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 Monday Night Raw| Supershow Results 8/7/2017, JOE LOUIS ARENA - DETROIT, MI
Triple H
 Posted: Aug 9 2017, 07:05 PM

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Monday Night Raw is Live...

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The.Now.Forever video displays upon our screens, indicating that is time for another edition of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network. As the video comes and goes, we soon fade to a black screen. There is a brief pause. Silence. Darkness. Suddenly a dark, montoned voice speaks amongst the darkness.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Last Week on Monday Night Raw….”

With that, the black screen fades into a dark, images of Seth Rollins celebrating his WWE Universal Title victory(Along with the Authority) Showing Triple H holding up the MAN of Monday Night Raw arm in the air.. The voice over continues.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... “The Best in the World has made Return Home.”

Soon images display over the screen. Highlights of what went down on Monday Night Raw. Highlights showing between the WWE Universal Champion; Seth Rollins and Cm Punk.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight it's time for the WWE to Rise up again. It's time to fight for the future of the WWE!"

Images of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon display upon the screen As Locker Room full of Superstars, and divas watching the footage from their Locker Room.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight live from Joe Louis Arena. New challengers emerge.Old scores are going to be settled it's time for MONDAY NIGHT RAW!"

with that, the opening intro/playback cuts off and the Monday Night Raw intro video starts up with "ENEMIES" playing throughout the arena, as the Cameras open inside the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan ! The pyro shoots from the stage to the skies and the Cameras zooms over the WWE Universe who are holding up signs of their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas. And, for a change tonight, Michael Cole is being heard as he Welcome Millions of WWE Fans that watching around the World for The longest-running weekly episodic show in television history!MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”

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MICHAEL COLE..."Ladies and Gentlemen, You are looking live what is a sold out, and very loud Joe Louis Arena in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. This crowd is hyped and ready to go for what should be another jamned packed edition of Monday Night RAW!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "What a night tonight is going to be for a good reason for it. The Authority put it all together once again!”

Right then, the Lights go out....Dong sound is heard over the arena. The Dong Sound was heard a few times. The fans explode with a huge pop! The fans are buzzed with excitement with the Appearance of the Undertaker, as "Ain't No Grave"hits over the p.a system, the cheers become louder. The arena is covered in darkness. The smoke filled the stage all the way down the ramp. It was near darkness as the smoke change with a a blue hue. The cheers were loud as The Phenom stepped out onto the stage in a cloud of white smoke and slowly he stood there for a moment soaking in the overwhelming reaction from the crowd.

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MICHAEL COLE..."Here Comes the Undertaker one of his Rare appearances right here on Monday Night Raw. It's Safe to say business about to Pick up!"

The Undertaker starts to make his way down the long entrance ramp to another overwhelming response of cheers from the WWE Universe. slowly but surely makes his way down the ramp way with his famous entrance he has made many times before, Taker finally reaches the steel steps as the death gaze he did his signature pose before claiming into the ring. Flames burst from the stage and the ring posts as the lights came back on. Then the Demon of Death Valley walked up the steps and stepped into the ring.

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Once there, he was handed a microphone.The music fades out, taker placed the Microphone up to his lips. He looked straight up at the Wrestlemania Logo hung high above the Arena. The fans are pumped, before taker could speak the WWE Universe broke up with a UNDERTAKER CHANT for him in respect.


The Undertaker then slowly brings the microphone up to his lips. That simple gesture causes the sold out crowd to quiet down a bit, in order to hear what the Phenom has to say.

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The fans explode with a huge pop! As the Undertaker pointed to one of his signs in the crowd. The Undertaker, who seems very intense and focused in this moment. The Undertaker has one goal in mind: that is to see what does this Locker room got to offer against a new face in WWE. Before he spoke again.

THE UNDERTAKER.. "I am here,Tonight on Monday Night Raw for two reasons. One Wrestlemania will no longer defined : WHO I AM! As the Undertaker!"

Another pop erupts through the T-Mobile arena. With every word that falls from The Undertaker’s mouth, every word was cold as he spoke to the WWE Universe.Taker with that Cold look on his face as he spoke again explaining to them his reason to return.

THE UNDERTAKER.. "I'm back, taking souls, and digging holes! Just like the One I dove at this year's past Wrestlemania, Where A.J. Styles. fate had been Chosen after he was defeated and his name is now label on his TOMBSTONE. You will be-able find that in your local cemetery, in Death Valley, California ...."

The fan's explode with another huge pop for the Undertaker! As he slowly brings the microphone up to his lips. That simple gesture causes the sold out crowd to quiet down a bit, in order to hear what the Phenom has to say.

THE UNDERTAKER.. "I'm back, taking souls, and digging holes! Now that brings me to the second reason I am out here I know Summerslam is fast approaching right here in the WWE. That is an Event, I had the honor to put a lot of souls in the ground most of them are buried because they no longer are the Living. I plan on being at this year's Summerslam, to compete and There are a lot of souls have yet to be CONQUERED and Buried Alive! At this year's event, I only need an Opponent to face there is no reason at all for anybody in the back to fear what might happen to them after they have tested. Beaten in the middle of the ring at "the biggest event of the summer." If I see ounce of fear like I saw in the eyes of A.J. Styles, at Wrestlemania.... They will have reason to fear". THE DEADMAN!"

The fan's explode with another huge pop for the Undertaker! As the WWE Universe takes this opportunity to broke out with another UNDERTAKER CHANT for him in respect.


The Undertaker then slowly brings the microphone up to his lips again. He did it to finish up his speech, as the sold out crowd quiet down a bit. in order to hear what the Phenom had left to say before closing out the Interview.

THE UNDERTAKER.. ""I am here, to throw down a Challenged to anybody in the Back at this year's Summerslam. I don't care if it's Smackdown World Heavyweight Champion; Samoa Joe for the title. I do have fresh dug up grave with his name already LABEL on his TOMBSTONE ready for me to take another SOUL to HELL!" I know there is a full locker room of Men. Some of them have been here for years, I know there are some just breaking into the Business wanting to make an Impacbut, FEAR stands in their way!"I want them to realize, I will be here until the end of the Show. If Nobody, answers my call then their name will be called, and their fate will be chosen for them..." Because the gates of hell are opening and Welcoming one Unlucky WWE Superstar to your ETERNAL DAMNATION! At Summerslam one of you will.... REST....IN....PEACE!”

With these words spoken, the lights went out in the arena. With that . The Undertaker's infamous gongs sounded around the arena, and blue hue Smoke filled the Arena "AIN'T NO GRAVE" hits over loud speakers. The WWE Universe responds with a huge pop!"

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh my god. Oh my god. What a Bone-Chilling announcement thrown down by the Undertaker…. I think he just thrown down a challenge down to the entire Locker Room for anybody to face him, at Summerslam. Money in the Bank is on Sunday. This announcement is Huge for the WWE! I can't believe what. We just witness. And the Undertaker promises to deliver hell.... if nobody accepts the Challenge is just insane! John!“

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I know, Michael! The Undertaker just reminded everybody inducing the Locker Room…..This…. is…. his…. Yard!” I am glad to be retired from the Ring. I believe! THE DEADMAN!"

With that; The Undertaker quickly exits the Ring."Before making his way back up the ramp. He stopped towards the stage with his fist raised above his head, before disappearing behind the curtains. As Monday Night Raw, fades to it's very first commercial break!" It's time for the opening contest up next after this quick break!"

user posted image RAW comes back from another commercial break. The fans had to really take a moment there as a lot happened just before a break, and everyone needed a breather. What chaos. The ring has been cleared out. Everyone has been taken to the back. With that, RAW. With that, the cameras focus at ringside where John Bradshaw Layfield and Michael Cole sit down. He begin turning his attention to the WWE Universe before turning to the Video screen.

MICHAEL COLE..."Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the advocate for the Beast! Paul Heyman!.Well, Paul we have heard the Rumors all week long you, and Brock Lesnar are going to Show up live for Monday Night Raw!"

PAUL HEYMAN... " That is correct, Mr. Cole. My Client will appear tonight on Monday Night Raw!" The Beast is back. He wants what belongs to him that's the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! He will see Samoa Joe, Later tonight on RAWSamoa Joe WILL BE VICTIMIZE! CONQURED! BY BROCK LESNAR!" ON SUNDAY I guranteed you He will be beaten CHECK INTO "SUPLEX CITY! When Brock Lesnar want's something he takes it...Somoe Joe my client will see you late out there!"

With that, Monday Night RAW video screen fades out. with one last image of Paul Heyman on the video scree. Before we faded to another Commerical break.

