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 Monday Night Raw 5/30/16 Results, Resch Center - Green Bay, WI
Triple H
 Posted: Jun 4 2016, 12:43 AM

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Monday Night Raw Proudly Presents....

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Monday Night Raw is Live...

WWEs Then Now Forever video plays out over the screen. As it comes to an end, we are once again taken into a playback of what transpired last Weeks Raw. The playback begins with a slow motion image of "The Beast" Brock Lesnar getting his hands on Seth Rollins and taking him down with several German suplexes to Seth Rollins and ending with an F5 we see Brock Lesnar standing over Seth Rollins with while dozens of Security guards take Brock Lesnar and escort him and throw out of the arena. With that, our video playback comes to an end, with one last image of a suspended Brock Lesnar being thrown out of the arena by Security ….

The Monday Night Raw intro video starts up with "TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT" playing throughout the arena, as the Cameras open inside the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin! The pyro shoots from the stage to the skies and the Cameras zooms over the WWE Universe who are holding up signs of their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas. And, for a change tonight, Michael Cole is being heard as he Welcome Millions of WWE Fans that watching around the World for The longest-running weekly episodic show in television history! MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”

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MICHAEL COLE... “Welcome to another jammed packed edition of Monday Night RAW! Tonight on Raw the superstars will compete in qualifying matches to see which four superstars will advance to the Main Event and only one will be the WWE Champion!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "That's right, Michael! tonight is going to be a historic night, with the WWE title will be decided in a series of qualifying Matches and only one lucky superstar will leave here tonight as WWE Champion!"

With that, "Next Big Thing" hits over the P.A system. And some of the members of the WWE Universe jump to their feet and greeted "The Beast" with huge pop! And Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman emerges from the back, and Brock hops around at the top of the stage for a second as the Fire works to explode onto the stage."

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JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "What is Brock Lesnar Doing here? He was suspended from the WWE last week!"

MICHAEL COLE... “Why don't you ask him yourself John and here comes 'The Beast' with payback only a week away and Superstar that captures the WWE Title tonight will face Brock Lesnar for the championship!"

Brock and his advocate, Paul Heyman waste no time walks down the ramp. And Brock now jumps onto the apron. Brock climbs into the ring as "Next Big Thing" cuts off, as Paul Heyman walks up the ring steps and climbs into the ring with a Microphone in his hand... as Paul Heyman begins to speak to the WWE Universe what transpire last week on Monday Night Raw and about to address the WWE Championship.

PAUL HEYMAN... "Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. And I am the advocate for 'The Beast of Payback' and the Former and the Future your next WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World...B-ROOOOCK LES-NAAAAR....”

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The WWE Universe explodes into cheers after hearing Paul Heyman famous speech, as Paul pauses for a moment which Brock brings a smile to the Beast as pose raising his arms in the air, as members from the WWE Universe break out a "SUPLEX CITY! Chant as Paul Heyman waits for the crowd to finish before he could continue to speak to the crowd and address what transpired on Raw last week between his client and the Authority."

PAUL HEYMAN... "Alright. We have a lot of business to cover tonight, so let's get started, shall we? Last Week on Monday Night Raw my Client was suspended after being provoked by the Authority and their 'Golden Boy himself' Seth Rollins which the Authority has tried to Protect him as WWE Champion from Brock Lesnar. Since he became the Champion at Wrestlemania for weeks 'the coo of the WWE' has abused his power of the WWE To keep Brock Lesnar from the WWE title picture."

The WWE Universe boos after hearing the Name of The Authority mention, and about the Actions of the Coo has been doing as Brock paces back and Forth as Paul Heyman waited for the crowd to settle down before saying another word.

PAUL HEYMAN... " The Authority hired my Beast at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View to take out, The Man, They Call Sting and to retire him at this past year's Wrestlemania. And, my client shocked the Authority and conquered Sting's career. Brock Lesnar did it because he wanted to get paid, and he doesn't give anybody a beating without getting paid to do it and last week the Authority's plot, their plan, their conspiracy failed by not doing what's best for Business. And I warned The Authority, I told them what would happen to Seth Rollins if they didn't do what's 'Beast For Business'. So Brock gave Seth Rollins a beating where is now resting in a Hospital bed without the WWE Championship because of my Client, and Brock Lesnar was suspended from competing in a match until Payback where he will fight for the WWE title against the new WWE Champion who will be crowned later this evening."

The WWE Universe explodes with another huge pop for this historic night on Raw. The fans in the Resch Center are excited to hear there will be a New WWE Champion crown tonight in the Main event, before that can happen, their Favorite WWE Superstar must qualify in single completion in order to make it to main event and to fight for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

PAUL HEYMAN... "You see ladies and gentlemen. It doesn't matter who survives tonight and makes it to the Main Event of the evening. And leaves Monday Night Raw as the New WWE Champion, for the time being, to my Client Because the superstar that might be the Champion and holding the WWE title is only temporary there will be no celebration knowing there is a hell storm awaits you at Payback is "The Beast' The Conqueror of the streak and The Conqueror of Sting's Career 'The Beast of Payback' and the Former and the Future your next WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World...B-ROOOOCK LES-NAAAAR....”

The cheers turn into boos as 'The COO of the WWE' Himself' the most powerful man in the WWE. "KING OF KINGS" hits over the p.a system...The fans are now booing Triple H, and he emerges from the back, with a smug look upon his face, and he isn't alone. Joining Triple H on the entrance ramp is non-other than ....'The ANIMAL' Batista and Kevin Owens! The fans boo even louder as now as twelve Green Bay police officers walk down the ramp and Circled around the ring to make sure Triple H is protected by them. Triple H now brings the microphone up to his mouth, and as his music fades out, and begins to speak.

MICHAEL COLE... “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! The COO Brought the cops with him to Protect him from Brock Lesnar!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Shut your piehole, Michael! Triple H is our COO, and he can do whatever he wants, and he deserves respect."

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Brock, Paul let me clarify something all of these cops you see surrounded Around the Ring right now are not for me. No, they are there for you to Protect you from making anymore mistakes like you made last week when you made Seth Rollins suffer and took him out and because of you Brock, he is no longer the WWE Champion right now."


MICHAEL COLE... “The fans really voicing their opinion here tonight! Listen to those chants for 'The Beast' Brock Lesnar well deserving "

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "IT makes me SICK TO MY STOMACH to hear these Idiot fans support what 'The Beast' did to Seth Rollins, and Seth Rollins didn't deserve what Brock Lesnar did to him."

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... " You see Brock what you did to Seth Rollins last week was a crime. It is called Assault and Battery, and you should be in jail for what you did to "The Future of WWE' and the Reason you are not locked up is because of Seth Rollins, he decided not to press charges against you, and Seth Rollins is a guy, who doesn't handle his business in a court room in front of a Judge no. No Seth does business in the square circle and when he comes back Brock, he will deal with you in the ring. And with that being said Brock I know we are LIVE on Monday Night Raw, and Payback is over a week away you are still SUSPENDED until Payback.”

The WWE Universe responds with boo for 'The COO of the WWE' Triple H, and the fans begin chanting Asshole ASSHOLE ASSHOLE! And Triple H starts to become irritate over the chant and Brock Lesnar standing in the middle of the ring loving every second of it.


PAUL HEYMAN... "Excuse me Triple H, and I am sorry for interrupting you but my client has authorized me to let you know that you have about fifteen thousand people calling you an 'Asshole' right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin."

The fan's cheer and laugh at 'The COO of the WWE' and Triple H grows angrier at the chant from the crowd as he wastes no time speaking and letting everybody know how he feels about it.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Enough of this. Just Enough. I hate that chant, and I can't stand it. And, before I was rudely interrupted by these idiots better known as the WWE Universe like I was saying Brock you are still suspended after what you did to Seth Rollins last week, and you have no business being here since you are not allowed to be here until your suspension is up at Payback where you have the Opportunity to compete for the WWE Championship. And Since I am a fair guy, and I always do what's best for business, and I am the guy who signs your payback every month this is what I am going to do, I will have the cops leave the ringside area, and you won't be going to jail tonight, and I will allow you to remain in the arena but if you lay a single finger on any WWE Superstar and if you take anybody to 'SUPLEX CITY', then you won't be going to Payback to compete for the WWE Title Because if you do you be going home...YOU'RE FIRED!"

MICHAEL COLE... “Oh boy! Triple H just lay the Law down on 'The Beast' and Paul Heyman and if Brock Lesnar gets involved in any of tonight's matches, he will lose his title Opptunity at Payback and will be fired, and I can't believe it."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...That's what's best for business, Michael!"

With that the Police Officers leave the Ringside Area and begin making their way back up to the ramp as “king of Kings” hits back over the p.a system. The fans continue to boo 'The COO of the WWE' as Triple H waits for the cops to pass him and return to the back, he and Brock stare down each other before the cameras begin to fade, and Raw takes it first commercial break.

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LILIAN GARCIA..."This next match is scheduled for one fall and is a womens competition. On her way to the ring, from Columbus, Ohio, she is Alexa Bliss!”

The crowd booed as the blissful woman walked out from the backstage area, Alexa Bliss. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Alexa taunted the crowd, blowing as kiss out to them as she began walking down the ramp. Walking past the fans, who were reaching out so hard to get a hand on her, Alexa shot them a glare. Walking off to the right of the ring, then quickly hopping up the steps, Alexa walked across the ring apron and climbed beneath the middle rope and inside the ring. Once inside, Alexa raised her arms up as she yelled out at the fans, recieving boo's back in response from them. Alexa leaned up against the ropes, awaiting her opponent to come out for their match.

MICHAEL COLE... “Alexa has a chance tonight to walk into this match and leave as a future contender to the Womens Championship. Facing a veteran such as Natalya, she better be fully focused on this match.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Alexa is still young and has many years ahead of her. Win or lose tonight, you know Alexa still has plenty time to learn her craft and take over the womens division. Shes the future of the business.”

LILIAN GARCIA..."And her opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she is Natalya!”

The crowed cheered and jeered, as the sound of the rift from the guitar played and out ran Natalya from the back. It was clear that although she'd been gone for many months, she wasn't forgotten. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Natalya posed for the crowd, pointing up at the ceiling as she yelled out at the cheering fans. As she made her way down the ramp, once meeting up where the fans were, she ran down the side of the stage, high fiving fans. As she reached the end of the ramp, Natalya rushed up the steps and climbed beneath the middle rope, into the ring. Nattie ran at one of the turnbuckles and jumped up on it, pointing up at the ceiling, yelling out at the cheering fans. Jumping down from the middle rope, Natalya turned to come face to face with Alexa, the ref coming between them as the two shared in a stare down before the match finally went under way.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I'm looking forward to seeing what Natalya does with this return. She's a strong woman on the roster and with the division looking better than it ever has, the addition of her on RAW is only going to make things that much tougher.”

MICHAEL COLE... “Doesn't Nattie look great tonight? She looks better than ever, after being away for a few months. Coming back now, she better be prepared to take on this division by storm.”

Both women locked up in the center of the ring, Natalya getting the upper hand from the start of the match. Taking charge of the match, Natalya threw Alexa into one of the turnbuckles, with Alexa hitting it with a thud. Natalya charged at her, hitting a hard clothesline, knocking Alexa to the ground, resting against the bottom turn buckle. Natalya grabbed the top rope and choked Alexa against the bottom rope using her boot. As the ref began the count, Natalya let up at the two count and backed off from the downed Alexa. The ref checked on Alexa Bliss, who slowly pulled herself to her feet. Stretching her arms for a second, she signalled to hold off. Natalya disagreed with that and charged at the Ohio native, but Alexa dropped and rolled out of the ring. She wasn't ready and she wasn't going to be giving in anytime soon. Natalya rolled out of the ring and began to chase after Alexa, who rolled back into the ring and as Nattie came in after her, Alexa took her down with a boot to the head. Dropping down over Nattie, Alexa began pounding away on Natties head, fist after fist and finished off by pounding the back of Natalyas head into the mat rough. Alexa began to taunt Natalya, watching as Nattie shifted to the turnbuckle. Alexa charged at her and hit a double knee facebuster in the corner. As Natalya fell from the corner, Alexa climbed onto the top rope and jumped off, hitting the Sparkle Splash, nailing the move perfectly. The crowd knew the match was over, as did Alexa, as she climbed over Nattie and covering her for the pin.




MICHAEL COLE... “Wow! A kick out with authority. That was a close one but Nattie showed she wasn't being taken down any time soon..”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Alexa is practically rutheless out there. She's taking nothing from Natalya, and dishing her that much more.”

