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Eve Torres

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Feb 23 2018, 09:59 PM
Wrestlers Name:<BR>
(Eve Marie Torres)<BR>

Nickname <BR>
(The Hellicous Heartbreaker )<BR>

Hometown: <BR>





Theme Music:<BR>
(She Looks Good to me Remix by Jim Johnston)<BR><p>

<h1>MOVESET: </h1><BR>

[b] Finishing Moves:
(Minimum Of One / Maximum Of Two)<BR>
(Handspring standing moonsault)<BR>
(Snap Swinging Neckbreaker)<BR><p>

Signature Moves: <BR>
(Bridging vertical suplex )<BR>
(Standing moonsault)<BR><p>

Favorite Moves: <BR>
(Diving cross armbar )<BR>
(Hangman's choke )<BR>
(Inverted facelock elbow drop )<BR>
(Reverse STO )<BR>
(Samoan drop )<BR>

The Scene opens where Latoya is standing alone on the blue carpet while Rikki Martinez catches her]

Rikki Martinez: I'm Rikki Martinez and I am standing here with the Pop star of herself Latoya Hixx.

(Fans Cheers and Boos at Latoya)

Latoya|Hixx: Nice to meet you Rikki.

Rikki Martinez: it's my honor to be here Latoya. But last June on Rampage you let this new chick Faith Rivers and now you will face Ace King this Friday until Night of Champions any suggestions Latoya.

Latoya|Hixx: You know what Rikki. I really don't give a rats ass about Ace King cause everybody knows that he can whip my ass at anytime that he wants including this week on Rampage when me and him will fight against each other on Rampage before EWC Night of Champions after my match in five days on Rampage on EWC.

Rikki|Martinez: Latoya can you even defeat Ace King this Friday.

Latoya|Hixx: Actually I really don't know just yet I mean he did defeated me before when we was fighting to see who gets to challenge the Champ at Scars of Stripes PPV then think again cause this time I will defeat him one way or another in that goes for everyone that's on this Rampage roster in that includes my Opponent Ace King this week on Rampage when I be the next victim for the Television title at Night of Champions XIV PPV on EWC.

Rikki Martinez: thank you for joining us Latoya and good luck in your match with Ace King this week on Rampage.

Latoya|Hixx: I really appreciate your support Rikki. but I think that I can handle it from here when I beat Ace King and five days on Rampage on EWC.

Latoya|Hixx: Because it's Da Kid.

(Latoya looks straight at the camera and walks away from Rikki Martinez continues talking)

Rikki Martinez: there you have it folks cause in five days Latoya will be in action when he faces Ace King this week on Rampage.

Rikki Martinez: And we hope that Latoya. can win her first match ever when she beats up Ace King this week on Rampage on EWC.

{Camera scene fades when Latoya heads back to her Locker Room before her match with Ace King even begins this Friday}

[The camera shows where Latoya is walking towards the Parking lot and looks around to make sure that her Car is nowhere to be find while Gina Rodriguez stops her]

Gina Rodriguez: Latoya. May I really get a few words from you for just a quick second of your time please.

Latoya|Hixx: Yea whatever Gina.

Gina Rodriguez: Two weeks ago on Rampage you let Ace King defeat you once again and then now you will face Nadette this week on Rampage any request Latoya.

Latoya|Hixx: The reason that they made him win is because he was the greatest competitor that I never fought before cause we done fight each other like two or three times already but I let him take the win for this for now because of right now I get to face this Bitch Nadette in my match this week but when I saw her match I thought that she was gonna win but I think wrong cause she lost her match to Lady Enchantra. and now you get to fight the first Lady of Hardcore in four days you and I will see each other in the same ring together cause once that bell rings I'm going straight for your ass because no one mess with me in that goes for Nadette and just because you might get a win over me but that's not gonna happen for this week coming cause I'm walking out as the winner when I leave out of Kansas City then you will not make it to The Road to Night of Champions after I kick the living shit outta Nadette this week on Rampage.

GIna Rodriguez: But Latoya. can you even defeat Nadette this Friday.

Latoya|Hixx: If only the slut got what it takes to defeat me then maybe I will respect her unless she wins her match against me this week cause I will not back down from her or anyone that's on this Rampage roster including myself but that's besides the point though cause when I was this close of beaten Ace King then maybe I will win my first match on Rampage when I beat this Bitches ass in three days in our match together on Rampage this week on EWC.

(Latoya walks away from Gina Rodriguez when she continues talking)

Gina Rodriguez: thanks for coming Latoya. and good luck against Nadette this week on Rampage.

Gina Rodriguez: And we hope that Latoya. can win her first match when she beats up Nadette this week on Rampage whenever they let her compete again on this years Night of Champions XIV after her match with Nadette this week on Rampage on EWC.

{camera scene fades when Latoya heads back to her Dressing room before her match with Nadette even begins this Friday}

-Goes right here.Let us know how you write. A minimum of 500 words to be accepted!<BR>


RPing Experience: <BR>

How did you find us?Google: <BR>
(IE - Voting site, Advertisement, CTTW, RPG-D, ect..)<BR><BR>

Do you currently play a Character here?: <BR>
<h1>THE SIGNING</h1><BR>
Have you read the RULES of WWE 2018?: <BR>
(Yes )<BR>

Do you plan to be Active member on our forum?: <BR>

Do you plan to show for your matches when Booked?: <BR>
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