."John Cena could have hurt your prizefighter out there?! Are you kidding me?!”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "But he didn’t. you won. I promised deserving winners for the WWE Universe. I promised doing things the right way tonight, so be happy in the fact you won fair and square. Now all you need to do is relax, take a breath, go get checked out by medical and then take the rest of the night off. That isn’t a request. That’s an order.”

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Again Kevin…congrats.”

Stephanie and Triple H head off camera, as Owens just stands there still nursing his wounds, trying to calm the fury down from all that has taken place. The backstage segment fades out.

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As we Segway from the backstage segment of Owens and Triple H with Stephanie, the cameras now are rolling somewhere outside of the arena in the Boston area. The fans inside the arena follow on via the titantron above the entrance ramp, as fans at home watch on via their screens. Appearing on the screen, standing within a special part of Boston next to the Paul Revere statue is non-other than The Rock! The fans go absolutely nuts once they see The Rock.

user posted image

WWE UNIVERSE...“Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!”

The Rock turns his attention towards the camera before him, and looks very stern into it.

The ROCK..."Rocky history lesson number two. Paul Revere, the great American patriot, riding through the streets of Boston screaming: ‘The British are coming! The British are coming!’ But think for one moment if it wasn’t Paul Revere riding on that horse. WHAT IF….it was this goof!”

The Rock takes a copule of steps to his left, and the camera pans out a bit, revealing a life-size cut out of The Miz standing their looking for cheesy on one of his “A-lister” poses. The fans boo heavily as they see the image of The Miz. What if it was The Miz riding through the seats, well first off all, he wouldn’t even be able to ride it cause from what I hear from mayrse, Miz can’t ride anything if ya catch what The Rock is laying down!”

The fans watching burst into laughter. The Rock takes a moment to let them get it out, and then continues on.

The ROCK..."If The Miz had led the American Revolution, right now all of us would be playing cricket, we would be sippin’ tea, and we would be blessing the Queen! You see Miz, you would have failed then, JUST LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL TONIGHT! The people back then would be crying into their johnny cakes, pleading for somebody to come along, and shut your mouth Miz. Just like they do now in this century. Back then they would have been praying for someone to shut you up. Then BAM! Prayers answered. The Rock shows up! The Rock would have actually invented a time travel machine to traven back into 1776, just to whoop The MIz’s ass. The time machine would land, The Rock’s music would hit: IF YA SMELLLLLLL! The Rock’s doors would open, the flux compactor still smoking, The Rock steps out, people silenced! Jaws are dropped! They have never seen anything like it The Rock. 25 percent black, 25 percent Samoan, and 50 percent Clydesdale!” ….Rock starts slapping his inner thigh…. “Easy big fellah! Easy!”

The fans, especially the ladies in the audience give out a huge pop and some whistes join in. The Rock looks hard into the camera and continues on. Not breaking the momentum he is riding on.

The ROCK..."Benjamin Franklin would have looked at The Rock, then looked up and said: “Screw that Kite! That man….invented electricity!’ Then every woman in Boston would be lining those Cobble stone streets, ready to give The Rock a piece of that sweet Boston cream pie! Basically what The Rock is saying, Miz, is the people back then would have been so happy, so elated cause The Rock would have whooped your ass! They would have been showering The Rock with gifts and singing songs like this:” ….Rock starts singing…. “Little tiny Miz went to town, riding on a pony. Rock stuck a feather in his ass and called him a jabronie!”

The fans absolutely love it. They burst into a laughter, and give The Rock another enormous pop! Once again a “Rocky” chant builds throughout the arena. The Rock takes a moment, adjusts his stance, adjusts his shades, and then continues on.

The ROCK..."Miz, they would have been so happy then, just like everyone in the TD Garden and everyone watching at home, are going to be so happy when The Rock whoops your ass tonight and retains HIS title! If the great American Patriot, Paul Revere, could be alive today, he would be riding through the streets of Boston screaming with joy: ‘The Rock is coming! The Rock is coming! The Rock is coming to the td garden to whoop that candy ass….tonight!”

The fans love it! The Rock gives one hard look into the camera, gives that people’s eyebrow and walks right on by the camera, leaving his message loud and clear as he makes his trip around Boston, building himself up and the match that is happening later tonight. The scene fades.

Triple H
 Posted: Dec 9 2016, 10:02 PM

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WWE: WWE Proudly Presents....

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The lights go out. The WWE Universe grasps. The titantron shows glimmers of movement, a small flame at the end of a skillet can be seen. It slowly lights the infamous lantern belonging to Bray Wyatt. The camera zooms out to show the face of fear himself.

user posted image

BRAY WYATT.... “ Boston.... I'm here.

Just as soon as Bray had lit the lantern he aggressively inhales before blowing out the flame. The familiar deep base of Broken Out in Love begins to play.

MICHAEL COLE...“You know we've seen Bray Wyatt for a number of weeks and I have to say he creeps me out more and more everytime I see him.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I have to agree with ya’, Michael. He is one scary man. He's got an eerie presence that gives me memories of how I felt each time the Deadman, The Undertaker came out to this ring.

By now Bray had entered the ring. He started to swing round in manic circles, the light of the lantern dizzying those watching. Suddenly Bray stops and stands still in the center of the ring. He slowly brings the lantern to his mouth and once again blows out the light. This brings the main lights in the arena up to a typical Wyatt reception of cheers and boos mixed in together.

LILIAN GARCIA..." Introducing first, weighing in at two-hundred and eighty-five pounds,BRAAAAAY WYAAAAT!!

Bray walks over to the corner and sits down waiting for the arrival of Batista.

Suddenly "I WALK ALOOOOOONE" blasted over the PA system causing the crowd to explode in a frezy as Batista made his way out from behind the curtains with a grin on his face shouting to the crowd "LET ME HEAR YA!" causing them only to get louder.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And his opponent from Washington D.C weighing in at 290 pounds, "The Animal" BAAAAAAAAAAAATISTA!!!!

Batista slowly turned around as he usually did before he slammed his palms on the metal before doing his motion as Pyro exploded behind him as he slowly got up slapping his chest before punching forward causing the Pyro to make a huge explosion while the crowd cheered like crazy.

MICHAEL COLE...“Look at that wicked smile on Bray’s face.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Bray is here to take out the heroes of the WWE Universe. Batista may play the hero, Drax but this is a whole different ball game. This isn't make believe.

Batista made his way into the ring before getting on the turnbuckle flexing his muscles before pounding his chest and jumped off the turnbuckle and looked towards Bray who stands in the corner with a grim smile.

The bell rings and both men slowly step towards each other once, meeting face to face in the center of the ring finally. There is a tense and eerie silence in the arena as both men stare the other down. Suddenly, the right hand of Wyatt rises, slapping the spit out of the mouth of Batista. Kennedy slowly pulls his head back around to Bray, before The Eater of Worlds slaps him again; a wide and haunting smile appearing on the face of Bray. The Animal puts one hand to his mouth to check for blood, but finds none, then suddenly bursts forward towards the smiling Wyatt; taking him down to the canvas. Both men struggle to gain control of the situation as they roll around. Finally though, it is Batista who lands the first flurry of punches in the match, hammering Wyatt from a mounted position. Bray rolls once more, reversing the situation and hammering Batista . Again, the situation is reversed as The Animal rolls into the ropes. The referee quickly comes between the two and stands both men up. This time, it is Bray who is checking his mouth for blood as a wild cheer goes around the arena.

MICHAEL COLE...“Already in the early going, this match is a brawl!

A hateful look crosses Bray’s features. He runs towards Batista at pace, looking to exact some revenge, but Batista is ready for him, The Animal quickly scooped Wyatt up his opponent and landing a perfectly executed Scoop Slam as Bray turns back around.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That power of the Animal tossing Bray around like a rag doll.

The crowd explodes into life as Wyatt darts is tossed half way across the ring; a sentiment that is magnified as it happens once again. On the third attempt to stem the flow of the match, Wyatt attempts a lunging clothesline but, once again, Batista's energy is too high. Batista ducks once again before landing a beautifully executed side walk slam to the Eater of Worlds. Both men hurriedly get back to their feet as The Animal begins to lay into Wyatt. Wyatt staggers backwards as Batista lands a series of chops to his chest; that is until he can retreat no further – the turnbuckle blocking him in. Kennedy signals to the crowd as he mounts the turnbuckle. Bray seems to be in a spot of bother of Batista looks to start raining punches down on him.

MICHAEL COLE...“This a position Bray Wyatt doesn't want to be in.

But Wyatt is like a sly fox and wiggles out from under his opponent and pulls away his legs from the ropes; causing Batista's face to make contact with the padded ring post. There is a sharp intake of breath from the crowd as Batista grabs his face and turns around to Bray. Not one to waste an opportunity to inflict some damage to an opponent, Bray quickly lands a running high knee that takes Batista to the canvas. Bray looks infuriated by The Animal’s awesome offense early in that match and quickly grabs the hair of his opponent; dragging him back to his feet with not a hint of mercy. The crowd boos Wyatt as the ref looks to intervene. Wyatt gives a wry smile as he whips Batista across the ropes and nailing him with a breathtaking back body drop that stuns everyone.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Huge back body drop by Bray Wyatt. You see that air, Michael?

MICHAEL COLE...“ I don't think Batista has ever been that high in his career.

Both men are up. Batista launches a stiff fist towards Bray, connecting wonderfully as Wyatt hammers back. The two trade blows as the crowd immerse themselves in the occasion; booing and cheering appropriately. Finally, it is Batista who gets the better of Bray; landing a nice European Uppercut that staggers The Eater of Worlds towards the ropes. Wyatt grabs the ropes, nursing his jaw, as Batista runs at him. Batista lands a huge running clothesline that takes both men over the top rope and out onto the floor below; Wyatt head crashing into the canvas on the way down. Both men lie motionless on the matted floor at ringside as the ref checks on them.

MICHAEL COLE...“ Referee Charles Robinson is making sure to check on Bray Wyatt. Take a look at that clothesline one more time. You can see right here that Bray’s head hit off the side of the ring!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Bray maybe be a creepy guy but I don't want to see the man’s career end.

Bray is back to his feet. He turns around to Batista only to receive blow from a trash can lid. Bray remains on his feet but stumbles backwards. Batista tosses the lid towards Wyatt who catches it. As Bray catches it, Batista runs for a massive Big Boot sending the lid crashing into Batista face. The crowd grasps at the sound of the impact. Batista is very pleased with himself and raises his arms to be met with a thunderous round of cheers from the Boston crowd.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."It looks like Batista has come to play here!

MICHAEL COLE...“ I hear that John, what a Big Boot that was, very brutal.

Batista heads towards the downed Wyatt but appears to have taken too much time celebrating. Wyatt grabs Wyatt by the throat as he is still on his back. He gets back to his feet while still having hold of Wyatt , he aggressively launches Batista towards the steel ring steps knocking Batista over them and knocking the steps over in the process. Bray wastes no time at all as he stalks the grounded Batista. He forces Batista to his feet before scooping him up onto his shoulder and dropping him face first down onto the steel steps. Batista bounces off of the steel but is immediately met with a huge big boot from Bray.

MICHAEL COLE...“SNAKE EYES TO THE STEEL STEPS! Oh my god and what a big boot that was!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..." Vicious Michael, absolutely vicious!”

Bray leaves The Animal laying as he begins to scour ringside, presumably for weapons to use. He ponders a steel chair before handing it back after deciding against. He tosses it aside. He searches underneath the ring and pulls out a kendo stick. He holds it up into the air and lets out a loud roar. He turns around to Batista rushing towards him, The Animal suddenly hit a low chopblock to the knees of Wyatt, knocking the man down, hitting his face onto the barrier at the same time. He drops the kendo stick and it rolls towards the feet of Batista who doesn’t hesitate in picking it up. The Animal begins to unload with shot after shot with the kendo stick. He hits Bray with a shot to the back and a few shots to the legs before resting the kendo stick on the barrier to his side and pulling Wyatt up to his feet, he rolls Wyatt into the ring before retrieving the kendo stick.

MICHAEL COLE...“What shots, Bray Wyatt looks to be on dream street here!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."The Animal is in full control now!

Batista throws the kendo stick over the ropes into the ring before he begins to collect weapons from the underneath throw each weapon into the ring individually. He takes two steel chairs, a trash can and a stop sign. Batista now rolls into the ring himself and awaits as Bray is stirring and begins to get to his feet. Batista levels him with the stop sign which stumbles Wyatt to the other side of the ring, Batista repositions to the other side and levels him again, knocking him back to where he was. The Animal drops the sign and positions Bray for a finish. He attempts to hoist The Eater of Worlds into the air to presumably hit his patented Batista Bomb but fails. Bray rains down open fist blows to the head. which seems to really frustrate Batista as he stumbles backwards before Wyatt scrambles around to Batista's back and throws Batista with a gigantic German suplex. Batista lands on top of the steel trash can.


Batista has moves but isn’t to his feet he is crawling on hands and knees, momentarily dazed. Bray can smell blood, he backs into the corner of the ring. He turns backwards, both hands grab the ropes, and leans backwards. A devilish grin appears on Bray’s face before he takes off walking with his patented crab walk. He stands as he reaches Batista looking to grab him for Sister Abigail. But out of no where Batista hits a spear! The crowd erupts as Batista stands up and taunts the fallen Bray Wyatt. Batista grabs Wyatt by his long hair and hoists him up for a Batista Bomb.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..." Batista Bomb incoming!