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“Inaugral” by CFO$ plays over the loudspeakers and Tyler Bate make his entrance out from behind the curtain as he his introduced.

LILLIAN GARCIA..."The following is the opening match of the evening, and it is a Money in the Bank Qualifying match, scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, weighing 175 lbs., from Netherton, Dudley, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, Tyler Bate!”

The fans pop for Bate as he enters the ring and parades around, awaiting his opponent. He stretches off the ropes as his music dies down.

LILLIAN GARCIA..."And his opponent, weighing in at 205 lbs, from Alkmaar, North Holland, Netherlands, Aleister Black!”

As Black’s entrance music plays, the arena goes dark. A single light gives out to Black, who raises up-straight legged. He steps off the platform, staring straight into the camera. Black looks down as his music plays and the crowd looks on, unsure of how to react. He slowly walks down the ramp, and enters the ring. Both his opponent and Garcia exit the ring, leaving him alone. He stands tall as his music fades and the lights return to normal. Black awaits his opponent who is outside on the floor.

MICHAEL COLE..."And our opening contest just about underway, a qualifying match for the Money in the Bank match at the upcoming Money in the Bank Pay Per View! Aleister Black and Tyler Bate!

Aleister Black and Tyler Bate lock up. They break the hold after a standstill. Black, larger than Bate, stares down at his opponent. Bate looks out at the crowd before slapping Black in the face. Black viciously attacks his opponent. He hammers Bate with a standing clothesline, taking him to the mat. Black begins an assault with kicks to the grounded Bate.

MICHAEL COLE..."Aleister Black with a vicious assault on Tyler Bate.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Shouldn’t have slapped his opponent then, Michael.”

MICHAEL COLE..."Can’t say I disagree with you this time. Black has Bate up by the scruff of the neck, off the ropes…”

Black nails Bate with a running single leg high knee which dazes his opponent and nails him to the mat once again. Rather than go for the pin, Black again picks his opponent up off the mat, and levels him with a German suplex, followed by another deadlift German suplex. He tosses his opponent all around the mat. Black again with his opponent in a hold, lifts him high for a brainbuster, but Bate is able to wiggle free and drops down behind his opponent. He begins an attack on the kidneys behind Black. Black flails wildly with his right arm swinging and spinning around to get a shot away, but Bate ducks the maneuver. With all his might he sends Black into the ropes, and attempts a drop kick, but Black hangs on to the ropes and Bate hits nothing before falling to the mat. Black walks over to his opponent, and grabs him by the hair. He slams his opponent face-first into the mat surface. Black then with his opponent. He throws him off the ropes.

MICHAEL COLE..."Black with an Irish Whip and into the BLACK MASS.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."This one is done!”

Black falls onto his opponent without hooking a leg.




LILLIAN GARCIA..."Here is your winner, Aleister Black!”

Black’s arm is raised and he pulls away from the referee as his theme music plays. He celebrates in the ring and the show heads to commercial break.

"Say It To My Face" from downstait hits over the PA system causing the crowd to explode as Riley slowly makes his way out from behind the curtians before heading down the ramp with a smirk on his face as he came down clapping hands with the crowd, the United States Champion well around his waist.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."OH MY GOD what does this clown what?!

MICHAEL COLE..."Well, John, according to Jay Briscoe has recently been fired, why is still a mystery to most people so Now with us coming into Monday In the Bank Riley is without an opponent.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Another Pay-Per-View without a US title defense?! These is getting riduclous!

Riley slowly slipped into the ring before asking for a microphone, once handed one he looked around as "Riley" Chants broke out causing the US champ to smirk before he rose the microphone up and began to speak towards the crowd.

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THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION" ALEX RILEY... "Thanks for the warm welcome everyone however, I can't say I'm to happy right about now, I just got back from the back and found out my opponet for WWE Money In The Bank has been fire now, I'm sure there was a reason for it but I can't say I'm to happy about it so I'm calling out the man of the hour, Samoa Joe, since I've got no opponet you seemed to like running your mouth once I won the United States Championship so how about this, why don't you-

Suddenly "Insationable" hit over the PA system cause Riley to blink as he turned to see Tiffany come out from behind the curtians with Mic in hand as she rose it and began to speak.

SMACKDOWN LIVE GM" TIFFANY....“Hold on Riley, now while it is true that your opponet for Money In The Bank is no more, I have a surprise for you. It is my please to say that Alex Riley will offically be in the Smackdown Live Money In The Bank Ladder match!

The crowd exploded in cheers as Riley jumped excitedly before speaking.

THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION" ALEX RILEY... "Now, THATS what I'm talking about, trust me Mrs. Tiffany you won't regret this, now let me say this Samoa Joe, watch your back cause trust me when I say this when I win that breifcase your gonna have to watch your back every waking moment you get! Because once I grab that Breifcase it will only a matter of time before we return to the age of RILEY!

Alex slammed the microphone down as "Say It To My Face" blasted over the PA system while Rilley slammed his hand against the title before Raw went to a commercial.

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The match starts off with Asuka trying lock up with Carmella in a collar-and-elbow tieup, but Carmella sees it coming and she kicks Asuka in the midsection. After that, Carmella rakes the eyes of Asuka and follows it up with a punch to the face. Carmella then whips Asuka to the corner, only for Asuka to come firing out with a clothesline that sends Carmella to the ground. Carmella gets up almost immediately and Asuka punches her in the face before attempting to whip her into the ropes. Carmella has the wherewithal to reverse it and when Asuka bounces off the ropes, she catches Carmella with a flying forearm. After hitting Carmella with a flying forearm, Asuka starts punching her in the face with the referee getting on the case of the Empress of Tomorrow.

MICHAEL COLE..."Both ladies are starting off very aggressively here in the early going.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Well, did you expect anything else? There’s a spot in the Money in the Bank on the line.”

Back in the ring, Asuka hasn’t let up on the punches to Carmella’s head, so the referee utilizes the count.





Asuka lets up on the punches and it allows Carmella to get to her feet. Once Carmella gets to her feet, Asuka hits her in the face with a forearm and whips Carmella to the ropes. After she bounces off the rope, Carmella ducks a clothesline attempt from Asuka and continues to run to the ropes. After Carmella bounces off the ropes again, Asuka catches her with a Roundhouse Kick. After being hit with a Roundhouse Kick, Carmella immediately rolls out of the ring in order to prevent Asuka from attempting a pinfall.

MICHAEL COLE..."What a series from Asuka and Carmella, and it ends with Asuka coming off successful while Carmella moves to the outside.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "That was smart on Carmella’s part. They both know what’s at stake here and neither of these two ladies can afford to be foolish.”

Carmella makes a move toward the apron and when she does, Asuka leaps over the top rope and lands a slingshot crossbody on Carmella. Asuka gets to her feet while also bringing Carmella to her feet. After bringing Carmella to her feet, Asuka chops her in the chest, and she lifts Carmella up just to drop her face first on the barricade. Asuka rolls Carmella into the ring and then she climbs onto the apron. Asuka then climbs up to the top rope and waits for Carmella to turn around. Once Carmella turns around, Asuka jumps off the top rope and connects with a Dropkick. Without any delay, Asuka goes for the pin. ONE! TWO! Carmella kicks out at two and gets to her feet. Asuka grabs Carmella by her arm and whips her to the Southwest corner with Asuka taking off after her. Right before she makes contact with the corner, Carmella puts on the brakes and turns around in order to charge at Asuka. She slides to the ground and attempts to sweep Asuka off of her feet, but Asuka sits on Carmella’s chest. Before a count can be made, Carmella moves her legs up and uses them to place Asuka on her back in a pinning attempt. ONE! Asuka immediately rolls out of the pinning attempt just to attempt to place Carmella into the Asuka Lock.

MICHAEL COLE..."Asuka’s looking for the Asuka Lock.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "He wants to end it early.”

Back in the ring, Carmella hits Asuka with her elbow twice and kicks Asuka off of her, sending Asuka to the corner. Once Carmella gets to her feet, she charges at Asuka in the corner only for Asuka to hit her with an elbow to the face. Asuka comes out of the corner and attempts to attack Carmella, but Carmella kicks her in the stomach and she throws Asuka into the corner, and it causes Asuka’s shoulder to smack against the ringpost. Carmella pulls Asuka out of the corner and she again tosses Asuka into the ring post. Carmella brings Asuka out of the corner and takes the affected arm of Asuka and she takes Asuka down with an arm drag. With Asuka in a prone position, Carmella stomps at her once and picks her up. Once Carmella picks up Asuka, she grabs the bad arm and utilizes an arm wringer flip with Asuka grabbing her shoulder after landing. With Asuka on the ground, Carmella attempts a pinfall. ONE! TWO! Asuka kicks out at two and Carmella grabs her by the arm, and places her in an armlock which causes Asuka hiss in pain.