How did Natalya kick out of that. Alexa's face said it all, as she sat there in shock. The ref reassured her that was not a win, as she began to throw a tantrum inside the ring. Rolling all around the mat, screaming at the top of her lungs, throwing her hands around, kicking against the mat, Alexa was pissed off. She sat up and crawled over Nattie and began pounding on her face, time and time again. Alexa was forced off Nattie, who yelled at the ref "not to touch her!" Nattie rolled beneath the bottom rope, resting against the side of the ring trying to gain her composure. Alexa turned around, noticing no Natalya inside the ring and showed a look of confusion. Natalya reached up and pulled herself to her feet. Alexa grew a smirk as she stepped back to the ropes then charged at Natalya. Thinking quick and a step ahead, as Alexa went for a baseball slide, Natalya forcefully threw Alexa into the barrier to a pop from the crowd. Natalya charged at Alexa, hitting a knee to Alexas stomach then threw her into the side of the ring. For one more final measure, Natalya tossed Alexa into the steps, knocking them out of place. The crowd was popping loud as Natalya was back in charge. Pushing Alexa into the ring, Natalya followed and covered her for the pin.



TH …. NOO!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "What an impressive match this has been so far. Both women are giving eachother everything they have.”

MICHAEL COLE... “After the beating that Natalya has been giving Alexa, it's hard to believe she kicked out right there. That run in with the stairs Alexa just took, you had to believe Alexa was out for the count.”

Alexa was ready to quit just yet and quickly kicked out of the pin. Natalya pulled Alexa into a seated position, as she locked in the abdominal stretch, on the rare occasion smacking Alexas side for further pain in the submission. Alexa was yelling out in pain, looking to do everything she could to get out of the move. After realizing the move wasn't going anywhere, Natalya dropped Alexa out of the move, pointing up for the crowd and cheering with them. Keeping an eye on the titantron, to make sure Alexa didn't get an cheap shots in, she smirked noticing Alexa rushing at her. As Alexa stepped too close to Nattie, she turned around speedily, hitting her signature discus clothesline, taking Alexa down to the mat hard with a thud. Letting out her signature giggle, Nattie grabbed at Alexas legs as she looked to lock in the Sharp shooter. It was only a matter of time before Natalya had her legendary families submission maneuver locked in and after finding no way of getting out of the move, Alexa Bliss was forced to TAP OUT! The bell rang, while Natalya let Alexa out of the move and raised her hands in front of the crowd.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And your winner of this match, Natalya!!”

MICHAEL COLE... “What a win that was for Natalya. She looked great tonight, showing no signs of rust after being gone for so long. One has to wonder if Natalya is a future contender to the Womens Championship. Nikki better watch out.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "While Alexa did tap out tonight, she proved she could hang with the big girls. She looked great as well, but it was a no brainer to think Natalya would be walking away forcing her opponent to tap out. She looks better than ever.”

Silence filled the arena as the Titantron flickers and suddenly comes alive as the fans witness a backstage segment. The focus was on Dixie Carter. Who seemed to be causing all sorts of mayhem as of late, and still not stopping. It's easy to see who her next target was as she is seen standing outside the office of Triple H and Stephanie. Without a knock, Dixie opened the door and was greeted by a sour look from Triple H and Stephanie, who were not so pleased in Dixie just entering without a knock. Dixie, of course, did not really care and simply just spoke without any hesitation.
DIXIE CARTER... "Triple H! Stephanie! What a pleasure to finally meet you both. The duo of this excellent company, and owners of RAW. I'm Dixie Carter, which you may already know as I've been making waves over on Smackdown. But it doesn't hurt to repeat who I am!”

Dixie extended her hand out to both, which did not go down well. With that, Dixie just shrugged and continued.

DIXIE CARTER... "Anyway Darling's! I'm so excited and thrilled to join this company. Of course, I owned a far much better business back in the days, but you just got to go where the work is offered. And with Vickie Guerrero, who's brother- in- law Hector Guerrero, was such an inspiration in my company offering me two positions here in HER company I could not help but say yes.”

It was a hint of mocking in the tone of Dixie that seemed to show she was not even caring on what she was saying. Again Dixie was still ready to hear her own voice echoing around the room. Which Triple H and Stephanie were getting more irritable b y the second the longer Dixie was standing there in their office.

DIXIE CARTER... "I really do feel being Director of Operations and in charge of ALL the Divas on both brands is a magnificent job to be asked to take on. And I know Vickie has faith in me. I see myself as a real leader. Not a person who lacks in creativity like most of the leading people around here. And I know! PLEASE! Don't mention it! I came at the right time. You just can't handle these Divas, am I right? You're a man. Well, of course, you are Darling. And what a man lacks is the drive and a woman's touch. I can make these Divas work hard while getting amazing results. You just don't have that motivation. No offense Darling. But some of us have got it or not. I've been told that you have lost your touch with your female side. Your feminine ability to reach out and steer these Divas into a mighty force that I know they are.”

Dixie then paused and swallowed while turning her attention onto Stephanie McMahon.

DIXIE CARTER... "Please forgive me Darling, but you really need to ask your Husband to maybe go to female awareness classes. Believe me, I took my husband to class, and it did wonders for his inner self. It brought life back to his ways of seeing what a REAL woman wants. And yes! I know! With you standing by your husband you just feel a more experienced woman like me needs to take charge. It's just the lack of who to ask, am I right? Vickie is amazing, but she's not got that power anymore. That whole screaming EXCUSE ME! Went through people like nails running down a writing board, and we don't want to stone deaf the Divas. I'm just that sort of person who has a way with the females. I promise you, Stephanie, when I'm done you, and all the other members of WWE will be thanking me. Now before I leave...”

Dixie just looked at Triple H with a snarl.

DIXIE CARTER... "I just have a request I would like to make. Well, it's more of a true point I want to offer to you both as we are all friends. DO NOT! Get in my way. I'm in control of the Divas, and neither of you, Trish Stratus or the Sexy Boy Shawn can do a damn thing about it. You don't want to make an enemy out of Dixie Carter, and you don't want to step on my job as being in charge of ALL the Divas on both brands and not forgetting I have power being Director of Operations. I know how to work things. And I can make decisions that will benefit both brands. You need me more than I need this company, and Vickie Guerrero knows that. She sees real leadership. You Darling just need to accept that and allow me to do what I need to do. If not! Well, trust me I can be a bitch.”

Dixie smiled as she seemed to have made her mark. Dixie finished off her greeting.

DIXIE CARTER... "It was lovely to finally meet you both. I'm so excited, I can't control my excitement. Toodle-oo Darlings!!”

Dixie turned on the balls of her feet and left the office. What came next who knows. The camera never stayed around to find out as it went to ringside.

The crowd was hot for the show tonight and coming back from commercial break, nothing was planned for the return from the commercial break. The crowd began to grow restless, as the lights turned out in the arena. Suddenly dark purple lighting began to shoot around the arena, as a theme song well known in NXT began to play. The familiar words "I'm Not Like Most Girls" played in the arena, as Force of Greatness by CFO$ played in the arena. The crowd erupted in boo's, as a tall figure stepped between the curtains.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, making her WWE Debut.. Nia Jax!”

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Slowly stepping from the area of the curtains, none other than the six foot tall, two hundred forty pound Nia Jax came into the scene for the shocked crowd. Nia stared through out the arena. This was her big moment, which she'd been looking forward to for a long time. Her fists formed into a closed fist, her chest heavily breathing from the nervousness of making her debut on RAW. She stood at the top of the stage, looking over the booing crowd. While she wasn't particularly known by the crowd, except for those who watched NXT during it's time, it wasn't very common for a woman to be the size she was. Someone being her size typically was that of a monster and usually wasn't too liked by the crowd. Nia stood in place, showing no emotion to the booing crowd. It was now or never and Nia was choosing now to make it her big moment.

MICHAEL COLE... “JBL, can you believe what we're seeing here? Nia is MASSIVE; you almost have to feel bad for any of the women she comes face to face with down the line.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "With that being said, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. You have to know every woman will be looking to take Nia out from the start. If they don't... that could be asking for some problems.”

Nia was given a microphone from a worker by the stage, and as soon as she had the microphone, he was quick to get away from her. With a smirk on her face, Nia basked in the booing crowd's response toward her. Taking a deep breath, Nia raised the microphone to her lips, looking to get out what was on her mind. The crowd wasn't stopping with the boo's and judging by the look slowly growing over her face, her annoyance was becoming more and more apparent. Trying to smirk off the crowd, Nia raised the microphone to get out what was on her mind.

NIA JAX... "So this is what it feels like to finally be on the main roster? I've got to constantly put up with you fans? For years, I've been working to get to the big stage. I've ran through so many women, making a name for myself every where I stepped foot. Now, I know NXT is no longer a recorded show for the viewing audience but believe me when I say, it still stands where it always has and over the past year, it has certainly developed many of the current men and women on the main roster. I could list everyone on RAW and SmackDown but they have nothing compared to me. Before I trained with them, I wasn't quite what I am now but I always knew, I'd be a star in this company if given the chance. In case you weren't aware, my cousin is the Rock! Yes, everyones favorite. But no, I don't want to be known just as [i]The Rocks Cousin. Absolutely NOT! I'm much more than that, I'm much BIGGER than that. As you can see, I'm six foot tall. I'm nearly two hundred and fifty pounds. I'm bigger than half the men on this roster but don't let that fool you. I'm one hundred percent woman. I'm not like the women on this roster. I have class.”[/i]

Nia smirked, as she looked around the Monday Night RAW arena, taking in the feeling of being part of the main show. Thinking over what all she wanted to say, Nia smirked raising the microphone back to her lips.

NIA JAX... "At a very young age, I knew I wasn't like the other little girls. I didn't play with barbie dolls like my friends chose to.”


NIA JAX... "When we did, I always got mad and tore all the hair out of their heads and the heads off their bodies.”


NIA JAX... "My mom would always ask me, 'why won't you take care of your barbies and play nicely?' You know what I told her? I told her, 'mom. I don't want barbies, I'll destroy them. I want to be the center of attention.' And you better believe, thats what I always did.”



THE FANS... "...WHAT??!”

Nia scowled at the fans, as they continued their annoying chants. Her fists clenched together, as she began to slowly paced at the top of the ramp. Breath in, breath out Nia. Don't let them get in your head because this is exactly what they are wanting from you. Stopping back at the center of the stage, Nia grew a smirk over her face. She shook her head, not letting them get in her head. She raised the microphone back to her lips, to continue off from where she was.

NIA JAX... "Nu-uh! NO! This is MY moment! My moment to make my debut and I'm not letting you guys get in my head like you're trying to do. I've worked entirely too hard for this. So, where was I? ... Right. My mom would plead with me, 'Nia, please play nicely with your barbies, they did nothing to you.' Sure, she's right. They [i]didn't do anything directly to me. But the thing is, I still didn't like them. But what does this have to do with this division? Everything. Kelly Kelly for example. She nearly held the Divas Championship for a year and a half. What's wrong with that? Everything. It took having the championship being vacated by management for her to finally lose that title. Do you know what's wrong with that picture? SHE'S A BARBIE. Okay, the Womens Championship. The last four champions have been Maryse, Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch and now, Nikki Bella once again. All four of those names a pathetic, tiny little barbie dolls. The person holding onto the championship is the face of the division and I refuse to take part in a division where I'm NOT the face of it. You're all probably thinking, 'but Nia, you're going to crush the women you face off with.' That's exactly what I like to do. It's not a matter of winning the match, naturally that's going to happen. It's a matter of making a statement week in and week out, and that's just what I plan on doing.”[/i]

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I don't think Nia is a woman who's bad side I'd want to get on. She's making it absolutely clear what she wants.”

MICHAEL COLE... “The entire womens division better take notice. They might even want to grow eyes in the back of their heads.”

NIA JAX... "The fact of the matter is, none of your favorite women will be able to defeat me. Not your precious Kelly Kelly, not Carmella, not even the Womens Champion, Nikki Bella will walk out of the ring with the win. Face it, it's only a matter of time before I take over this company, with or without some help by my side. I've said it since I was a little girl, I was born to be a star. Whether I had family in the business or not, I would have still be where I'm standing at right now. Take a look at me. Do you really think any of your precious little [i]divas could defeat me? For months, this company has been prancing and praising this supposed 'Womens Revolution,' but I don't see anything different. You can change the name, you can change the look of the championship, but the 'divas' are still running this division. NOT ANY MORE. From this point on forward, when you see me you're going to truly know what the Womens Revolution is about. It makes me sick that you have to look like a barbie to be praised in the world of professional wrestling. I'm not a barbie, I HATE barbies. I hate what this division idolizes and the way these women carry themself. You don't like something? You change it. As big as I am, I can't do everything on my own. So, I called up an old friend. Someone who knows me very well, someone I know very well. We're backkk.[/i]

The lights suddenly shut out around the arena, the crowd watched on in interest. After nearly ten seconds of the lights being out, they turned back on with a spot light focusing in on Nia Jax and standing next to her? EVA MARIE!