BUT the lights go off! The crowd grasps.

MICHAEL COLE...“ What happened to the lights?

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I'm not sure, Michael. I have to feel as if this some mind game by the New Face of Fear.

JBL was right. The lights come back on and Bray Wyatt is standing in the ring with Batista clichéd in the beginning stages of Sister Abigail. Behind Bray Wyatt are two men wearing the same faceless masks with God written across, that we saw in Bray’s promo earlier in the week. The two men hold a glass mirror.

BRAY WYATT.... “You should look inside mirrors with curiosity whether than fear. But this hero is full of fear. He has failed you.

Batista tries to wiggle free but Bray drops him through the mirror with Sister Abigail. Bray somehow manages to avoid getting cut by the shards of glass. However Batista isn't so lucky.

MICHAEL COLE...“What a heinous act.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I have no words, Michael. That was one of the wildest things I've ever seen.

LILIAN GARCIA..." The winner of this match, BRAAAAAY WYAAAAT!!

Bray Wyatt on his knees, holds out arms and shouts FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!

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As the aftermath of that last contest cleans up inside the ring, cameras start to turn back to Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield at ringside when suddenly….


user posted image

As the vignette of Sting images graces our screen with the sound of a Crow and static, we are suddenly transported to a dark room. Only a single light flickers on and off. A light that hangs from a leaking ceiling. We can hear the leaking drops of water hitting the darkness below. As this image is upon our screen we hear a voice over.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore if your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness!”

With that, a sadistic laugh is heard from within the darkness of this room. The laugh comes and goes, and silence creeps back into the room. A second or two goes by and then the voice over returns, much darker, much more bass.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "His head and his hairs were white like wool. His eyes were as flame of fire, And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. And out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. Therefore if the light in you is darkness….how great is that darkness?”

With that, a figure appeared from the darkness and stood under the light above. The figure was that of the man know to be a nightmare for all those that prey on the innocent and weak. The icon. The vigilante. The Dark warrior, Sting! The fans watching all this play out on the titantron inside the TD Garden, burst into a thunderous pop! Almost blowing the roof off the arena. Sting stands under the light and soon, his lips part, and his word dance with the abyss around him.

user posted image

STING... “Seth, there are many cruelties in this world. Stealing, cheating, lieing, violence, back stabbing, greed, and many more. Yet I feel losing your way in life, could sometimes be the most cruel. That is what you have done Seth. You have lost your way. You have become content, going week in and week out just being a puppet in The Authority’s game. You must be awoken. You must once again find that rising star of a young wrestler who had dreams of being something special in this company. Something that others could look up to. That leader. That man who could be the future and role model for all within the WWE Universe. Words won't help you. Words will not help you find that man, Seth. So that is why tonight...I will do what is needed. Win or lose, it doesn't matter. I will do what is needed by giving you a beating like no other. It will be painful, but the message will be clear, and by the end, my message will be clear that I WILL NOT BE STOPPED TILL MY MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED!”

A final pause. Sting takes a moment to himself to allow his intensity to die down just a bit. He wants, he needs...for his words to be heard clearly. This is important to Sting. This match is important.

STING... “Seth, a wise man once said: Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark. In the hopeless swaps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It is yours. The world I want...this illusion of bring honor and respect back to professional wrestling can be had. It can be won. It is possible. But for it to become a reality, Seth, I must put an end to you and what you strive to be. I will do what is necessary. No more walking around here going through the motions, Seth. It is time you become the man you always had the potential of being. I wanna see him. I wanna see that man! One way or another, message will be heard. The battle wages on tonight. The Devil’s playground is your final resting place, cause quite simple Seth...ITSSSSS SHOWTIME!"

A slight sadistic smirk comes upon the face of Sting, as his eyes stare into the camera before him. Suddenly the static hits back over the screen and the cameras return to live ring action.

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user posted image

LILIAN GARCIA..." The following contest is a Six Pack Challenge scheduled for one fall. And it is for the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

“RAIN MAKER” hits over the p.a system. The fans give a mix reaction as the Japanese superstar comes walking out from the back with Abraham Washington trailing just a couple of feet behind him.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing first from Tokyo, Japan and weighing in at two hundred and thirty six pounds, accompanied by Abraham Washington, KAZUCHIKA OKAAAAADDDDAAA!”

Okada enters the ring looking serious. Okada then goes through his prematch routine, as Abraham Washington cheers him on from the outside. Abraham then takes his position in a chair next to Michael Cole at the RAW Announce table at ringside.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing next from Gainesville, Georgia and weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds….he is the Phenomenal one…AAAAAJ STYYYYYLES!”

“PHENOMENAL” hits over the p.a system. AJ Styles comes walking out from the back, dressed in his usual wrestling attire. AJ stops at the top of the entrance ramp, throws up his signature, as the crowd goes crazy. AJ walks towards the ring as our camera cuts to the entrance ramp again.

“Catch Your Breath” hits over the p.a system, and like a demon crawling out of hell, Finn Balor, dressed in his demon king makeup and attire, comes crawling through the mist. The fans love it. Finn reaches the bottom of the entrance stage and there, he leaps up and throws his hands high in the air as the white lights cover the arena, and the fans throw their arms in the air with him. Balor continues the creepy entrance down the ramp way.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing next from Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland and weighing in at one hundred ninety pounds…..FIIIIIN BALOR!”

Balor makes his way, creepy as can be, up the side of the top left turnbuckle. He throws himself forward, bending over the turnbuckle and then comes firing back upright, and throws his arms in the air as the lights go white again, and the fans copy the move. Balor does this a few times, before leaping off the turnbuckle into the ring. His music fades out and the fans give him a nice pop. Owens sarcastic claps from his corner, mocking the make up job and the fancy entrance from Balor. Finn gives his head attire to the ringside attendant.

‘Here to show the world’ hits the personal announcement system right at that very second, the fans erupt for the Show Off as he steps out onto the stage. He has the intercontinental title around his waist backwards. He wiggles his hips, turned the title around and then pumps his fists as he makes his way to the ring to join his 5 challengers.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Hailing from Hollywood, Florida… He is the Show off! THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! DOLPH ZIGGLER!!!”






JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..." Say it isn’t so

The fans go wild as the theme for the one and only DUDE LOVE hits. Sure enough out comes Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy, tie-dyed to the nines!

LILIAN GARCIA..." And finally, from Truth or Consequences New Mexio, weighing 287 pounds…. DUDE LOVE!

The fans go wild as Love enters the ring. Now that all the men are ready to go there’s only one thing to do!


MICHAEL COLE...“Here we go!

Immediately the six men pair off, Okada and Ziggler, Balor and Aries, and Dude Love and AJ Styles. With fists flying everywhere our attention is mainly drawn to Aries and Balor because A Double clotheslines Balor over the top rope sending both men crashing to the outside. Aries pulls Balor up by his hair before sending his CRASHING into the steel steps shoulder first! Balor screams in pain over and over, rolling around in complete agony!

In the ring, Ziggler and Okada are throwing rights and lefts on one side of the ring and Dude Love and Styles doing the same on the other, the two pairs are slowly gravitating to the centre. Eventually the two groups back into each other. As they notice the other pairing all four men turn to face each other and we have a stand off in the centre of the ring. The four men wait for what seems like an eternity and Ziggler is the first man to flinch, going quickly for a SUPER KICK on Okada. But he's not quite fast enough and Okada catches the kick with both hands. As Ziggler struggles for balance Both Styles and Love hit Ziggler on either side of his head with two vicious forearms. Ziggler looks dazed but has no time to recover and Okada yanks Ziggler's leg towards THE RAINMAKER! Offt! Ziggler is turned inside out and rolls out of the ring. Just when he thought his pain was over he lands at the feet of Aries who grins wildly. Aries picks up Ziggler and INTO THE STEPS! Ziggler and Aries lie piled on top of each other, both lifeless and looking like they're out for the count.

Aries now rolls into the ring and we have four men standing tall. Love, AJ, Okada and Aries. Okada with fierce speed whips round and lands a spinning kick to the gut of AJ as Love begins to unload forearms into the face of Aries, sending him into the corner where he continued to unleash the right forearm over and over in vintage Dude Love fashion. Okada unloaded some more kicks to AJ, with AJ checking some by raising his legs. Okada goes to spin again, but AJ dodges and unleashes a big spinning backfist to the side of Okada's mouth. Okada holds his face in pain as Styles hooks in a suplex and snaps Okada into the canvas. Meanwhile, Aries has turned the tables on Love and uses underhooks to spin round Dude Love and is landing lefts and rights himself. Aries stands up on the second rope and begins to unload right hands as the crowd chants











Ten huge fists to the head of Love as Aries climbs down and Love looks dazed. Aries is quick enough to realise that a charging AJ Styles is coming. A Double rolls out of the way as AJ flies through the air and lands his intended forearm for Aries onto Love instead. Dude falls to the floor now due to the sheer volume of strikes he has taken. Aries now waits on the outside as Okada and Styles remain in the ring.

AJ tries to land another backfist on Okada after the last one was so effective. Okada now has this scouted however and ducks. He catches AJ as he spins round and locks in a grip round his waist before snapping back a signature german suplex to AJ. Styles clutches the back of his head in pain as Aries slides in and unloads some stomps to AJ as he's down. Okada then goes to attack Aries who rolls out immediately, taping his index finger against his temple to indicate his intellect.

Dude Love is now up and charges at Okada dropping him with a falling clothesline. Foley unloads some stomps with his left and right feet before Styles clubs Love in the back and the two begin to scuffle. AJ tries to go for a suplex however Love blocks it, eventually reversing it into a hard scoop slam. AJ's back arcs in pain. As Love looks like he's getting the upper hand, Out of nowhere Aries spring boards from the outside and lands a flying dropkick to the tie-dyed warrior. Aries scurries over for the pin.



Okada breaks it up!

Okada picks up Aries and lands a huge elevated DDT! This time it's Okada who covers.




Aries kicks out just in time. Now Ziggler can be seen crawling back into the ring but is swiftly removed by a baseball slide from Okada. Ziggler flops to the floor once again and lies still. As Okada gets up, AJ Styles sneaks in behind him and lands a huge back body suplex. Okada lands with a thud and AJ kips up and spreads his arms wide with a confident grin across his face. As AJ celebreates, Dude Love comes charging at him full speed ahead looking to wipe AJ out. Styles reacts fast however and bends down the bottom rope, sending one of the three faces of Foley over the top and collapsing to the arena floor. Styles quickly hops out and stands on the apron, he measures himself, leaps onto the top rope and spins through the air with ease landing a picture perfect springboard 450 splash on Okada. Just as AJ goes to pin Okada out of nowhere ARIES! ANOTHER 450! This time from the top rope! Aries crashes down on AJ and Okada. Aries presses down on Styles trying to pin them both!




What a beast! Taking two 450 splashes and the weight of two men on him Okada still found a way to get his shoulder up. Styles and Aries get to their feet and look at each other in disbelief… They seem to come to a mutual agreement. They pick Okada up and go to throw him over the top rope. Okada has other things planned however and he plants his feet and stands his ground. Aries and Styles try to Irish whip him, but he does not move. With the force of ten men, Okada then pull both Aries and AJ back towards him and lands a DOUBLE RAINMAKER! He turned BOTH men inside out. He quickly leaps onto Aries and pins him.




Dude Love pulls Okada up and saves the pin. Love unloads a flurry of lefts and rights but what he doesn’t notice is ARIES! ARIES IS PINNING AJ!





Love now realises what has happened and Okada looks furious.


Aries grabs the title from the referee and clutches onto it for dear life. As the camera cuts to a furious Okada who shouts abuse at Aries, A Double simply points to his temple again indicating that this is also a thinking mans game, and no one outthinks Austin Aries!

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The scene opens up after a commercial break; The current Divas Champion is seen inside her locker room looking into a mirror her pigtails flowing nicely with the tips covered in pick. Her sadistic smirk appears on her face as her voice is heard through the arena.

user posted image

ALEXA BLISS...“ Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the most dominant of them All..”

The smirk only grew bigger, knowing damn well that she is the best on the raw women’s roster. Brushing her pigtails to the side as her voice is heard again.

ALEXA BLISS...“ Of course it’s me; I am the personification of the New Era. The Harley Quinn of Monday Night Raw. I am the most dominant female this division has to offer…”

Before she could say anything else there was a slight knock on the door, She slams her hands down on her desk.

ALEXA BLISS...“ Enter if you must…”

With that the door slightly opens and in walks The Demon King.. Alexa rolls her eyes witnessing him failing to capture the Intercontinental championship. He slowly walks in and closes the door behind him as his voice is heard.

FINN BÁLOR...“ You ready for your match tonight?”

ALEXA BLISS...“ Of course I’m ready for my match tonight. I am the most dominant female Raw has to offer… And what about you Finn? What the hell happened out there?”

FINN BÁLOR...“ Look Alexa, I tried my damn hardest to get that championship but I just wasn’t quick enough…”

Alexa couldn’t help but to roll her eyes again, as she picks up the Divas Championship and places it on her shoulder, and turns in her seat looking at him.