MICHAEL COLE..."Now, we see the aggressive side of Carmella.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "She’s managed to hurt a bodypart and now she’s like a shark smelling blood.”

Asuka nails Carmella with a couple of forearm shots, and she throws Carmella to the ropes. Asuka lowers her head and Carmella kicks her in the chest. Carmella backs up and charges at Asuka again only for Asuka to hit her with a back elbow. With Carmella on the ground, Asuka attempts to place Carmella into the Kanagon, but Carmella manages to strike Asuka in the face a few times with her knee. Carmella quickly gets to her feet and she attempts the small package pin. ONE! TWO![/b] Asuka kicks out at two and gets to her feet. Once Asuka gets to her feet, Carmella takes her down with a Reverse STO. After the Reverse STO, Carmella immediately goes for the pin. ONE! TWO! Asuka kicks out at two and the referee checks on Asuka. While the referee is checking on Asuka, Carmella walks over to the corner that’s behind the referee and she removes the pad from the top turnbuckle while screams at her from ringside.

MICHAEL COLE..."Carmella’s removed the turnbuckle pad. This won’t be good.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Carmella will do anything for a victory and you can’t say that Asuka wouldn’t do the same.”

After Asuka makes it to her feet, Carmella whips her to the corner, and Asuka’s bad arm hits the exposed steel. Carmella brings Asuka out of the corner just to ram Asuka’s bad arm right into the exposed steel. She starts throwing kicks to the midsection of the Queen of Strong Style. After two well placed kicks, Asuka blocks the third kick. After blocking the third kick, Asuka attempts a kick of her own, but Carmella catches the foot and Asuka nails her with an enziguri that knocks Carmella for a loop but doesn’t knock her off her feet. Asuka gets back up after hitting the enziguri and nails Carmella with a dropkick.

MICHAEL COLE..."Asuka just knocked Carmella down, but can she take advantage?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "She’s gonna need to if she wants to win.”

Both wrestlers get to their feet and Asuka nails Carmella with a forearm to the face. Asuka moves over to the corner and hops up on the top turnbuckle. When Carmella gets up and turns around, Asuka nails her with another missile dropkick. Asuka is quick to go for the pin. ONE! TWO! Carmella kicks out at two. Both women get to their feet and Asuka whips Carmella to the corner and chases after her. Carmella gets out of the way as Asuka lunges at her and it causes Asuka to hit the top turnbuckle. With Asuka grasping the rope, Carmella walks over and she starts punching Asuka in the head. Carmella climbs up to the top rope and she places Asuka’s head into an inverted facelock, and she takes Asuka down with a superplex. Carmella goes for the pin. ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Asuka kicks out and Carmella gets to her feet. Asuka gets to her feet with his back facing Carmella, and Carmella attempts a back suplex, but Asuka does a backflip and lands on her feet behind Carmella. Asuka attempts the Asuka Lock, but Carmella reverses the move into a drop toe hold, and she quickly places Asuka’s bad arm into a crossface.

MICHAEL COLE..."That’s something you don’t see everyday. Carmella placed Asuka into a Crossface.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "It goes to show that Carmella has brains as well as beauty. She knows that Asuka’s arm is hurt so she’s going with the Crossface instead of the Code of Silence.”

The referee asks Asuka if she wants to quit but Asuka refuses and she makes it to the ropes. Carmella breaks the hold and brings Asuka to her feet and knees her in the head only for Asuka to elbow her in the stomach and chops her chest multiple times. Asuka elbows Carmella in the face and runs to the ropes. After Asuka bounces off the ropes, Carmella kicks her in the bad arm. Carmella grabs Asuka by the arm and attempts a wristlock, but Asuka reverses and rams Carmella’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. With Carmella knocked for a loop, Asuka quickly places her into the Asuka Lock, and Carmella has no choice but to tap out.

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RAW returns after a commercial break, with both Aleister Black and Tyler Bate stood in the ring getting ready to fight for a Money In The Bank Qualifier. The bell rings, and immediately Bate charges towards Black and begins beating him down with a series of bunches. Bate gets pulled back my the ref, but when he runs out to Black but Black manages to side step him and nail him with a harsh Superkick. Black takes control of the match, and uses his momentum to hit a double underhook piledriver on Bate! The match continues going back and forth with momentum swapping hands. Black goes for a leaping forearm, but gets reversed by Tyler Bate into a backbreaker! Bate locks his arms around Black attempting to lock a sleeper hold on him. Black manages to grab the ropes, and drops out of the ring taking a breather. He climbs onto the apron jumping on and off the ropes nailing a crossbody! Tyler Bate rolls onto his feet running to the ropes, and rebounds with a forearm, Black ducks under the arm and does a spin.. NAILING BLACK MASS! Black drops ontop of Bate for the pin. ONE.. TWO.. THREE.. DING DING DING! Black gets up and smirks at the camera before leaving the ring.

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Darkness fell upon as “Glasgow Cross” echoed throughout the sold-out arena. A white beam of smoke surrounded the rampway as a mysterious figure made her presence known. Her face remained covered, as she carelessly walked down the ramp way. The female pulled herself into the ring, through the ropes as she rapidly charged towards the opposite side of the ring. Yelling towards the cameras, white flashes of lights revealed Nikki Cross. Taking her position in the corner, she sat down, aimlessly rocking back and forth as she awaited the arrival of her opponent.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Ladies and gentlemen this match is schedule for one fall! Making her way to the ring, from Glasgow, Scotland… NIKKI CROSS!”

“Real Deal” immediately followed as Emma made her presence known. With her back turned to the camera, she swiftly swayed her hips and posed for the camera. Emma fiercely strutted down the ramp way, refusing to acknowledge the eager crowd as she approached the ring. Elegantly pulling herself into the squared circle, Emma walked to the centre of the ring with a devious smile curled at her lips. Once again posing for the cameras, the theme music came to an end as Emma took her rightful position in her corner.

LILIAN GARCIA... “...And her opponent, coming from Melbourne, Australia... EMMA!”

Lilian Garcia stepped from the ring as the official signalled for the bell. DING DING DING. Nikki Cross wildly left her corner as she stalked her pray. Emma kept her eyes focused on her opponent as they both immediately locked up. The test of strength. The Glasgow Cross had the upper advantage as she swiftly pushed Emma into the turnbuckle. Nikki Cross followed her actions, as she delivered a numerous of shoulder chargers to the ribcage of Emma, before Emma followed back with forearm shots to Nikki’s back. Nikki Cross then grabbed a hand-full of Emma’s hair, and began dragging her across the ropes. Leaning her against it, Nikki began delivering swift forearm shots of her own. Nikki then took hold of Emma’s arm, and swung her towards the ropes. However, Emma quickly reversed the move as Nikki Cross came charging straight at Emma. Emma ducked underneath Nikki’s arm and bounced off the ropes. Rebounding off the ropes, Emma ran with speed towards Nikki, downing her with a clothesline. With Nikki down on the canvas, Emma swung her boot repeatedly into Nikki’s mid-section, before going for a quick pin. ONE… TWO… KICK-OUT! Nikki Cross kicks out quickly, as Emma argues with the referee.

MICHAEL COLE... “And a kick-out from Nikki Cross! It is clear both females want to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder match!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Of course, Michael! It’ll be the biggest match of their careers. ”

As Emma continued to argue with the referee, Nikki Cross hooked Emma from behind, quickly going for a roll-up pin. ONE… TWO… NO. Emma wiggled free, as both ladies stood to their full height. Nikki Cross and Emma met in the middle of the ring, as they both began trash talking one another. Emma got the upper advantage one again as she delivered a forearm shot to Nikki Cross’ jawline. Repeating the same move, a sinister smile crawled upon Nikki’s lips. Before Emma could hit Nikki with another forearm, The Glasgow Cross crashed her skull against Emma’s, knocking the Australian to the canvas. Taking a hand-full of Emma’s blonde locks, she dragged her to her feet. Holding onto the hair, Nikki Cross aimlessly tossed Emma across the ring before immediately going for the attack. Nikki Cross dived on top of Emma and began swinging shots back and forth towards Emma’s jawline. The referee quickly interfered, as Nikki Cross parted from Emma.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Nikki Cross is a ticking time-bomb! Emma better watch out. ”

Emma stumbled to her feet as Nikki Cross tucked her head underneath her arm, hitting her with a swift DDT. Nikki went for another quick pin. ONE… TWO… KICK-OUT. Emma got the shoulder up, as Nikki Cross once again grabbed a hand-full of Emma’s blonde locks. Dragging her to her feet, Emma shoved The Glasgow Cross from her. Quickly pushing herself off the ropes, Emma delivered a swift kick to Nikki Cross, dropping her to the canvas. Emma then scooped up Nikki Cross and effortlessly dropped her down to the canvas. Nikki Cross rolled away from Emma, as she remained laying on her stomach. Seeing the advantage, Emma dragged her to the middle of the ring. With Emma’s back now turned to Nikki, Emma locked their legs together before performing a perfect bridge. Locking her fingers underneath Nikki’s chin, Emma had the perfect Emma-Lock in place.