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Both women turned their heads, smirking at each other as the crowd began to heavily boo the two women. Eva had been a solid baby face for months, beginning to really have the fans grow on her. Eva reached down, grabbing Nia's hand and raising it in the air- the two women posing in front of the crowd. They were certainly proud of what just happened in front of the crowd. Both women turned and strutted off the stage, once backstage, the lights turned back to normal as the cameras panned into the commentators table. Both men were shocked, surprised to see a woman liked by the crowd in Eva Marie, turning on the fans and joining forces with Nia Jax.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I.. I really can't believe it. Was that Eva Marie? Did she really just turn on the universe and join forces with Nia Jax? I want to hear from Eva, what she has to say before I show any disappointment in her decision.”

MICHAEL COLE... “I won't be disappointed in her decision at all. Nia made it clear she doesn't like the women of the WWE, if joining sides with Nia keeps you safe from being destroyed, it just might be the best decision for her. I don't want to see any of the women get hurt by Nia, but it's going to be a tough summer for the womens division if Nia gets on a roll.”


Triple H
 Posted: Jun 4 2016, 01:31 AM

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Monday Night Raw is Live....

Silence filled the arena as the Titantron flickers and suddenly comes alive as the WWE fans witness a segment in the presence of Melina Perez. A Diva, who last week lost in the Battle Royal. Her scars inside her body were not yet healed, which was evident from the look that was seen to many who watched this. Melina had a look that could send a shiver to a person, but her statement was only to a select few.
MELINA PEREZ...“Bitches! Yeah! THREE Bitches who cost me the match last week. I was so close to becoming the Divas Champion and Brie Bella along with Charlotte had to get in my way. Nikki Bella, you were lucky. Very lucky, because I nearly had you. Count your lucky stars that your sister and Charlotte got involved.”

A hiss was seen from Melina, who's eyes who burning with flames. She was out of control right now. A Diva with a huge issue. Her voice rang out even louder and with more hate.

MELINA PEREZ...“Trust me I can be at Payback, and I can break you Nikki before you step foot in that ring with Charlotte. I can send out Payback to you Nikki, and cost you which will give Charlotte the advantage to beat you. Charlotte, I'm not your fan either. You had no right to be out in that match last week. You got your chance when you becomes Number one contender at Wrestlemania. Bri Bella how dare you! You think you have issues! You think you have Nikki to worry about? Believe me, you have not met me! I'm so angry it hurts. The scares of last week might have gone, but the scars inside are still open inside, and they burn. I don't care who I take on. I'm going to get my moment to get what is mine. And if it means going to Payback to do damage I will. Because PAYBACK is a Bitch and this Bitch is coming.”

With a scorn Melina pushing the camera to the ground and walking away. Only the blackness was being gently introduced till darkness met the onlookers eyes.

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The scene opens up to the arena and all the fans going crazy wanting the next match to begin. Everyone has been anticipating another WWE qualifier match and they are certainly about to have a show put on for sure. Two of the best in the business are about to clash as none other than the brilliant Lillian Garcia stands proudly in the middle of the ring ready to introduce the competitors of the bout.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall, and is a WWE championship qualifier match! Whomever pins, submits or counts out their opponent first will advance to the main event of the evening!”

As she finishes, the crowd erupts in cheers, as this is an exciting time for them. Within moments of them erupting into those cheers, the theme song.

“Rebel Son” begins to play throughout the arena and the fans begin to cheer louder. Everyone looks down at the ramp as none other than Bad News Barrett steps out from behind the titantron, his standard cape draped over his body and a smirk on his face. As soon as his theme get’s really intense, he throws off the cape and begins to taunt.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Coming to the ring first, from Penwortham, England, he is none other than your intercontinental champion…BAAAAAD NEEEWWS BARREEETT!”

Barrett wastes little time making it down the ramp as he shows he’s a man on a mission. Getting into the ring, he walks over from one side of the ring to the other and then again begins to taunt. However he doesn’t get to taunt long as none other than the theme song.

“Say It To My Face” begins to play and again the fans react with cheers as another fan favourite is about to make his way down to the ring. After a little bit of waiting, the fans react to seeing Riley fly through the drapes and hold his title high above his head, a smirk on his face.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And his opponent, coming to us from Tampa Bay, Florida, he is your Hardcore champion…ALEEEEEEX RILEEEEY!”

As soon as his name is said, he pats himself on the chest numerous times and begins to hype himself up for the match. Everyone is pumped up and ready to see these two icons clash with one another, and they won’t have to wait long. Riley descends towards the ring, pointing at Barrett and then smacking his belt before entering the ring and the two men standing right in the face of one another. They both raise their championships above each other’s heads as if to say ‘I’m more dominant than you’ and then with blank looks, they just continue to stare.

MICHAEL COLE... “Well everybody, when we talk about two great superstars, you can’t talk about much greater than that of Alex Riley and Bad News Barrett. Both have amazing careers with the WWE, both current champions and both about to put on a show here tonight on RAW.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "You got that right Michael! These two are some of the best and it disgusts me to have to say it, but it has to be said. Alex Riley a multiple-time champion and Bad News Barrett a long-term champion in his own right. Whoever wins gets a shot at the bigger prize, so both of these guys better be on their a-game.”

Just as the commentators finish, both men prepare to square off as the bell sounds off the beginning of the match. Riley and Barrett charge at one another and engage in a fierce grapple-lock, which makes it look like both men are struggling to gain the upper hand. However momentum quickly shifts when Barrett slips out from the grips of Riley to straddle him from behind and then turn him around for a clothesline. With Riley on the mat, Barrett takes this time to gloat and move his arm around as if to say ‘that didn’t even hurt’. Doing this would prove fatal however as Riley wasn’t feeling all of the effects of the clothesline, bouncing right back up and standing right behind Barrett. Barrett would immediately regret the decision to taunt, as Riley would turn him around and begin to feed him lefts and rights to the pleasure of the fans. The fans would cheer with every single shot landing until Riley would deliver a huge boot to the gut followed up by a dropkick to knock Barrett to the mat. With a quick pin attempt, Riley would look to end things early…




NO! A kick out by Barrett would cause the referee to have to stop the count. Riley was in disbelief as he had hoped the dropkick was enough but obviously Barrett wasn’t all too phased by it. Riley didn’t want to waste any time fighting the count, so he got up and brought Barrett along with him. Barrett tried to fight of the ensuing assault but he couldn’t overpower Riley at the time that was just feeding into him with punches and kicks until Barrett eventually fell to one knee. Riley went in for another run at him but Barrett played possum and got up off his knee and belted Riley with a knee to the gut followed up by a European Uppercut, which really dazed and confused Riley. Barrett wanted to get the momentum back in his zone, so he wasted little time following up the uppercut by going after Riley and throwing him off of the ropes, but Riley would reverse and pull Barrett right in for a huge spinebuster! Barrett was feeling that one as both men crashed to the mat, Riley was exhausted after the uppercut and couldn’t go for a pin attempt, instead both men laid there for a few moments before they both reached their feet before a ten count. Barrett was sick of the games Riley was trying to play, so he loaded his elbow up and cocked it with the ammunition. With a loud yell, he ran right at Riley and crushed his skull with the Bullhammer! He fell right on-top of Riley for a pin attempt looking to put it away …




Just like that, Barrett had taken control of the match and gotten the pinfall over Riley, both men looked drained after the match as Riley wasn’t moving and Barrett was struggling to get to his feet.

LILIAN GARCIA..."The winner of this match and the man moving into the WWE championship main event is BAAAD NEEWS BAARRETT!”

His theme song began to play once more throughout the arena with fans happy about the outcome; either man would have been an ideal choice for a possible WWE champion. Barrett eventually had his hand raised by the ref and rolled out of the ring to avoid any more confrontation with Riley. He made his way quickly up the ramp where he would disappear behind the titantron with the scene fading to commercial.

RAW had returned from commercial break, and reopened into the backstage area of the Resh Center. The Green Bay crowd gave a pop for the well known blonde who stood in front of the camera, her blonde hair groomed perfectly to her face as she smiled. It had been a good night so far, and there was a lot of uild up to tonight's main event for the WWE Championship. As the cameraman motioned to Renee, she began to speak.

RENEE YOUNG... "Ladies and gentleman, what a night it has been here in Green Bay. We have already seen some epic things with quailifing matches to determine who will earn their spot in the Main Event tonight for the WWE Championship, but right now please help me welcome my guest at this time....she is the NEW WWE Undisputed Women's Champion, Nikki Bella."

Nikki walked up to Renee, and also into the camera's view. The fans of Green Bay let themselves be known for the current Women's Champion as they welcomed her with a loud amount of jeers. Nikki ignored them, and retained the smile on her face. Things were definitely looking up for the Bella, and there was nothing that could tear her down in that moment.

RENEE YOUNG... "Nikki, congratulations. Last week, you did what any diva in the WWE roster would want to do and that is becoming the new WWE Undisputed Women's Champion. What was going through your mind last week when you saw Layla hit the floor and the bell ringing?"

Nikki paused for a moment, a small chuckle coming from her mouth before she looked to Renee, lifting the new title of hers more firmly on her shoulder.

NIKKI BELLA... "You know Renee, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I was shocked or surprised last week. When Layla went over that rope, hitting the was like my destiny was being fulfilled right then and there. I have told everyone for weeks that I would once again be on top, and that I would be the Women's Champion. Since Wrestlemania, actually, even before then...."

Nikki shook her head, and Renee raised an eyebrow but continued to hold the microphone towards Nikki as she continued.

NIKKI BELLA... "Since I lost my Women's title on Smackdown I have felt a sense of emptiness, Renee. So what did I do? I trained hard. Harder than I have ever trained, because I told you just like I told the WWE Universe that I would get what belonged to me and I did just that last week. You know, I give the girls credit Renee. I do, I mean I'm not a complete bitch after all. Those girls last week went out there and gave it their all, but the truth is....they fought the inevitable. They should have known what a waste of time it was going to be because there was no denying who was going to walk out of that arena as the new WWE Women's Champion."

Renee nodded her head in a bit of surprise that Nikki was showing at least a little respect for the Diva's Division. She pulled the microphone back to her as it was time to address the new merge of the WWE and what it meant.

RENEE YOUNG... "Now with the merge of both brands are you worried about the target that is now on your back as many diva's will now be looking to take that title from you?"

Nikki couldn't help, but laugh slightly. To her the question was ridiculous. Renee once again became confused by the reaction of the Bella and awaited her answer.

NIKKI BELLA... "Renee, you really have to stop trying to be a comedian. Really, stick with what you do best."

she paused as the fans jeered as Nikki insulted the backstage interviewer.

NIKKI BELLA... "I gave the girls their credit for last week, but let's keep it real here. There is nobody, and I mean NOBODY that will ever take this title from me. You remember I was the longest reigning Women's Champion on Smackdown? I fully intend to repeat that process only this will be a much grander reign."

RENEE YOUNG... "Well from what we saw last week, it seems there is already one who has you--"

Nikki stopped Renee right there. She put her hand up, cutting the blonde off mid-statement as a look of sourness came over the champions features. Nikki rolled her eyes, and shook her head yet again before answering.

NIKKI BELLA... "You just couldn't help yourself could you? This is MY moment. MY moment to shine in the spotlight as the new WWE Women's Champion, but instead you want to mention her. You know what...let's talk about my darling sister, Brie."

The fans popped loudly for the nicer Bella. Nikki heard the reaction of the Green Bay fans and a small chuckle came from the champions mouth as she finished what she wanted to say about Brie.

NIKKI BELLA... "Last week after the battle royal...the attack from behind by my sister is just like her. It's the ONLY way she knows she can get me. She can't look me in the face and try what she did last week. I want her to know something though Renee...what you did last week Brie, was a mistake. I planned on just walking away and leaving you be, but you want to make this personal. You've always been jealous that I have always been the better Bella. I have always carried you and our brand name, and now it's time to knock you down to the bottom where you belong. Blood or've made the biggest mistake of your--"

Nikki stopped mid sentence as well as she looked directly across from her. The camera hadn't revealed it yet, but when it panned out the fans reacted to the sight of none other than Charlotte standing across the way from the newly crowned champion. There was silence between the two, and even Renee for a few moments as Charlotte's eyes looked from Nikki, to the title, and then back to the Bella.

CHARLOTTE... "Hello Nikki. I just wanted to come by and congratulate you on becoming the new WWE Women's Champion. You know, I was just in a meeting while you've been out here talking to Renee about how you feel with everything happening now, and I couldn't help but realize you never mentioned me."

NIKKI BELLA... "Why would I be out here talking about you, Charlotte? You have nothing to do with what I have going on right now."

As Nikki said that Charlotte giggled slightly, and nodded her head towards the champion. Nikki was confused by what was so funny.

CHARLOTTE... "Ah, but you see Nikki, I actually do. See you've been wrapped up so much lately in what's been going on with Brie that you seemed to forgot that not to long ago I won the Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal. Now, with Payback just around the corner and YOU being the new champion and have to realize that you'd be defending that title of yours. Who better for your first title defense that the very same person who won the Miss Wrestlemania. The higher ups even seem to think so. If I were you....I'd be less worried about your dear lil sis, and a little bit more time in facing the fact that in just a few days....I'm going to be taking that precious little title of yours."

