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Jul 18 2017, 10:45 PM
<div style="padding: 30px; width: 470px; background-color: #000;"><center><div style="width: 470px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #efefef;"><div style="470px;"><DIV STYLE="width: 470px;/font-family: arial; color: #000; line-height: 95%;text-align: justify;"><center>

<img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image' /><p>
<b>MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!</b><br>

<div style="width: 440px; height: 3px; background-color: #000;"></div><p>
</center></div><p><div style="font-size: 12.3px; font-family: arial; text-align: justify; color: black; width: 440px; line-height: 100%; padding-bottom: 5px; ">
<center>*DIVAS OPEN BATTLE ROYAL*</center><br>
<center>WINNER …..The Iconic Duo!” </center>
<center>Monday Night Raw is Live...</center><BR>

<center>The.Now.Forever video displays upon our screens, indicating that is time for another edition of Monday Night Raw on the USA Network. As the video comes and goes, we soon fade to a black screen. There is a brief pause. Silence. Darkness. Suddenly a dark, montoned voice speaks among the darkness.

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY... " Last Night on ‘The Ultimate Thrill Ride."</center><p>

As these images on the screen now display of Kevin Owens, winning the Andre the giant battle royal. the excitement that spilled out throughout the arena to get Wrestlemania Started The image slowly moves into the right corner now displaying Kevin Owens celebrating his victory.That image slowly fades out.<P>

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Wrestlemania gave us new hope to believe in Smackdown! With Tiffany now serving as the new General Manager. A new era has Begun!"</center><p>

As those last words were spoken. The Images now shift to some of the matches that took place at Wrestlemania, on the historic “Ultimate Thrill Ride” as this time. The Images have gotten darker. We are taken back to opening contest with (The United States Champion) Alex Riley faced - Off against Chris Jericho. The images of Riley's celebration his Victory now appears on our screen. We now get one last Image of Joe with his Wrestlemania Victory. As the voice over guy is heard once again.<P>

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY..."Wrestlemania proved once again to the World;Showcase of the Immortals.....CAREERS and the Wrestlemania Moments were made…" And history was Made at Wrestlemania. These Were Moments.....cement their legacy's into the WWE history books. as we move into a new era. </center><p>

Those images now switch over to other historic moments in other Matches at Wrestlemania. We see images now "THE DESTROYER", Samoa Joe Capturing his first Championship in WWE by defeating Baron Corbin, and Chris Sabin. The fans where on their feet about the excitement that took place on the “Ultimate Thrill Ride”.<P>


<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY..."Tonight, champions cement their reigns and a new challenger will rise to claim her rightful glory. Through it all, a Women will become a challenger.That will be challenge on The Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment. Who will become that Mythl prepare for the biggest clash of modern day titans.”</center><p>

Image then quickly switches to last few matches on the “Ultimate Thrill Ride”. at Wrestlemania the First Match was Brock Lesnar laying a Beating on Cm Punk, and the next Image was Alexa Bliss retaining the Raw Women's Championship and the Last Image was the WWE Universal Champion; Seth Rollins becoming the WWE Universal Champion. .As these images now display upon our screen in graining, dark, playback mode, the WWE Voice Over Guy finishes up.<P>


<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY..."Tonight on Monday Night Raw. A new character beginnings FOR the stars of the WWE; with new challenges approaching at any given moment. Amway Center. Orlando, Fl It’s time…..Its time for you to get RAW!”</center><p>

<iframe width="420" height="225" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><P>

with that, the opening intro/playback cuts off and the Monday Night Raw intro video starts up with "ENEMIES" playing throughout the arena, as the Cameras open inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York! The pyro shoots from the stage to the skies and the Cameras zooms over the WWE Universe who are holding up signs of their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas. And, for a change tonight, Michael Cole is being heard as he Welcome Millions of WWE Fans that watching around the World for The longest-running weekly episodic show in television history!MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”</center><p>


<center> MICHAEL COLE..."Ladies and gentlemen you are looking in live inside the The Barclays Center! The WWE Universe has packed in from the bottom to the top as we proudly bring to you another edition of MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”</center><br><p>