MICHAEL COLE... “This could be all over for Nikki Cross!”

Emma had the submission in place as the referee checked upon Nikki Cross. She tried to reach for the ropes, but had no luck. Instead, a sinister smile crawled upon Nikki’s lips in mid-hold. “TAP OUT. Emma yelled as she continued to apply more pressure.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Is Nikki Cross smiling!?”

That smile soon faded as Emma showed no sign of breaking the hold. Emma applied more pressure as suddenly Nikki Cross tapped out. Emma broke the hold leaving a lifeless Nikki Cross collapsed on the canvas. “Real Deal” once again blurred around the arena as Emma looked down to her latest victim of the Emma Lock.

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The referee quickly raised Emma’s hand in victory, as she quickly snapped back. The referee left the blonde to check upon The Glasgow Cross, who had rolled from out the ring. Emma’s victory was welcomed with nothing but boos as she advances to the Money in the Bank ladder match. Posing for the cameras, basking in her own victory—the cameras cut to a commercial break.

The members of the WWE Universe awaited the next match, their ears were greeted by the sounds of Dale Oliver's “Angel On My Shoulder”. Out onto the titantron walked the number one contender to Lana’s Smackdown Women's Championship. Angelina walked down the ramp and “let the pigeons loose” with her signature entrance. As always the fans went wild before they struck up a chorus of boos. Angelina lifted the microphone that she held to her lips before speaking.

Angelina Love… Ladies and gentleman I hope you're enjoying Monday Night Raw this evening. You know why? Well, because once Smackdown Live returns to will no longer be seeing my beautiful face on Monday nights. No. If you want to see me, I will be holding down the women's division on Smackdown Live with the Smackdown Women's Championship. That is AFTER I beat that pathetic excuse for a champion we have representing Smackdown right now….Lana.

The crowd began to show their reaction to Angelina's snub of the Smackdown Women's Champion. Some reacted positively towards Angelina while some reacted negatively in favor of Lana. As she heard some Lana chants making their way through the crowd, she curled her lip in disgust.

Angelina Love… I really don't understand you people! How can you sit here and cheer for a woman like Lana?! A woman who only got to where she is today because of who she is married to. Lana is a disgrace to this women’s division and when i beat her for that title….I will restore some of the honor that comes with being a champion.

John Bradshaw Layfield… Wow what a statement from the number one contender. Angelina Love seems quite confident in her abilities to thwart Lana and become the new Smackdown Live Women's Champion.

Michael Cole… I don't know about that though. We have seen Lana live in action here on Monday Night Raw and she's pretty impressive in the ring. Angelina may have her work cut out for her. She may not want to bite off more than she can chew here.

Angelina went to raise the microphone to her lips once more. However, she was interrupted by the sounds of Lana's theme song “Ravishing”. Lana too had a microphone in hand with her Smackdown Women's Championship over her shoulder. The crowd went wild as her music ceased and she began speaking.

Lana… Angelina, I think you're are slightly confused. Many before you have tried and failed miserably to take this title from me. What makes you think you're so special and talented that you will be able to accomplish what they could not?

The Ravishing Russian folded her arms across her chest looking at Angelina expectantly. Angelina scoffed before raising the microphone to her lips to deliver her retort.

AngelinaLove… And what exactly makes YOU think you can talk to me like that? You think you're untouchable, but I will show you otherwise. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you and I step into that ring together, I will show you just how breakable you can be….

Lana… Ha! Silly girl! You think winning a Battle Royal makes you the woman to beat? Please! Brie Bella put up more of a fight than you ever could. In fact….

Before Lana could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by a loud uproar from the fans. Lana felt someone grab her from berind. Then they struck her in the middle of the back making her fall to her knees. This person was Emma. Angelina looked up at the unfolding events with a sinister smile across her lips. She beckoned Emma to bring Lana to the ring. Emma obliged and drug Lana down the ramp, and basically fed her to Angelina. As Lana stood, Angelina hit her with a hard Botox Injection. Love began to cackle as Emma joined her in the ring. The two women began repeatedly stomping Lana in the abdomen and back as Lana tried to fight back and defend herself to no avail.

Michael Cole… What a terrible display of sportsmanship from the women of Smackdown Live!

John Bradshaw Layfield…I know Cole! So glad the ladies of Raw don't behave this way.

Angelina and Emma continue their assault on Lana. They were taunting her and screaming obscenities at her. This didn't last long because they were distracted by what was going on in front of them on the titantron. Some theme music that had not been heard by the WWE Universe in quite some time began to play. The fans went wild as “Stars in the Night” blared throughout the arena.

John Bradshaw Layfield… It can't be?!

But it sure was. Paige flew out from the backstage area and began charging down the ramp to the melody of her name being screamed from every inch of the arena. As she slid beneath the bottom rope Angelina and Emma hightailed it out from opposite sides. Paige stepped up on the bottom rope leaning over and shouting for them to get back into the ring. Angelina and Emma stood wide eyed and looking terrified of her. Paige jumped at them and the two women ran up the ramp and backstage as fast as their legs would allow. Paige was seen helping up Lana as the show cut to commercial break.


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Monday Night Raw is Live...

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DING DING DIN! The bell rang as Show and Riley got in the ring standing across face to face from Kenny Omega and Jay Briscoe the two teams stared each other down before Riley extended his hand befor SLAP! Suddenly Jay Briscoe slapped Riley across the face gaining a huge ammount of boos towards him as RIley held his face but nodded before tackling him down to the ground with a spear as Kenny began taunting Show which was never a good idea before WMD! WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION RIGHT TO THE JAW OF OMEGA sending him flying down to the matt.

Show simpl leaned back as Riley began whailing on Briscoe once pulling himself off he picked him up before FINAL SCORE-Wait no! Riley turned the Final Score right into a CROSS FACE! as the crowd was cheering screaming TAP! TAP! TAP! towards Briscoe as Riley had Briscoe right in the center of the ring.

MICHAEL COLE..."What the?! Where did that come from RIley just turned the Final Score into a cross face and has Briscoe in the center of the ring!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I may not like him but it would be a cold day in hell before I underestimated this man and Briscoe is paying the price right now in the center of the ring!

After a few more moments of fighting it Briscoe had no choice but to tap out as he slammed his palm against the Matt as the ref called for the bell causing Riley to release the hold as the Ref got in the center of the ring before raising both Riley and Show's hand in victory.

user posted image

LILLIAN GARCIA..."Here are your winners the WWE United States Champion Alex Riley and The Eurpeopean Champion The worlds Largest Athleate The Big Show!


When the camera comes back to the ring Batista and Pastor Eaver are already in the ring. Batista seems to be chomping at the bit to rip through the hardcore champion. Batista had seemingly been personally offended by the other man. As the bell rings Eaver opens his arms wide and almost mocks Batista with the fact that he believed himself to be the second coming of Jesus.

MICHAEL COLE..."I get the feeling Eaver might be making a mistake here John."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... ""Michael Batista looks like he is ready to rip this guy in half.”

Eaver steps closer to Batista only to be cut in half with a spear. It is clear to see that Eaver is hurt as Batista drops down into the pin.




LILIAN GARCIA... “Here is your winner and the number one contender for the intercontinental championship the animal Batista!”

Batista stands up and raises an arm in the air however he is jumped by Nick Aldis and Zack Sabre Jr. the fans begin to boo as they continue to beat Batista down. Sabre Jr then pulls Batista to his feet as he whips him towards Aldis who blasts him with the intercontinental title in the head.

MICHAEL COLE...This is disgusting John. The champion is attacking Batista here not even giving him the chance to recover from the match he just had."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I really doubt that Batista needs to have time to recover after that match Michael.”

The lights go out in the arena and the fans explode as the bullet club theme hits.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "What the hell is going on here?”

MICHAEL COLE...I don’t know. I didn’t even know the Bullet Club had been back in the WWE."

When the lights come back on the bullet club is standing between the empire and Batista. The Bullet club is represented by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks.