Nikki's face began to burn with anger in that moment. She had just won the title, and now she was having to put it on the line in less than a week later. The fans were loving every words Charlotte was saying as they gave cheers to the blonde in hopes that she would put Nikki in her place at Payback. Nikki didn't say anything, but Charlotte moved a little closer to the champion and smirked while running her fingertips over the plate of the title belt.

CHARLOTTE... "And when I do beat you...I'll be doing it...with Flair. Wooo"

She gave Nikki her fathers famous word, but in a soft voice before she brushed past the champion. Renee and Nikki looked on as Charlotte past, the camera zooming on Nikki, a look of still anger on her face as RAW went to commercial break.

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There has been a few good matches already thus far on RAW and the next match was looking to be shaping up as another. The first of four qualifying matches was set to take place and as we return from commercial break, the fans are on the edge of their seats expecting a slobberknocker. Lillian Garcia is ready to do her job; she can be seen clearing her throat as she raises the microphone to speak.

LILIAN GARCIA..."This next match is scheduled for one fall and is for a shot at the WWE championship! The winner of this match will receive one of the four spots in the main event where they will face-off to possibly become your NEW champion. The first man to pin, submit or count-out his opponent will be victorious!”

As Lillian finishes, the lighting in the arena changes from normal colors to a royal blue as the theme song “The Truth Reigns” begins to play and the fans react in a very positive way. They all jump out of their seats as the camera begins to make its way around the entire arena in search of Roman Reigns, and it doesn’t take long for them to find him. Reigns enters from the top of the crowd raising his hand high above his head, a smirk on his face. After a few moments of taunting, he proudly makes his way down the large amount of steps, heading right for the barricade.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing first, from Pensacola, Florida, he is the leader of the Roman Empire…ROOOOOOMAN REEEEEIGNS!”

Roman at this point in time has made it up and over the barricade and proceeds to enter the ring. As he stands on the apron outside the ring, he looks out to the crowd all of which are cheering for him and chanting his name, and it feels good. With a deep breath and a sigh of relief, he steps through the ropes and inside the ring.

MICHAEL COLE... "Ladies and gentlemen you’re looking at my pick to come out on top tonight in the main event. He’s got what I think are a pretty easy ticket to the main event, and then an even easier ticket punched for him to win the title. He’s got everything that a champion aspires to be.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Are you done admiring and fangirling over Roman yet Michael? I mean god, you sound like one of those annoying groupies that follow people around all the time. I think the contrary, despite both of these men proving to be great athletes, I think the son of a plumber is going to come out on top in this one, calling this victory now.”

With the commentators finishing up their opening pieces, the theme song “Smoke and Mirrors” begins to play and the arena shifts into a very negative mood. The appearance of Cody Rhodes has people on edge and a lot of people begin to boo Roman’s opponent, trying to show their support for the Roman Empire. Rhodes makes his way out from behind the curtains and despite the boos begins to try and embrace the fans and turn them into a positive thing. He begins to taunt as he slowly descends down to the ring, not breaking eye contact with his opponent.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And his opponent, coming in from Charlotte, North Carolina is none other than “Dashing” … COOOOOODY RHOOOODES!”

Rhodes at this point has made it down to the side of the ring where he patiently waits to enter the ring, almost as if he’s trying to play mind-games with Roman who isn’t having any of it. Instead of waiting, Roman decides to take matters into his own hands and slide out of the ring, chasing after Rhodes who is doing everything in his power to not get involved with him just yet. Eventually however, both men slide into the ring and the bell rings as soon as Roman knocks Cody over with a huge clothesline, taking the momentum right out from under his feet. Cody lays on the mat as Roman pumps himself up by taunting, but it would prove to be fatal as Cody would eventually bounce up off of the mat and without even thinking he began his barrage of punches forcing Roman into the corner opposite of where they were originally. Cody continued to feed Roman with punches and was relentless, but eventually the ref forced a break with a potential five count, causing Cody to get upset over the decision. His decision to back-up and let off of Roman gave Roman enough time to compose himself in the corner and begin his own barrage of punches against Cody. The punches looked so hard it looked like he was trying to knock his head clean off with every throw. The fans were really into it and after a bunch of punches, Reigns grabbed Cody and whipped him off of the ropes, without notice he grabbed him and powerslammed him to the mat. With Cody now down, Roman took this time to try for a pin attempt…




But he would fail as Cody got his arm up with plenty of time before the three count. Roman was in disbelief as he believed it was all but over, but he wasn’t giving up the attack that easy. He picked Cody up off of the mat and threw him back into the corner of the ring. Roman then walked to the opposite side of the ring and then without consideration he flung himself right into Cody with a huge body splash. After letting Cody fall to the mat, Roman picked him up again and this time was looking to really finish the match. He whipped Cody again off of the ropes and lifted him up for a Samoan Drop but unfortunately Cody reversed it, flying over Roman and landing steady on his feet. With momentum on his side, Cody took a page out of his brothers book and dropped down to one knee after running off the ropes and performing an uppercut, stunning Roman enough to try and go for the kill, grabbing him from behind and hitting the Cross Rhodes! The fans booed as Cody went for the pin, looking like it would be over …



TH …

And again another kickout, this one by Roman and the fans cheered as Cody looked on in disbelief. He slammed his hands against the mat and then looked over at the ref, arguing that he wasn’t doing his job and that it should have been a three count. Cody was at a breaking point, and he wanted Roman done forever. Cody picked up Roman and began to try and force him to the corner, but Roman wasn’t having it The two men ended up grappling one another and eventually Roman took control of the match, clubbing Cody on the back of the head and then hitting him with a huge uppercut of his own. Cody was shaken and Roman went for yet another Samon Drop, but Cody just wasn’t having it, this time rolling over him barely landing on his feet, and kicking him in the head. The now dazed Roman tried to keep composure but he was hit with a dropkick that dropped him down to the mat. Cody was fired up and he was going to try yet another finisher, and as he stalked his prey, Cody bounced up off of the ropes and went for the Beautiful Disaster kick, but Roman had other plans as he jumped up off of the mat and with a huge leap in the air, he speared Cody so hard it looked like he tore him in half. Cody was laying on the mat motionless and Roman went for another pin …




A devastating spear would call it quits for Cody as he put on one heck of a showing, making it look like he could have advanced on to the next round, but one fatal mistake cost him the whole thing. Roman got up off the mat, flipped his hair out of his face as the ref raised his hand high in the air.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And the winner of this match moving on to the main event is none other than ROOOOOMAN REEEIGNS!”

Reigns waited until Cody got up and fans expected that beef would ensue and a fight would breakout, however their facourite superstar did the opposite and shook Cody’s hand, raising it for putting on such a great match. The fans cheered despite not wanting to for Cody as both men then exited the ring, Roman making his way up the ramp first. Roman eventually taunted before disappearing behind the curtain, and Cody followed suit.

The cameras cut backstage to the Divas locker room, we see Brie Bella stood with a foot on the bench lacing up her boot for the upcoming tag team match she would be taking part in. Before she's finished though Brooke Adams enters the locker room also ready for action. With a huge smile on her face as per usual. Brooke greets Brie full of enthusiasm for the upcoming contest.

BROOKE ADAMS: "You ready to go kick some butt Brie … it might not be Nikki's but hey we can't have everything can we.

Brooke laughs as she heads to her own locker to store a small bag she was carrying. Brie smile's lightly at Brooke's comment as she finishes up with her boot, once doing so she stand's up and goes her locker which was next to Brooke's.

BRIE BELLA: "I guess not, but hey don't think my minds elsewhere I'm focused on our match more than anything right now, we can really make something out of this partnership and I'm not going to let my ego inflated sister get in the way of that.

Brooke close's her locker and turn's to Brie as she locks it, her smile faded a bit as she seemed worried her comment had been taken the wrong way.

BROOKE ADAMS: " Oh, hey I know, I didn't mean to sound like I was trying to hint at something, Y'know... I just, I could see how much you wanted to kick her ass last week and...

BRIE BELLA: " Ha look its fine I was going to say it anyway, I think as a team we have a really good chance at going all the way to the top and just wanted to make sure you knew I was one hundred percent committed to us doing just that.

Brooke sigh's a sigh of relief and smile's chuckling to her self a little as Brie smile's back putting Brooke at ease as it was clear she felt like she'd put her foot in it so to speak.

BROOKE ADAMS: " Well the feelings mutual, I know we can go all the way. I knew as soon as they told me we would be teaming together, sometimes you just know when your going to work well with someone and this is one of them times. I think we've drew a tough test in our first match though, but what better way to put ourselves to the test.

BRIE BELLA: "Exactly! Bayley and Asuka are quite the team … but we're still the next Divas tag team champions, we're just going to go out there and show the them why tonight.

Brie smile's confidently and goes back into her locker to get something as Brooke nod's in agreement as she shuts hers and lock's it and moves away from the lockers.

BROOKE ADAMS: "Hell yeah! Let's get out there and show the world why.

Brooke edges closer to the door but Brie takes something out of her locker, a sealed box to be exact, she shuts her locker and locks it then turns to face Brooke holding the box out to her.

BRIE BELLA: " Before we go I want to give you this before I forget, Now hey it isn't off me I don't want to freak you out or anything ( Brie chuckles )[color=maroon] but it got delivered when you weren’t here and you know how some of the girls can be.

Brooke look's at the box with a raised eyebrow, she was surprised she couldn't remember ordering or asking for anything so was quite intrigued, she take's the box from Brie and sits down on one of the bench's placing the box on her lap as she begins to open it.

BROOKE ADAMS: "Do you know who it's off? There's no writing on it or anything...

BRIE BELLA: no just some delivery guy, no one I've seen before.

Brooke break's the seal in the wrapping and removes the lid to reveal a pink pair of neatly packed sneaker style wrestling boot's, not your typical gift it would seem. Brie raise's an eyebrow as she look's at them then to Brooke who's eye's light up like a child’s at Christmas.

BROOKE ADAMS: "OH, Awesome! Check these out!

Eager to check them out Brooke wastes no time removing them from the box and admires them for a moment, her reaction cause's Brie to chuckle as it seemed they were something amazing to her partner.

BRIE BELLA: " Well that's not something you randomly get everyday, they'd actually really go with your ring gear you know.

Brooke look's up at Brie with bright eyes and a excited expression, she then look's down sticking her feet out then at the rest of her attire before she lean's over and begins to undo her current footwear to replace them with the new ones.

BROOKE ADAMS: " Your so right! This is so COOL!!! ..... I wonder who sent them?...

As Brooke energetically switches her footwear Brie smiles and crosses her arms as she patiently waits for her partner to finish up with her last minute wardrobe adjustment as the camera’s cut back to the arena to get ready for the upcoming match.

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Welcome to Monday Night Raw , this week the red brand invades Green Bay coming at you live from the famously known Resch Center . The arena is packed with thousands upon thousands of loyal fans all anxiously waiting to see what match will take place before them next. Already they have witnessed a couple good matches but the best is yet to come. The WWE cameras coming back from a brief commercial break as we are once again taken to ringside where Lilian Garcia stands in the middle of the ring with a beautiful smile upon her face and a microphone in her hand. She is greeted with cheers and whistles from the crowd as she smiles and raises the mic up to her lips slowly as she goes to speak .

LILIAN GARCIA... The following contest is a divas tag team match for the divas tag team championship tournament.

“ Burning Eyes “ by Christy Hemme begins to blast throughout the entire arena as Brooke Adams appears at the top of the ramp with Brie Bella by her side . Both women taking a moment to glance over at each other as they smirk and proceed to make their way down the ramp being greeted by a mixture of reactions from the crowd.

LILIAN GARCIA... Making their way to the ring it's the combined team of BROOKE ADAMS & BRIE BELLA !!

Upon reaching the bottom of the ramp the ladies made their way towards the steel steps slowly climbing them as they slowly make their way into the ring much to the approval of the fans . Making their way to the center of the ring they look out to the crowd and smirk as they set their eyes upon the ramp awaiting the arrival of their opponents. The music coming to a sudden halt as the crowd begins to fill the arena with loud cheers .

“ The Future “ by CFO$ begins to blast throughout the entire arena as Asuka and Bayley appear at the top of the ramp. A huge smile upon the face of Bayley as she hugs Asuka tightly as the crowd cheers them loudly. Pulling back Bayley grins at the crowd as both women make their way down the ramp slapping hands along the way with some of the lucky fans.

LILIAN GARCIA... "And their opponents they are the team of ASUKA AND BAYLEY !!

