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May 16 2018, 01:11 PM
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Last year wasn't Wade Barrett best. He felt like he had failed at his dream. Years prior, Wade was a top star but this year was different, he couldn't seem to get into the top tier.

With his first victory of the year against Evan Bourne, it gave him a breath of fresh air. He felt whole again, after attaining victory, he felt like the broken man he was had been healed. He honestly felt like his career was going to be made in 2015.

Sunday was going to be his night. He may have drawn number five, most would assume this unlucky number. But to Wade, he felt lucky. Sure he would be quite winded but for some reason five had always been his number. This Sunday, trust me, Wade Barrett will shine.

Scene 1/2: Legends Forum

We sit at home bored out of our minds. It's been a long hard week, Saturday hits and we are finally off for the next few days. We flip through the channels and not a thing is on. "What should we watch", we all think. We decide why not watch some old school wrestling on the WWE Network. When the app finally loads we see the Network has an exclusive Road to Wrestlemania Legends Forum, the Royal Rumble edition. We have to watch that right? The video buffers and we see Mene Gene Okerlund on the screen. Inside that's a little mark out moment for those of us old school fans. Mene Gene sits at what seems to be a roundtable.

Mene Gene Okerlund
That's right, Universe, the ever so popular, Legends of the Roundtable is back. Always as my name is Mene Gene Okerlund and this an exclusive Road to Wrestlemania special only available on the WWE Network. Our first pit stop on the always exciting trip is the Royal Rumble. The very match that determines the Main Event of the biggest event of the year Wrestlemania. With me today, I have a panel of legends, here to discuss the event and who they believe will win the big match. Please welcome the panel of Legends today, first he is the meanest son of a gun out of Texas, The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The camera pans to show Steve Austin sitting, chugging a can of beer.Welcome Steve and are you aware it's only ten AM?

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Yeah... What's your damn point? Mene Gene, it's always time for beer.

Mene Gene laughs briefly before he regains his composure and speaks to us again.

Mene Gene Okerlund
Our next guest is a man who always seemed to be in the center of controversy, all thanks to his spitfire mouth, welcome Hot Rod, Roddy Piper.

The camera pans to show Roddy Piper with his signature cocky grin on his face.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
Ha ha! Mene Gene! Thanks for inviting me to this, brother. So, uhh, Stone Cold can I get one of those beers?

Austin doesn't even respond with words, he just simply hands Piper a beer, pulls up his for a toast, and starts chugging away. Piper isn't keen on chugging his, he just sips slowly on it. The camera pans back to the host of the forum.

Mene Gene Okerlund
Our next guest making his official return to the company, right here on the WWE Network, folks get ready because this is huge! Please welcome a very good, personal friend of mine, The Immortal, Hulk Hogan!

Unlike Stone Cold and Piper, Hulk Hogan gets a legitimate entrance! And why wouldn't he? Real American blares through our speakers. We all mark out, even you Hogan haters secretly. After posing with everyone of his signature poses to camera, The Hulkster finally takes a seat.

Hulk Hogan
Mene Gene, thanks for having me here today, dude. It feels so good to be back in the WWE, let me tell you, brother.

The camera solely focuses Mene Gene, who has a very serious look on his face as usual.

Mene Gene Okerlund
The Royal Rumble, not only one of the biggest matches of ones career, but one of the most grueling on ones body but also one full of surprises, you truly can never tell what will happen or even show up. What makes this match so exciting? Hulkster, we will start with you.

The camera pans to the right side of Mene Gene to focus on Hogan.

Hulk Hogan
The drama. Like you said, Gene, you don't know what's going to happen. It's one of the few match types in the history of wrestling that is just unpredictable. Anybody and anyone can win, even the smallest dude in the ring, like Rey Mysterio. He isn't my pick for this year, although anything is possible, who knows maybe he will outlast and win it again.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
For me, the Rumble is everything. It's any man's game. Even for someone who has not had the best year, lasting in the Rumble can make you a damn star. Even if you don't win it. Hell, look at Kane that man tops the list for most Rumble eliminations and never won the thing. His performance in the thing, cemented more in his career. I guess, I'm trying to say win or lose, the Rumble can make you a star.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
Saying anyone could win made me just think about the very first Royal Rumble. Hogan and I were there but not in the Rumble and that's probably a good thing. Because Jim Duggan would not have won that thing. Out of all the legendary superstars, like Bret Hart and Jake Roberts, who excepted Hacksaw to win. Don't get me wrong Jim is a hell of a guy but he isn't you know uhh, a big name.