<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... I cannot wait to get tonight underway. The Road to WrestleMania continues we are just DAYS AWAY from the biggest WrestleMania in history aren't you exited Michael!.. I am ex—“</center><br><p>

<iframe width="420" height="225" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p>

With that ‘KING OF KINGS” hits over the p.a system hits over the p.a system. The fans rise to their feet and cover the arena air with their boos, as the members of The Authority come walking out from the back. Triple H and Stephanie walk hand in hand, with the biggest grins upon their faces as the Raw Women s Champion Alexa Bliss; and The Man of the WWE, the First ever WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins follow behind. The Three stand for a moment at the top of the ramp way, and the fans get even louder with their boos. <P>

<center> LILIAN GARCIA... “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome….THEEEE AUTHORITY!”</center><br><p>

<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "There they are Michael! There they are! They are the ones are responsible for this changed in WWE just in time before, Wrestlemania. They are the Authority and they are in charge of MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”</center><br><p>

The fans continue to reign down boos, as Triple H and Stephanie lead the two champions down the ramp way, and into the ring. Once all Three have entered the ring, they slowly take their places. Alexa stands in the top left corner with her Women's title over that shoulder of hers. Almost bigger than her entire body, but she carries it well. She should being the Greatest Women's Champion in history! Then we have the Man of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins! leans in the top right corner, showing no love or care for the fans reaction as he smacks on some gum he stole from some poor kid outside as the wrestlers came in earlier. Last but not least, Hunter and Stephanie take center stage in the middle of the ring. Both receiving microphones from the ringside attendant. The music fades, and all that is left to hear is the overwhelming negative reaction from the crowd. The two power heads take moment and share in a laugh at the reaction. Stephanie then slowly brings the mic close up to that big grin of hers. <P>

<center> MICHAEL COLE..."One must admit that The Authority have put together one exciting night for all of us here tonight, before Wrestlemania!”</center><br><p>

<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I know I have said this over and over again, but I will say it again: Tonight is going to be HUGE! JUST HUGE MICHAEL! Boy I can’t wait to hear about some of these major announcements from the Authority. I guaranteed it about Wrestlemania!”</center><br><p>

Hunter and Stephanie continue to stand in the middle of the ring, listening to all of this from the sold out crowd. Their smirks are still planted upon their faces, as Stephanie is the first to bring the microphone up to her lips.<P>


<center> STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... Welcome everyone…Welcome to MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”</center><br><p>

The fans boo ruthlessly. Stephanie just stands there grinning ear to ear, as she clearly is just driving the knife into their hearts by showing no care for their disappointment. as Stephanie don't pay much attention to the reaction from the fan's <p>

<center> STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Man after a night at Wrestlemania, tonight is a night to celebrate. Because you're every Own Raw Women's Champion, Beat Three other top Raw Divas to walk away STILL reigning Champion, Alexa Bliss!”</center><br><P>

Hunter and Stephanie turn to Bliss and give her a nice round of applause, as the fans in the audience boo heavily. Alexa just steps out from the corner and holds the Raw Women's title high in the air, and does that mean girl smile of hers. She then returns to the corner, as Hunter and Stephanie turn back around to the crowd.<p>


<center> “WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "That is right. Last Night at Wrestlemania, was unbelievable Night. History was made on ‘The Ultimate Thrill Ride’ Where THE MAN around here. Prove me right again this time Seth Rollins did it on the Biggest Stage of the Year. Here is the Thing, I knew he was THE FUTURE OF THE WWE! When I label him as Future of this Company. I said it with pride, you people hated it when I said it. And last Night Seth Proved he is what he's been saying all along: HE'S THE MAN AROUND HERE! </center><br><p>

The fans boo loudly as the mentioning of the first ever Universe Champion only pists off the crowd even more. As a smirk appears on Triple H face. He speaks up once more.<P>

<center> “WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "NOW when you look at Seth Rollins you see the First ever WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION....... Guess, what! Seth Rollins didn't need me, the Authority to deliver on his promise to get the Job done. "Because, after last night. He show the entire world. He is THE BEST IN THE WORLD!" </center><br><p>

Fans continue to boo heavily. Some in the audience even try and get a “PUNK” chant started, but just as Rollins’ hears the chant starting to come the life, he cuts it off, as Triple H continuing with his speech. <P>