Reaching the bottom pf the ramp the ladies make their way towards the steel steps as they climb them and enter the ring , coming face to face with their opponents. The crowd going all kinds of wild filling out the arena with loud cheers and whistles . Both teams talking among each other as Brooke and Asuka stand their ground as their opponents exit the ring , the referee calling for the bell. Both women running towards each other as they clash in the middle of the ring with Brooke trapping Asuka in a headlock as she begins to add pressure and Asuka begins to try to fight the lock doing her best to try to break it connecting with elbow shots to the stomach of Brooke who breaks the lock and stumbles backwards. Asuka charging at Brooke connecting with a clothesline that sends Brooke crashing onto the mat . The crowd going wild as Bayley cheers and chants her on from the outside of the ring as Asuka grabs Brooke by the hair and pulls her up and goes to attempt a ddt as Brooke counters with an irish whip that sends Asuka crashing onto the nearest turnbuckle as Asuka crashes onto the turnbuckle she holds onto her back in pain as she slumps down and Brooke comes charging and her and stomps on her repeatedly as the crowd fills the arena with loud boos that Brooke just brushes off. Using her foot Brooke begins to choke Asuka who tries her best to fight her off. Continuing to choke out Asuka as the crowd boos loudly and the referee comes running over to pull Brooke away . Asuka slowly making her way to her feet as she heads over to the turnbuckle and climbs it as Brooke slowly turns around getting drop kicked by the flying Asuka. Brooke dropping onto the mat as Asuka attempts a pin by hooking the keg of Brooke . The referee charging over to start the count as the crowd is loving every second of the action taking place inside that ring and before their eyes.

MICHAEL COLE... Both ladies relentless and stubborn on getting this win here tonight. Great move by Asuka there taking Brooke down and attempting to snag the win for her and Bayley.




JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... Brooke Adams kicking out sending the message across that Asuka better try harder because she is not going down that easily.

Both women on their feet once again as Asuka has now tagged Bayley in who comes charging at Brooke as Brooke counters and takes Bayley down with a spear as Brooke runs over to Brie and makes the tag as Brie runs over to Bayley who slowly making her way to her feet as Brie begins to stomp and kick away on her opponent. The crowd booing her loudly as Brie pulls Bayley up by the hair and irish whips her sending her crashing onto the nearest turnbuckle as she comes charging at Bayley who quickly moves out the way just seconds before Brie connects with the spear she was attempting as Brie crashes onto the turnbuckle Bayley comes charging at her and as Brie spins around Bayley crashes onto her connecting with a running one handed bulldog as Brie collapses onto the mat the crows goes wild cheering and chanting Bayley's name . Bayley wasting no time as she performs the slip n' slide on Brie driving the fans wild. Bayley making her way to her feet as she runs over to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs it as she takes a minute to taunt to the crowd that erupts into even louder cheers bringing a smile upon Bayley's face as she comes flying off the turnbuckle going for a senton bomb as Brie quickly rolls out the way and Bayley comes crashing hard onto the mat . Kicking and stomping away on her fallen opponent Brie quickly runs to the turnbuckle and climbs it as she flies off connecting with a diving crossbody taking Bayley down as Brie looks down at the fallen Bayley and smirks as she drops down and hooks the leg of Bayley attempting a pin as the referee charges over and starts the three count all the while the crowd going wild.




MICHAEL COLE... Brie going for the pin after that diving crossbody as it seems that tonight Brooke and Brie are determined to get the win at all cost. Will they be successful or will their opponents put an end to their plans ? Tonight it's about advancing in the divas tag team tournament and only the best team will succeed.

Brie cannot believe her eyes and ears as she slaps the mat with frustration and begins to punch and kick away at the fallen Bayley who defends herself as best she can shoving Brie off her . Both women quickly making their way to their feet as Brie runs over and tags Brooke in who runs into the ring and charges at Bayley who in return does the same. Both women engage in a grapple lock as Bayley locks in a bearhug and Brooke tries to fight Bayley off her as best she can. Brooke breaking the lock Bayley had on her connecting a headbutt that sends Bayley stumbling backwards . Brooke wasting no time charges at the stumbling Bayley connecting with a swinging neckbreaker. Bayley dropping down onto the mat as Brooke looks down to her fallen opponent with a cocky smirk as she goes to hook the leg of Bayley to get the pin but Bayley counters with a small package . The referee starts the count but only gets a two count as Brooke kicks out as Bayley slaps the mat with frustration. The crowd cheering and chanting for Bayley trying their best to hype her up as both women square off again. They charge at each other as Bayley gets a frustrated look upon her face going for a german suplex as Btooke is quick to counter as she wastes no time and manages to successfully connect with the butterface maker. Watching Bayley dropping down as Brooke drops down and hooks the leg of Bayley as Asuka tries to make her way into the ring Brie pulls her out by the feet and sends her crashing hard onto the barricade and both women engage in a fight outside the ring . Inside the ring Brooke has the leg of Bayley hooked as she covers her for the pin as the referee drops down and starts the count.




LILIAN GARCIA... "Ladies and gentlemen here are your winners... BROOKE ADAMS AND BRIE BELLA!!!

“ Burning Eyes “ by Christy Hemme once again blaring throughout the entire arena as Brooke celebrates her victory as Brie quickly joins her in the ring and both women celebrate inside the ring as they look down at their fallen opponents and laugh as they hold their arms up in the air happily.


Triple H
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Monday Night Raw is Live....

The fans boo with the entrance music of the Authority hits and Triple H walks out to the ring on his own. The fans continue to boo as Hunter walks down to the ramp in a suit as he had calmly ignored the fans. As Hunter climbs into the ring he picks up a microphone.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "A lot of the time you people claim to say that I don’t know what is best for business. That I am someone who lives to feed his own ego; that I married my way to the top and that I held all of the top talent down so that I could become one of the most decorated champions of all time. Well what I say to that is that you people are bitter. The people that point in my direction and claim I am the one who is at fault are the people that know nothing about wrestling. After all it was me that brought Sting here, it was me that signed talent like AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and the Bullet Club. I was the one that gave you the wrestlemania that you loved this year. Yet because you don’t know what is best for business you don’t know what the right decision is. "

The fans boo this due to the fact that they don’t like how Hunter is talking down to them. Yet at the same time Hunter doesn’t really seem to be bothered by the reaction of the fans.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "A re you done?"

Due to the sheer hatred of the fans at the comment of Triple H to boo again but again Hunter doesn’t seem bothered.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "See what is best for business can sometimes be admitting that you got something wrong. What’s best for business can be admitting your company got something wrong even when you didn’t make the decision. That is what brings us to tonight. A few years ago an up and coming talent was let go by the WWE. They had been told that they didn’t have what it takes to cut it here well tonight I am going to correct that and I would like that man to come out right now."

The fans are seemingly stunned as the lights fade out in the arena.

The fans are stunned as Ethan Carter III walks out onto the ramp in a suit and walks down towards the ring. The fans begin a holy shit chant as Carter who hadn’t been seen in the WWE in years and had never made it to the main roster. Yet when he had gone to TNA he had made a name for himself and he had even won the world title twice despite the fact he had never been pinned to lose the world title as one had been a triple threat and the other had been a last man standing match. As Carter climbs into the ring like Hunter he is handed a microphone. Hunter then crosses the ring to shake hands with the younger man however Carter moves away from him.

ETHAN CARTER III... “What you think I am going to want to shake your hand? You think you can come out here with some fake script that someone else had written for you and pretend like you haven’t been one of the people that had wanted to try and keep me away from this company. After all let’s not forget Mr COO that around the same time you had been establishing your power around here you let me just slip through the net."

The fans begin to cheer this. However Carter cuts them off.

ETHAN CARTER III... “No you people are just as bad as him. I have been around this business for 14 years. I broke into this business in 2002 I scratched and clawed going through developmental territory after territory to prove that I belonged in the sport that I loved. Yet instead all I got from you people was that yo7 wanted to tell me that I couldn’t wrestle. Yet the last time I checked I wasn’t running around in jorts, rapping and kissing ass in the back to try and get a rap career and doing crappy movies like the marine. Yet this year when I got into the ring with John Cena I proved who the actual man was."

The fans then boo this due to the fact that they didn’t like the idea of Carter talking down about one of the top stars over the years and whilst not everyone liked Cena it was one of those things where he had been their guy and didn’t want to have someone knocking him.

ETHAN CARTER III... “You see I didn’t come out ripping my t shirt like Hulk Hogan and I didn’t dance around like a fat slob like the WWE did to Dusty Rhodes. I am not a failed bodybuilder or a model who was looking for a way to have someone swoon over their body. No all I wanted to do was this. I wanted to be the man and I would have done whatever it took to get that chance. Yet instead of being given the chance I was given to NXT. Where it became a joke; that they wanted to have a challenge show to purely waste time on air because they had the TV contract. They wanted you to run all these stupid party games and stupid challenges to have redemption points and votes just so that you people could think that you knew what it was like to make a pro wrestler yet in reality you don’t have a damn clue.”

Again the fans boo as it is clear that they don’t agree with what had been said by Carter. Yet it had been something that they didn’t know how to respond to it. Carter then walks closer to Triple H before he is pretty much standing in front of him.

ETHAN CARTER III... “Yet I am sure that you would say you did me a favour. After all in 919 days in TNA I was never pinned, I was never made to submit. I had two world title reigns in a company that I put across my back. I was endorsed by legends and hall of famers. Hell I beat Sting before your corporate bitch Brock Lesnar beat him at Wrestlemania, I crippled Kurt Angle and I have beaten everyone who was laid in front of me. Hell I even beat the face who runs the place when I beat John Cena. Yet instead you want your part time comedy acts like Dolph Ziggler to win titles because it makes people feel good. I am not here to make people feel good. I am here to be seen for the talent that I am. Yet I can see with that you think I need to do something to prove myself to you, so maybe I should… ”

Carter then takes the microphone and blasts Hunter in the head with the microphone which drops the COO. Carter then pelts the game with the microphone again and again causing the fans to boo. Carter then climbs out of the ring and picks up a steel chair. Carter slides the chair into the ring before following it and pulling the COO up by the ears. Carter then smirks as he hits the one percenter onto the chair. Carter then looks down at the fallen COO before he laughs and leaves the ring.

Silence filled the arena as the Titantron flickers and suddenly comes alive as the fans witness a backstage segment which was streaming live. Behind closed doors, a few crashes and smashes were heard, and a howling scream like death was heard among the living as it crept out from the cracks in the door that were seen standing in front of the camera. The camera itself swung the door open to unwelcomed by furniture being seen smashed, Tables, chair's and picture frames laying beat up on the ground, and what looks like Melina Perez throwing a blond individual across the room like a rag doll. user posted image The fire in Melina's eyes burnt like the fire from a Phoenix rising to the skies, as the camera seemed to stay put, but really wanted to get to the focus on the other individual which by some miracle it happened. Charlotte was seen on the receiving eld of Melina, who was not stopping in her attacks. Melina shouted abuse into the face of Charlotte.

MELINA PEREZ...“PAYBACK came early BITCH! How dare you! How dare you! Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and you! I had Nikki done and out, and you and Brie cost me. I don't care if it was after the match, before the match. It was you. And you know something? I'm going to break you! Then I'll break Brie, and then Nikki. That Title is mine. It belongs to me.”

Melina actually snapped. Grabbing Charlotte by the hair she threw her body up against the wall hard. Charlotte's body quickly ran down the wall before hitting the floor. Security and referees came running and pulled back Melina as the camera stood emotional till turning into darkness.

user posted image

After watching an ah-mazing bout between some of the toughest and best divas RAW has to offer, we come back from commercial break. Everyone in the arena has seen the usual wrestling match, they’ve seen the typical singles match and they want a change, they may even want something weird, and they are about to get it. Lillian Garcia stands up and walks into the ring. Microphone in hand, she raises it and begins to speak.

LILIAN GARCIA..."This match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag-team match. First pair to pin, submit or count out their opponents will be the victors!”

The theme song “Burn” begins to play almost immediately as a large bang and pyro go off throughout the arena. Fans have mixed emotions to Kane coming down to the ring but none the less, he makes his way down pretty emotionless as he does so. He doesn’t look like he want’s to be here, but that’s beside the point. Lillian does her thing, announcing the first man on the scene.

LILIAN GARCIA..."First, coming to us from Parts Unknown is none other than KAAAAANE!”

Kane gets inside the ring and flips his hair out of his face before facing the ramp and looking out, fixing his glove on his right hand. The theme song “LethalX” begins to play and fans are kind of dumbfounded as to why Jay Lethal is the partner to Kane, as both men are total opposites, but none the less they get excited to see Lethal come out when he does, and Lillian introduces him as well.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And his partner, from Elizabeth, New Jersey, JAAAAY LEEEETHAL!”

Jay Lethal runs down the ramp and slides under the ropes and into the ring where he stands beside his partner. Kane looks down at him and shakes his head as both men await their opponents. They don’t have to wait long as the theme song.

“Can You Dig It” begins to play and the fans all get out of their chairs to cheer on Booker T. Booker comes out from behind the scene and all the fans go nuts, chanting his name and cheering him on as Lillian announces the first of two opponents.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And their opponents, first from Houston, Texas is none other than the five time champ…BOOOOOKER T!”