ALEXA BLISS...“ Is that really the case? I mean seriously you should of been able to beat them regardless.. I have fought week in week out to keep MY Championship but where are you now? You are at the bottom of the roster again and clearly I don’t think it’s fit for a Champion to be seen with someone who doesn’t give a damn….”

FINN BÁLOR...“ What are you trying to say? That you don’t want to be seen with me?”

ALEXA BLISS...“ That is exactly what I am saying Finn.. You haven’t barely won any matches here and quite frankly I’d rather be seen with winners and not loser’s such as yourself…”

FINN BÁLOR...“ You can’t do this to me Alexa.. I have stuck by you week in week out.. And now you are just giving up on me like that? Seriously that is unfair…”

Alexa couldn’t help but to laugh a little, shaking her head and standing up and walking over to the door, She opens it and holds it open as she motions for him to leave.

FINN BÁLOR...“ Are you being serious with me Alexa?”

ALEXA BLISS...“ Of course I am being serious Finn… It’s time for some change around here.”

FINN BÁLOR...“ Well it’s going to be your loss when I start winning matches again and winning gold and then you’ll be left with nothing and when the time is right Alexa someone will take that Divas Championship from you and I bet that tonight Eva Marie will beat you.. To capture that title from you. Then where will you be?”

ALEXA BLISS...“ Well Finn, we will see but just remember who I am.. I am the personification of the New Era and I run this division. So leave… I have to prepare for my match here tonight..”

Finn storms out of the locker room as she slams the door shut shaking her head.

ALEXA BLISS...“ Loser… how dare he… This is MY Divas Championship. No one and I mean No one is going to take it away from me mark my words. Tonight everyone is going to remember who I am.. I am Alexa Bliss; the Divas Champion.”

Alexa walks back over to her desk as she looks at herself with the Divas Championship over her shoulder. That sadistic smirk appears on her face as she turns on her heels and leaves her locker room empty as the scene simply changes to ringside.

Triple H
 Posted: Dec 9 2016, 10:18 PM

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WWE: WWE Proudly Presents....

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Just moments after the WWE Universe just witnessing the Six-Pack Challenge, where Austin Aries captured The Intercontinental Championship. As The Footage opens up in the backstage area of the TD Garden, in Boston, Massachusetts. The cameras roll through the Interview room, with Renee young standing with a microphone in her hand and her warm smile and about to welcome the viewers all of the world and the WWE Universe in attendance. The fans turn their attention to the big screen.

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RENEE YOUNG ... “Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome my guest, Mr. Money In The Bank, "the Future of WWE" himself – Seth Rollins."

The fans boo ruthlessly as Seth Rollins steps into picture with a giant smile upon his face, and the Money In The Bank briefcase in his hand. Seth can hear the fans reaction and just lets out a slight chuckle, as he turns his attention towards Renee.

SETH ROLLINS:... "Renee, it is good to see you too. I know you have something you want to ask me, with the way you are looking at me right now. You know Renee ... I AM THE MAN!"

The fans boo even louder after that remark from Seth Rollins. Renee just smiles away as it is her job to do so, but even she is a little put off by the arrogance of Seth Rollins who again just chuckles away.

RENEE YOUNG ... “Well Seth, just in a few moments you are going to be facing Sting inside hell in the Cell…”

A big smirk appeared across Seth's on his face. Seth was looking forward to facing Sting inside of Satan's Structure, he took a second as he spoke up with Renee holding the microphone in front of his mouth for him.

SETH ROLLINS:... "That is tonight. You know Renee, it's kinda my thing. A couple of years ago, I put the final nail on the shield coffin when I single handed conquered The Lunatic Fringe; Dean Ambrose. I'll went on to become ... The Man. I am today, the Greatest Superstar of all time!"

A big smirk appeared across Seth on his face. The chorus of boos from the WWE Universe from inside the arena where heard for the man; – Seth Rollins. As he spoke up again.

SETH ROLLINS:... "And for tonight in this so-called dangerous, Structure "I am going to destroy Sting, "piece by piece ...Not because, I am Mr. Money in the Bank but Seth Rollins. I AM JUST THAT GOOD!"

The fans busts out another roar of boos at Seth Rollins, that didn't change the confidence on the Architect face as he spoke up again.

SETH ROLLINS:... "Tonight is about proving things, and proving to the rest of the world; when I beat Sting in that Structure. I will prove without question, I am the BEST and he's the Joke. The Future is here. The Future begins going straight through Sting!"

RENEE YOUNG ... “Seth do you have any final thoughts or maybe a brief sentence to explain how you are feeling right now before you step into The hell in the Cell Structure with Sting?"

Rollins glared over at Renee Young with his cocky smile on his face, Rollins broke out with his famous laughter. As he spoke up again.

SETH ROLLINS:... "I am, The Living, Breathing future of WWE! STING, I WILL SEE YOU IN HELL!"

RENEE YOUNG ... “There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen strong words The MAN; SETH ROLLINS!"

with that; Rollins was finished with the Interview. He's always been the one to talk and now he's "gotta" Prove it inside HELL IN THE CELL against Sting. Seth slowly step away from the Interview section, and the cameras began to fade out. As Hell in the Cell cuts to a promotional video from its sponsors.

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The time for talk is over. Once again it is put up or shut up. The cameras scan through the sold out TD Garden, and the fans are still very much engaged with what is going on tonight, as they have enjoyed every single match on tonight’s card. With that.

“SECOND COMING” hits over the p.a system. The fans rise to their feet and turn their attention towards the entrance ramp. Right then, Seth Rollins comes walking out from the back with that cocky smile of his pressed upon his face. Once he does, the fans greet him with a mix reaction that is filled with mostly boos. Rollins has the tag title over his left shoulder and in his right hand, he holds the Money In The Bank Briefcase. Obviouslly a well accomplished man in recent weeks. Rollins begins to make his way down the ramp way.

LILIAN GARCIA..."This next contest is scheduled for one fall and it is our SECOND HELL IN A CELL MATCH OF THE EVENING! Introducing first from Davenport, Iowa and weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds….he is mr. money in the bank and one half of the tag team champions….SEEEEETTTH ROOOOOLLLINS!”

Rollins heads through the open door of the Hell In A Cell, and enters the ring. There Rollins finds the first turnbuckle in his way, and climbs up. He raises both the tag title and the money in the bank briefcase high in the air, as the fans continue to respond with a chorus of boos, but Rollins pays no mind. Rollins then gets down and hands both his items to the ref, who then disgards out of the Cell. Rollins then begins to pace back and forth in the ring, as his music fades out. Suddenly, with the music gone, we can hear it. A thunderous chant that is obviously boiling the skin of Seth Rollins.


Right then, “OUT FROM THE SHADOWS” hits over the p.a system, and the fans go absolutely nuts. It takes a few seconds, but finally, Sting emerges out onto the entrance ramp and the thunderous cheers grow in volume. Sting takes a moment standing at the top of the entrance ramp, as he clasps his hands together and lets out a giant ‘wooo’ to the crowd, who fire one back.

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Sting then begins to make his way down the ramp way, as the fans continue to go nuts.

LILIAN GARCIA..." Introducing next, hailing from everyman’s nightmare and weighing in at two hundred and fifty-two pounds. He is known by many names. The Icon. The vigilante, the dark warrior….this….is….STIIIIIIIING!”

Sting steps through Hell In A Cell, and takes a moment standing in the door way, looking up at the structure. Sting has history in this structure has in the past year he has two devastating matches inside it. One a victory over Roman Reigns that, and the other a near career ending defeat at the hands of Brock Lesnar in of the best matches of the year at WrestleMania. Sting’s eyes remove their gaze upon the cell and now stare a hole into the man standing in the ring. Sting then enters the ring, and proceeds to just remove his coat and hand it to the ref. Sting wants to get this fight started, no more prematch routine. No more hype. He wants to fight. With that, the ref takes the coat, removes it from the cell, comes back to both men and checks on them. Each man looks ready to go. The ref then signals for the bell. DING DING DING

MICHAEL COLE...“Here we go! Another Hell IN A Cell match underway! Lets go!”

Sting and Rollins are circling the ring, sizing one another up. They then lounge forward at one another and lock arms. There is a bit of a struggle as both men are fighting hard for the advantage. Sting then uses his strength to push Rollins backwards into the corner, as both men still hold onto their hold. Rollins then counters,and pushes the lock up back into the middle of the ring. The struggle continues, and then Sting is able to push it back into the corner once again. Yet again, Rollins is able to counter and push back. He pushes the lock up back to the middle of the ring, and then turns and shoves Sting off into the corner. Rollins comes in at Sting and nails a couple of corner thrusts to Sting’s chest. Rollins then follows up with a couple of knife edge chops, then reaches back and looks to land another, but Sting blocks it and pushes Rollins off backwards. Rollins comes back for the attack, but Sting ducks. He turns Rollins around and starts to fire right hands and chops that back Rollins into the corner. Sting is just firing away. Landing right hand then chop, then right hand, then chop. Sting then starts to fire some kicks to Rollins mid section, softening mr. money in the bank up. Sting then takes a few steps backwards, and then comes running forward, looking as if he is going to hit an early stinger splash, but no! Rollins NAILS STING WITH A BIG BOOT! Sting hits the mat.

MICHAEL COLE...“What a vicious boot to the face by Seth Rollins!”

Rollins lands a few quick stomps to the body of Sting, and then picks Sting up. Rollins follows up with a few right hands to the side of Sting’s face, then grabs him, and starts to whip him but pulls him back in and clotheslines him down to the mat. Rollins hits a perfect short arm lariat with lots of force. The impact, sends Sting staggering right back up to his feet. Rollins pushes Sting back up into the ropes, and then whips him across the ring. Sting hits the ropes, and just as he comes back, Rollins comes in and nails Sting to the mat with a back elbow smash. Rollins then runs off towards the ropes, as Sting staggers back to his feet. Rollins then comes back off the ropes, and CATCHES STING WITH A SLING BLADE! Sting hits the mat hard, and Seth leaps to his feet, taunting the crowd. He is fired up. Rollins then picks Sting up and nails him with a quick headbutt, sending Sting to a knee. Rollins then throws a knee lift shot into Sting’s jaw, which sends Sting down to the mat. Rollins picks Sting up and whips him into the ropes, as Sting comes back Rollins leaps trying to nail him with a diving crossbody, BUT STING CATCHES HIM. Sting then hits a fall-away slam. Rollins is right back to his feet, so is Sting. Sting leaps and nails a dropkick, knocking Rollins back down to the mat. Rollins staggers back up, and Sting quickly catches him with an arm drag, flipping Rollins onto his back. Rollins rolls back up, and again is knocked down to the mat, as Sting hits another dropkick! This time Rollins stays down. Sting stands over Rollins for a moment, and then leaps straight into the air and comes down nailing a leaping elbow drop. Sting gets right back to his feet, and hits a second leaping elbow drop onto the body of Seth Rollins. Sting picks, Rollins up and tosses him in the corner. Sting then comes in, climbs up and starts to throw down punches onto the top of Rollins head while he is in the corner. The fans count with each one. Sting gets up to seven puches and takes a moment. He lets out a “woo” to the crowd, as they give him a pop. Sting then goes to land another punch, but the hesitation allows Rollins to counter. Rollins grabs hold of Sting and carries him out from the corner towards the opposite corner and then BUCKLE BOMB! BUCKLE BOMB DELIVERED BY SETH ROLLINS! Sting drops forward to all fours, obviously feeling the effects of the move. Rollins quickly takes off towards the ropes, bounces off, comes back and…CURB STOMP! CURB STOMP BY ROLLINS! Rollins looking to steal this victory right here right now! He drops over Sting as the fans are shocked!




Fans give a nice pop, as Sting is going down that quickly. Rollins gets to his feet, and reaches down to pick up Sting. Rollins attempts to throw Sting out of the ring, but Sting reverses and SENDS ROLLINS OVER THE TOP ROPE AND DOWN TO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR! Sting then comes to the ropes, grabs on, and waits a second as Rollins slowly starts to get back up to his feet. Sting then uses the ropes and leaps over them, NAILING ROLLINS ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA! The fans love the high flying move from the old veteran. Both men are down for a second on the outside, as then Sting slowly starts to get to his feet. Sting then reaches down and picks Rollins up to his feet. Sting then lifts him up and runs him right into the cell! Smashing Rollins spine against the steel! Sting lands a couple of quick kicks to Rollins body, and then reaches down and picks him up. Sting then shoves the back of Rollins head right into the cell! Sting picks Rollins back up and drags him over to where the cell door is located and throws his face right into the cell door. Sting then places Rollins face against the cage and presses it into it. Punishing the tag champion as Rollins screams out in pain. Sting then pulls Rollins off the cell, and whips him RIGHT INTO THE STEAL STEPS! Rollins is down in pain, as Sting comes walking over. Sting picks Rollins up and rolls him back into the ring. Sting then slides in. Goes for the cover.