<center> “WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "That's not all. What happen on ‘The Ultimate Thrill Ride." Something happen last night what this company needed to happen in a big way." That's smackown, a lot has changed for the better since the Last time we Saw you the WWE Universe….. For a Long time SMackdown was weak, it's superstars couldn't perform because of Trish Stratus and Corey Graves they dove the brand into the ground. Like if it was Trash. They stop caring about it talent and you people the WWE Universe."</center><br><p>

Fans continue to boo heavily. Because the WWE Universe enjoy Smackdown and love their favorite superstars/Divas Some in the audience even try got a BULLSHIT chant" chant started, but just as
Hunter had a serious look on his face.<p>

<center> “WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Then at Wrestlemania, they walked away on you WWE Universe this COMPANY.....Right then and there I SAID ENOUGH! Because you deserve better then that. The WWE CAN DO BETTER THEN THAT! Then something happen at Wrestlemania, the event you all hope to believe in Smackcown again with good reason.... Because Tiffany return to WWE to serve as your General Manager for Smackdown! Giving you the brand where stars were created before a long time ago new hope. and New dreams to be created for your WWE Superstars and Divas again in the WWE!"</center><br><p>

<center> WWE UNIVERSE..."YES! YES! YES”</center><br><p>

The fans explode with a huge pop. They Know that what Smackdown needs. the WWE Needs at this moment, Triple H took the opportunity to speak up.<P>

<center> “WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "That is what people Deserve because it's …..WHAT'S….BEST…..FOR BUSINESS! It is time to rise up again for Smackdown Live! Tiffany is gong to bring New Ideas to your living room WWE Universe. THIS PRODUCT Is going to be Fun! Exciting, like it used to be just like a short few years ago. All of this is going to happen in the next couple of weeks in the WWE Because this Company deserves to give you that, You deserve to all of your favorite stars on smackdown in action. I guaranteed you it will be done right like it suppose to be you, done. I can tell you people here tonight and all over the world You can BELIEVE IN TIFFANY ......And the Blue brand again because she is going to give you Smacjdown every Tuesday Night on the USA NETWORK!"</center><br><p>
<center> STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “So without any further adue, ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAWWWWW!”</center><br><P>

