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Zack Sabre Jr

WWE Free Agent

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Feb 12 2018, 04:18 PM
[dohtml]<center><div class="n-site-template">

<div class="maincontent">

Wrestlers Name:<BR>
Zack Sabre Junior<BR>

Nickname <BR>
The Technical Wizard<BR>

Hometown: <BR>
Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England<BR>

6'0 <BR>

187 lbs<BR>



Theme Music:<BR>
Fear Nothing by CFO$<BR><p>

<h1>MOVESET: </h1><BR>

Finishing Moves: <BR>
(Minimum Of One / Maximum Of Two)<BR>
Article 50<BR>

Signature Moves: <BR>
Penalty Kick<BR>
European Uppercut<BR><p>

Favorite Moves: <BR>
Rolling Elbow<BR>
Kimura lock<BR>
Snap suplex<BR>
Springboard enzuigiri<BR>
Tiger suplex<BR>


-T</div>he doors to the LAC+USC Medical Center opened with a bustling boom, the sounds of the tenacious sick and the desperate wounded fuddled through the recording. The camera gently peeled down from the sudden beam of lights coming in from all directions, and focused onto the gurney in front of it, which housed an unconscious Zack Sabre Jr. "Quickly,
he isn't breathing!" The camera swings over from the voice, to the body of the incapacitated former Junior Heavyweight Champion of the World.
With blood touring across his face, his nose broken in several pieces, and his chest disfigured and bruised internally, few blood-stained bandages managed to coat the wounds. The burns across his chest and arms showed the electrical current that surged through him. All of this done by one man, all of this done by Pete Dunne. <p> The camera peered through the Technical Wizard's journey through the Hospital, only to be shut behind a door. After the door closes, the camera peers upon its frame, and the label over is metallic husk "Operating Room" were the last words set upon the lens before the recording gently faded to black. <p> When the screen came back to life, it gently ascended over the figure of a post-operation Zack Sabre Jr., with many of his features gradually returning to where they once were. Battered, beaten, broken, and bandaged, his eyes suddenly opened, and the lens zoomed heavily into his pupils. The next images struck the screen suddenly, the sight through the Technical Wizard's perspective. With his legs wrapped around the arm of Stan Hansen, he locked in the Cross Armbreaker, and was ready to seal his match away. Just as Stan's hand arose to the canvas, a boot came through the heavens, and smacked through the bridge of Sabre's nose. The screen went black, and through several blinks, his vision returned to him. Standing over him was none other than Pete Dunne, with malice and hate in his eyes. The Bruiserweight picked up the Technical Wizard by his arms, and dragged him out of the ring.<p> What happened next was a brutal display, as Dunne grasped over the back of Zack's skull, and brutally, without remorse, battered his head off of the ring apron. Once, twice, three times, four times, until the number became irrelevant, and blood spilled onto the canvas ahead of him. Gently, Zack slipped off of the apron, and Pete began to walk away.. The bells ringing through the Wizard's head were only slightly louder than the ones announcing his victory by interference. The Bruiserweight returned, just to pick him up by his waist, heave him into the air, and break the fabric of his spine over the bloody ring apron. The CRAAK! that rattled from his spine gave an eerie, and an upmost disgusting sound.. <p> With his hands filled with Zack Sabre Jr's bloody, ripped scalp, Pete dragged him to the rampway, just to lay him aside the glass announcer's table. The cold glass cut against his broken back, and as blood oozed down his face, Pete gripped over the legs of the former Junior Heavyweight Champion, and heaved him atop his shoulders. For what seemed an eternity, Zack cried out.. "NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!, as his eyes surveyed the arena, and the screaming public, just to be sent through the announcer's table! The glass battered into thousands of tiny, sharp pieces across his back, as his rubs all shattered at once underneath the force.. Blood began to stain Zack's vision, but before medical staff could attend to him, Pete rose him off of the ground once more, and ran him aside the rampway.. Through his eyes, the Technical Wizard could only see blood, flesh, and his broken limbs. <p> Just as his clear vision returned to him, that's when the Bruiserweight sent him over the rampway. Just as he could comprehend what was happening to him, the Technical Wizard, the former Junior Heavyweight Champion of the World, the World's Greatest Competitor, Zack Sabre Jr, went through mountains of electrical components, just to fry and sputter and collapse into a heap of a broken mess. Just as he convulsed through his own eyes, the camera returned to the Hospital. Slowly, the camera peered around the room, in a full 360, to show the doctors, the nurses, and all of the Technical Wizard's supporters, before the lens returned to him. Slowly.. beaten, broken, and battered, Zack Sabre Jr. arose to sit up on the Hospital bed, and locked eyes with the lens of the camera, and everyone viewing. He pursed his lips, bit his tongue, before his brows furrowed, and he spoke..<p>


RPing Experience: <BR>
2 years<BR><p>

How did you find us?: <BR>
shine advertisement<BR><BR>

Do you currently play a Character here?: <BR>
<h1>THE SIGNING</h1><BR>
Have you read the RULES of WWE 2018?: <BR>

Do you plan to be Active member on our forum?: <BR>

Do you plan to show for your matches when Booked?: <BR>
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