Sting gets to his feet and lands a couple of quick kicks to Rollins body, keeping him down on the mat. Sting then reaches down, and picks Rollins up to his feet. Just as he does, Sting grabs a hold of Rollins lifts him up, and throws him backwards a bit, causing Rollins to land on top of the top rope, as Sting hits a hangmans flapjack! Rollins staggers backwards, holding his throat in pain, and Sting takes off for the ropes. Sting bounce off the ropes, comes back, and nails Rollins to the mat with a hard clothesline! Sting then starts to land stomps to the body of Rollins, causing more pain to the self-proclaimed “Man”. Sting then turns and heads over to the corner. Sting exits the ring, and climbs up the side of one of the turnbuckles. There, Sting waits, as Rollins starts to stagger to his feet. Sting then leaps off, attempting to nail a flying crossbody…but no! Rollins catches Sting. Rollins then throws Sting over his head into a fall-away slam, similar to how Sting did him earlier in the match. The impact of the move, sends Sting right back to his feet as he falls against the ropes. Rollins then comes running in AND CLOTHESLINES STING OVER THE TOP ROPE. Sting’s feet hit the ringside floor and he falls backwards into the cell! Rollins turns and just does that cocky smirk of his. He puts his hands together and mocks sting by doing sting’s trademark “woooo” to the crowd. The fans just boo in response.

MICHAEL COLE...“What a vicious clothesline Seth Rollins. This match seems to be back and forth, just like we expected here tonight.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Seth better keep on the attack. Don’t let Sting have time to regroup!”

Sting starts to slowly get to his feet on the outside of the ring, and as he does, Rollins comes over to the ropes. Rollins then grabs hold of the ropes, and leaps over, attempting a springboard crossbody, BUT NO! Now again Sting catches Rollins! The fans give a pop at the show of strength going back and forth. With Sting holding Rollins across his body, Sting moves Rollins up, to where he know has Rollins drapped over his shoulder with Rollins head facing forward. Sting then takes Rollins and starts heading towards the cell, and just before Sting can launch Rollins face first into the cage, Rollins fights his way off, and shoves Sting forward, causing Sting to slam his face right into the cell! A nice counter by Seth Rollins! Sting staggers backwards after the impact and turns, and just as he does, Rollins comes flying in and nails Sting to the ringside floor with a hard clothesline! Rollins then reaches down, picks Sting up and throws him face first into the cage. Sting falls to the floor, and without hesitation, Rollins picks him back up to his feet, drags him across to another section of the cage and throws his face into the cell once more! Sting falls to the floor against the cell, and Rollins fires in a couple of hard stomps to the chest of Sting. Rollins then reaches down, picks Sting up and rolls him into the ring. Rollins then grabs the head of Sting and pulls it out under the bottom rope to where just his head hangs over the apron. Rollins then leaps up onto the apron, steps back, and then comes forward, dropping down, AND NAILING A FALLING KNEE STRIKE TO THE HEAD OF STING! The impact causing Sting’s body to fall forward, as his neck almost got broken there by SethRollins. Such a vicious knee strike. Sting falls to the ringside floor, and Rollins gives a stern look out to the crowd, as he is in full beast mode right now. Rollins reaches down, and picks Sting back up and rolls him back into the ring. Rollins then turns his attention to a set of steal steps next to him. He grabs the top half of the steel steps and with his crossfit strength throws it over the top rope and into the ring.

MICHAEL COLE...“What strength shown by Seth there! He has brought the steal steps into the ring!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."There you go. Take him out Seth.”

As sting is still down in the ring, Rollins enters the ring, and sets the steal steps upright in the corner to the top left of our screen if watching at home. Once Rollins has the steps positioned the right way, he turns to head back towards Sting who slowly has rolled onto his knees. Rollins comes at Sting and reaches down to pick him up, but Sting springs up and breaks Rollins grasp. Sting then attempts to send a kick to Roman’s mid section, but Rollins catches Sting’s leg. Sting then leaps into the air, and hits Rollins across the jaw with a enzugiri. Rollins stumbles backwards into the ropes, and comes back towards Sting. Sting quickly catches him and nails him with a overhead belly to belly supplex! Rollins hits the mat hard, and quicklky holds his lower back in pain, as he rolls over back up onto his feet. Sting quickly comes in and starts landing right hands and chops. Each hit taking its toll on Rollins, as it backs Rollins up into the corner across from the steal steps. Sting then quickly grabs Rollins, and attempts to whip him across the ring, but no! Rollins reverses AND SENDS STING RIGHT INTO THE STEAL STEPS! Sting hits the steps hard from the irish whip and staggers backwards towards Rollins, and at the same time slowly turns. Rollins then quickly comes in, catches Sting with a kick to the mid section, bends sting forward, locks him in and….PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE DELIVERED BY SETH ROLLINS!

MICHAEL COLE...“Oh no! That could be it! That could be it right there!”




Sting is able to kick out at the last second. Sending a huge pop through the crowd. Rollins is shocked. He really thought that was it. That finally he had accomplished his dream. Rollins shakes off the shock, and gets to his feet quickly. Sting rolls over on to his stomach, and slowly tries to do all he can to get back up to his feet, and try and fight back in this match that seems to be mainly in Rollin’s control. Rollins walks back over the corner and grabs hold of the steal steps. Rollins lifts up the steal steps, and comes back towards Sting with the steps in hand, as Sting continues to slowly get back up to his feet. Rollins then lounges forward at Sting, attempting to smash the steps into Sting’s face….BUT NO! Sting blocks the move by catching the steps. The two men are now fighting over the steal steps, as Sting quickly sends a kick to Rollin’s mid section, causing him to lose his grip. Sting lifts the steps upward, catching Rollins in the jaw with the steps. Rollins staggers b ackwards, and Sting lifts the steps up, throws them, AND HITS ROLLINS RIGHT IN THE FACE WITH THE THEM! Rollins falls backwards through the middle of the ropes, and down to the ring side floor. It is evident the steps have BUSTED SETH ROLLINS OPEN as he starts to bleed from his forehead now. Sting then exits the ring slowly, and heads over to Rollins, who is clearly still down on the floor bleeding from his forehead. Rollins is down on the floor near the top left turnbuckle if watching at home, while Sting starts to look under the ring near the top right turnbuckle. Sting is searching under the ring, when suddenly he pulls it out. A BLACK BAT! The fans let out a huge pop, as Sting holds in his hands his trusted black bat!

MICHAEL COLE...“Oh no! Look what Sting found JBL! Sting found his black bat! Who’s afraid of the big black bat?!”

Sting comes walking over to Rollins, holding the bat in hand, as the fans are going nuts. Rollins looks up, the blood flowing down his face, and is clearly terrified as he notices the bat in Sting’s hands. Sting stands over Rollins and slowly lifts the bat up for a ‘kill’ shot, but suddenly before Sting can drop the bat down on Rollins, Rollins leaps up and CATCHES STING WITH A LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW DELIVERED BY SETH ROLLINS! Sting drops the bat to the ringside floor, and bends over in pain, holding his crotch as the fans boo. Rollins grabs the bat, gets to his feet, AND NAILS STING IN THE LEG WITH THE BAT! Sting drops to his knees. ROLLINS THEN NAILS STING IN THE BACK WITH THE BAT! Sting screams out in pain, as he falls to the ringside floor. Rollins then just drops the bat at ringside, picks Sting up, and shoves Sting’s face into the cell! Rollins continues to talk all kind of trash to sting, telling him he is going to end him right here, as he presses Sting’s face into the cell. Rollins then pulls Sting up and off the cell, turns him around, kicks him in the mid section….PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! ROLLINS DELIVERED PEDIGREE ON OUTSIDE FLOOR!!!!!! The crowd is booing as loud as they can, as Sting looks to be done. Rollins stands to his feet and is going berserk. Taunting the crowd. Rollins notices a boo at ringside with his sting mask resting on top of his head, and tears are flowing down his face. Rollins mocks him through the cell and the other Sting fans at ringside known as “Sting’s army”. Rollins then turns his attention back to Sting, lifts him up and rolls him into the ring. Rollins then rolls in after and covers Sting.




The fans love it! Huge pop! Rollins can’t believe it! He looks up at the ref who assures him ‘two’. Rollins is furious. He looses it. Rollins quickly gets up, grabs the head of Sting and drags him to where the steal steps still lie in the ring. Rollins then lifts Sting’s head up and proceeds to start slamming his head down onto the steal steps over and over again! STING IS NOW BUSTED OPEN! BLOOD FALLING FROM STING’S FOREHEAD! Both men have endured being busted open within this satanic structure now! Rollins then throws Sting down to the mat away from the steps, and drops down over the bloodied Sting.




Still Sting won’t go down. Blood is flowing from his head, but he will not stay down. A bloodied and furious Rollins gets to his feet, gets in the refs face, but the ref assures him “two”. Rollins turns his attention back to Sting. He picks Sting up and drags him to the steps. Rollins then bends Sting down, locks him in and…PEDIGREE! PEDIGREEE! PEDIGREE ONTO THE STEAL STEPS! A THIRD PEDIGREE! That’s got to be it. Sting is motionless. Rollins drops to a knee, rolls Sting over and covers him.




Oh my lord. No one can believe it. Sting is being dominated here in the late going of this match, but his heart will not give up. Rollins can’t believe it. He looks absolutely beside himself. Rollins leaps up off of Sting, as the fans are chanting for Sting!


Rollins is furious. Rollins goes back to the steal steps. Grabs them, and takes them over to the top right turnbuckle. Rollins sets them back upright in the corner. He then comes back to Sting, grabs him, takes him towards the bottom left corner. There, Rollins has his back to the corner and he bends Sting forward. Rollins then locks Sting in, lifts him up over his head in a powerbomb position and then runs forward towards the steal steps in the top right corner and….BUCKLE BOMB! BUCKLE BOMB! BUCKLE BOMB ONTO THE STEAL STEPS! Sting falls forward onto the mat. He is spent! Too much damage. Rollins just turns his attention to the fans, and holds his arms up high. The reign down boos upon the cell as Rollins laughs at their expense. Rollins then turns his attention back to Sting and waits. He is toying with Sting.

MICHAEL COLE...“This is sick. Just pin him Rollins. It’s over. Just put him out of his misery and end this. Stop toying with him!”

Rollins is just standing there, waiting, begging Sting to get up. Toying with the broken Stinger. Sting is trying to push himself up, but he can’t do it. He is finished. He is done. Rollins then gets into position, as Sting starts to slowly push himself up to all fours, barely getting any power in his arms. Sting has pushed himself up high enough, that Rollins lines him up for the finish and comes running in….CURB STOMP! CURB STOM…NO! NO!



Two seconds later the lights come back on, and Rollins is standing in the middle of the ring, lost as Sting is no longer before him. The fans suddenly break out into a huge pop, as they see him….STING IS STANDING BEHIND ROLLINS IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER WITH BLACK BAT IN HAND! The fans can’t believe it! How did that happen?! Rollins turns and sees Sting standing there. Sting is fully upright. He seems to have gotten more than just his second wind. It’s amazing. Rollins eyes are big. He is freaking out as he sees the bat in Sting’s hand. Sting steps forward out from the corner and twirls the bat. Rollins looks around. Looking to run, but then decides…no! He is gonna fight. Rollins comes running at Sting and…STING CATCHES ROLLINS WITH A BAT SHOT TO THE MID SECTION! STING THEN SLAMS THE BAT DOWN HARD OVER THE BACK OF SETH ROLLINS! Rollins falls to the mat in pain. He staggers back up, and Sting catches him with another bat shot to his leg. Rollins left leg has been taken out. He can’t put any weight on it. He tries to hop away, BUT STING SHOVES THE END OF THE BAT INTO THE FOREHEAD OF SETH ROLLINS! Rollins is out on the mat. More blood flowing from his face. Sting stands there, looking over him and then out to the crowd who are going nuts. Sting said he was going to finish Seth Rollins. End Seth Rollins. I guess this is what he meant. A few seconds go but, and Rolllins finally rolls over. He only has enough strength to get to his knees. There, blood is falling from his face down upon his chest and down on the mat. Rollins looks up at Sting who stands before him. Sting lifts the bat high in the air, looking to drop it down over Rollins head for the ‘kill’shot. But suddenly Sting has a change of heart. He sees Rollins is down. So Sting just tosses the bat aside. Reaches down, picks Rollins up, bends him backwards and…SCORPION DEATHDROP! SCORPION DEATHDROP! ROLLINS IS OUT! Sting lays over Seth.




The fans break out into a huge pop! It’s over! Sting has one this brutal contest inside the devil’s playground. The cell starts to raise back up into the ceiling of the TD Garden, as the ref helps Sting to his feet. He then raises Sting’s arm high as his music his playing back over the p.a system and the fans are going nuts!

LILIAN GARCIA..."Your winner via pinfall…..STIIIIIING!”

The fans continue to go nuts as Sting can barely celebrate the victory has he really took some punishment in that match and feels it. Medical staff come into the ring to check on Rollins. Crew memberes come in to clean up the mess in the ring, as cameras cut away.

user posted image
As the cameras cut away from the ring action as crew members clean up everything. We are taken back to where the Hell IN A Cell kickoff panel is located. The cameras open up on Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves and Lita. Renee welcomes everyone back in.

user posted image

RENEE YOUNG ... “Welcome everyone back to the kickoff panel…and….wow….what a match! Seth Rollins versus Sting instant classic!”

BOOKER T...“No doubt! No doubt!”

RENEE YOUNG ... “I mean wow, what a match that was, but really what a night as a whole it has been.”

COREY GRAVES..."Unbelievable. Can’t believe it. We were told the night would live up to past Hell In A Cell pay per views, and quite frankly…it has done that so far and I think by the end of the night we will surpass that!”