MICHAEL COLE...Cody Rhodes is back. We haven’t seen him since the Empire cost him the Intercontinental championship and he hasn’t come alone."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "This is going to be good Michael the Bullet Club rules around the world. The ROH world champion and tag team champions are in the ring with the Intercontinental champion. this is a powder keg and I love it. ”

Aldis steps towards Cody however he can hit seemingly the leader of the Bullet Club in the ring. However Batista then spears Aldis seemingly out of nowhere.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I told you Batista wasn’t done Michael.”

Batista then turns around to face the Bullet Club. It is clear that the animal is surprised to see the three men. However before he can react the Young Bucks hit him with a double superkick.

MICHAEL COLE..."Well that was fun while it lasted."

The young Bucks then seem to be circling Zack Sabre jr. However the lights in the arena go out again. The fans begin cheering as the lights come back on and Marty Scurll is standing in front of Zack Sabre Jr. Marty then points his umbrella at the Bullet Club. The three members of the Bullet Club then back up. However Cody then smirks as Scurll turns around and cracks Sabre Jr in the head with the umbrella.

MICHAEL COLE..."What the hell was that? Scurll and Sabre Jr have been friends for years. Why would he do that?"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I have an idea Michael and I get the feeling these people won’t like it.”

Scurll then opens up the umbrella to reveal that it was a Bullet Club umbrella.

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh you have got to be kidding me."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "The Bullet Club is here Michael. I don’t know what this means for the wrestling business but I have no clue what that means for us.”

Cody then bends down and picks up the Intercontinental title. He then motions the Bullet Club out of the ring as they walk up the ramp.

MICHAEL COLE..."Why is he taking the title it’s not his? John they are walking up the ramp we don’t even know if they work for the damn company."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "This feels eerily familiar Michael and if I am right I get the feeling we are just getting started.”

The scene opens up backstage.the video screen inside the arena fades on as we are taken backstage to the Locker room area There we see the Reigning Hardcore Champion! Pastor William Eaver returning to the locker room after losing to Batista! As the fans watch all this play out on the video screen. However, those chorus of boos soon become louder as non-other than WWE COO, Triple H steeped into the room!

user posted image

PASTOR WILLIAM EAVER..."Well if it isn’t the COO, Triple H. Here to give me a match at Money in the Bank to allow me to defend my Hardcore title? I bet that's what you going to do.You know you need me for the ratings, so the ratings sky rocker to the roof!”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... " Actually,no I am not. I have something better on my mind right now. Everybody knows my decisions around here are Final. You might have been ONE of the best Hardcore Champions in of all time. You gave all of that up, when you started to no show for our live events. So I am, striping you of the WWE Hardcore Championship for several reasons right here on Monday Night Raw!”

The fans watching, erupt into a huge pop after Triple H’s announcement. Pastor William Eaver is shocked and outraged by this announcement. He is about to come unglued as security guards walk up into picture and stand next to Triple H who just stands there with a smirk upon his face.

PASTOR WILLIAM EAVER..."Stripping me? Stripping me of the WWE Hardcore Championship? On what grounds? Because of what I did not defend the title and appear on special live events?! Are you kidding?!”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "No, no. This has nothing to do with that. . However, it has come to my attention that you have failed to meet the standards of our wellness protection policy following a random drug test. Therefore, you are officially FIRED from the WWE! and stripped of the WWE Hardcore Championship! Now hand over the belt, and please allow these men to escort you out of MY building.”

Pastor William Eaver is outraged! The fans are loving it, even thought they hate Triple H and the Authority and showing their appreciation for getting rid of Pastor William Eaverl . Pastor William Eaver is resisting at first, but after a few moments the security is able to get the Hardcore Championship out of his grasp and into the hands of Triple H. They then escort him off camera and out of the building, as the camera singles up on Triple H who stands there with the vacated WWE Hardcore Championship in his hands and waves goodbye to Pastor William Eaver for the last time . Monday Night RAW heads to a commercial break.

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Monday Night Raw returned from commercial break after seeing WWE COO Triple H strip Pastor William Eaver of the Hardcore Championship. Now it was time for the Monday Night Raw Diva's Battle Royal. The Raw Diva's division minus AJ Lee, Winter, and Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss walked single file down the ramp to the Raw theme. As they entered the ring, announcer Lillian Garcia began to speak.

LILLIAN GARCIA... “Ladies and gentlemen the following match is an over the top rope Diva's Battle Royal! The winner of this match will go on to become the number one contender to the Raw Women's Championship!!”

The ladies of Raw began to size up one another as the bell sounded. All hell broke loose as women started flying in every direction until only four remained. Those four being TheIconic Duo consisting of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, Kelly Kelly, and Sasha Banks.

MICHAEL COLE...”And then there were four. John, I have to ask….who are you placing your bet on to win this match?

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Honestly, I’d have to place my bet on Kelly. She’s been nothing shy of impressive the entire match.”

However, just as JBL had finished praising the girl so nice they named her twice Kelly was heaved over the top rope by Sasha Banks. The crowd booed as Sasha mockingly waved goodbye to Kelly Kelly. However, this would prove to be a detrimental mistake for Banks because as she turned around she too was eliminated by the combined efforts of The Iconic Duo. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce shared a high five before Royce grabbed hold of Billie Kay and threw her to through the ropes. As Kay's feet hit the floor the bell rang and Peyton Royce was announced as the winner.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Wow Cole did we just witness the end of The Iconic Duo?”

MICHAEL COLE...”I don't know but you can bet that there is going to be some bad blood between these two ladies following the outcome of this match. Ladies and gentlemen stayed tuned. Up next we have The Bulgarian Brute Rusev vs The Viper Randy Orton!!!

user posted image

Raw comes back from the break Randy Orton and Rusev are already in the ring. The Bulgarian super athlete looks like he is about to rip the head off of the Viper. Orton on the other hand looks cool calm and collected.

MICHAEL COLE..."This has the potential to a great match."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I have been looking forward to this all week Michael, the super athlete against the Viper I don’t think anyone knows what to expect.”

Orton walks closer to Rusev and poses only to get caught by the jumping superkick by the super athlete that seems to level Randy Orton. Orton staggers back to his feet only to be hit with a second superkick in the back of the head seemingly on the base of his skull.

MICHAEL COLE..."Randy looks to be in a lot of trouble here. Rusev has come out of the blocks and absolutely decimated Randy Orton here."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Randy is a multi time world champion I don’t think anyone would have been expecting this.”

Rusev then steps on the back of Orton like he normally does before setting up the accolade. Rusev then locks the submission in. However he sits back and hooks it in like he had done with other guys before as he is almost trying to bend Randy in half.

MICHAEL COLE..."Look at the torque Rusev has on that hold I don’t even know if Randy Orton can escape this."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I don’t know Cole, Randy has a history of doing the impossible.”

Randy tries to power out of the hold. However it is clear that Rusev has it synched in such a way that Randy can’t escape which causes him to tap out.

MICHAEL COLE..."Wow what a shock I did not see that coming."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Everyone has to stand up and take notice of Rusev now.”

LILLIAN GARCIA..."Here is your winner Rusev!”

Monday Night Raw returns from a quick break. As the Scene opens up backstage inside the Joe Louis Arena as the fans in attendance watch all this unfold on the video screen inside the arena. As we are taken backstage we see a large locker room door that the camera is close up on. The name on the door reads “THE ROCK”. The fans all see the name plate, and begin to give a huge pop! Suddenly the door flies open, and out steps out is the Rock. However, before he can make his way to Ring,, he is stopped in his tracks by a backstage by Byron Saxton.

user posted image

BYRON SAXTON... Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to welcome my guest at this time, the People’s Champion.... THE ROCK! "

The crowd explodes for The Rock as the camera pans back revealing the People’s Champion, sunglasses on, looking off camera. Byron Saxton speaks.

BYRON SAXTON... Now Rock... Toni...

The Rock cuts off Saxton by raising his hand, a signature gesture, and the crowd pops again. The Rock lets the crowd get louder, and louder before he closes his hand into a fist. He smells the air before speaking.


The crowd cheers loudly...

