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Reborn Matt Sydal
 Posted: Nov 11 2017, 06:15 PM
Reborn Matt Sydal years old, played by
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Wrestlers Name:
(Real Name: Matthew Joseph Korklan Ring Name: Matt Sydal( 2003-2007, 2014-present) Evan Bourne( 2008-2013) MATT( 2000-2002) Lance Sydal( 1998-2000)
( The Hardcore Luchador( 1998-2000 )
Cocky Coverboy ( 2004-2006) Air Bourne( 2008-present) Reborn/Rebourne( 2014-present) Hometown:
( Clearwater Tampa Florida)
(5 ft 8 )
(165 lbs( lightest) 185 lbs( heaviest))
(fan favorite but has rivalries and alliances on both sides)
Theme Music:
(Answer Here)



( user posted image)


Moveset/abilities various strikes- south paw strikes educated feet and knees very skilled at chain/catch wrestling resiliency and durability various pins- single arm schoolboy jack-knife bridge kneeling preceded by a knee drop wheelbarrow-victory roll backslide pin( preceded by a tigerspin, sometimes) Sui-Sydal/ Homi-sydal ), Cradle back to belly pile driver adopted from Jerry Lynn crucifix crucifix-sunset flip/ sunset flip powerbomb various submissions- seated octopus stretch + abdominal stretch boston crab half boston crab romero surfboard stretch headscissors headscissors + cross armbreaker standing-flying cross armbreaker various hammerlock, wristlock and arm lock variants various knee and leg breakers Boston crab half boston crab modified boston crab + backbreaker surfboard submission Favorite Moves (Minimum 5, no finishers): 1. Meteora( adopted with permission from Kudo)- diving to standing opponent slingshot in ring to standing opponent running-flying to seated or kneeling opponent plancha out of ring outside apron run-plancha running- flying pop up reversal 2. standing Moonsault with tuck in mid-air( adopted by Apollo Crews) 3. The Slice( innovated in 2001, adopted by Melina)- standingreverse DDT hold + split leg drop 4. Double helix( corkscrew version of Jericho's Lionsault) 5. feint roundhouse + roaring closeline to seated or kneeling opponent 6. rolling savate( jumping spinning back solebutt to sternum, throat or face 7. jumping high knee 8.standing to jumping super frankensteiner( adopted recently by Rich Swann) 9. Aftershock- Canadian back breaker + gory special submission + gory neck-breaker. 10. flash point- run-flying swinging lariat to cornered opponent or opponent trapped in the ring apron ropes- adopted by the Miz and M Dog 20 Finisher(s)- Shooting Sydal press/air bourne- shooting star press( adopted from Jushin Thunder Liger) Namaste Lock- Muta Lock Cyclorama/ Sydal special Super/avalanche Belly to belly Moonsault Here It is Driver( half nelson pumphandle driver) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


you can tell me if I need to do this but the guy who plays Triple H should remember me. - d!


RPing Experience:
(10 years)

How did you find us?:
(I used to be here.)

Do you currently play a Character here?:
(An )


Have you read the RULES of WWE 2017?:
(An )
Do you plan to be Active member on our forum?:
(yes )
Do you plan to show for your matches when Booked?:
Eric Bischoff
 Posted: Nov 11 2017, 09:25 PM
Eric Bischoff years old, played by
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Hey Richard, thought I'd respond and let you know that no shows have been posted in over a month and it seems that the owner has gone AWOL.

Now I'll probably get banned for what I am about to do next but it wouldn't be too much different from being in the fed right now. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/laugh.gif

A few of us has joined another fed recently that has just opened, with our first show coming this week. If you're interested the site is http://wweresurgence.jcink.net

And Joseph, when you reappear and see this. I apologise bud, but it's been over 30 days since we had a show.
Triple H
 Posted: Nov 16 2017, 01:21 AM
Triple H33 years old, played by Joseph
Triple H 4381 posts (view all)

welcome back. Richard!
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