RENEE YOUNG ... “That’s right. We still have both the Divas title and the WWE Title still left to be defended here tonight in competitive match ups. Lita, what has stood out to you so far?

LITA... “I know I sould like a broken record but I got to go with my girls, with the big one still to come. I believe the best is yet to come with Eva and Alexa Bliss, who are going to blow the roof off.”

RENEE YOUNG ... “Corey, what was your favorite?”

COREY GRAVES..."What we just saw, and the cell match before it. I mean, Cena and Owens was amazing. Classic finish. This one we just saw was one of the most brutal hell in a cell matches we have seen. You know I love brutal!”

RENEE YOUNG ... “Speaking of brutal, we need to go backstage now where we are getting word that Seth Rollins is been taken out of the building for medical reasons.”


Cameras start rolling backstage where we see a Ambulance has backed into the TD Garden.

user posted image

Then coming into picture is several EMT’s pushing Seth Rollins along on a stretcher towards the ambulance as Zahra looks on worried, and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are following suit. Hunter holding Seth’s Money IN the Bank briefcase, while Stephanie holds his Tag Team title. The two look worried as well. Stephanie wishes him well thoughts, ass the EMT’s start to put Seth into the ambulance. Zahra climbs in with him, and we get one last look at Triple H clutching the Money IN the Bank briefcase with a worried thought in his head, as he then looks back into the ambulance. Cameras cut back to the panel.


BOOKER T...“Rollins rubs me the wrong way but I hope he will be alright. Sting too. He definitely took a lot of punishment and could barely walk to the back, after that match. Like you said Corey…brutal…butal match.”

RENEE YOUNG ... “Well we Segway from Hell In A Cell for just a moment over to Monday Night RAW, as some big news has just been confirmed. I know everyone has heard the rumors, but it has just been confired and it is now official. Huge news for RAW, as one of the biggest names is coming back…..GOLDBERG! Goldberg is coming back to MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”

Image of Goldberg being advertised comes upon our screens, as well as the titantron inside the TD Garden which sends the sold out crowd into a huge roar of cheers!

user posted image

Cameras cut back to the kickoff panel, and focus in on Lita who responds to the news.

LITA... “Can’t wait. Absolutely can not wait! Raw is only getting better and better. Got to love it!”

RENEE YOUNG ... “Well folks it is time to return to ring action, but before we do, we leave you with this last final message….from The Rock!”


Now appearing on the screen is The Rock, who has been traveling all over Boston tonight. The fans love it. They burst into a huge pop, as The Rock stands there, and looks hard into the camera. The state house can be seen behind The Rock.

user posted image

THE ROCK: “Rock history lesson….number three. Standing outside of the Massachusetts state house, overlooking the INCREDIBLE, Boston Common. Right here, it was right here, were WE the Americans we fought for our independence! We didn’t stop fighting till the fighting was done! The great American fighting spirit, which lives and breathes inside of The Rock! the American revolution leading to an overthrow of tyranny, also leading to the BIRTH, of the greatest country under God’s hot sun.”


The ROCK..."Like the tyranny that faced our great country, something else tonight….will be ended. Something else tonight will be put to rest, by the fighting spirit that lives and breathes in The Rock. That something…is you Miz! The WWE Universe have been asking for it! They have been begging for it. Tonight….you step to The Rock. You step to the champion, THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION, and try and take what he covets so dearly…but no, no, no ,no….that’s not gonna happen! Tonight you step to the champion, AND YOU GET YOUR CANDY ASS WHOOPED! Tonight The Rock takes his size fifteen put and sticks it straight up a certain wannabe ‘A’ lister’s candy ass, while the wolrd cheers him on, and when The Rock says the world he is talking about the millions…..”


The ROCK..."And millions of The Rock’s fans! Miz get ready, cause you see The Rock has the charisma of George Washington. The Rock has got the brilliance of Benjamin Franklin, and The Rock has got the YOU KNOW WHAT, of John HAAAAN…COCK!”

The fans watching via the titantron inside the td garden burst into another huge pop, as the ladies whistle and roar as loud as they can. The Rock takes a moment, collects himself, and continues on.

The ROCK..."Now that The Rock has taken you, Miz, on a history lesson all over Boston, there is only one thing left to do. One thing left to do. To get in there, inside that Cell, and do what The Rock does best. Tonight, Miz, The Rock kicks your ass all the way back to trashy reality tv, where you started, and where you belong! The Rock makes history tonight, and RETAINS the WWE Championship. You can take that to the bank, IF YA SMELLLLLLAALLALALAAAAWWW….WHAT THE ROCK….IS….COOOKING!”

The Rock looks hard into the camera and gives the people’s eyebrow as the fans go nuts. The Rock walks off camera and the scene fades out. We cut back to live ring action, as the divas championship is only moments away.

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WWE: WWE Proudly Presents....

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After the commercial break, the scene reopens inside the arena; the crowd are going crazy for the next match of the evening. As the camera pans around moving towards the commentary area where John Bradshaw Layfield and Michael Cole are seen looking into the camera.

MICHAEL COLE...“Ladies and Gentlemen what a night it has been! We are almost coming to the main event of the evening but first; The first ever! Lumberjack, No disqualifications match is up next."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That's right Cole, Tonight Alexa Bliss defends the Divas Championship against Eva Marie, Making History."

MICHAEL COLE...“Let's bring out the Lumberjack's John..."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Let's welcome the Lumberjack's to the ring..."

With that being said the lights dim a little, as 'Breakin' Outta Hell performed by Airbourne blasts on stage. The crowd erupts into millions of boos and cheers as All the divas on the Raw Rosters walks out down the ramp first to come out is AJ Lee and Sasha Banks followed by Angelina Love and Velvet Sky followed by Madison Rayne closely followed by Winter, Torrie Wilson and Rebel, Followed by Dana Brooke, Krissy Vaine and Maryse then lastly Charlotte and then lastly the new Diva on the Raw brand Becky Lynch follows behind the crowd erupts into cheers, as all thirteen divas make their way down the ramp and around the ring as the band stops playing.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing first from Concord, California; EVA MARIE!!!”

They all surround the ring as "Time To Rise" by CFO$ was heard blasting the speakers, and the fans seemed to get on their feet to watch the entrance of Eva Marie. Eva walks out from behind the curtains and stops just before the ramp. Eva seems confident heading into this match. Eva dressed to impress smiled and blew a few kisses as the camera switched to Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield sitting at the commentary table.

MICHAEL COLE...“Eva marie means business tonight John, Looking to capture the Divas Championship once again.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."This match is going to make history here tonight Cole’ Alexa Bliss is defending the championship yet again. She is a fighting Divas Champion.”

LILIAN GARCIA..."And her opponent from Columbus, Ohio… She is the current and defending Divas Champion… ALEXA BLISS!!!”

"Spiteful" by CFO$ was heard, as Alexa walks out the crowd roar with millions of boo’s which she thrived upon, that sadistic smirk only grew as she unhooks the divas Championship from around her waist and raises it above her head looking down into the ring as she mouths a couple of words. ‘This is my title… That’s right.” She lowes the belt and begins to walk down the ramp.

MICHAEL COLE...“Alexa Bliss, showing no sign of giving up tonight John.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Eva Marie has a huge match here tonight, can she capture the WWE Divas Championship belt from Alexa Bliss?”

MICHAEL COLE...“Alexa ready to retain the Championship we shall find out here tonight, at Hell in a Cell.”

Alexa walks up the steps and spins her body along the apron, as she wipes her feet before spinning her body on the bottom rope and standing clearly inside the ring. Walking to the middle of the ring and raising the title into the air, before turning her attention towards Eva, that same sadistic smirk appears on her face as she walks into the center and mouths some words towards her. Alexa kisses the Divas Championship and hands it over to the ref as he raises it above his head as he shows it to everyone before handing it over the signaling for the bell.


Alexa Bliss steps from her corner as do Eva Marie both having a stare down as the other thirteen divas on the outside are watching the two circle the ring before stepping forward and locking up as they fight it out in the middle of the ring to get the upper hand. As Eva gets Alexa into a headlock and tightens the grip as the ref walks around to check on Alexa. Alexa steps backwards sending Eva Marie into the ropes as Alexa dives to the canvas and rebounds off the ropes and jumps over Alexa and running towards the other ropes and rebounding off them, Alexa gets to her feet before that then drops kicks Eva to the mats, the other divas on the outside are slamming the mat as Alexa looks on with a smirk on her face. Alexa gets up and picks Eva up and lifts her up into the air and hooks her arm over her head and lifts her up with a suplex, and goes for an early cover.




MICHAEL COLE...“An early pin by Alexa Bliss, but Eva kicks out straight away…”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I’m thinking we could possibly have a new champion here tonight.”

MICHAEL COLE...“My god this match is going to make history here tonight.”

Eva kicks out as Alexa slams her hand on the mat getting to her feet as she looks at the outside as all divas look on. Eva slowly gets to her feet as she quickly attacks Alexa through the middle ropes, Alexa lands outside as half of the divas begin to attack Alexa stomping on her and picking her up and slamming her back into the barricade, Alexa holds her back groaning in pain. Winter grips her hair and throws Alexa under the bottom rope. Eva walks over and gets Alexa in an arm bar. As the ref walks in front and asks Alexa if she wants to give up. Alexa furiously shakes her head, as she fights it and rolls herself out of the lock and quickly gets to her feet and takes Eva down laying a few punches to her face. The ref doesn’t stop her as this match is a No Disqualifications match. Alexa gets to her feet and walks over to the turnbuckle and goes to the top but out of nowhere Winter gets to the apron and pushes her, Alexa slams to the mat awkwardly as Eva scrambles to go for a cover.




JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."My god! Winter pushing Alexa Bliss off the turnbuckle Cole! That should be a disqualification!”

MICHAEL COLE...“Not tonight John, this match is a lumberjack match and It’s No Disqualifications so anything goes.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That’s right Cole tonight I forgot anything can happen… Everyone attacking Alexa and Eva Marie on the outside.”

Alexa gets her arm up before the three count, Eva slams her hands on the mat and begins to argue with the ref that it was a three count. Alexa holds her arm as she landed on it with some force. Alexa slowly gets to her feet but is dragged outside the ring by The beautiful People, Alexa tries to fight them off but they are two strong. Velvet picks her up and whips her into the steel steps causing her to crash into them. Eva looks out with a smirk on her face as she leans forward and blows Alexa a kiss. Eva climbs out and was about to pick Eva up but Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch attack her from behind. Now both Alexa and Eva are being attacked from the outside. Alexa was rolled back into the ring holding her back in pain as Eva is still getting ambushed by the divas before being put back into the ring. Alexa looks over as she slowly crawled towards Eva as she gets to her knees and begins to lay into Eva Marie with a right punch and left punch. Alexa slowly gets to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top and deliveries a Twisted Bliss, hooking the leg as the ref begins to count.




MICHAEL COLE...“What the HELL! Alexa nearly had that then John.. But Eva Kicked out and Natalya pulled her out..”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I think everyone wants Eva Marie to win here tonight Cole.”

MICHAEL COLE...“Alexa Bliss showing remorse and attacking Natalya now for that mistake. But being ambushed by Charlotte, Zahra and AJ Lee.”

Before the three count Eva gets her arm up but Natalya on the outside pulling Alexa Bliss out of the ring. But that doesn’t stop Alexa she actually fights back this time, but Charlotte, Zahra and AJ Lee begins to attack her from behind. Eva slowly comes around and looks out at Alexa getting attacked. Leaving her to do that Eva collects herself and some energy as they slide Alexa back into the ring Eva goes behind and gets Alexa into a headlock, the ref moves around and asks her if she wants to give up but she shakes her head. Eva applies the headlock tighter, applying some more pressure but Alexa slams her head back headbutting Eva so she would let go. Eva holds her face as Alexa gets to her feet as do Eva but Alexa runs to the ropes and charges towards Eva and delivers a headscissor takedown causing Eva’s body to be thrown to the edge. Alexa looks over and again runs to the ropes and runs directly at Eva and baseball slides Eva to the outside. Krissy, Rebel and Dana Brooke begin to attack Eva on the outside, Alexa Bliss looks on with that sadistic smirk on her face. Alexa was about to walk towards them but Winter gets herself up on the apron and pulls Alexa by the hair and attacks her from behind. Alexa falls to the canvas.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."These two have been fighting it hard here tonight… who will walk out as the Divas Champion.”

MICHAEL COLE...“What a match this has been, the amount of times they’ve been ambushed I’m surprises they are still standing.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."My best bet is going on Alexa Bliss still… But who knows especially with the other divas out here.”

Dana slides Eva into the ring, As Winter was about to climb into the ring but Charlotte stops her by attacking Winter causing her to fall to the floor. The other divas begin to fight amongst themselves as Alexa and Eva are slowly getting to their feet. Alexa looks at Eva then looks back at the divas on the outside they weren’t paying attention to what happens inside the ring. As Alexa quickly walks over and climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off and comes crashing down and knocking majority of them all over. Alexa gets to her feet and pulls herself into the ring holding onto her stomach. Eva comes over and lifts her up and hooks her head and delivers her finisher slice bread on Alexa and goes for the cover.




JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Eva Marie with Slice Bread, Can she pick up the Victory?”

MICHAEL COLE...“KICK OUT By Alexa Bliss, My god what the hell she kicked out…”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That’s why she is the champion Cole.”