The ROCK..."Now you, mocha flavored Kevin Kelly... just stand there with the microphone and let The Rock take it from here. Tonight the People’s Champion, The Great One.. THE MOST ELECTRIFYING MAN IN ALLLL OF ENTERTAINMENT steps back into the ring. Tonight, The Rock gets a little revenge on that nut-slapping piece of trash, Kevin Owens. Oh that’s right... The Rock still has not forgotten the low blow you gave to the Great One’s go-nads last week on RAW! The Rock got not one, but TWO shots to the People’s nuts! And it hurt like hell! Y’all had to get dirty to get the job done against the Great One. And Samoa Joe, The Rock is not finished with your monkey ass, your time will come. In the immediate future is Kevin Owens! Kevin Owens, tonight, is an opportunity. Because tonight you get to go ONE-ON-ONE WITH THE GREAT ONE! And let the Rock tell you this, it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a couple of low blows, a distracted referee, some bimbo-tramp General Manager and her lackey for you to get over The Rock on this one. ”

The Rock pauses and nods, taking his sunglasses off, he smirks at the camera before a stern look comes over his face.

The ROCK..." Oh you probably thought The Rock had forgotten about the end of the match last week. No, no, no, no ,NO! The Rock never forgets. Now Drew Galloway, you went, got involved, got in The Rock’s way... got a move on The Rock. Congratulations, you got one up on The Rock. Well you better get a photo of that shot taken, because its the only one you’ll ever have. Get it framed, hell, The Rock will even sign it for you! Autograph picture of the Rock, getting knocked on his head. Drew Galloway, standing over The Rock... keep it, it’ll never happen again. And when you get that framed, signed, The Rock wants you to shine it up..... yeah shine it up real nice... look for a spot on your mantle... if you have a mantle in the Motel 6 you’re staying in... look for a perfect place to put that picture on the mantle... but just before you do.... just turn it slightly... no turn it... SIDEWAYS... AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP.. YOUR CANDY ASS! ”

The crowd pops again for a signature phrase from The Rock

The ROCK..."Now that you have The Rock’s attention, you can rest assure you will be seeing more of The Rock. and Tiffany.... The Rock.. well The Rock wants you to know one thing, that if you get in that ring and mess with the Brahma Bull.. .you are going to get the BRAHMA’s HORNS! ”

The Rock pauses briefly.


The Rock’s music plays over the loudspeaker as he walks off the set and the show heads to commercial break.

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“Fight” by CFO$ plays over the loudspeakers, and the fans erupt in boos for Kevin Owens, as the “Prizefighter” makes his way out from behind the curtain. As he smugly walks down the stage, he stares out into the audience, and argues with some of the ringside fans.

LILLIAN GARCIA..."The following contest is scheduled for one-fall! Introducing first, from Marieville, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at 266 lbs. Kevin Owens!”

Owens walks up the steps and enters the ring. He stands in the ring, looking sternly out to the crowd which is booing him non-stop while his theme music plays.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Not the warmest of welcomes from these Detroit fans. Kevin Owens is the future of this company! What is wrong with them?”

Owens music dies down. “IF YA SMELLL….” blares over the loudspeakers and the crowd pops to their feet, cheering for The Rock as he makes his way out from behind the curtain. The Rock poses at the top of the stage, pointing out to the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp quickly and runs up the stairs, gliding across the apron.

LILLIAN GARCIA..."And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing 260 lbs. The ROCK!”

The Rock climbs the turnbuckle and hits his signature pose as the arena lights up with camera flashes. The Rock climbs down and walks across the ring, not breaking eye-contact with Owens, who leans against the turnbuckle, unimpressed. The Rock hits his pose again before hopping down from the turnbuckle, he paces the ring.

MICHAEL COLE..."THAT is an ovation John. That’s the difference between Kevin Owens and The Rock, at least in the minds of these fans!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Well what does Detroit know anyways?”

The Rock with his hands on his knees, in stalking position to start the match, with Owens, casually looking at him from across the ring. Owens cracks his neck and adjusts his wrist tape, stretching his arms. The Rock stands up tall and hops up and down to warm up.


MICHAEL COLE..."And here we go, The Great One.... versus... the Prizefighter.... You remember how things got out of hand during the triple threat”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I can’t wait to see these two go at it. The past versus the future! Rock and Owens!”

As the bell sounds the two immediately circle each other. Rock intensely squaring up his opponent. And they lock up. Kevin Owens maneuvers The Rock’s arm behind him, and The Rock attempts a reversal, and succeeds, pushing Owens off the ropes. The Rock with a football-style shoulder block, sending Owens to the mat, and the crowd to their feet. The Rock immediately gives Kevin Owens the signal to “JUST BRING IT” which causes the crowd to explode in cheers.

MICHAEL COLE..."The Rock telling Owens to bring it!”


Owens sits up on the mat, looking up at The Rock who yells down at his young opponent. Owens nods, and gets to his feet. The two circle again, and lock up, this time Owens with a kick to the gut of The Rock, and sends him off the ropes with an Irish whip. Owens this time hits The Rock with a shoulder tackle of his own, and sends him to the mat, as the crowd reacts. He goes to tell The Rock to bring it, but instead he gives him the middle finger. The crowd boos as Owens yells at the Detroit crowd.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Kevin Owens channelling a little Steve Austin right there, maybe testing The Rock?”

MICHAEL COLE..."Maybe! Kevin Owens now in control of the match, he has The Rock up...”

Kevin Owens begins feeding The Rock shots to the mid section, and shots to the head and face. He nails The Rock with a belly-to-belly suplex before covering...


TWO.... The Rock kicks out after two.

Owens gets Rock to his feet and walks him over to the ropes. He attempts to slam The Rock’s head into the ring post, but Rock blocks it. He fights off the attempt before elbowing Owens in the chest, and bouncing his head off the turnbuckle. Owens staggers backwards as The Rock hurdles towards him. He strikes Kevin Owens with a theatrical clothesline, and Owens corkscrews in the air before hitting the mat. The Rock covers.


TWO..... Kevin Owens kicks out after two.

The Rock argues briefly with the referee before getting Owens off the mat. The Rock locks in the Rock Bottom, but Owens blocks it with a hard elbow to the head of the Rock, and then plants the Great One with a DDT. Owens up, and off the ropes, and diving, landing on The Rock with a running senton.

MICHAEL COLE..."Kevin Owens could have it here on The Rock”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I think it’s over! The Rock is past his prime!”

Kevin Owens covers again.



THR….. The Rock kicks out again!

Kevin Owens with a shocked look on his face. He stands up and motions to the referee that he should have had a three count, and the referee motions a two-count. Owens shakes his head and swears at the live crowd who begin to boo him heavily. Owens with The Rock to his knees. He sets him up in power-bomb position. He attempts to lift the Rock off the canvas but cannot. He tries again, but The Rock reverses the move and sends Owens over his back and on to the mat. The Rock falls forward and clings onto the ropes. Rock catches his breath for a moment, sweat pouring down his face. He nods to the crowd that this isn’t over, and stands back up. Owens slowly up to his feet. Rock stalking Owens. Kevin Owens turns around, Rock sets up the Rock Bottom, Owens elbows the Rock again, Rock breaking the hold. Owens swings wildly to connect a standing clothesline, but The Rock ducks, ROCK BOTTOM.


The Rock rolls onto his opponent, the referee counts.




The Rock’s music hits as The Rock stands up tall, his arm being raised in victory. He pounds his chest with his fist as Lillian Garcia announces the result.

LILLIAN GARCIA..."Here is your winner by pinfall, The Rock!”

The crowd pops again as The Rock poses for the crowd, with Owens slowly rolling out of the ring.

MICHAEL COLE..."The Rock showing why he is the Great One here tonight!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."A tremendous victory in a well-fought contest by The Rock!”

After impressive showing by the Peoples Champion! The Rock! As Monday Night Raw returns from a commercial break. The cameras open back up at Ringside, as the WWE Universe can only wonder what is about to take place up next. With that.

As Destroyer hits the fans boo as the current reigning and defending WWE champion makes his way down to the ring. It is clear to see that the large Samoan is not in a good mood and he is not someone who is going to take anything lightly. Yet the man who had been the WWE champion, ROH world champion and TNA world champion had not been someone to take lightly. As Joe climbs into the ring he picks up a microphone. Joe then squares up to Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman seems to stand behind his client and the authority is still in the ring.

SAMOA JOE... "So because you managed to beat CM Punk you seem to think that gives you the right to jump to the front of the line for my title? I have to be honest Brock. For all of the smoke and mirrors, for all of the talk that Paul Heyman does and for all of the plaudits people want to give out to you as far as I am concerned you are nothing special.“

The fans boo this down to the fact that Joe is speaking about Brock in such a way. Sure the fans might not have agreed with everything that Brock had ever done but there had been no denying his talent, Brock Lesnar had been a force in wrestling and for Joe to claim that he didn’t see it had been insulting to the fans.

SAMOA JOE... "You see Brock when you look at me you don’t see a 218 pound man who pussied out and left the WWE because they wouldn’t give him ice cream bars.“

The fans boo this due to the fact they had been fans of CM Punk who had seemingly been challenging the universal champion Seth Rollins.

