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 Man of the Hour
Lio Rush
 Posted: May 16 2018, 12:35 AM

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Wrestlers Name:
Lio Rush
Man of the Hour
Washington, DC
160 lbs
Theme Music:
"I Came To Collect" CFO$



user posted image


Finishing Moves:
(Minimum Of One / Maximum Of Two)
Dragon's Call (Split-Legged Frog Splash)
Rush Hour (Spanish Fly)

Signature Moves:
Cyclone Kick (Spinning Roundhouse Kick)
Rush Recklessly (Multiple Suicide Dives)

Favorite Moves:
Wheelbarrow Armdrag
Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors
Double Foot Stomp
Flip Piledriver
Springboard Hurricanrana
Ace Crusher
Rolling Vertical Suplex Combo
Handspring Back Elbow
Handspring Kick


-Goes right here.Let us know how you write. A minimum of 500 words to be accepted!


RPing Experience:
7 Years

How did you find us?:
Cody Rhodes/Granger

Do you currently play a Character here?:


Have you read the RULES of WWE 2018?:
Do you plan to be Active member on our forum?:
Nope, JK Yeah
Do you plan to show for your matches when Booked?:
Phack No. Sike, Yeah I do.
Lio Rush
 Posted: May 16 2018, 12:50 AM

It has taken him six long years to finally get to World Wrestling Entertainment and in his very first match, Jeremy Baltimore has been granted the chance to go against the very best in professional wrestling. The Anti-Hero Aleister Black, The Best in the World CM Punk and The Cleaner Kenny Omega all of them vying for the same shot as Jeremy was. The prestigious WWE World Championship. Held by the very best the WWE had to offer. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino. Jeremy looked to add his name to that illustrious list.

Jeremy stepped into the legendary illustrious halls of Madison Square Garden for his very first edition of Monday Night RAW. He was like a child all over again finally getting a chance to be here in what many considered the big leagues. Jeremy had a very bright future ahead of him at only 22, he was a very fast and rising star and he could mold his future and cement his legacy here in WWE if he can capture the WWE Championship in his first match. Jeremy’s view was blocked out by the shadow of the man who gave him the WWE Contract. One Hunter Hearst Helmsley, commonly known as either Hunter or Triple H.

Triple H - The Creator & The Destroyer: Welcome to the big leagues kid. You have a lot of big shoes to fill and to be in the ring against against three incredibly talented men is a very intimidating obstacle to overcome. I’m here to let you know that you are about to have your very first sit-down interview with our most experienced journalist here in WWE. Michael Cole will be getting the news from you which will be on the WWE Youtube channel later tonight.

Hunter said as he patted Jeremy on the back and shook his hand. Jeremy’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as Triple H had been an idol of his for as long back as he could remember. He was soon stopped by one of the stage hands who came to show Jeremy to the interview area where he would be conducting his very first sit-down interview with Michael Cole here in WWE. Jeremy walked into the room and sat down on the second chair closer to the exit door as he waited for Michael Cole to come interview him.

Jeremy looked at the man who had called many classic matches and has done these sit down interviews with many of the absolute best stars in the company. Jeremy was about to join that list as he waited for Michael Cole to come in. The door across from him opened up as Michael Cole walked in wearing a pristine suit. Jeremy was wearing a regular gray ‘Property of WWE Performance Center’ t-shirt and some black jeans. Cole sat down and cleared his throat as the camera man got in position focused on Cole who was about to start interviewing.

Michael Cole - Vintage Parrot: Hello again everybody and welcome to our weekly interview on My guest this week is brand new to WWE all together. He has been training all across the globe since the age of sixteen. He started out in a small arena in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland and slowly because a fast rising star working for several places and even gaining championships under his belt. He started at the age of 16 and here he stands as WWE’s youngest current talent at 22. Please welcome my guest at this time, his name is Jeremy Baltimore. Welcome to WWE.

Jeremy Baltimore - Ruthless Prodigy: I’m glad to be here Michael. This has been the culmination of the dream I have had to be here since I was 6. Sixteen years later, here I am standing in the same company that many people I have looked up to growing up stood in. I’m here for a long time. I just hope that I can make as much as a lasting impression as those guys did. Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Undertaker, Kane and the likes have already made their legacy, now it’s my turn.

Jeremy said as he knew that it was going to take a while to cement his own legacy here in WWE but if anything was possible in WWE, it was someone new winning a championship. Jeremy was up against three well established guys who have had plenty of classic matches. Jeremy was now the new guy here trying to solidify his career. Kenny Omega, Aleister Black, and CM Punk are all looking to capture the WWE Championship just like Jeremy is and only one of them will be able to walk away from MSG with that new WWE World Championship.

Michael Cole - Vintage Parrot: Jeremy, how does it feel getting in the ring with three of the most devastating, dominating, and impressive men this business has ever had. The Anti-Hero Aleister Black, The Best in the World CM Punk and The Cleaner Kenny Omega. All three have been doing this for years while you are relatively brand new to this industry. What’s your mindset going into this fatal four-way match against these three men. Three men who are just as if not more hungry to capture that WWE Championship and cement their legacy here in the legendary grounds and halls of WWE.