Alexa somehow kicks out of that finisher; Eva is now getting angry as she gets to her feet and walks towards the ref and begins to argue with him once again that it was a three count. Alexa stirs as she slowly gets to her feet and waits for Eva to turn around. As Eva turns around Alexa hits her with a spinning heel kick. The divas on the outside are slowly getting to their feet Winter gets on the apron but Alexa sees her coming and dropkicks her off the apron to the mat, The rest of the Divas are now getting to the apron as Alexa tries to get them all down by hitting them over the top rope but Becky Lynch and Sasha are now inside the ring and grips Alexa and throws her to the outside. They all begin to attack her as Eva slides out the ring and begins to attack the other divas now both Alexa and Eva are getting Ambushed on the outside. Alexa gets slammed into the steel steps again holding onto her back and letting out a groan in pain. Eva gets thrown into the barricade as she also lets out a groan both Divas are holding onto their back as they are being lifted into the ring.

MICHAEL COLE...“Alexa Bliss and Eva Marie have battered bodies, I don’t know how this is happening right now.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Honestly Cole.. This match is going to make history."

MICHAEL COLE...“You got that right John.. Both Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss has shown nothing but pride in themselves. and Determination."

Both divas stirs as the ref checks on them both; what a brutal match this has been. Alexa slowly pulls herself up by the ropes, Eva pulls herself up by the ropes too. Alexa stumbles to the middle of the ring. Eva kicks Alexa in the mid section not once but twice causing her to lean over. Eva picks up some speed and kicks Alexa in the side of the head but before she could Alexa dodges out of the way and spins herself around and runs at her taking her down. Alexa has some energy hit her as she begins to lay a couple of punches to the face of Eva. Alexa gets to her feet and begins to mouth some words. ‘THATS RIGHT… THIS IS MY RING’ Alexa looks down at the fallen Eva as that same sadistic smirk appears on her lips. Alexa gets to the turnbuckle and leaps of landing an elbow drop onto Eva. Eva lays on the mat as Alexa hits the standing moonsault double knee drop. Walking towards the turnbuckle but doesn’t climb it as she notices the other divas watching her every move. That smirk only grew bigger, walking over and was about to lift Eva Up but Eva gets her into a schoolgirl pin hooking her tightly.




MICHAEL COLE...“How sneaky can Eva be John…”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I think that had rubbed Alexa up the wrong way. Alexa Bliss is angry now Cole.”

MICHAEL COLE...“My god, once again Eva and Alexa Bliss getting Ambushed by the Raw roster.”

Alexa kicks out of that pin with all her strength and gets angry at her. Eva rolls out of the way As Alexa gets to her feet and chase Eva out of the ring and around the ring towards the other Divas causing Eva to be trapped, but from out of nowhere Becky Lynch and Natalya attacks Alexa Bliss, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love Attacks Eva Marie as they get ambushed once again. Alexa gets thrown back into the ring but Eva is on the outside getting attacked more by all thirteen divas. Alexa slowly gets to her feet and looks on as she climbs the turnbuckle and lifts herself up once again leaping off and landing on them all and taking them all down. She gets to her feet and lifts eva into the ring. Hits another standing moonsault knee drop on her and then climbs her battered body up onto the top turnbuckle and delivers a perfect Twisted Bliss on Eva Marie and goes for the cover.




JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."MY god Cole. Alexa Bliss retains.. Alexa Bliss Retains the WWE Divas Championship.”

MICHAEL COLE...“What a match John. Tonight Alexa Bliss and Eva made History.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Alexa Bliss still standing tall and on top of the Women’s division on Raw.”

LILIAN GARCIA..."Here is your winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion… ALEXA BLISS!!!”

user posted image

Alexa slowly gets to her feet as the ref hands her the WWE Divas Championship. Raising the title into the air with a smirk on her face. ‘Spiteful’ blasts over the PA System as she climbs the turnbuckle and raises the title into the air, the crowd are heard booing. The other thirteen divas are shocked that Alexa Bliss had retained after the brutal match between these two and being ambushed by thirteen divas. Alexa looks down at them with that sadistic smirk on her face as the camera pans out and fades to a commercial break.

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After the last match the camera then cuts to the backstage area where the number one contender The Miz and his wife Maryse are standing. The Miz seems to be on the phone when Renee Young comes into the view of the WWE Universe. The Miz doesn't see this and continues talking to whomever he is talking to on his cell. The Miz then finally see's her in mid speech.

user posted image

THE MIZ..."No don't say that I wouldn't be in that role because if it was me then... Hello? I'm gonna have to call you back."

The Miz then turns off his phone and puts it into his pocket and turns to Renee who is standing there patiently waiting.

THE MIZ..."What do you want? No let me guess, you want to know how I feel about the stock market don't you? No that's not it.... You are here to ask Maryse what designer she is wearing am I right?"

RENEE YOUNG ... “Actually that's not why I am here.. Tonight Miz you are in the main event of this pay per view and you are going to face the Rock for the WWE Championship inside a hell in a cell. This will be your first.."

The Miz cuts her off and looks down at her.

THE MIZ..."My first what Renee? This isn't my first rodeo or even my first time stepping into the hell in a cell. I've been through it all that you can't even tell me that I haven't done anything in this business. Next, you are probably going to ask me if I am afraid of getting into that demonic structure tonight to face the Rock. I'll answer that right now... I'm not afraid of anything and this is just the things we do for what we love. I have loved wrestling since I can remember and I would do anything for this. The fact that I am going into the cell tonight to face off against the guy that I looked up to when I was just starting to get into this business is just a little icing on the cake. Tonight I go out there and bring back what's rightfully mine in the first place and the NEVER ENDING WWE CHAMPION MIZ WORLD TOUR begins!"

The Miz looks at Maryse with a smile and then begins to leave the scene... Maryse gets a little closer to Renee and starts to talk in her native tounge.

MARYSE..."Ce soir, mon mari sera le champion de la WWE et il n'y a rien que le Rock ou quelqu'un dans cette arène ce soir peut faire à ce sujet ... My husband has worked his ass off to get here and he isn't giving them the satisfaction of seeing him lose this match! "

Maryse then stops talking and gives Renee the hand treatment and walks off to join up with The Miz once again and the camera then cuts back to the TD Garden who now show the WWE Universe and the various signs around the arena... The main event is Next!”
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WWE: WWE Proudly Presents....

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The one they all have been waiting for is upon us. The Main Event is here. Everyone has gotten their last bit of snacks and drinks, and has taken their final bathroom breaks. Nothing is going to keep them from seeing this. The camera zooms through the crowd, checking out all the excited fans. The camera then glances upward, as the lights shine down on the Cell that slowly starts to lower. The fans give a huge pop as they watch the Cell lower for this main event match up. The cell stops hallway down and just hangs over the ring. It does not come all the way down this time, like before. The fans, who have seen it already twice tonight, are still looking upon it in amazement. It is a sight to see. Suddenly we hear a voice over the p.a system:

QUIET ON THE SET! QUIET ON THE SET! Then out of no where “I CAME TO PLAY” hits over the p.a system. The sold out TD Garden is on their feet and they give their loudest roar of boos all night. Easily the most negative reaction so far. However this doesn’t phase the Miz at all, as he and Maryse walk out from the back. The two stop at the top of the entrance ramp and do a very self involved pose for the crowd, who continue to show no love to the happy couple. The Miz and Maryse then share in a kiss, followed by a brief discussion. Following the discussion, Maryse gives her husband one more kiss, and then makes her way back to the back, as she will not be accompanying her husband to the ring tonight afterall. The Miz then turns his attention back towards the ring, points to the crowd just seconds before heading down towards the ring.

user posted image

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."What? What is Maryse doing?! Why is she going to the back?!”

MICHAEL COLE...“It’s a Hell In A Cell match, John. Really no point for her to be out here. She can’t be inside the Cell.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."No, but she could come sit here with us. Be much better than sitting here with you!”

The Miz makes his way down the ramp way, slowly, with his chin lifted in the air. Miz walks up the steal steps, enters the ring, and walks over to the ropes that rest in between the bottom left and bottom right turnbuckles. Miz climbs up on the ropes and poses for the cameras in full get up and shades as the fans continue to boo. Miz then gets down, removes his jacket and shades. Miz then stands over near the top right turnbuckle as Lillian Garcia stands to his right. Miz takes a moment to take in the cell that hangs just above, as his music slowly fades out. It doesn’t take long as a thunderous chant begins to build once the music fades away. The chant of course is for the one and only people’s champion.


“IF YA SMELLLLL” hits over the p.a system finally, and the sold out TD Garden, who have been waiting for The Rock to be in the building all night, burst into one of the loudest pops of the night, if not THE loudest. The Rock then emerges from the back in his wresting gear with the WWE Championship in his grasp! The Rock paces back and forth along the entrance stage, before making his way straight towards the ring, as Miz stands there watching the champ’s every step.

MICHAEL COLE...“Listen to this crowd, John. It is deafining in here! They love The Rock, and tonight they hope to see him retain!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Well if that’s the case then there is a lot of people leaving here tonight, quite disappointed!”

The Rock walks up the steal steps, then along the apron towards the bottom left turnbuckle. There, The Rock climbs up the side of it and then raises the WWE Championship high in the air! The fans go nuts, and cameras go off everywhere!

user posted image

The Rock then gets down and enters the ring. He throws the WWE Championship over his shoulder, and quickly the ref, who is back in the ring, steps between Miz and Rock, making sure they don’t start this match early. The Rock then takes his place in the top left corner, as Miz takes his in the top right. Lillian and the ref stand between the two. The Cell still hangs just above the ring. The Rock’s music fades out, and with that, Lillian Garcia brings the microphone to her lips.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! This contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a HELL IN A CELL MATCH FOR THE WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT CHAMPIONSHIP!”

The fans are pumped. They give a huge pop, as they are ready to go. Main even time is upon us. Nothing can beat this electricity.

user posted image

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing first…the challenger. Coming in from Hollywood, California and weighing in at two hundred and thirty-one pounds….he is the self-proclaimed ‘A’ Lister…..THEEEEEEE MIIIIIIZZZZ!”

The Miz steps forward out from the corner towards the center of the ring, and throws both arms up high in the air. The fans respond with a resounding chorus of boos. Miz just waves them off as if their opinion means absolutely nothing. Miz then returns to his spot in the top right corner.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing next….the champion. Coming in from Miami, Florida and weighing in at two hundred and sixty-five pounds….he is the Brahma Bull, The Great One, THE People’s chamion and your reigning, defending, WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT CHAMPION….THEEEEE ROOOOOCK!”

The fans burst into a huge pop. The Rock walks straight back towards the bottom right turnbuckle and climbs up. The Rock once again raises the WWE Title high in the air above his head, as the fans get even louder with their response. The Rock is about to get down….BUT NO! MIZ HAS HAD ENOUGH! Miz comes running up behind The Rock out of no where, and nails The Rock in the back, launching The Rock and the WWE Championship off the bottom right turnbuckle and over the ropes, down to the outside floor near the entrance ramp. The Rock falls hard! Fans boo heavily!

MICHAEL COLE...“What is The Miz doing?! This match hasn’t even started yet! What is going on?!”

Quickly Lillian Garcia exits the ring to get out of harms way. The Cell continues to hang just above the ring. Meanwhile, Miz quickly exits the ring, picks The Rock up and throws him upwards onto the entrance ramp. The Rock goes rolling up the entrance ramp. Miz then turns around and heads back towards the ring. He stops on the ringside floor where the WWE Championship had fallen, and picks it up. Miz then takes The Rock’s WWE Championship back up the ramp just as The Rock gets to his feet. MIz comes running in at The Rock looking to nail The Rock with his own title, BUT NO! THE ROCK DUCKS! Miz quickly turns around, and The Rock delivers some hard right hands, causing Miz to drop the title on the entrance ramp. The fans are now going nuts. Miz quickly fires in some right hands of his own, and the two start exchanging punches back and forth there on the entrance ramp! The Rock quickly starts to gain the advantage and starts nailing Miz with some hard right hands. Miz quickly sends a knee into Rock’s mid section, trying to stop his momentum. Miz then lands a European uppercut, sending The Rock staggering backwards a step. Miz quickly grabs Rock and attempts to throw him to the right into the barricade, but the Rock reverses! Rock sends Miz flying into the barricade. Rock then comes over, quickly grabs Miz and slams him face first into the barricade. Miz stumbles backwards. Rock quickly grabs him and throws his face back into the barricade. Miz hits the floor immediately and The Rock starts to follow up with some strong stomps, and then drops down to land some rapid punches to Miz as the fans are loving this. The refs meanwhile are ordering for them to get this match inside the cage in order to start the match officially.

MICHAEL COLE...“ I don’t believe this match has officially started yet, but that hasn’t stopped The Rock from taking the early advantage.”