Booker taunts as he comes down the ramp and then stands outside of the ring. Being smart enough to realize that he’s currently outnumbered, Booker continues to stand outside the ring as the theme song.

“Retaliation” begins to play throughout the PA system and the fans continue to go bat s*it crazy for their favourite lunatic Dean Ambrose. Ambrose emerges from the backstage area, a huge grin on his face as he points to Kane and Lethal standing in the ring and then makes his way down the ramp with Lillian welcoming him to the match.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And his tag team partner from Cincinnati, Ohio, he is the Lunatic Fringe, DEEEEEEEAN AMBROSE!”

Ambrose pats Booker T on the back as both men slide into the ring and confront both Kane and Lethal who are not phased by their opponents getting in their faces. As soon as they slide in, the bell rings as both Lethal and Booker exit the ring having Ambrose and Kane start off the match. Kane doesn’t like Ambrose for some reason and begins to show him how he feels by uppercutting him straight in the jaw, sending Ambrose backwards but with all the momentum he was given, Ambrose bounces back and runs into a brick wall aka Kane who stands there with a grin on his face. Kane grabs Ambrose by the head and then again delivers an uppercut that knocks Ambrose to one knee. Somehow the big body of Kane runs from one end of the ring to the other bouncing off the ropes as he follows up his uppercut with a low dropkick to the temple of Dean. As Dean lay motionless on the ground, Kane would roll him over for a super quick pin attempt…




MICHAEL COLE... “If this isn’t the weirdest match I’ve ever seen, I really don’t know what is. Kane and Jay Lethal as partners? Where did creative come up with this stuff? And both Ambrose and Booker look like fish out of water, though I hope Dean has a psychotic break and wants to recreate Harlem Heat!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Do you even hear yourself speak sometimes Michael? C’mon now…Dean isn’t that crazy, though it wouldn’t be the worst thing put on television nowadays. I do agree however that this is some of the weirdest scheduling I’ve seen in a very long time, we’ll see how it pans out.”

After Dean kicks out, Kane rolls off of him and up to one knee, looking at the ref who signals for the two count. Kane isn’t happy about this and picks Dean up by his head, forcing him into the corner where Lethal is tagged in. Everyone cheers a bit more as Lethal begins his onslaught of punches, chops and kicks to the body before finishing it off with a high kick to the head forcing Dean to fall down to the mat. Lethal goes to capitalize by trying to deliver another knee to the face but this time Dean rolls out of the way just in the knick of time. Dean rushes over to his corner where he tags in Booker T by diving to the corner, and Booker comes in like a fire was lit. Booker delivers a shoulderblock to a running Lethal followed up by a chop to the chest and once more with a kick to the gut. Booker then lifted Lethal up slightly and then bounced off the ropes and delivers a huge scissorkick to the chest forcing Lethal to the mat. Booker T went for the quick pin to retaliate for the pin attempt by Kane earlier in the match…




NO! Luckily Lethal got his arm up just in time for the ref to break the count up and give time for the men to separate. Lethal slowly got to his feet as Booker tried to mark him as a dead man, but he miscalculated his time as Kane interfered with a running big boot knocking Booker down to the mat with a thud. Ambrose wasn’t happy with the interference so he decided to run in and try to take care of the demon himself, which wouldn’t pan out well. Dean went for a clothesline but Kane ducked under Dean’s arm and then delivered another boot to the head of Dean almost taking it clean off. Both men lay on the mat as Kane would get on the apron just in time for Lethal to tag him in. Kane would enter the ring once more and pick-up Booker T. Kane signalled for the end of the match with his signature cutthroat taunt and then grabbed Booker by the throat. However the turning point in this match would come soon after as Booker would reverse the choke, kick Kane in the gut multiple times before running off of the ropes and delivering his finishing move The Scissor Kick! Dean however didn’t want the match to end, so he tagged himself in and actually dragged Kane over to his corner to let Lethal in the match. Lethal fell for the crazy tactic as he ran into the ring guns blazing but was baited into a devastating Dirty Deeds! Dean laughed, pointed at Booker and went for the pin attempt…




Dean stole a win as Booker shook his head on the apron, agitated at what just transpired in the match. Lillian got out of her seat with a smile on her face as she announced the end of the match.

LILIAN GARCIA..."The winners of this match, Dean Ambrose and Booker T!”

The theme song “Retaliation” began to play again throughout the arena as Dean looked at Booker and gave him a thumbs up and shrugged before rolling out of the ring and darting up the ramp, avoiding exchanging words with Booker. Booker on the other hand looked ticked off and almost looked like a man on a mission as he ran up the ramp after Dean, hoping to get some answers on why he stole the win. As for Kane and Lethal, they were both slowly getting up as the camera slowly faded off to commercial break.

Silence filled the arena as "The Man in Me" by Dale Oliver was heard escaping the speakers.

The WWE stood and looked onto the stage area to see Dixie Carter walking comfortably out from behind the curtains with her healthy heart warmth smile on her face. Without stopping, Dixie continued her walk down the ramp towards the ring, where she then skipped up the steel steps and went through the ropes. Being given a microphone, Dixie made her stand in the middle of the ring and looked out into the abyss of WWE fans.

Without waiting for silence, Dixie brought the microphone to her lips and spoke in a tone that seemed to address a given situation that was witnessed early on in the evening by Melina Perez and Charlotte.

user posted image

DIXIE CARTER...“Earlier tonight the whole WWE witnessed an attacked that not only cost a valuable match at Payback. But also took out an individual who was going to be a part of Payback event. Now! Some would say it would be in best interested to postpone the match till Charlotte is fit enough to fight Nikki Bella as she earned that right at Wrestlemania. But if you don't know me by now. I don't care what you think. And to be honest, Charlotte should have been much tougher to fight back and not allow herself to get hurt so bad. In fact, I still wanting this Divas Title match to happen. Whether Nikki has to face a whole army or a gorilla. Nikki Bella is still going to have to compete and put her title on the line at PayBack.”

Dixie smiled as the fans seemed to boo at her comment she just made. Dixie was her own boss and did not care what others thought. In fact, her whole mindset was to please herself and nobody else. This did not stop there.

DIXIE CARTER...“I start by bringing out the Diva who caused all this and that is Melina Perez.”

"Paparazzi" by Jim Johnston was heard escaping the speakers.

user posted image

As Melina simply walked onto the stage area, she continued her way down to the ring. She never stopped until she skipped up the steel steps and went throw the ropes and quickly grabbed a microphone before getting into the face of Dixie Carter, who seemed to look unimpressed with how close Melina was to her. Just inches apart was seen with Melina bringing the microphone up and speaking loud and clear.

MELINA PEREZ... "What are you going to do huh? Fire me? Yeah right! You and I both know why I did it. I warned everyone earlier before the attack I was going to get Payback, and I decided to do it earlier. You really can't get it into that skull of yours that I should be standing here Divas Champion. ME! Instead, I'm standing with nothing. So what huh? Tell me Dixie!!!”

Melina paused for a second as a smile was seen on the face of Dixie. Melina was no threat to her, and she did not care what Melina had to say.

Still with that Dixie smile, Dixie brought her microphone to her lips.

DIXIE CARTER...“Well, Darling, that is simple. You are suspended till after Payback. No money, and when you get back. I'm placing you this little tournament match I'm starting up, and I hope and pray you will get hurt that you suffer pain that will eat you alive and drown you. And let me make something clear to you! IF! You go anywhere near Payback or the competitors that will be in the match. I will make you wait so long for a Title match you will be in your coffin. OH! What you thought I would give you the spot? What are you going to do huh? CRY! Yeah, Cry and run to Triple H and Stephanie. I don't care. And I certainly don't answer to them and their little brand Raw. I'm bigger than that, And I can do whatever I like to any Diva. You see Melina. You caused me to make a difficult decision because you took out the number one contender Charlotte. Which Nikki thought she would have it easy and not have to compete. Well, I think Nikki needs a reality check. You will NEVER get it easy with me. Please sit up and put your hearing aid on and remove your head out of whoever backside your licking and wake up. Because I've decided to put another diva in Charlottes place. Aww poor Nikki, now she is going to cry. MAN UP Nikki and be a fighter, not a Diva. This Diva.... is somebody who I feel like the genuine talent. Who shines out from everyone else. And not forgetting has an answer for me.”

Dixie turned to face the WWE and continued.

DIXIE CARTER...“An answer that I know for a fact it will be agreed so I'm just going to accept the yes because I don't take NO! So before I announce this exciting news. Please, can security remove Melina, and make sure she leaves the building.”

A few commercial breaks were seen, and the camera switched back to Dixie Carter in the ring holding a piece of paper. Swaying it to the fans Dixie then removed one hand and spoke.

DIXIE CARTER...“Ladies and Gentleman. Let me intorduce the Diva who's signed this contract. And who will be facing Nikki Bella at Packback!!!”

Dixie turned and looked up towards the stage area as so did the fans. A ROAR was heard as...

Time To Rise by CFO$ was heard. Eva Marie along with Nia Jax strolled effortless onto the stage area and posed.

user posted image

Both Eva and Nia smiled and taunted the fans as they made their way towards Dixie Carter, who just stood with a pretend smile. Dixie certainly did not care for Eva or Nia, but it was a good idea to have Divas likes those two standing and watching her back, even if Dixie felt deep inside herself they did nothing to help.

Eva and Nia stood near Dixie as Dixie spoke.

DIXIE CARTER...“My Darlings. See I told you! You scratch my back I'll make you go straight to the top. Now Eva it will be you going up against Nikki Bella. And you Nia Jax! Of course! Before you ask. You can accompany Eva down to the ring. We need this a fair match, and nothing to go wrong. So with Payback taken care off. Nikki crying because she thought she would have an easy ride. And Melina suspended till after the Payback. Victory and not forgetting fantastic ideas of mine.”

Dixie placed herself in between Nia and Eva and raised their arms as the scene faded out and went to a WWE break.

The lights dim in the arena as the titantron comes to life. A video package starts playing to the WWE universe. ‘Scorched Ops’ is heard in the background as a message appears on the screen.


After the words fade away, the music dims down and now you see Taeler Hendrix and Truth Martini on the screen. They are standing in front of a H.O.T logo. After a few brief silent moments, Truth Martini starts to speak.

TRUTH MARTIN...“Hello WWE Universe! For those of you who do not know me, I am Truth Martini…Life intervention expert. I started the House of Truth and my first member is this lovely lady standing next to me…Taeler Hendrix.

Taeler winks into the camera before Truth resumes speaking.

TRUTH MARTIN...“We are coming to you today to spread the word about the House of Truth. We may be small in numbers now…but I have a VERY strong feeling…we will soon grow.

user posted image

TRUTH MARTIN...“ Our vision is bold but also attainable. We will soon TAKE OVER this place and have everything we need in the palm of our hands.

TAELER HENDRIX...“ I use to be a ‘One Girl Revolution’ but Truth Martini helped me realize that I am not a strong female character in some stupid made for TV Disney movie. He opened my eyes and now…I never felt better.

user posted image

TRUTH MARTIN...“ If anyone out there wants to join us before our rise to the top…now is the time. Real soon, the door will be closed and you will be left behind with everyone else.

TRUTH MARTIN...“I am not a hard man to find…so to anyone who wants to…talk…feel free to track me down. To anyone else, if you arent with us then I assume you are against us. The Truth hurts sometimes…

Truth Martini starts to laugh as Taeler smirks. After a few moments the scene fades to a new message as ‘Scorched Ops’ begins playing again.


Eventually the words and music fade away and the video package ends, as RAW continues on.

user posted image

A short manic laugh escaped the speakers, and a cold shiver was felt with the lights turning a cold shade of blue. It's then two individuals walked onto the stage. A microphone in one of the person's hands. Bringing it up and speaking, it was evident it was male.

TRUTH MARTIN...“The house of truth have arrived to save you all. The House of Truth as answered your call. I'm the power that holds the Truth. I will make it my mission...”

Without a moment's hesitation, a siren was heard with some bass noise followed by the two individuals pulling back their hoods and ripping off their coats before throwing them to the side. The male did another manic laugh and Taeler Hendrix jumped into the air and high-fived the male.

TRUTH MARTIN...“I'm Truth Martin along with Taeler Hendrix. And we are THE HOUSE OF TRUTH.”

A crazy beat was heard, and the fans seem to move to the rhythm as Truth and Taeler made their way down to the ring with Lillian Garcia making the introductions.

LILIAN GARCIA..."This next match is scheduled for one fall and is a singles competition. First to the ring, and accompanied by Truth Martin. TAELER HENDREX!!!!”

Taeler entered the ring, as Truth was seen outside the ring holding a book of truth.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... “Well Cole. I do believe that book will safe us all, and show us the truth. I really think we should join the House of Truth.”

MICHAEL COLE... “Well not if we got to do that crazy dance I'm not.”