The fans burst into a huge pop, as it is time. It is time to get the show on the road. Monday Night RAW is here, and time for the new direction to take form. ‘KING OF KINGS” hits back over the p.a system. Stephanie and Triple H stand together in the middle of the ring with smiles upon their faces, before they start to make their way out as Monday Night RAW fades to its first commercial break.<P>
MICHAEL COLE... "Well folks, we want to bring your attention to an exclusive video clip available only on the WWE Network. In it, we saw WWE Smackdown Diva, Bayley, talking about her mixed tag team match for her one-time appearance on Raw and, well... Just take a look at the bizarre incident."
The screen suddenly goes dark on the Raw announce team. A WWE Network exclusive video begins to play and Renee Young is seen standing by in what appears to be the interview area inside . 'Mrs. Ambrose' simply grins at the response before commencing her interview.
RENEE YOUNG... "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, competing for the Monday Night Raw team for one night only... It's Bayley!"
The camera pans out and Bayley could be seen standing next to Renee, wearing a big smile on her face, hands behind her back. Renee is about to speak when Bayley suddenly throws her arms around her, encasing her in one of her huge hugs. Bayley then releases her and Renee begins properly.
RENEE YOUNG... "Bayley... For tonight's Raw you team up with the ever handsome Dean Ambrose... Um, for a mixed tag team match and you take on the team of apparent newly formed couple, Carlito and Brie Bella. I would ask you what it felt teaming up with one of the best damn Superstars Smackdown has to offer but... I know personally, hehe. So I'll just ask... What are your thoughts on taking on this new "power couple"?"
BAYLEY...] "Oh, well... What can I say, Renee. Carlito is someone I saw make his WWE debut all those years ago, when I was still a fan just watching. He is super good in the ring and his family lineage in Puerto Rico will back that up. As for Brie Bella... I am noticing a change in her attitude. Like, we're cool but... Honestly? I think some of Carlito is rubbing off on her. Even crazier, Renee? I totally get it. I mean, Carlito is so smooth... Slick, charming, witty... He's... 'Cool', Renee! I can see how a hottie like that can change a woman..."
Bayley's dreamy smile becomes a serious one as she adjusts the headband on her head and regains her composure, turning towards Renee once doing so.
BAYLEY... "But attitude changes or not, it won't change a thing once we set foot inside that ring. Yeah, her man may be dealing with Dean, but she's got me to face and as we explained in our friendly Twitter banter, we are fully aware of this being pure for the competition of it. I hope Carlito taught you some new moves Brie, because I really wish to see them in our match. You better hope it's enough to keep me down, girlfriend!"
With a wink and a point to the camera, Bayley makes her leave and gives Renee one last look before completely leaving. Renee simply smiles back in return and the segment appears to be over except the cameras kept rolling. In between where Bayley and Renee talked was a dark door opening leading to what seemed to be an unused area for storage. Upon closer inspection though, a figure could be seen sitting cross-legged on top of one of the equipment containers. The cameras zoom in and we get split second image of the figure before the footage is suddenly cut-off. The cameras return back to the announce table.
MICHAEL COLE... "We have yet to know the meaning behind what we just saw, folks... But more heads up on that when we receive more information... Well, IF we receive more information that is."
JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Let me tell ya, Michael. This is the WWE so believe me when I say I've seen my fair share of freaks and weirdos come in and out of this company... But that right there is purely something straight out of hell. I am perfectly fine NOT knowing what the meaning behind that video we just saw is all about."</center>
Just as it had been for Wrestlemania 33, the WWE ring was decorated with bushels of apples, beach chairs, a swinging hammock, palm trees, and beach balls. The large television screen in the center of the ring showcased the words 'Carlito's Cabana'. The camera focused on the ring for a few moments before changing the angle to the titantron. A split second goes by before 'A Beautiful Life' is heard throughout the arena. Brie Bella steps out onto the titantron. She was donning her ring gear this time, rather than the kimono like robe and bikini that she had worn at Wrestlemania. She did her signature pose at the top of the ramp, before heading down to the ring.
<center> MICHAEL COLE... “Well, it appears that we are getting things underway here with another episode of Carlito's Cabana. It's a shame that Monday Night Raw won't have this kind of entertainment on a weekly basis!!!"</center><br><p>
<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I can't want to see what Carlito's Cabana 2.0 has to offer!!”</center><br><p>