SAMOA JOE... "Whenever anyone talks about you Brock all I ever get told is the same boring story. NCAA champion, IWGP champion, UFC champion; to a lot of people that’s impressive. To a lot of people that would be intimidating. But to me Brock it tells me how much of an egotist you are. You have to go round having someone speak for you, you have to have someone show up even when you aren’t here to talk about how great you are because you are worried that if you go home and sit on your couch the people might forget about you. I’ll give you this one for free Brock. This people already don’t give a damn about you. “

user posted image

The fans boo this due to the fact that what had been said by Joe hadn’t been true to how they felt about Brock. Yet at the same time Joe and Brock don’t seem to have taken their eyes off of each other and no one in the ring seems to matter to them other than each other.

SAMOA JOE... "Now I am sure at Wrestlemania when you beat CM Punk you probably thought that you had been special; yet the truth of the matter is I was beating the crap out of CM Punk well before anyone was calling him the best in the world. in fact I didn’t just beat him once, I didn’t beat him twice I beat him three times in a row for the ROH world title. Yet while I was setting the wrestling world on fire and getting all of the plaudits in the world where had you disappeared to Brock? Oh that’s right you left wrestling because you didn’t like the travelling … wah wah wah do you realize how pathetic that sounds. From 2004 to 2005 I had 3 five star matches. The only thing that anyone has ever said about a Brock Lesnar match since 2005 is how over priced you are and the fact you are taking the spotlight away from an actual wrestler who loves this business rather than you being brought in for a lot of money to be the same boring wrestler you have always been. “

The fans boo Joe again and they seem to be surprised that no one is trying to take the microphone off of the champion.

SAMOA JOE... "You know for five years now there has been something you said that made my blood boil. When you came back and beat up John Cena you claimed you brought legitimacy back to pro wrestling. You claimed you had been the conqueror, the biggest bastard in the world and that you were a mercenary for whatever you wanted. That’s great, you can go play mercenary and pretend this whole time that Paul Heyman doesn’t pull the strings like you are a big plush toy with someone else pulling the string on your back. Yet for you to come out and say you bring legitimacy to wrestling is a joke to me. You see you can say that about John Cena, you can say that about Randy Orton or someone coming back like Goldberg or the Undertaker. As for me though. We both know it isn’t the case. We both know for the past 6 months that I have been tearing through everyone you have kept your mouth shut. You wouldn’t even talk about me because you knew that the second that you did I would be choking you out. Paul Heyman knew that the moment I stepped into this ring with you I would make what Alistair Overeem did to you look like child’s play and you wouldn’t have Diverticulitis to blame it on. So whilst you might want to run around calling yourself a mercenary Brock I don’t need to talk about what I am I just do it “

Joe then steps right in front of Brock so that they are almost nose to nose. However Paul Heyman is seemingly trying to pull his client away from the WWE champion. Joe then smirks as he takes a step back away from Lesnar.

SAMOA JOE... "Look at your advocate Brock. Even Heyman doesn’t want this to happen because he knows one on one you don’t stand a chance against me. He knows that when it comes down to it. Everyone in this ring, everyone in this arena knows that you are not on my level. You are someone who is trying to hang on to the past. You are someone who is trying to prove that you belong. Yet as for me I have finally scaled to the to the top of the mountain. I have finally gotten to the place that I deserve to be. “

Joe then unclasps the WWE title from around his waist and he raises it over his head and that of the head of his new number one contender for said title.

SAMOA JOE... "Brock when you get into the ring with me this isn’t going to be a exhibition, it isn’t going to be a dream match. It is going to be a fight. Two of us are going to walk into that ring and one of us is going to walk out. “

Joe is suddenly cut off as, the WWE Universe hear a familiar Voice over the speakers. The fans are all on their feet, as Paul Heyman steps onto the stage. This is the moment everybody has been waiting for as he brings a Microphone up to his mouth.

PAUL HEYMAN... "Excuse me, I apologize for the interruption at this time. So……LAAAAADIES AND GENTLEMEN…”

user posted image

Those three simple words erupt another huge pop from the Detroit, Michigan crowd. Everyone’s eyes are glued upon Paul Heyman at the top of the entrance ramp.

PAUL HEYMAN... "My name Is……Paul Heyman! I have just been inform, to let you know Samoa Joe. THE BEAST IS BACK..... This Sunday, in SUPLEX CITY. YOU'RE NEXT!"

With that; ”NEXT BIG THING” HITS OVER THE P.A SYSTEM! The fans absolutely lose their freaking minds! Brock Lesnar, joins Paul Heyman on the stage. as the Fireworks to explode onto the stage."

MICHAEL COLE..."There he is.... THE BEAST is Back! and He's on MONDAY NIGHT RAW.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "That's right Michael! The Beast is here.... Samoa Joe, asked for Lesnar?! Now he got him. I got a feeling somebody about to go to SUPLEX CITY! TONIGHT! Before Money in the Bank!"

user posted image

Brock looks as intense as ever. He marches down the ramp way with Paul at his side. Samoa Joe is waiting for him down inside of the ring. Brock leaps up onto the apron. Samoa Joe turn his attention towards Lesnar. Lesnar. He runs towards the Beast, AND LESNAR JUST TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE! LESNAR NOW GRABS Joe rom behind and…GERMAN SUPLEX! GERMAN SUPLEX! Lesnar leaps back up to his feet. Brock waits on Joe get up Lesnar! Lesnar catches him, lifts him up on his shoulders near the ropes and…F5! F5! F5 OVER THE TOP ROPE! JOE IS OUT COLD!"

With that, Brock’s music hits back over the p.a system. The two men step forward closer together. Security around the ring, step forward up onto the apron just in case. Making sure nothing pops off. The two just get face to face and have a stare down as the fans take their pictures. Lesnar then smirks, steps back, and exits the ring with Paul Heyman.

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh my god. Oh my god. The Beast! made a quick example out of Samoa Joe tonight. What a huge statement. on Monday Night RAW!”

With that, Monday Night RAW heads to another quick Commercial Break.

RAW comes back from a commercial break.We are just moments away from the main event of the evening, when the video screen inside the arena fades on once again. The fans turn their attention towards it. Appearing on the screen is Triple H and Stephanie McMahon standing in their office. side by side and with the WWE Universal Champion! Seth Rollins and his girlfriend the Raw Women's Champion! .Alexa Bliss!" As the fans see the four. they once again greet the Authority with a chorus of boos.

user posted image

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “We are just moments away. Moments away from the main event of Monday Night Raw. The Main Event, the WWE Universe has been waiting to see Seth Rollins in action again."

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... " That's right Steph, that is the whole reason we sold out this arena....Because of the WWE Universe, they paid to see one man Wrestle. "That is you Seth Rollins!"

Right then the WWE Universal Champion! Seth Rollins steps into the Picture. As he Took a moment to break out with his famous laughter, as the WWE Universe responded with a chorus of boos. Seth Ignored the fan's as he begin to speak.

SETH ROLLINS:... "Well, Stephanie, Hunter…. It's good to be back on Raw! Let's be honest, it has been a while you're WWE Universal Champion was on Monday Night Raw! It has been even longer the Last time. The entire world, got to see "the great.... Seth Rollins! In the Main Event!" I know everybody is fired up, excited for this Match coming up in a bit. I can't wait to make example out of Cm Punk, here tonight. Then at, Money in the Bank i am going to beat him, expose him expose him for the Joke he has become to this Business Since jumping ship to the UFC when Batista made him quit.... like a Girl! HAHA!"

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Look Seth. You are the MAN OF THE WWE! The Universal title, is all the proof you need to back it up. Right now there is something I need from you, I know you have a big match tonight. A bigger one at Money in the Bank! Where you will defend the WWE Universal Championship for the First time. I know you will do what I am expecting you to do that's WIN!"

SETH ROLLINS:... "Hunter. I hear you loud and clear. Alright? There is nothing that you have to worry about at this Sunday, at Money in the Bank. When, I defend my Universal title for the first time since Winning it at Wrestlemania!" I am defending it against a man left the WWE, as the Best in the World!' He went from something great to being a has-been. I am at the top of my game, I am the Best this Universal title is the proof. Cm Punk does not know who he is screwing with, he made huge mistake. When he bent Vince McMahon over backwards to kiss his ass for a title shot.... I am going to end Cm Punk little fancy run at the top because...." THAT'S HOW GOOD I AM!"

With that, Seth Rollins quickly grab his WWE Universal title. As he exit's the the Authority's Office. It's now time for the Main Event coming up next. Monday Night Raw cut's to it's final last Commercial break!.