Hulk Hogan
Or like I said, Rey Mysterio or even Shawn Michaels. Who excepted Shawn to come in at number one and last the whole thing to win it? Not a single person, dudes.

The camera cuts from the Hulkster's aging face back to Gene's. He turns to Stone Cold and points to him with the pen in his left hand.

Mene Gene Okerlund
Steve, I think it's safe to say you are the king of the Royal Rumble. As you have you have three wins. Steve, what is the key to winning this match? What is your strategy going in?

Stone Cold Steve Austin
The key and my strategy are the same. Keep myself winded and know when the right moment to attack is. When multiple guys are in the ring, try and stay way as much as you can. But if just a few are in, go crazy and beat the hell out of everybody in sight.

Mene Gene Okerlund

Stone Cold holds up his hands in almost disbelief.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Gene, you are really startin' to get on my damn nerves. Stone Cold is done talkin' when I damn say so!

Mene Gene doesn't respond, he sits with a very confused look on his face. The other two just sit with smiles on their faces in amusement.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Like I was gonna say, one more strategy is to drink a few beers, listen to some Lynyrd Skynyrd, drink more beer, listen to some Hank, drink more beer, and finally kick some ass!

Rowdy Roddy Piper
That seems like a great idea but we need some bagpipes! Nothing gets me more pumped up than the roaring sound of Scottish Pride.

Hulk Hogan
Can I just add something real quick, back to what Steve said, I have won the Rumble twice myself. My strategy was to always capitalize on opportunities. You see some dudes struggling to put someone out, walk over, help em', and that's one less person you have to worry about. Also if you see someone not paying attention, toss em' over.

The camera turns back to Mene Gene who readies himself to ask the big question. He looks down at his notes and checks a few things off his yellow notepad.

Mene Gene Okerlund
Folks, we come to the moment you have been waiting for, predictions! Hot Rod, we haven't heard a lot from you, so you will be up first.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
Well Mene Gene, you know, everyone in the Rumble looks good. But one man sticks out at me like a sore thumb and that's Bad News Barrett. You know, ha ha, he reminds me a lot of myself. He's not afraid to speak his mind and damn sure doesn't give a damn, what anyone thinks. He always seems to find sly way of getting things done. Wether it be, forming a stable or even using someone. Like he did John Cena a few weeks ago, allowing John Cena to do all his dirty work, tag himself in, and just drop straight down for a pin fall. Ha ha... I just had to laugh about it. That is for sure something I would do. Not only that he is a brawler and a mean one at that. He's a bare knuckle fighter champion and he knows how to react in scenarios just like this.

Mene Gene turns to Hogan but Stone Cold begins to speaking instead.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Before you ask, Hogan and forget all about ol Stone Cold, let me talk about my pick. Like, Hot Rod, here my pick is Bad News Barrett, I've kept a close eye on Barrett for years now. For one because he's a tough sum bitch. I'm not saying I wouldn't step toe to toe with the guy, but I guarantee I'd be feeling it in the morning. The other reason is because right now, he seems to be actin like I would. Vince McMahon was thorn in my side, my whole damn career and I was this anti-hero, Wades stepped into that role as of late. He's not a good guy but he's not bad guy. He's his own guy. He doesn't give a damn to do anything it takes to get what he wants. He may have drawn number five, but he is fighter, he may have more endurance than anyone else in the match. He's used to receiving punishment, time is not going effect him. I guarantee that.

Mene Gene points towards Hogan for his insight.

Hulk Hogan
Wade is a good solid choice but for me. The edge has to be given to Alex Riley. This man has held every championship you could possibly win. He has the Universe on his side. He also has a certain vendetta against the Authority. What would make the pot sweeter, is if Roman Reigns would defeat Chris Jericho, and Alex would win the Rumble. What a showdown that would be.

The camera pans away to show the other men nodding in approval. The camera soon pans, up close to Mene Gene.

Mene Gene Okerlund
Folks, it's very unfortunate, we are out of time. But what a time, it has been. Don't forget to to tune in right here on WWE Network, this Sunday for the Royal Rumble.

The camera pans away to show all three men talking back and forth as the WWE logo pops up and the scene fades away.

