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Jeff Hardy

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Mar 14 2018, 08:20 AM

Wrestlers Name:
Jeff Hardy

"The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling"
"The Artist"
"The Charismatic Enigma"
"The Daredevil"
"The Legend Thriller"
"The Nefarious Brother Nero”
"The Rainbow-Haired Warrior"

Cameron, North Carolina

6 ft 1 in

225 lb

Baby face


Theme Music:
“no more words” - Endeverafter <p>


<h1>MOVESET: </h1>

Finishing Moves:
(Minimum Of One / Maximum Of Two)
Twist of Fate
Swanton Bomb <p>

Signature Moves:
Whisper in the wind
Hardyac Arrest <p>

Favorite Moves:
One-man Poetry in Motion
Fallaway powerbomb
Double leg drop to an opponent's midsection
Baseball slide
Diving clothesline, sometimes from the barricade


A loud knock would sound in Barrett’s office, and before Spud could invite the visitor into his inside, Jeff shoved past the door pissed off as he had blood in his veins. Jeff marched in to see a startled Spud staring right back at him.

Jeff Hardy: Spud! Where's Barrett?! I'm sick of Punk and I'm sick of Cody! I want to rip them to shreds! Spud, you better tell me where he is or I swear to god and the creatures with me, I'll let out all holy hell on you and this time you won't have Dixie here! The creatures and I want to settle the score!

Jeff slammed his hands on the desk with so much frustration you could swear you seen smoke coming out of his ears.

Rockstar Spud: Now, now, Mr. Hardy! That won't be necessary! Please - hear me out! Lord Barrett won't be here for several weeks and I'm taking over in his place. As for the whereabouts of Cody Rhodes and CM Punk, I have no earthly idea where they could be! I haven't heard a thing, you... you have to believe me, I swear!

Having faced Jeff Hardy's wrath in a not-so distant life, Spud was well aware of the punishment the Charismatic Enigma was capable of inflicting when the opportunity presented itself. Nervously, the smaller man would slump into Wade's chair the more he approached closer.

Jeff shook his head, grinding his teeth as he slammed his hands on the desk. He would he then smirk while getting into Spud’s face, grabbing his tie, and almost pulling him across the table, completely finished with Spud's antics.

Jeff Hardy: You give me Punk or Cody - or hell! I'll fight both in one night! You don't do this, then well... I won't be held responsible Willow takes control! After all, you're still feeling that umbrella shot, aren't you, Spud. So, if you want to live then make it happen! I don't care about the stipulation! I want both of them! You can have it be another Dixieland Match, I don't care! You do something and you better choose wisely before Willow comes! I no longer control him, and he has been just dying to see how you have been lately...

Jeff sent the threat as his being locked inside had now been free. Willow was a whole entire different being, and he had no control of him anymore. This was a wandering demon who took control who held resemblance to the vengeful hero he promised his creatures he would be.

Rockstar Spud: No - no, please! Anything but him! I'll... I'll tell you what! Next week, you'll get your wish! You'll face both Cody Rhodes and CM Punk in a handicap match, and to ensure there'll be no shenanigans, I'll step in to be the special guest referee! You have my word that I'll be completely partial and call it straight down the middle! How... how does that sound?[code]

Jeff freed Spud from his grasp with a smile. He cleaned his hands off on his pants and he nods.
Jeff Hardy: See that wasnt too hard Spud... The creatures will be rather free to see me rip their heads of so I will let myself out.

Jeff left what was now temporarily Rockstar Spud’s office before waving to him as he left the office


RPing Experience:
2 years <p>

How did you find us?:
A friend suggested it

Do you currently play a Character here?:
<h1>THE SIGNING</h1>
Have you read the RULES of WWE 2018?:

Do you plan to be Active member on our forum?:

Do you plan to show for your matches when Booked?:
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