Brie had climbed the steel stairs and entered the ring like only she knew how. She posed for a moment before flipping backwards over the top rope. She crossed to one of the beach chairs and retrieved the microphone that had a rhinestone studded 'B' on it.
<center><p> BRIE BELLA..."Welcome one and all to the second edition of Carlito's Cabana! I'm sure most of you saw the resurrection of this wonderful talk show last Sunday at one of the most prestigious events know to the sports entertainment industry. That's right! I'm talking about Wrestlemania! ” </center> <P>
The fans erupted into cheers as Brie stood in the ring smiling.
<center><p> BRIE BELLA..."I'm glad you guys enjoyed the show! Wrestlemania saw some truly epic performances by many of our WWE superstars and divas. However, some people....-She paused.- Some people thought that it would be a good idea to cheat to win their matches. Yes, I am talking about Lana! Lana knew she didn't have what it took to defeat me fair and square in the center of this ring. So, what did she do? She resorted to savagely assaulting me with her Women's Championship belt. Lana, I hope you're listening back there because I want you to be well aware that I am coming for you....You're little victory at Wrestlemania was more of a fluke than your reign as Women's Champion! I will wreak havoc on your life until I feel that my revenge has been executed.But, considering I have a match to focus on tonight, I will deal with you in due time. ” </center> <P>
The crowd emitted another wave of cheers, with the interjection of a few jeers, before simmering down enough to hear what else the Bella had to say.
<center><p> BRIE BELLA..."Now, let's focus on tonight. Tonight, Monday Night Raw and you fans here in attendance are LUCKY to have my partner and I here to boost the ratings of this show! The fans of Raw are in for a real treat. I have the privilege of competing alongside someone I have known for quite some time. That's right! Tonight, my partner and I will be competing in an Intergender Tag Team match against Bayley and Dean Ambrose! We have been training together, so we already know that our in ring chemistry is not going to be an obstacle we have to over come. So without further ado, allow me to introduce my tag team partner and your host of Carlito's Cabana.....CARLITO....CARIBBEAN....COOOOOOOOOL!!! ” </center> <P>
A loud spitting sound echoes across the arena as the familiar tune begins to play over the speakers. Out comes Carlito, already in his ring gear, unbuttoned tropical shirt and of course, apple in hand. The arena erupts into a huge mixed reaction as Carlito coolly made his way down the ramp, a calm smirk on his face as he passed by all his fans and haters, throwing the apple up in the air a few times. Carlito gazes at his beach set and the beauty standing in it as he makes his way up the ramp and walks up to Brie. The two exchange a few unheard words before locking up into a deep kiss. After it's done, Carlito smugly turns towards the crowd as his theme music fades away and Brie hands him a microphone before she makes herself comfy on one of the beach chairs.
<center>CARLITO... "Man... I gotta say... If only you people could know just how good it is to be Carlito. Hey. It's cool. I understand why you're really mad. It's 'cause you're not seeing my girl show off that flawless body in some bikini, don't deny that. Well, it turns out Monday Night Raw wants to start out tonight's first match with the best thing about Tuesday Night Smackdown and that's Carlito, baby. I was feeling a little generous too... You all get the privilege of being the audience to the Smackdown-exclusive 'Carlito's Cabana,' don't you feel lucky? You know, Raw sure has changed a lot since I was last here... The number one thing being that John Cena is finally no longer hogging the spotlight! I see some progress was made, Carlito likes that... ”</center><br><p><br>
This definitely gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as it was a well-known fact that Cena had as much fans as he did haters. Carlito and Brie simply laugh this off as Carlito continues with his talk show.
<center>CARLITO... "As a Smackdown Superstar, there is one thing I do envy about Monday Night Raw and it's not the Divas. Smackdown obviously has that covered. -He subtly shifts his eyes at Brie and quickly winks at her before continuing- No, Carlito's talking about the competition they have. I mean, look at my opponent for tonight... Dean Ambrose. Looks like some nobody they just picked up off the street, seriously. I hear he's supposed to be some kind of lunatic... And I agree. But not the scary, run-for-your-life kind of crazy. No, Dean's more like... That homeless man in the street shouting at people: Ignore him and move on with your life. I mean, what do we have to deal with, babe? ”</center><br><p><br>
Carlito turns to Brie, asking this question amidst the boos caused by him badmouthing fan-favorite, Dean Ambrose. Brie smirked before responding to Carlito's question.
<center><p> BRIE BELLA..."To answer your question, I would say that we are dealing with an average and ordinary team tonight Carlito. With that being said, I would like to take a moment to address Dean's partner, someone I consider to be a good friend...everyone's favorite hugger.....Bayley. -The crowd erupts into a wave of cheers. Brie nods her head in agreement.- Bayley, you and I have developed a bond over the past few weeks. I won't deny that, but tonight you and I have a common goal. However, the goal that we are setting out to achieve can only be won by one of us. Unfortunately Bayley, the victory is coming home with Carlito and I. -The crowd begins to boo the Bella.- I'm sorry but it's the truth and every one of you know it! Bayley may have made it to the WWE, but many have said it before, and I will not hesitate to say it again. She's average! There's nothing special about her besides the energy that she has. I've learned the hard way that nice girls ALWAYS finish last. Tonight, that will be your demise Bayley! And, Dean I hope you don't think for one minute that you are going to beat Carlito. If you do, you're sadly mistaken!!! ” </center> <br><p>
