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 Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns
 Posted: Feb 21 2018, 10:58 PM

user posted image

Wrestlers Name:
Roman Reigns
The Big Dog
Pensacola, FL
6 FT. 3 IN.
265 LBS.
Theme Music:
"The Truth Reigns" by Jim Johnston




Finishing Moves:
(Minimum Of One / Maximum Of Two)
Superman Punch

Signature Moves:
Samoan Drop

Favorite Moves:
Leaping Clothesline
Tilt-A-Whirl Slam
Niagara Bomb
Schoolboy lifted into a Deadlift Sitout Powerbomb
Multiple Corner Clotheslines


2 weeks ago. Post-match.

Hades trekked the semi-occupied corridor with an aura of sadness and hopelessness trailing closely behind him, as a result of his vanishing faith in the ‘other side’. Burning with the dying flicker of an unsteady flame. His legs gave way to the physical and mental load he was carrying, leveling himself on the foot of a stairway that led to another level of the arena. His head settles into his shoulders…his large gloved palms coming to a prayer-like close before him…as he stares blankly into the thin crisp air-conditioned air in front of him.

…Forces of Darkness. Why, in my darkest hour, has thou forsaken me?

It was out of his character to request assistance from anyone; but the Heart Break Boy being one of his greatest enemies from his premature years as an rookie, made tonight’s encounter fall under another category. It was a special case -- at least to the undisputed ruler of the hell anyways.

The once-proclaimed Godfather of Evil, remained rested in his position at the bottom of the staircase, dumbfounded in an ocean of his own disbelief that his prayers had gone – and continued to go unanswered.

…Even in my destitute for answers, you dare turn deaf as a post and purse your lips??

His cries for a retort growing more desperate by every displeasing minute of silence that passes, as a catastrophic eruption brews from within him.

…I don’t know what more I can do to appease you. I have been nothing if not loyal to your cause for years; allowed you to use me as the ultimate instrument for destruction and mass panic. Even reduced myself to slain my own of kin -- but only after you turned us against each other; because two sovereigns were two too many and didn’t fit into your convoluted plans of anarchy and takeover. But I abided anyways because I had faith in you. Alas, no more. Do you hear me? No more! I say, ‘no more’ to your ridiculous causes and requests that I bend over backwards to achieve, only to have my efforts ignored. This day in history, let it be known that I renounce my affiliation with the shadows of the ‘other side’. Effective immediately. Those who choose to serve and slain in your name that I encounter, will also perish in your unholy name. I will wash the sins of a few in a river of their own blood and offer them true prosperity at my feet, should they choose to serve me…however, the majority will not be so fortunate. Punishment for their crimes will be decapitation. Their spare bones utilized for the structure of a new kingdom I seek to build in the name of a new faith: Hadism. Soldiers of the Light and Sinners of the Night be damned…for Hades cometh.

Present Day. A distorted feed with static rushing across it at seemingly random points throughout is coming in via satellite; its precise location however, is a mystery to the viewer(s).

Hades is present wearing a cloak as dark as his soul, the hood dialed to the max concealing the majority of his forehead. Positioned behind him are two large and slightly rusted metal barrels that carry a bright flame, while he rests in a broad back throne chair. His head bowed prior to slowly ascending…his pupils vanished into his skull.

…Devoted public of the (FED NAME)…lend me your ears…as I come to bring you the good news this momentous day. I have seen what the future holds for me. The shores sprinkled with gold. Endless streams of milk and honey. A utopia of advanced beings with similar beliefs that are free of wars and famine; free of worries and troubles; free of bacterial diseases that currently infect, stain, curse, and will ultimately lead to the termination of the one we currently inhabit. A perfect world. I shouldn’t have to tell you that this world’s fate has already been written. Doomsday is right around the corner and it shall come to pass with or without any interference from us. But fear not the inevitable for I come bearing a gift; everlasting life here on Earth. If you confess with your mouth that I, Hades, am your lord that you will put no other being, mortal or god-like, before me and seal our bond with a dose of my blood.

…Alas, in order to create our own piece of Heaven here on Earth, we must accelerate the demolition. Kill it so that we may rebuild from the ground up in our image. The way of Hades, Hadism, will be a safety net to the fallen -- a lifeboat to drifters taken by the currents of the unforgiving sea. It goes without saying that the sacrifices of the few are crucial to the survival of the many; and there are plenty of life vests and parachutes to be given…however they are in limited supply. I am but one, and may be unable to reach every soul out there, but I am the only ONE who gives a damn. Your God(s) have abandoned you. Forsaken you to deal with the hardships of being stranded on this planet. But I am here fighting with you -- for you. All that I ask is that you do the same in return. Burn the fields with the fiery touch of my crest, accompany me in my task to toppling bodies which will fund the development of our new church, do everything in your power to spread my message. A new savior has come to offer salvation to a select group who’ll swear their allegiance to my ministry. Together, let us make the world pure once again.

…Tomorrow night will be our first step towards reconstruction. Mark Michaels, will have the good fortune of setting yet another trend in being the first fallen victim of Hadism. He’s made me well aware of his in-ring experiences with the likes of DEDEDE, Y2Impact, and Zack Crash…really, I feel as though I was there from those riveting detailed descriptions he gave…and likewise I have shared the ring with them as well. Only I’ve beaten them. Perhaps he has too, I honestly wouldn’t know; and seeing as evidence of that was found nowhere in his story I’m left to assume things didn’t pan out in his favor. Though regardless of the outcomes, I’m sure he put up quite the struggle. Besides, sometimes it isn’t always about placing in the race, it’s running it. And when you’re in a match with me you’re definitely going to want to place, but it’s important that you remain logical. When a child reaches for the stars overhead, he is saddened by the realization that he hasn’t grasped one when his hand returns to him empty, because it is in that moment he realizes that he’s physically incapable of rising to such an impossible challenge. That’s just like the challenge that awaits him tomorrow night. He’s reaching into the black sky in high hopes that he’ll retrieve one of those gleaming balls of gas, but the only thing he’ll have in his possession afterwards is grave disappointment.

Tomorrow he’ll know a warm reception from a live crowd the instant my shadow is drawn down the stage ramp. Very different from what he’s accustomed to from his faceless digital followers that are nothing more than a number on a sidebar; whose thoughts are summed up in meme’s, emoticons, and 140 characters or less. His fans that flood his Twitter Feed. Whereas mine flood coliseums. My flock has been going strong on a global level for several years and will rival anyone foolish enough to cross me. So if we’re measuring the outcome of this match on crowd participation, then he’s already lost.

Strength and size, though my best strengths, aren’t my only strengths. When is the last time you saw a man of my size demonstrate superb equilibrium by trapeze walking the top rope? Where have you ever heard a man over three hundred pounds to soar ringside like he were weightless -- with the majesty of a bald eagle? Never until I came around. So if he thinks staying with out of my reach is going to be the key to defeating me, or an easy task for that matter, then he’ll soon come to realize that most things are easier said than done.



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Triple H
 Posted: Feb 22 2018, 12:00 AM

YOU'VE BEEN user posted image

You've been accepted to join Monday Night Raw! My name is Joseph, and you will be joining the Raw brand with Your WWE coo Triple H who is handle by he's the GAME! And with Shane McMahon as your gm.If you have any questions don't be afraid to send us a PM. We'll get back to you as quick as we can. And don't forget to read the rules. And most importantly have fun!


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welcome back,