Rock picks up Miz and whips him into the opposite barricade. mIZ hiTS the barricade hard. mIZ stumbles forward a bit and The Rock quickly reaches down, picks up his WWE CHampionship and nails Miz over the head with it. Dropping Miz to the ramp. The fans love it. Rock drops the championship belt, and reaches down to pick Miz up and continue his assault. Rock quickly grabs Miz and throws him right over the barricade. Miz flies into the crowd, as the fans love it, and they part a pathway as security quickly gets in between them and the wrestlers. The Rock quickly follows suit, and hops over the barricade into the crowd at ringside. The Rock quickly lands some stomps to the body of Miz, and then as Miz is down on the ground The Rock reaches out and grabs a fans drink who is dressed in Rock gear. The Rock takes a sip of the drink, and then pours the rest of it down over the head of The Miz, as the fans around them go crazy. Rock then picks Miz up and follows up with some more right hands. Rock then lands a quick side knee to Miz’s gut, grabs him, and nails a snap supplex right there inside the crowd at ringside as they love it! Miz hits the ground hard on his lower back!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."The refs need to stop this and get the match inside the cage. That is where this match is suppose to start.”

MICHAEL COLE...“ Who cares. The Rock came for a fight, and a fight he is bringing to The Miz!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Becareful what you wish for Rocky!”

Rock is up on his feet, and picks The Miz up. He then takes Miz through the crowd and throws him right into a wall that separates the ringside level to the higher levels. Miz hits the floor, and The Rock quickly looks around. He then asks a fan to ‘watch out’, and the fan side steps out of the way, as The Rock picks up his steel chair and folds it together. The Rock then heads over to Miz with the chair in hand, looking to attack as the fans love it. Rock raises the chair over his head, but…LOW BLOW! Miz quickly counters before The Rock can attack him with the chair, and catches Rock with a low blow. Rock bends forward, dropping the chair and grabbing hold of his crotch. Miz quickly grabs the chair, holds it up and slams it on the back of The Rock! Miz then follows up WITH A SECOND CHAIR SHOT TO ROCK’S BACK! Rock falls to the floor, and Miz tosses the chair to the side. Miz then begins to land stomps to The Rock’s body. Miz then stands there, lifts his head in the air, and does a signature pose as the fans boo loudly. Miz just smirks. Miz then reaches down, and picks Rock up to his feet and starts to drag him back through the crowd towards the barricade. Miz then stops halfway there and attempts to whip The Rock into the ringside barricade…but no! The Rock reverses! Rock sends Miz back into the barricade, and then comes running at him…BUT MIZ COUNTERS! Miz bends forward, and uses The Rock’s own momentum against him. He lifts Rock over his head, sending The Rock flipping over the ringside barricade and back onto the ramp where Rock lands on his back hard!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Now that is more like it! Get him Miz!”

Miz climbs over the barricade back onto the ramp, and quickly picks up The Rock’s WWE Championship as The Rock starts to stagger up. Rock turns to face Miz, and BAM! MIZ NAILS ROCK IN THE FACE WITH THE BELT! Rock hits the floor on his back, and Miz just stands over him, and holds the WWE Championship up high as the fans boo. One of the refs quickly approaches The Miz and tells him to get this fight in the cage. Miz just shoves his title into the refs chest, as the ref takes the title. Miz reaches down, and picks The Rock back up to his feet. Miz takes Rock under the cage and rolls The Rock into the ring. Right then the cell starts to lower and crew member scatter around it to lock it in place, as refs outside lock the door, while the ref for the contest slides into the ring. Miz then slides into the ring and with that, the ref calls for the bell. DING DING DING.

MICHAEL COLE...“There we have it! This match is officially underway!”

The Rock has got up to his knees, but quickly mIZ knocks him back down to the mat by delivering a stomp to the back of his head. mIZ then follows up by nailing several stomps across the body of The Rock, as he lays on the mat. Each stomp more vicious then the one before. Miz then reaches down and picks Rock up to his feet. Miz lands a European uppercut that staggers Rock. Miz follows up with a second European uppercut and this one sends The Rock falling backwards into the ropes. Rock comes back forward and Miz quickly grabs him and hits a scoop powerslam! Miz is back up to his feet quickly, steps backwards, comes forward and nails a leaping knee drop to the top of Rock’s forehead. Miz gets right back up, steps backwards, comes forward and nails a second leaping knee drop to The Rock’s forehead. The fans are not happy with this, as Miz has seemed to have gained control of this match up. Miz follows up with some stomps to Rock’s body, and then as Rock lays on the mat trying to recover, Miz heads off to one of the turnbuckles. This turnbuckle is located to the lower left of the screen if watching at home. Miz begins to remove the padding to the top turnbuckle. Revealing the hard steal behind it.

MICHAEL COLE...“This isn’t good. The Miz has just exposed that turnbuckle! This isn’t good for The Rock!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Looks like Rocky isn’t going to be looking so pretty soon.”

MICHAEL COLE...“You think The Rock is pretty, John? Tell us how you really feel.”

After Miz is done removing the turnbuckle padding, he turns and makes his way back over to The Rock. Miz then starts to reach down to pick Rock up, and just as he does, Rock springs up! SPINEBUSTER! Rock catches The Miz with a thunderous spine buster. Rock is on top of Miz now, nailing rapid fire right hands. Miz quickly counters and rolls Rock over, and is now on top firing rights, but then Rock quickly counters! Rock is on top firing rapid right hands to Miz’s skull. Miz then rolls Rock over again, but this time both men roll under the bottom rope and down to the outside floor in between the apron and the cage. Rock lands on top, and continues to land rapid fire right hands. Rock is quickly up on his feet and follows up with some stomps to Miz’s body. Rock then picks Miz up, and quickly throws him into the cage! Miz falls back into Rock’s grasp and Rock throws him back into the cage! Miz falls to his knees in pain, as The Rock reaches down and picks Miz up. Rock then attempts to whip Miz, but no, Miz reverses and sends The Rock into the steal steps! Miz stands there, proud of himself as The Rock slowly staggers up to his feet. Miz then comes running at Rock, and Rock quickly side steps and throws Miz face first into the steal cage. Miz stumbles backwards and turns and Rock NAILS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Miz hits the ringside floor hard! Fans love it. Rock then picks Miz up and quickly whips him into the top right pole. Miz hits his shoulder hard and falls to the floor holding it in major pain. The Rock steps forward, picks Miz back up and rolls him into the ring. The Rock then slides back into the ring after Miz.

MICHAEL COLE...“It appears as The Rock has regained control of this match up!”

Miz staggers to his feet quickly and just as he does, The Rock cataches him with a few right hands, then reaches back, spits on his hand and lays the smackdown on Miz! Miz hits the mat hard and the force carries him right back to his feet. Rock quickly grabs Miz and attempts to whip him. Miz goes flying into the ropes, comes back and Rock quickly grabs him and nails him with a Samoan drop! Rock is right back to his feet and marches to the legs of Miz. He picks them up, spreads them apart, takes a moment and then Rock sends a hard stomp into the package of Miz, as the fans go nuts. They loved it, as Miz holds his crotch in pain. Rock getting Miz back with that earlier low blow. Rock then taunts Miz, and reaches down to pick him up. Rock then takes Miz over to the corner where the exposed turnbuckle is. Rock attempts to slam Miz’s face into the steal, but no! Miz blocks it. Miz then sends a few strong elbow shots to the Rock’s face, causing The Rock to lose his grip. Miz then quickly grabs the back of Rock’s head and throws his face into exposed turnbuckle. Rock falls to a knee, and Miz quickly grabs him, and presses his face against the sharp, strong, steel again. Miz then pulls Rock’s head back and slams it into the steal not once but twice. The exposed turnbuckle has cut The Rock’s forehead open. Rock falls to the mat, and blood begins to fall from his head.

MICHAEL COLE...“ THE ROCK HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN! The Miz has drawn first blood!”

Rock is on the mat bleeding as Miz stalks around him, smiling. Rock crawls to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up trying to wipe the blood from his eyes. Miz quickly runs at Rock, attempting to clothesline him over the top rope…but no….Rock flips Miz over the top rope and down to the ringside floor. Meanwhile, Rock drops to his knees in the ring, still dazed by the loss of blood. Rock continues to try and recover from the cut as he is dazed, while Miz slowly gets to his knees on the outside. Miz shakes off the fall to the floor, and notices Rock still struggling inside the ring. Miz quickly looks under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, as the fans let out a chorus of boos. Not happy to see Miz holding a weapon which can only mean more trouble for The Rock. Miz then starts to climb up onto the apron with chair in hand, as Rock notices him out of the corner of his eye. Rock comes running at Miz and catches Miz with a running knee. Launching Miz off the apron and right into the cell! Fans love it. Miz is on the ringside floor as the chair lays next to him. Rock exits the ring, and quickly picks Miz up to his feet. There, Rock sends Miz’s face right into the apron. Rock then grabs, turns Miz and sends him face first into the steal cell. Rock then continues the attack with no hesitation, picks Miz up, and throws him towards the steal steps. Miz crashes into the steps, and rolls over the top of them and down to the ringside floor on the opposite side. Rock then marches over, stepping over the steps, and picks Miz up. The two are located near the top of our screen if watching at home, and Rock whips Miz forward and sends him flying right into the steal pole of the top right turnbuckle. Miz falls to the floor in pain, as the fans are loving this vicious offensive attack from The Rock. Miz tries desperately to stagger back up to his feet, and just as he does…BAM! Rock has thrown the top half of the steel steps from feet away and nailed The Miz right in the face with it. Miz hits the floor!

MICHAEL COLE...“ Wow! What strength shown by The Rock, as he just picked up those steps and threw them right into the face of The Miz!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Rock will pay for that!”

The Rock walks back over to where mIZ had dropped the chair, picks the chair up and comes back around the ring where Miz is still laid out upon the floor. As the camera zooms in real fast we can see the steps have busted The MIz now open. Both men are bleeding as this is the fight we were all hoping it would be. The Rock come over, places the chair on the apron and then reaches down and picks the steal steps up. He places them over Miz’s head, picks the chair back up and then starts slamming the chair down hard on the steal steps as the rest over Miz’s head! Just over and over again with the chair shots! Fans love it. Rock then backs away and slides back into the ring. Rock gets to his feet, fired up, looking determined to destroy The Miz tonight. The fans are loving it and a chant begins to build throughout the arena.


The Rock stands there in the middle of the ring with the chair still in his hand, soaking in the thunderous chant. Rock looks over towards Miz and sees that he has pushed the steps from his body. Miz is slowly getting to his knees, bleeding from his head and trying to recover from the daze The Rock has put him in. The Rock meanwhile, begins to yell out towards The Miz. Telling him to get up and get in this ring. Miz staggers up to his feet now, and reenters the ring, as The Rock awaits. Just as Miz gets to his feet, Rock catches Miz with a chair shot to the mid section, and then slams the chair over the back of Miz, sending Miz to a knee as he screams out in pain. Rock then holds the chair up high and then slams it down on the head of Miz! Rock then tosees the chair to the mat and drops down over The Miz. Going for the pinfall.




Rock quickly gets back to his feet, not paying too much mind to the failed pinfall, as Miz continues to recover on the mat. Rock is up on his feet and in position now, as he awaits for Miz to get to his feet. Miz pulls himself up to his feet, turns, and Rock quickly catches him…SPINEBUSTER! Rock delivers another electrifying spinebuster, and now leaps to his feet and goes to the head of Miz. The fans know what this means. The Rock starts to wave his arms back and forth as the fans continue to go crazy. Rock then takes off to the ropes, bounces off, comes back, leaps over Miz, hits the opposite ropes, comes back, PEOPLE’S EL…NO! NO! Miz COUNTERS! Just as Rock is about to deliver the people’s elbow, Miz leaps up out of no where and catches Rock with a clothesline! The Rock staggers right back up, and Miz gets into postion behind the Rock, locks him in and…..SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! Both bloodied men are down, as Miz now goes for the pinfall.




Fans love it, and show their love by giving The Rock a thunderous reaction to his kick out. Miz gets to his feet, and quickly grabs the chair laying in the ring. The Rock rolls over and gets to his knees. Miz comes at Rock looking to slam down the chair over Rock’s head, but Rock side steps out of the way again, and catches Miz with a shot to his mid section, causing Miz to lose his grip on the chair as it falls forward. Rock then quickly grabs Miz and NAILS HIM WITH A DDT RIGHT ONTO THE CHAIR! Rock goes for another pinfall.




Miz is able to again kick out, as The Rock has not inflicted enough damage to put The Miz away. Both men roll over and stagger up to their feet and Rock quickly grabs a hold of Miz, and nails him with a Russian leg sweeg, and again sending Miz’s head into that chair as he executes the move over the chair. Rock rolls over and again goes for another pinfall.




MICHAEL COLE...“The Miz just not staying down. The Rock will need to do much more if he wants to keep Miz down!”

Rock gets to his feet, and picks the chair up and takes it to one of the corners in the ring. There, The Rock sets the chair up in a seated position, as if he has some trick up his sleeve. The Rock then heads back over to Miz, just as Miz is getting to his feet. Rock comes at Miz in the corner, but Miz quickly catches The Rock with a kick to his mid section. Miz then nails a right hand and tries for another, but this time The Rock blocks it! Rock then starts laying more rapid right hands, spits on his hand, and again lays the smackdown on The Miz! This time instead of Miz falling to the mat, he falls backwards onto the chair and sits upon the chair. Fans find it humorous as The Rock backs off taunting. The Rock then comes running forward, and quickly Miz slides off, trips The Rock up, which sends The Rock falling FAST FIRST INTO THE STEAL CHAIR! Miz rolls Rock over and goes for the pin.