Triple H
 Posted: Aug 15 2017, 04:50 AM

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Monday Night Raw is Live...

user posted image

Monday Night Raw now returns back, from it's final last Commercial break! It is now time for the Main Event as the footage open's up Inside the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. The Soldout members of the WWE Universe are on their feet for CM Punk returning to WWE Ring for the First time since 2014 the very Night he turn his back on the WWE and the WWE Universe. As Punk, Aj Lee and , Alexa Bliss and Seth Rollins are seen inside the ring, getting ready for the main event of the evening, both Alexa and Seth holding onto their titles both wearing the same smirk as they place their belts on the outside Alexa runs her hand down Seth's arm before stepping out onto the Apron, Aj Lee leans in and kisses Punk before stepping out of the ring on the apron as the ref signals for the bell as punk and Seth begin to circle the ring as they step into the middle Seth kicks him in the mid without fail he runs at the ropes and rebounds off them hitting him with a spinning neck breaker. As ,Seth takes this moment right now, to bust out with his famous laughter for a quick second. As the fans greet him with light mixed reaction, this was different then ever before. He couldn't help but smile at the reaction from the crowd. And he took this time yelling out a question to WWE Universe.

SETH ROLLINS:... "There is something, I think CM Punk needs to know right now..... Ha! WHO'S a HAS-BEEN....?!"

WWE UNIVERSE... " CM Punk….”

MICHAEL COLE..."I don't know what's wrong with this crowd right here in, Detroit, Michigan. I can't believe the WWE Universe, just called Punk a has-been!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Well, it's true Michael! Punk walked away from the WWE, to jump ship to UFC. He quit again after the first round!"

Seth turns on his feet and stomps on Punk's arm; before slamming it hard against the Ring post with all the power he can produced. Rollins laught at him, one more before claiming back into the ring. AJ LEE is standing on the outside of the Ring! Alexa not to far away from her. As Seth stands up to his feet, Irish whip punk into the Turnbuckle, Connecting with a powerful Clothesline. Causing punk to hold his back in pain. Seth runs at him and goes for a running boot to the face but Punk dodges to the side causing Rollins to hurt his leg, Punk gets behind him connects with the Russian leg-sweep hitting it like a pro as he goes for the first pin fall of the match. Scott Armstrong is there to count the Fall! count; One.... Tw.. KICK OUT BY PUNKK!!

MICHAEL COLE..."Seth Rollins, is going have to do a lot more Damage to CM Punk to put him away for Three count!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Well, Michael! I think the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins knows that, Michael." He got everything under control. He is the man of WWE! "

PUNK gets to his feet, he goes for. THE GO THE SLEEP! He got Rollins on his shoulders....Seth Slips out, counters with the Enzuigir hitting punk in the back of the head. Follow up with a drop kick to the mat, Seth points towards Alexa walks over and tags her in. Alexa gets into the ring as the ref Forces Punk to tag in AJ Lee. And, Alexa steps into the Middle of the ring. She was not paying attention to aj as she took her eyes off of her for a second! That was all AJ Needed to lock in the Black Widow!.. Alexa screaming in pain and Seth see's what going on as he enter the ring to break it up. Punk is not happy to see what Seth just did to his Girlfriend! Alexa now tag's in her man; Seth Rollins! He took this chance to hit Punk from Behind. Clothesline over the top rope causeing Punk to hit his head onto the annoucers Table, Seth now exit the ring. He pick up the Microphone Cable ;begin choking out Punk! Alexa laugh at what Seth was doing to Punk!" Seth now drops Punk before throwing him back into the Ring...."Seth taunts Punk one more time, before standing him up.


Seth now Reaches over Punk, to cover PUNK for another Pin-fall. Scott Armstrong is there to count the fall. One.... Two.... AJ LEE BREAKS UP THE COUNT!!! Scott Armstrong gets in her face, to let AJ Lee know. The next time. She gets involved with Rollins it will result in a disqualification!"

MICHAEL COLE..."After you, Kidding me? Seth Rollins did the same thing to AJ Lee! When he saved ALEXA from tapping out to the Black Widow."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Well, Michael! I don't know what you are talking about. I didn't see anything! Scott Armstrong our sign referee didn't see anything! Therefore, it didn't happen."

Seth now steps out of the ring a for Second, he grabs a steal chair from Under the Ring. Punk Kick's Rollins coming in! Punk picks up the chair. ALEXA comes up behind under hooks Punk in the groin! As Rollins hits punk in the ribs with the chair. Before Under hooking punk arms laying him out on the steal chair. Face first. He Now exits the ring one more time, to get Microphone. Seth grab's his WWE Universe Championship! Stands over Punk with the title over his right shoulder, Microphone in his hand....The fans respond with a chorus of boos. After what Just happen. As Lilian Garcia annouses the winner of the match. Before It was Seth turn adresss WWE Universe and Cm Punk!"

LILLIAN GARCIA..."Here are your winners, by result of disqualification, Cm Punk and AJ LEEEEE."

Seth holds the WWE Universal Championship high in the air, which only brings down more boos upon him and on his girlfriend. Seth then brings the title back down, and replaces it back over his left shoulder. Seth keeps the microphone near his lips, and after laughing at the fans reaction, Seth continues to speak.

user posted image

SETH ROLLINS:... "CM Punk, here is something, I want you to Listen to what I am about to say I think you need to know before, Money in the Bank this Sunday for my WWE Universal Championship. I have a lot to get off my chest right now. In front of the Entire World! Right now Let it be known. I am called the Architect for a reason..... like a great mind I always two steps ahead of my competition. Well, surprise! I have played you because.... I am at 100 percent right now! I was at my BEST the day I was clear to wrestle a few weeks ago. .... Nobody SAW IT COMING!"

Fans continue to boo heavily. Some in the audience even try and get a “PUNK” chant started, but just as Rollins’ hears the chant starting to come the life, he cuts it off, by continuing with his speech. Classic heel move.

SETH ROLLINS:... "Funny. Real cute. Real funny. I forgot to Laugh. Just like Punk, the joke is on all of you.……THIS IS WHAT THE CHAMP looks like BABY! Not to mention, this a title CM Punk will never get his on, as Long your truly...... SETH ROLLINS Remains as: THE MAN OF THE WWE!"

user posted image

Rollins is really starting to piss this sold out crowd off, as the boos just seem to grow and grow in volume. Rollins doesn’t care though. He eats it up. He uses it to fuel him to push further and dig deeper. Rollins continues on.

SETH ROLLINS:... "Punk, I know you believe. You are doing a lot of Good! When taking a match, you Didn't earn. You walked out on the WWE three Years ago. Now you are back. You're the First that gets shot at my Universe Title!..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have carried this company on my back for a full year for the WWE Universe. CM Punk isn't going to walk out with my WWE Universal Title at Money in the Bank, because CM Punk is a disease.....SETH ROLLINS IS THE CURE!"

The crowd Respond with a mixed of chorus of boos for the MAN OF THE WWE! Seth Rollins, as he raises the WWE Universal Title above his head before bring it back down again.

SETH ROLLINS:... "If you People like that. Then, I promise you, going to love this! CM Punk thinks he is still the MAN. When "he was not even Man, enough to face Seth Rollins.... face-to-face: He was, thousands of Miles. in the UFC tapping out to Jobbers can't even fight. So, Pun he had his wife. AJ Lee asked Vince McMahon for Punk to get shot at my WWE Universal title.....Because, he was a Coward! That is kind of Man Cm Punk has become. This Sunday at Money in the Bank. I will continue my Reign as Champion, after I show Punk. He is nothing, but a Has-been to the WWE Universe! When I AM THE BEST! This WWE Universal title is proof.... "I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD! I am going to prove it again at Money in the bank........ I AM JUST THAT GOOD!"

Rollins breaks out with his famous laughter one more time. “SECOND COMING” hits loud over the p.a system and with that Rollins and his girlfriend the Raw Women's Champion! Alexa Bliss stand over CM Punk. The Final image shown to the WWE Universe was Seth Rollins standing tall sending the last message to his challenger before Money in the Bank this Sunday for the WWE Universal Championship!

MICHAEL COLE..."This has been a Money Night Raw to remember for years to come. We are out of time folks. Thank you everyone for tuning in to RAW as our next stop is Money in the bank!! Good night!

user posted image

With that; Monday Night RAW fades off air with one last image of Seth Rollins standing over CM Punk, with the WWE Universe title over his shoulder. As the the WWE Logo is displayed on the Black screen!” RAW GOES OFF AIR.


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