Returning back to the ring Taeler was shouting at the WWE fans to be quite. She was ready for her opponent. And she got her wish as “Holler” was heard.

The WWE fans went nuts as Kelly Kelly walked on stage and stopped for a quick pose to the cheering fans. Nobody could ever hate this Diva as she seemed so cute. Making her way down the ramp Kelly waved and made a physical connection with the fans before skipping up the steel steps. Before reaching Truth Martin grabbed her hand and showed her the book. Kelly snatched the book and threw into where the fans whereas she wriggled her booty into the face of Truth. Lillian Garcia made the finishing speech to this match.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And making her way down to the ring, KELLY KELLY”

Kelly got into the ring and climbed the corner post. She waved and blew a few kisses to the fans before jumping and looking at Taeler, who seemed unimpressed to what Kelly had just done. Truth shouted as Lillian got out and the referee signalled for the match.


JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... “Well here we go Cole. Already Kelly showing she's not going to be told who to alliance herself with.”

MICHAEL COLE... “I'm sure Taeler will show her the truth JBL. We all need to be saved!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... “Saved? Yeah from you Cole.”

Both Kelly and Taeler circled the ring before meeting up in the middle with both Divas having a powerful lockup with the other. It was Taeler who hit first with a knee to Kelly's midsection which seemed sturdy. Truth clapped as Taeler then grabbed the arm of Kelly and applied an Arm Wringer to Kelly's arm Kelly was seen trying to fight out of the hold as Taeler put more power into the hold and walked Kelly over to a corner post. Kelly climbed the ropes and walked along the top rope before doing a front forward flip which sent Taeler doing a flip onto her back. Both Kelly and Taeler were up, and it was Kelly who ran at Taeler to perform a Monkey flip which again sent Taeler on her back. Truth seemed to be angry and yelling at the referee who did nothing but focus on the match. Kelly then went for a pin.




JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... “Oh praise the lord if that was a three. Taeler? That was too close.”

MICHAEL COLE... “Oh paise the Truth... Praiser Kelly Kelly the delous Diva.”

Again the action was seen with Kelly then grabbing the hair of Taeler and going for some head shots. This was not allowing Taeler to get any moves out. But saying that the referee removed Kelly away from Taeler who quickly got to her feet and ran at Kelly with a close line. Kelly went down, and Taeler went for a pin




Taeler grabbed part of Kelly's hair and wrapped Kelly's long blond hair around her own throat. The referee was seen warning Taeler, who did not care. Kelly was struggling to breathe and after a short few more moments Taeler released the grip and Kelly fell to the mat. Taeler again was the first to her feet with Kelly trying to aid herself up with help from the ropes. Taeler then went for a Hair Toss that sent Kelly flying across the ring. Taeler looked pleased with herself, as Truth smiled. Kelly held onto her hair as the referee was seen checking on here. Taeler just posed for the crowd before going for another pin.




Another two count was seen as Kelly kicked out with all her strength. Taeler screamed at the referee as Kelly rolled out of the ring. Truth smiled as he was about to walk over to where Kelly stood. The barrier was her aid. As Truth inched near. A person from the midst of the crowd wearing a black cloak grabbed Kelly Kelly and started to strangle her with some rope. The hood was too far over the face for anybody to see who it was. And for extra security, A Ying and Yang mask was also placed on the person's face. But while this was happening Truth stood with a smile. Taeler grabbed the attention of the referee, and more pressure was applied to Kelly from the figure in the black cloak. This was serious as Kelly was fading out. A scream from the majority of fans was heard as from behind the individual as AJ Lee was seen with a steel chair. Swinging the chair in the direction of the individual Truth shouts and the persona released the string from around Kelly's throat and moved quickly. The steel chair slammed onto the barricade and Kelly fell. The referee turned, and AJ dropped the chair quickly and screamed. Nothing was seen as the individual run into the midst of the crowd and Truth pretended to look innocent. Taeler got out and grabbed Kelly and tossed her back inside the ring. Kelly was not looking good as Taeler went for a pin




Kelly got her arm up, and AJ Lee was seen screaming. Taeler picked up Kelly, and it was then deep down in Kelly's gut she connect with a K2. Down went Taeler and Kelly went for a quick pin before Truth had time to think.




The match was ended as Kelly Kelly rolled out and was met by AJ Lee. Truth got in, and Lillian announced the winner.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Here is your winner KELLY KELLY!!!!

AJ Lee helped Kelly up the ramp as Truth was seen exploding. The camera faded out with the focus on Kelly and AJ smiling.


Triple H
 Posted: Jun 4 2016, 07:13 AM

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Monday Night Raw is Live....

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Monday Night Raw returns from a commercial break, and we are set for action for another WWE title QUALIFIER Match. And we are getting closer to find out which four superstars are going to advance to the main event as Lilian is already in the ring and ready to introduce the superstars for the next match.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall, and is a WWE championship qualifier match! Whomever pins, submits or counts out their opponent first will advance to the main event of the evening!”

“Worlds Apart” blasts in the arena. The crowd erupts as Sami Zayn struts his way out to the ring and throws his arms up listening to the fans.

MICHAEL COLE... "Here we go, ladies and Gentlemen. It is time to find out who will advance to the main event between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, which will be an exciting match for the WWE Universe to enjoy."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Well Michael, for once I agree with you but Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have a lot of history with each other over the years, and tonight they are going to open up another character in their rivalry."

LILIAN GARCIA..." Introducing First from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at two hundred twelve pounds SAMI ZAYN!!!!!

Sami smiled and walked down the ramp dancing and moving his head to his theme music before climbing to the apron. He continued to nod his head before stepping in and climbing the turnbuckle. He just listened to the fans before jumping down and removing his jacket. As Zayn waited in the ring for his opponent theme to hit but it takes bit longer than normal.

MICHAEL COLE... "What is going on here? Where is Kevin Owens, I know we saw him earlier with Triple H and Batista at the start of Raw. "

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Hold your horses Michael, I am sure Kevin Owens is here, and it is just taking him longer to make the long walk from his dressing room to the ring."

"King of Kings" hits over the p.a system again. With that, the entire crowd is on their feet and responds with a chorus of boos! Hunter, Stephanie, Kevin Owens along with four big security guards all walk out from the backstage area. The fans get even louder with their reaction. The majority of what makes up the Authority stand together upon the entrance ramp all are smiling ear to ear. Triple H and Stephanie stand in the middle as Triple H now brings the microphone up to his mouth, and as his music fades out, and begins to speak.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... “Hold it. Hold it. Hold it right there Sami Zayn and don't move a single muscle. I know you have came to Raw tonight to compete in a match against Kevin Owens but unfortunately that is not going to happen at least not with you, and Kevin Owens is not ready to compete right this second, therefore he is not ready to compete tonight."

MICHAEL COLE... “YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! The COO is really pushing his weight around here tonight. It looks like Kevin Owens can't compete here tonight all thanks to Triple H!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Shut Up Michael!, I am sure there is a good reason behind it."

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... “Sami Zayn, since I am a fair guy, and I am the one runs things around here, which allows me to make good decisions, which benefits the WWE. This is what I am going to do, you will compete tonight it just won't be against Kevin Owens these people deserve better than that, and you deserve better than that and since Kevin Owens can't compete with you, and you win this Match by a forfeit, and you have advanced to the main event to compete for the richest title in our business today the WWE Championship."

MICHAEL COLE... “It is a damn Shame Sami Zayn wins over Kevin Owens by a forfeit, and Kevin Owens took the easy way out of it tonight.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... “I am not done with you yet Sami Zayn, and if you fail to win tonight and don't leave here with the WWE Championship, then at Payback. You will have one more opportunity at Payback with Bad news Barnett for The WWE Intercontinental Championship, and that can only happen if you and Bad News Barrett failed yourself and not leave Monday Night Raw as the WWE Champion to take on Brock Lesnar with that being said good luck in the main event."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”What an announcement by the Greatest COO on the Planet today and the Main Event just got a lot more interesting.

With that "King of Kings" hits over the p.a system again. The Fans are excited as ever with the main event getting closer especially after the big announcement by Triple H as, he and his wife and the rest of the Authority members turned back around and heads backstage and Monday Night Raw fades to another commercial time out.

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"Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour hits the PA system as CM Punk walks out from behind the curtain, ready to compete for a chance to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Punk begins walking to the ring at a steady pace as shortly, he slides in just as Lillian Garcia begins.

LILIAN GARCIA..."The following match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will compete later on tonight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, from Chicago Illinois, weighing in at 218 pounds ... CM PUNK!!!

CM Punk raises his hands in the air, signaling to the fans that he will be the champion by nights end. Just as he gets done gesturing to his waist, "I Walk Alone" by Saliva begins playing.

Dave Batista walks out behind the curtain and immediately begins pointing at CM Punk, while walking towards him and the ring. Batista seems ready to go.

LILIAN GARCIA..." And his opponent, from Washington, DC and weighing in at 278 pounds ... DAVE BATISTA!!!

The crowd lets out mixed reactions as Dave Batista slides into the ring and the bell sounds.


CM Punk and Batista meet in the middle of the ring and immediately lock up. Batista immediately uses his power and reverses the neutral lock up into a standing headlock. The headlock lasts for a few moments before Punk backs Batista up against the ropes. Punk sends Batista to the opposite ropes and as Batista bounces off, he takes down Punk with a hard shoulder tackle. Batista then hops onto Punk and puts him in a seated headlock, trying to wear him down. Punk's shoulders hits the mat as the referee counts.

ONE ...


MICHAEL COLE... " Winner of this match will fight for the World Championship, Punk isn't just going to give up that easily.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” Well, he should, Michael. Save himself the embarrassment.

CM Punk fights to get back to his feet as he backs Batista into the turnbuckle and begins driving his shoulder repeatedly into his midsection. As Batista bends down to recover from the blows, Punk delivers several knees to Batista's chest. Batista starts fighting out of the turnbuckle with right hand shots to Punk's face but Punk ducks one of them. As he turns back around, Batista is there to meet him with a kick to the midsection. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb but Punk rolls down Batista's back and rolls out of the ring for a minute to recuperate. Punk points to Batista, ordering him to back up and as Punk gets on the apron, Batista charges at him. Punk counters by hanging Batista up on the top rope. Punk then rolls into the ring and clotheslines Batista down to the mat. Batista gets back up and Punk goes for another clothesline but Batista ducks. Batista then kicks Punk in the midsection and goes for a Batista Bomb once again. Punk again falls down Triple H's back and when Batista turns around, Punk lifts him up. GO TO SLEEP! Punk goes for the cover on Batista.




MICHAEL COLE... "Wow, what a surprisingly kick ending to this match. Punk looks like he will be well rested for the main event later on tonight!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Punk stole this match, Cole, what were you watching? There's no way he will have another fluke tonight.

LILIAN GARCIA..." Ladies and gentleman, the winner of this match ... CM PUNK!!!

The scene goes to a commercial break with CM Punk having his arm raised by the referee, knowing he will advance to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of tonight's show.

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LILIAN GARCIA..."The following match is the New Day Invitational tag team match for one fall. All six men will be in the ring and there are no disqualifications.”

Gotch and English come out to a mixed reaction from the fans yet neither man seems bothered as they make their way down to the ring with the usual theatrics of both men.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Introducing first weighing in at 436 pounds Aiden English and Simon Gotch the Vaudevillains.”

MICHAEL COLE... "Here is a team that we know can win titles John. Former NXT tag team champions I think that they have a hell of a chance in this match”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”I have to agree Michael. The amount of talent we have seen come in from NXT in just the past year there is no denying their talent. Of course both of the other teams aren’t slouches either. I think that the no disqualification stipulation is going to be a factor as well.”

LILIAN GARCIA..."And their opponents introducing first at a combined weight of 523 pounds MVP and Bobby Lashley the Beat Down Clan!”

The fans boo as Lashley and MVP come out onto the ramp as the anthem plays. However the two men cockily swagger down to the ring which seemingly doesn’t endear them to English and Gotch who come out of the ring to brawl with one of their opposing teams.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” Well it looks like we are underway whether the Bullet Club are out here or not Michael. This is going to be a bar fight.”

MICHAEL COLE... "That certainly looks to be the way John.”

The two teams continue brawling with each other as English has paired off with MVP in the ring. However Lashley looks to have the advantage over Gotch on the floor. However as Lashley looks to spear the 19th century based strongman he moves out of the way only for Lashley to go shoulder first into the ring steps.

MICHAEL COLE... "That was a tough break for Lashley he could have blown out a shoulder there.”

Gallows and Anderson then come out with one of their opponents down. Gotch quickly climbs into the ring to help English try and finish off MVP quickly with a neckbreaker / powerbomb combination. However Gallows and Anderson are already in the ring before anyone can make a cover.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” With all three teams in the ring it looks like now we have a fight.”