Neither man will stay down for the three count, as neither man is anywhere near being down with this fight. Miz gets to his feet, and watches as Rock uses the ropes to get to his. Miz then comes running forward and CLOTHESLINES THE ROCK OVER THE TOP ROPE! Miz quickly follows pursuit, and picks Rock up off the ringside floor. He then throws The Rock backwards into the chage, and then again, sending The Rock’s back and the back of his head into the steel cell! Miz then picks Rock up and takes him over to the nearest steal steps. There he nails Rock with a European uppercut that causes The Rock to fall down and lay over the steal steps. Miz then climbs up onto the steps with Rock, looking to do some big move from that elevation, when Rock suddenly trips Miz up by pulling his legs out from under him. Miz hits the ringside floor, and as The Rock stands tall on the steal steps, he continues to hold Miz’s legs, leans back AND CATAPULTS THE MIZ RIGHT INTO THE CELL! Both men are down now, as Miz is bleeding even more so from his head now. The fans are loving this fight and showing both superstars that with their loud applause. The Rock is back up on his feet, and picks Miz up to his. Rock sends Miz face first into the cage. He then follows up with some right hands and then again sends Miz’s face into the cage! Rock then takes Miz to another section of the cage, and again throws Miz’s face into the steel. Rock grabs a hold of Miz again and takes him to the next section of the cell and shoves Miz’s face into the cage. He then lets Miz fall to the floor, as Miz is bleeding badly now and gasping for air.

MICHAEL COLE...“The Rock seems to be in full control now! Getting nervous JBL?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."No. I stand by my prediction. The Miz will win this match! He will find a way!”

Rock then picks Miz up and takes him to another section and throws him in the air right into the cage. Rock showing the amazing strength he possesses. Miz is down on the floor, trying to pull himself up to his feet by using the cage, as he is filling all the effects of this attack. Rock reaches under the ring, and pulls out another chair. There, Rock goes and swings the chair at Miz, BUT MIZ DUCKS! Rock slams the chair into the cell. Miz then starts to crawl forward, down towards the bottom left of our screen if watching at home. Rock comes stalking behind him and again swings the chair at him, as Miz is pulling himself up by using the side of the apron, but again, Miz ducks out of the way and The Rock slams the chair down onto the apron. Miz again tries to run away, but trips over the stairs. Rock comes at him again with the chair, but this time, instead of ducking…MIZ CATCHES ROCK WITH ANOTHER LOW BLOW! Rock drops hold of the chair. Miz grabs the chair and sends it crashing down over the back of The Rock! Miz then tosses the chair to the side. Rock is down on the ringside floor. His face grimacing in pain behind that blood that covers it. Miz then is back looking under the ring and he pulls out a bag. He reaches into the bag, and suddenly the fans begin to boo loudly as Miz reveals what has been placed in that bag and under the ring just for this match….A SLEDGEHAMMER! How ironic. What could possibly be the reason for this being there.

MICHAEL COLE...“ Oh no! I wonder just how that got there! This is not good! This is not good!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Say goodnight Rocky!”

Miz holds the sledgehammer in his hands and waits. He waits as The Rock slowly staggers up. Miz then goes at Rock with the sledgehammer, but Rock ducks and CATCHES THE MIZ WITH A ROCK BOTTOM OUT OF NO WHERE! Both men are down on the ringside floor, as the fans are going absolutely nuts. Miz almost knocked The Rock out, but he was able to catch Miz just in time and counter with a huge rock bottom. Miz is out. Rock is trying to regain his senses. Rock gets to his feet slowly, and reaches down to pick Miz up to his. Rock then slides Miz into the ring, and slides in after him. Rock goes for the pinfall.




Rock staggers to his feet, catches his breath some more, and then reaches down to pick Miz up to his feet. Rock then attempts to whip Miz across the ring, but The Miz whips and sends Rock into the ropes. Rock comes back, Miz leaps, and nails a Lou Thez Press! Miz the rapid fires right hands to Rock’s bloodied skull! Miz gets up to his feet and is fired up. Rock attempts to roll out of the ring to regroup, but just as he gets onto the apron, Miz stops him. Miz reaches through the middle ropes and pulls Rock up to his feet and throw the ropes. Miz gets Rock up onto them, having him hang over the middle rope, AND THEN DROPS HIM WITH A ELEVATED DDT FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE! Rock is down! Miz leaps to his feet, he can feel it. The fans know what is coming and they are trying to encourage The Rock to fight back. Miz then reaches down, picks The Rock up, gets ins side position, locks him in and….SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! ANOTHER SKULL CHRUSHING FINALE DELIVERED BY THE MIZ!!! Miz drops down over The Rock after rolling him over.




The Miz can’t believe it! He looks at the ref as the ref holds up two fingers! Miz is furious. Miz gets to his feet and waits. He waits has his body shakes. He wants to put The Rock away right here. The Rock staggers back to his feet, Miz grabs The Rock and looks to hit him with his own move….ROCK BOTTOM! RO…NO! Rock pushes Miz off just before Miz can hit The Rock’s own move on him. Miz hits the corner hard chest first, and staggers backwards. Miz turns, and Rock quickly catches him…ROCK BOTTO….NO! Miz lands elbows before The Rock can hit his finisher. Rock staggers and Miz catches him with an SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! Miz goes for another pinfall!




Fans are absolutely going crazy, as The Rock just will not stay down. Miz can’t believe it. He is beside himself. Losing his mind, as The Rock is showing his heart by staying alive in this match. Miz just shoves Rock back down and tries to get the pinfall.




Miz just shoves The Rock back down and again goes for the pinfall, and again the ref makes the count.




Miz is just beside himself. He is getting desperate now with these quick random pinfalls that one after the other just fail. Miz is up on his feet, loosing his mind. He is looking around, thinking, what can he do next. Miz then suddenly exits the ring. He starts looking under the ring again, and suddenly he pulls out a….TABLE! Fans are loosing their mind!

MICHAEL COLE...“ What?! What is he going to do with that?! What is The Miz going to do with that table?!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."He is going to put The Rock away…that’s what!”

Miz slides the table into the ring, and sets it up just feet away from one of the corners. Miz then goes back to The Rock, and picks him up to his feet. Miz takes The Rock to the corner and sets him up on the top corner. Miz climbs up there with The Rock at the top rope. Miz is looking to nail a superplex from the top rope onto the table…but Rock suddenly revives. He holds tight onto the top rope, and counters with some elbow shots to Miz. Rock then quickly grabs Miz and…ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM FROM THE TOP ROPE! BOTH GUYS BREAK THROUGH THE TABLE! The fans are absolutely losing their minds!



The ref has no idea with to do, as both men are down and broken upon the shattered table. The fans are absolutely loving this absolute carnage. Seconds upon seconds pass as the ref checks on both men, who are still down. Finally, The Rock rolls over and begins to stagger up after almost a good 15 seconds or more on the mat. Miz then rolls over and follows suit. Both men start to stagger up to their feet and stagger forwards to opposite corners of the ring. Trying to recover. The ref starts to kcik as much of the broken table out of the ring as he can, but he is soon stopped in his tracks as he notices this fight is about to pick up even more. Rock and Miz have both turned to face each other. There, The Rock slowly puts his hand up, and gives TheMiz the gesture to “JUST BRING IT”. The fans absolutely love it. Both men, bloodied and ready to finish this! Miz comes running in, and The Rock blocks a righthand! Rock then delivers a strong right, followed by another strong right! Rock kicks mid section, hits snap ddt! The Rock springs right up to his feet from his back! Fans are loving it. Rock goes to Mizs head, waves his arms, takes off towards the ropes, bounces off, comes back and leaps over Miz, bounces off the opposite ropes, comes back…PEOPLE’S ELBOW! PEOPLE’S ELBOW!Miz is down. The Rock goes for the pin!




The fans absolutely go crazy! The Rock has done it! The Rock has retained! The fans are losing their minds inside the TD Garden as The Rock’s music hits back over the p.a system. The Rock just rolls off of the Miz. These two men gave it all they had. Slowly The Rock gets to his feet, and the ref comes over with the WWE Championship finally, and hands it to The Rock. The Cell begins to rise back up to the roof, as the fans are jumping up and down. The Rock heads to the bottom left turnbuckle and climbs up. There, The Rock holds the WWE Championship high in the air. The fans go nuts and cameras go off everywhere.


The Miz is removed from the ring, as the fans continue to go nuts. Medical staff helps him to the back, as The Rock continues to celebrate with the WWE Championship in the ring!

MICHAEL COLE...“What a fight! What a championship fight! In the end….THE ROCK DID IT! THE ROCK IS STILL OUR WWE CHAMPION!”

The Rock goes over to the bottom right turnbuckle now, and climbs up. There, The Rock once again raises the WWE Championship high in the air. The Rock then slowly gets down, and looks forward towards the crowd. The cheers are overwhelimg but then suddenly there is a LOUD GASP IN THE ARENA! RANDY ORTON! RANDY ORTON! RANDY ORTON HAS SLID INTO THE RING! The Rock has no clue. He slowly turns around to continue celebrating, and Orton comes in….RKO! RKO! RKO! RKO OUT OF NO WHERE! The fans are booing heavily. The Rock’s music has stopped. Orton leaps to his feet and points to the back of his shirt that says just that: “Out of No where!”

MICHAEL COLE...“What is going on?! What is Randy Orton doing here!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I thought he was on leave of absence! What is going on?!”

MICHAEL COLE...“I….I…I don’t know but this is no way to treat the champ!”

Suddenly…..”TIME TO PLAY THE GAME” hits over the p.a system. The fans let out a slight cheer. Triple h comes stomping out from the back, and he looks absolutely furious. Hunter starts tearing off his jacket, his tie, pulling his shirt out from being tucked in. He is furious as he looks to be heading straight tfor Randy orton for getting involved in his main event. The fans actually really start to cheer for Hunter now. Giving him a nice pop as it is evident he is here to defend The Rock!


Hunter quickly enters the ring, and Orton and Hunter go face to face. The fury is real. The fans are about to lose it, but then……..TRIPLE H AND RANDY ORTON SHARE A SMILE AND A SADISTIC HANDSHAKE! The cheers suddenly turn to boos!


MICHAEL COLE...“What is this? What is going on?!”

Orton suddenly backwas away with that sadistic smirk on his face and exits the ring. Orton then disappears back into the crowd, making his exit. Triple H however turns his intense attention back towards The Rock. The Rock slowly starts to stagger up to his feet. Triple H quickly grabs him and…PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE ON THE ROCK!


Hunter stands over The Rock, and turns his attention towards the entrance ramp. He then motions for someone to come out. A couple of seconds pass and then suddenly….

”SECOND COMING” hits over the p.a system. The fans really start to burn the place down with their booos. They are furious.

MICHAEL COLE...“What?! What is this?! I thought Seth Rollins was taken away in an ambulance!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Nothing keeps the future down! Seth Rollins is THE MAN!”

The fans are losing their mids as Seth Rollins is helped out from the back and onto the stage by his tag partner and buddy Kevin Owens, who also clearly did not leave the arena when told so. This was all a ploy. The Authority played everyone. It was all for show. Rollins stops at the top of the entrance ramp and takes his Briefcase away from Owens. Owens looks to continue to help his partner down the ramp, but Rollins tells him no. He gots it. Rollins, bandaged up from head to toe, suddenly starts to walk down the ramp way as fast as he can with briefcase in hand. The fans are chanting.


Rollins slides the briefcase into the ring. Triple H reaches down and grabs the case, as Seth Rollins slowly pulls himself up onto the apron. Rollins is clearly still in a lot of pain. He can barely move out there. It is showing a lot for him to be even standing right now. A ref comes sliding into the ring, and Triple H quickly shoves the briefcase into the refs chest. The ref is completely confused. Triple H appears to be barking orders at the ref, but the ref is still confused. Rollins is in the ring now, and he too gets into the face of the ref. Rollins is ordering for him to do something. The ref then finally gives in, and turns around and heads towards the bottom right turnbuckle. The ref then hands the briefcase over the ropes to a ringside attendant and gives him the word.


Booos reign down. They can’t believe it. Seth turns his attention to The Rock. He is begging for The Rock to get up. The Rock is slowly pushing himself up. He is still bleeding, he went through hell with The Miz, he received an rko and a pedigree after the match. The Rock can barely muster up enough strength to get to his feet, but he is all heart.

MICHAEL COLE...“No! No! Not like this! The Rock can’t go down like this! This is pathetic!”

The Rock has gotten to his feet enough that Rollins quickly comes in, kicks Rock in the mid section, bends him over, locks him in and….PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! SETH ROLLINS DELIVERES ANOTHER PEDIGREE TO THE ROCK! Rollins makes the cover. The fans watch on in horror!




Boos reign down. “SECOND COMING” hits over the p.a system. Rollins is helped to his feet by Triple H, and the ref comes in with the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins quickly rips the title out of the refs hand, as Triple H grabs Rollins arm and holds it up high.


The fans are disgusted. Rollins breakds away from Triple H and begins to celebrate with the WWE Championship as much as he can given the pain he is in, but the pure adrenaline from being the new champ, is carrying him through the pain in this moment. Kevin Owens and Stephanie McMahon quickly make their way down, and join Rollins in the ring. The Authority start to celebrate. The fans are disgusted.

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With that, Hell In A Cell fades out with one last image of Seth Rollins holding the WWE Championship. Show fades out.

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