The audience boos Brie's words but she just happily shrugs it off. Carlito pretends to be surprised by what she had to say but soon laughs along with her and brings his mic back up.
<center>CARLITO... "Wow. Once again, Brie steals the show, I couldn't have said that any better myself, mami. Dean, you may look like something a rundown part of town might throw up but I'd have to say, your recent move might be the smartest thing you've ever done: Teaming back up with that walking lullaby, Roman Reigns. How great to see that without each other, you two are as memorable as a blurry photograph. I do things my own way, Carlito's way. That's why I have the girl and soon enough, I'll have the championship, Carlito promises this... Now, I'd like to introduce you all to my very special guest tonight, I think it's someone you'll recognize, Dean. The man who left you and your family when you were just a child, your daddy! Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Ambrose! ”</center><br><p><br>
The crowd cheers but the man that comes out is not who they were expecting. This man looked like the literal definition of a homeless drunk. He has long shaggy, dirty blonde hair like Ambrose and also wore jeans and a white tanktop, only they were worn and stained near beayond recognition, a spitting image of Dean Ambrose in 30 years if he took horrible care of himself. He struggles to walk, kind of just dragging his feet but he makes it to the ring, slowly sliding under the bottom rope. Brie looks at the man in disgust while Carlito happily welcomes him.
<center>CARLITO... "Welcome Mr. Ambrose! So glad you could join us today and discuss your son. You know, he's quite well-known in the neckbeard basement-dweller's society.”</center><br><p><br>
<center>MR. AMBROSE... -unintelligible grumbling-</center><br><p><br>
<center>CARLITO... "What's that? You say you had to leave because he'd end up a total embarrassment? A total embarrassment such as yourself? Well, were kind of right, Mr. Ambrose. It looks like Dean is going down your path, right down to this unique... Fashion sense. But how could this be, Mr. Ambrose? How could you have possibly predicted the outcome of Dean's life like that? I really wish you sat him down and had a talk with him before leaving his life forever. Like, letting him know extreme matches doesn't mean a damn thing in a real professional wrestling world... Now it's all lil' Deany has to claim to fame, the poor kid! ”</center><br><p><br>
<center>MR. AMBROSE... - more unintelligible drunken rambling-</center><br><p><br>
<center>CARLITO... "Hey, Carlito doesn't blame you. I bet Dean was a pain in the ass to raise as a kid. Let me guess: Got kicked out of schools... Found it pointless and turned to stealing or drug dealing... I understand why you would suddenly leave so suddenly, not me though, if I ever get a Carlito, Jr., best believe that boy will know his place. Hey, you tried and look! He's a WWE Superstar now!... Sorta. He's more like an attraction, you know? A modern day "Sandman," my Lord... ”</center><br><p><br>
<center>MR. AMBROSE... - low grumbling-</center><br><p><br>
The homeless man looks totally peeved now. He shifts his eyes towards Carlito as he continues to "translate" his grumbling.
<center>CARLITO... "Oh, I see... You say the Ambrose family has always had a long line of screw-ups and Dean is the latest in line, huh? Well, step one is always admitting it, Mr. Ambrose. What's that? You say you want me to put you out of your misery for ever bringing such a person to life? Well... If you insist, Mr. Ambrose, I kind of agree with you anyways... I mean, really. Take a good look at what you've spawned, an out of control man-child who thinks his actions have no consequences, and who can blame him? His worthless father wasn't around to set him straight. Don't worry, Carlito will have no trouble doing a REAL man's job--”</center><br><p><br>
Eventually, as Carlito continued to badmouth the 'Ambrose' family name, the homeless man stand up, apparently having reached a boiling point. He gets in his face, but Carlito doesn't flinch, just smirking at him. The homeless man then gets the nerve to take a swing at him, but Carlito easily dodges it. And just like that, in the blink of an eye, Carlito turns the wino around and hits a hard Back Stabber out of nowhere. The homeless looking man rolls out of the ring in pain while Brie sadistically laughs and claps along to what she is witnessing. Carlito then smirks and picks his microphone back up as the homeless looking man is now being tended to by a few officials.
<center>CARLITO... "Don't worry, Mr. Ambrose! I'll be sure to teach your snot-nosed kid the lesson you miserably failed to do so... Getting schooled by someone like Carlito, now that... Das cool. ”</center><br><p><br>
Carlito's theme music begins playing again to the sound of dozens of boos. Carlito simply sits down on the beach chair Brie was occupying and she crawls on him, sharing a few unheard words as she gives him a quick peck on the lips before they go to commercial break.

THANKS TO <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>MAISY</a> @ ATF.</DIV><p></div></div></div></center></div></div></div></center>[/dohtml]
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