Jeremy Baltimore - Ruthless Prodigy: That is an excellent couple of questions. What is the mindset of the Ruthless Prodigy going into this fatal four way. I guess to just go out there and survive. Try my best to be better than Black, Omega, and Punk and try to become the youngest WWE Champion in the history of the WWE. How does it feel to have this opportunity, its mind blowing. A few months ago, I was sitting here wrestling in high school gyms and now, I’m here at the legendary Madison Square Garden arena. It’s absolutely mind blowing to say the least Michael. I mean, some people might not like the fact that I’m just getting here in the WWE and have already been given a shot at the WWE Championship while others have fought tooth and nail to get one shot. But, I’m just here to do me. Its kind amazing that Triple H has this much faith in me to allow me the chance and opportunity to become WWE Champion. He must see something in me that many didn’t and I won’t let Triple H down like others have done before me.

Jeremy said as he knew that this was a monumental task that he was undertaking but he was always up for the task of being a Triple H guy and going out there to become WWE Champion. He was not afraid of a challenge having been facing guys twice his size with more experience and twice the weight on him. He had no issue with facing three guys for this chance. It just helped solidify himself to where if he can manage to beat all three, then it would mean that Hunter did the right thing in hiring Jeremy now.

Michael Cole - Vintage Parrot: Jeremy, what do you have to say about the people who are making you out to be another Triple H. Like Seth, Kevin, and Joe before you. That you were hand chosen by the Cerebral Assassin himself to go get the WWE Championship and bring it back to his side? People think that because you are a young guy in this business, that Triple H has brainwashed you into being one of his guns for hired and that you will be a hated man in WWE for aligning yourself with The King of Kings Triple H?

Jeremy Baltimore - Ruthless Prodigy: Michael, let me make one thing perfectly clear to you and to everyone who will see this. I’m not brainwashed. What sets me apart from Seth Rollins is that, I’m not some egotistical man who will stab his brothers in the back and then go running to them once my time in the sun has expired. Now, I’m not taking away from Seth Rollins. Seth is easily a first ballot Hall of Famer, there is no denying that. But as Hunter said it himself. Seth had everything handed to him and silver freaking platter and then spat in Hunter’s face. Seth did it, Roman did it, and Dean did it as well. Unlike them, I’m taking the hand of Triple H. I’m going to shake it, and I’m going to do my absolute best to become WWE Champion. It took me six long years to get here to the WWE and I don’t care that the fans are upset because I got picked over one of their favorites who isn’t even on the WWE Championship radar. There are successes and failures in this business Michael Cole. And little hint. Jeremy Baltimore is definitely not a failure.

Jeremy said as he looked at Michael Cole who was simply doing his job asking if the whole thing that follows behind Triple H picked men was true. Like he had signed his soul over to the devil himself and his success would come with a price. Jeremy knew that people were mostly jealous in this industry because others want to be higher than they are on the ladder but they don’t put in the work at all to be on that level they really want to be on. Jeremy was someone who was made for the level he’s on.

Michael Cole - Vintage Parrot: Jeremy, last question. You are aware that should you be the first one to capture the WWE World Championship…you will acquire a very large target on your back that many people will want. Being WWE Champion is a very daunting task and a lot of people collapse under the pressure of being champion. I have seen many men become WWE Champion and they lose some of themselves upon becoming champion. Those sixteen pounds of gold on your shoulders really does change someone. Are you really up to the daunting and excruciating task of being WWE Champion?

Jeremy Baltimore - Ruthless Prodigy: Michael, let me ask you something. How long have you been a professional wrestler? Aside from your matches against Lawler and Cena and Ross at those few events, do you think WWE would ever put a WWE Championship on you? No, because you don’t have the heart to be a WWE Champion. Over the last six years, I carved my niche in places most people never get the chance to see. Mexico, Canada, Japan, multiple places here in America. I have stuck my flag in those places and marked by name in the ground. People bring up Nakamura or AJ’s reigns as the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. I have been IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion and Junior Tag Team Champion so I am absolutely no stranger to gold or silver or whatever it is. My goal here is the WWE is not to make friends or put smiles on the faces of the fans. My goal is to cement a legacy here in the WWE and to do everything in my power to become a recognizable name. I’m going out there to face Black, Omega, and Punk but only one of us is walking out as WWE Champion.

Jeremy said as he stood up and shook the hand of Michael Cole and pulled off the little microphone on his shirt. He handed it to Cole and made his way over to the locker room area where he was going to change into his wrestling gear and stretch preparing for this fatal four-way match. Once all warmed up, Jeremy made his way over to gorilla position and bounced on the balls of his feet trying to get himself in the mindset to go out there and become the new WWE Champion. He was in for a big fight feel.
Shane McMahon
 Posted: May 16 2018, 01:17 AM

YOU'VE BEEN user posted image

You've been accepted to join Monday Night Raw! My name is James, and you will be joining the Raw brand with Your WWE coo Triple H who is handle by he's the GAME! And with Shane McMahon as your gm.If you have any questions don't be afraid to send us a PM. We'll get back to you as quick as we can. And don't forget to read the rules. And most importantly have fun!


WELCOME ! Jeremy
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