With the BDC momentarily both down Gallows and Anderson are brawling with English and Gotch with neither team looking like they are going to back down from the fight. Gallows is able to throw Gotch out of the ring before English is thrown into the corner by Anderson to be followed up by a running jumping forearm and is thrown out of the corner to be met by the big boot of Gallows. However Gotch and Lashley have been able to get back into the ring where Lashley squared off with Gallows and Gotch squared off with Anderson. As MVP had been able to get back up to his feet to help Lashley brawl with Gallows; however as they try to double suplex him it is clear to see Gallows is too big and powerful. However after a low blow by Aiden English who had been able to get back to his feet the BDC are able to suplex Gallows.

MICHAEL COLE... "I am surprised to see the BDC and English and Gotch are working together John.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” I think that the Bullet Club have annoyed both teams so much that there is going to be hatred there. Or it could just be down to the fact of are they seen as the biggest threat as they are 3 time IWGP tag team champions.”

Gotch then throws Anderson shoulder first into the ring post before the Vaudevillains and the BDC begin brawling with each other instead. Lashley then goes to hit a running powerslam on Gotch however English pulls his partner down the back side of the destroyer who they side step as he charges at them and he goes over the top rope. Gotch then follows Lashley out of the ring and throws him head first off of the ring post. However as Gotch turns around he is picked up by Luke Gallows as Gallows and Anderson hit the boot of doom on the floor to Gotch dropping him face first into the guard rail. However as they turn around they are both speared through the barricade by Lashley. The fans begin shouting as both members of the Bullet Club are in agony on the floor.

MICHAEL COLE... "Lashley just took out both members of the Bullet Club”

Back in the ring English is going for a one man whirling dervish on MVP. However before he can hit the neck breaker MVP pushes him away and into another spear by Lashley.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”How the hell did Lashley get back in the ring? He just had his bell rung by the ring post and he put bullet club through a barricade.”

MVP then drops down and covers English.




LILIAN GARCIA..."Here are your winners Bobby Lashley and MVP. The Beat Down Clan.

user posted image

As we return from commercial break, "Worlds Apart" by CFO$ hits the PA system and Sami Zayn steps out from behind the curtain with his hat on. Zayn begins dancing down the ramp as the crowd cheers for him.

LILIAN GARCIA..."The following match is a fatal 4 way match, scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at 212 pounds ... SAMI ZAYN!

Sami Zayn rolls into the ring and as he does, "The Truth Reigns" by Jim Johnston plays.

Roman Reigns steps out from behind the curtain to a mixed reaction from the fans as Sami Zayn paces around the ring, waiting for him to enter. Reigns walks down the ramp and just as he slides into the ring, Lillian Garcia speaks.

LILIAN GARCIA..." And his opponents, first, from Pensacola, Florida, weighing in at 280 pounds ... ROMAN REIGNS!

Roman Reigns raises his hands above his head as the mixed reaction continues following his introduction. As Reigns walks over to the corner opposite Zayn, "Rebel Son" by CFO$ plays over the loud speaker.

Bad News Barrett walks out from behind the curtain with his cape on as the crowd drowns out his music with a chorus of boos. Barrett stops at the beginning of the ramp as he squats down and flips his cape off his shoulders while yelling "BOOM"! Barrett slowly walks towards the ring, laughing and mouthing off to the crowd on the way down.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Coming to the ring, from Preston, England, weighing in at 245 pounds ... BAD NEWS BARRETT!

As BNB slides into the ring, his music stops playing and is soon replaced by "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour.

CM Punk walks out from the backstage area to a mixed reaction from the crowd. As he gets to the middle of the entrance ramp, he takes a knee. He then screams out "IT'S CLOBBERIN' TIME!". He then rises back to his feet, spinning around quickly to read the words "Best In The World" on his T-shirt.

LILIAN GARCIA..." And lastly, making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 218 pounds ... CM PUNK!

As CM Punk slides into the ring and walks over to the only vacated turnbuckle, the announcers take over.

MICHAEL COLE... " Remember, ladies and gentlemen, the rules of this match are simple. All 4 competitors will begin in the ring at the same time. The match will be fought with no countouts and the first person to gain pinfall or submission inside the ring will be declared the winner!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”The match will be no disqualification as well, meaning chairs ladders, tables are perfectly legal. This could get messy.


The match begins as CM Punk quickly rolls out of the ring, hoping the other 3 fighters wear each other down. Zayn and Reigns also roll out to get Punk back in, not wanting him to be able to preserve his energy. Punk immediately turns towards Zayn and throws a right hand before Reigns comes from behind and throws him into the ring. As Punk enters, he is immediately met with a big boot from Barrett and falls back outside the ring. Reigns rolls in the ring as Barrett connects with a right hand. Reigns responds with an uppercut before Barrett knees him in the midsection and throws him through the second rope. Zayn hops up onto the apron as Barrett walks over to him. Zayn immediately hangs Barrett up on the top rope and slides into the ring. As Barrett comes to, Zayn kicks him in the stomach but Barrett responds with hard rights that force Zayn to roll out. Barrett, now alone, climbs through the ropes and follows Zayn to the outside. Barrett picks up Zayn and appears to try to bounce him off the barricade but Zayn slides down Barrett's back and pushes him into the steel ring post. Zayn then slides back in where Reigns is waiting. Zayn and Reigns begin exchanging punches and as Zayn staggers, Reigns runs and bounces off the ropes. Zayn catches him with a standing dropkick as Punk rolls back into the ring and immediately jumps on Reigns, going for a cover.

ONE ...

TWO ...


MICHAEL COLE... " Punk trying to steal a victory, but Reigns is just able to kick out!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” Look at Punk, trying to steal a victory for the 2nd time tonight!

As Reigns kicks out, Punk rolls back out of the ring once again, clearly trying to let the other superstars do all the work and reap the reward, while continuing to stay fresh. Zayn turns back around and continues to work on Reigns with punches and kicks. Zayn bounces off the ropes but when he returns to Reigns, Reigns connects with a Samoan drop. Punk slides back in, looking to go for another pinfall but before the referee can begin the count, Reigns notices and lifts Punk up off the mat. Reigns begins punching Punk and yelling at him for attempting to take advantage of Reigns move. As Punk staggers, Reigns bounces off the ropes and ends up clotheslining Punk and himself over the top rope and to the outside. As Zayn climbs to his feet just in time to watch them hit the outside, he turns around to notice that Barrett has rolled back into the ring, with his arm guard rolled down his arm. Zayn walks right into a BULL HAMMER! Before Barrett can go for a pinfall, Zayn is able to roll out of the ring, to the dismay of Barrett who quickly follows him to the outside. Barrett notices Reigns returning to his feet as he Irish whips him shoulder first into the steel steps. Barrett focuses his attention back onto Zayn who is still trying to recuperate from the Bull Hammer. Barrett grabs Zayn by the neck and drags him up against the ring apron and proceeds to chop him across the chest before rolling him back into the ring. Barrett follows Zayn into the ring and immediately goes for a quick clothesline. Zayn ducks the clothesline and with Barrett's back still turned, lifts him up for a Blue Thunder Bomb. The referee goes down to count the pinfall.

ONE ...

TWO ...


MICHAEL COLE... " Oh, I thought Zayn had it there!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” In this type of match, nothing is ever a sure thing!

As Punk picks Zayn up, Barrett rolls out of the ring. Punk kicks Zayn in the midsection and then Irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Punk delivers a high knee to Zayn's face before sending him into the opposite turnbuckle. Zayn explodes out of the turnbuckle and hits Punk with a clothesline. Punk gets right back up but is taken down with a clothesline again. Punk again gets right back up as he goes for a clothesline of his own before Zayn ducks and hooks his arms around Punk, connecting with a half and half suplex. Zayn follows Punk across the ring as he looks to setup an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle. Punk counters and sends Zayn flying over the top rope. He walks around the ring, trying to shake off the onslaught of moves but as he turns around, he notices Reigns standing on the apron. Punk charges at Reigns but Reigns ducks a punch and shoulders Punk in the ribs. Punk staggers back into the middle of the ring as Reigns climbs through the rope. Punk again charges at Reigns but is immediately taken down with a Samoan drop. Reigns helps Punk get back to his feet as he backs him into the corner and repeatedly clotheslines him up against the turnbuckle. As Reigns finishes the series of clotheslines, Barrett slides back into the ring and grabs Reigns from behind, spinning him around. Barrett lifts Reigns up and bounces him off the ropes before performing a backbreaker. Barrett immediately goes for the cover.

ONE ...

TWO ...


MICHAEL COLE... "Punk dives on top of Barrett, saving the matchup.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” Punk definitely isn't doing Reigns any favors, he just wants to be able to survive himself.

While Barrett is still on his knees from the attempted pinfall, Punk begins raining down on Barrett with a series of knees to his face. Punk sprints to the ropes and bounces off but Barrett has returned to his feet as Punk runs directly into a spinning side slam. Before Barrett can take advantage, Reigns spins him around and kicks him in the midsection several times before attempting to Irish whip him into the turnbuckle. Barrett reverses the Irish whip and charges at Reigns. Reigns moves out of the way as Barrett crashes chest first. Reigns then charges at the ropes himself and as Barrett turns around, Reigns flies at him and connects with a leaping clothesline. Reigns helps Barrett to his feet, sending him into the ropes and lining him up for a tilt-a-whirl slam. Barrett reverses by falling down Reigns' back, pushing him into the turnbuckle. Barrett then charges at Reigns and connects with a big boot into the corner. Reigns staggers out of the turnbuckle as Barrett hooks him for a pumphandle falling powerslam. Reigns slips out of it and pushes Barrett away from him. As Barrett turns back around, Reigns charges at him. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Reigns sets up in the corner, looking to possibly go for a spear attempt. As he waits for Barrett to return to his feet, Zayn slides into the ring. Reigns charges toward Zayn going for the spear on him instead but Zayn dives over Reigns' attempt, hooking his arms around his waist and connecting with a sunset flip powerbomb. Zayn then goes for the pin.

ONE ...

TWO ...


MICHAEL COLE... " Reigns is just able to kick out at the count of 2. Zayn was this close to becoming the new WWE Champion.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” What a match! There's so much at stake here!

As Zayn returns to his feet, Barrett begins charging at him and connects with another BULL HAMMER! The impact sends Zayn flying outside the ring as Barrett focuses his attention onto Reigns. Barrett helps Reigns return to his feet and connects with a rotating vertical suplex. Barrett then sets up for a Bull Hammer, waiting for Reigns to get back up. When he does, Barrett charges at him but Reigns ducks, running into the ropes. SUPERMAN PUNCH! Barrett goes flying out of the ring. Reigns turns back around but Zayn charges at him with a leg lariat. Zayn returns to his feet without realizing that Punk has recovered. Punk immediately kicks Zayn in the head before lifting him up and connecting with a GO TO SLEEP! Punk falls down into a cover.

ONE ...

TWO ...


MICHAEL COLE... " What the hell!? Batista!? Where did he come from? Punk had this match won!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” Serves Punk right! The way he stole the match from Batista earlier, we all should have expected something like this to happen!

Batista grabs Punk from around the neck and proceeds to slam his shoulder first into the barricade numerous times. Back in the ring, Reigns has returned back to his feet as Zayn attempts to come to. Zayn staggers around the ring for a moment before turning around as Reigns charges at him. SPEAR! Reigns immediately goes for a cover.





MICHAEL COLE... " New champion! New champion! Reigns has outlasted everyone and he now heads to Payback with the title! What a match!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...” Any body but Punk! Reigns did exactly what I would have done, take advantage of someone else's misfortune. That's a champion we need in this business!

Roman Reigns returns to his feet with a smile on his face as the referee raises his hand in victory. With his other hand, Reigns points toward the announcers table, motioning for someone to bring him his newly won title. The camera pans over but only to see BROCK LESNAR has climbed over the barricade and taken the World Championship from the table. Reigns immediately drops his arms and begins yelling at Lesnar, demanding the title. Lesnar stares at Reigns and alternates his focus between him and the championship. Paul Heyman can now be seen standing next to Lesnar as he motions towards Reigns that he now has to deal with him at Payback. Reigns, not scared one bit, invites Lesnar to enter the ring where he can forcefully take the title from him. As Lesnar hops up onto the ring apron, he is immediately met with a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Lesnar then drops the title into the ring before falling off the apron, to the outside of the ring. Reigns picks up the championship and pleads for Lesnar to come back into the ring to fight some more. As Lesnar begins charging back toward the ring, Heyman cuts him off.

PAUL HEYMAN... " Brock, Brock, remember what Hunter said earlier! You're gonna lose your title match! It's not worth it, you'll get your chance at Payback!

Brock Lesnar, normally not one to follow rules and obviously wants to get his hands on Reigns after the Superman punch. Lesnar turns around and out of frustration begins tearing apart the announce table, slamming the cameras down to the ground, smashing them. The show comes to an end as Reigns can be seen holding the title over his head, still begging for Lesnar to enter the ring.


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