Scene 1/2: Against All Odds

The WWE Universe are hyped after an awesome inter-promotional between Raw's Sami Zayn and Smackdown's Kevin Steen. Sami came out on top after Steen was caught using under-handed tactics. The two have cleared the ring.

"God Save Our Queen" is heard throughout the arena. Followed by Rebel Son. Bad News Barrett soon makes his way onto the stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Wade didn't taunt the crowd he took with a quick jog as he hurried to the ring. He slides under the ropes and rudely takes the microphone from Lillain's hands to a huge amount of boos.

Bad News Barrett
Go ahead and boo me! I'm not going to suck up to any damn body! I am officially my own man! You can cheer me, you can boo me, it doesn't bloody matter to me. I am from this point forward looking out for me! By the way, Shane O', you can take my alliance with you and stick it straight up your arse! Because aside from CM Punk, you've assembled the biggest bunch of losers I've ever seen. Just a disgrace. As much as I would love to see the Authority go down, there is no damn way you are going to do it.

The majority of the fans boo him, but those few smarks in the crowd cheer and chant, Bad News Barrett.

Bad News Barrett
But I'm not out here to bad mouth Shane McMahon. I stand in this ring, to announce that I will be winning the Royal Rumble this Sunday. I understand that the odds are stacked against me. But if you know what I can do with my bare hands, you would change your mind. Yes, I've been in the Rumble before and lost but this time is different. This time, I actually want to win. I used to be a young lad, just having some good fun in the match. But this time, I want to win it. For four months, I've been trying to get an opportunity at something and this is my chance! Finally Bad News Barrett's chance to become something! Fin...

Wade is cut off by Lemmy's voice saying "The King of Kings", followed by the theme of the same name. Out walks, Stephanie McMahon, she stands on the stage with a microphone in hand. She giggles a bit before she speaks.

Stephanie McMahon
Wade Barrett, I couldn't help but come out here and just see your comedy act up close and personal. I mean anyone who is delusional enough to believe that Dean Ambrose isn't winning the Royal Rumble has to be crazy.

Wade laughs at Stephanie's comments. The crowd boos her just as loud as she or anyone else can imagine.

Bad News Barrett
Stephanie, you should know me by now to know, I don't make jokes that often. What I said is no joke. Ms. McMahon, I assure if you value Dean's safety, I would advise you not to allow him to enter the match at all. You see, I know if I hurt him, it will get to not only his dear friend, Roman Reigns but also, The Authority as a whole.

Stephanie now has an angry look on her face. She pulls her microphone back up to her red lips.

Stephanie McMahon
Excuse me, Wade, was that a threat to one of WWE's biggest stars? Did you just threaten one of the men chosen to be a face of this company? Do you understand what I can do for such behavior?

Bad News Barrett
Stephanie, that's no threat. That my lady is a promise! That promise just doesn't go out to Dean Ambrose however. That goes out to the twenty-eight other men who also will be in that ring! I will hurt anyone of you that steps in my way. Not a damn bloody one of you is safe. Mates, you all better be hitting your knees and praying to the Lord above I show mercy on you because trust me, you are going to need all the help you can get.

Stephanie McMahon
Wait a minute! Did you just threaten my entire roster. Wade, I should fire you right now! I should terminate you on the spot. However, it's Wrestlemania season and I need as many bodies as I can get. I mean Wade who knows maybe you'll get in a pre-show battle royal or maybe even a match against a big name celebrity.

Wade laughs before he speaks again. Stephanie is cracking him up right now.

Bad News Barrett
Can I put Stephanie's name out for the best Comedian Slammy? Because she's truly busting my gut right now! Ms. McMahon, let me be more clear, I am winning the Rumble this Sunday! You and your arse kissing husband may have stacked the odds against me but that isn't going to stop me! You know giving me such a low number is more motivation than having number thirty. It motivates me to prove you and everyone else who doesn't believe I can wrong! And to still a quote from your father, I guaran-damn-tee, I will be the last man standing! And if I'm not, I can promise you one thing, your precious Dean Ambrose won't be!

Stephanie for once in her life is speechless. She glares at Wade with a look that could eat through his soul. Rebel Son plays as she turns away, exiting with pure anger surging in her veins. Inside the ring, Bad News Barrett taunts the crowd before he makes his exit to the back.

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