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Jan 21 2018, 05:48 AM
That is right folks. I am back ready do what I've done last four years.
Apr 19 2017, 05:21 AM
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Shane McMahon
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Mar 17 2017, 07:12 PM
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Dec 9 2016, 05:29 AM
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<h1>WWE: WWE Proudly Presents.... </h1>

<b>HELL IN THE CELL!</b><br>
<div class="maincontent">

[The show started with the battle royal a match that many were anticipating to be a huge match of the night. Among the many superstars that joined they were easily eliminated one by one until only two remained out the bunch. The sole survivors ended up being newly signed Paul Burchill and Madison Rayne . As Burchill had his back turned to the beautiful Madison after eliminating his last opponent before the two remained alone inside the squared circle. The crowd going wild as cheers and chants erupted throughout the arena, a mixture of reactions as some fans were rooting for Paul while others were rooting for Madison. It was just a matter of seconds that Burchill took his eyes off her for Madison to try and capitalize on his mistake as she went for a spinning heel kick which Burchill blocked and countered with an irish whip. Sending her crashing onto the ropes he wasted no time connecting with a vicious drop kick that sent her flying over the top rope as she came crashing onto the hard floor. The referee calls for the bell as Burchill celebrated his victory in the middle of the ring as Madison started screaming and shouting at him calling him a cheater but he just didnt seem to care.</center><BR>

SINGLES MATCH</center><br>

Sami Zayn and Shelton Benjamin start off in the middle of the ring as the referee calls for the bell . The match starts with both men locking up and exchanging a couple of kicks and punches. It was quite obvious that both men wanted the victory bad as they were not taking it easy on each other as both came at one another with everything they had and then some. There were moments when it seemed as is Shelton had the upper hand and many thought he would pick up the victory but each time Zayn not down each and every single one of Shelton's attempts proving that he wanted the victory twice as much. There came a moment during the match when Shelton had Zayn trapped in a headlock which Zayn broke after connecting with a couple elbow shots to the stomach of Shelton. With Shelton stumbling backwards a couple steps Zayn used this moment to his advantage as he set up Shelton and successfully connected with a reverse sto . Zayn quickly dropping down and covering Shelton with the pin as the referee started the three count and completed it successfully as the referee then called for the bell and Zayn was announced as the winner. The match went to commercial break with images of Zayn celebrating his victory in the middle of the ring.<p>

<center>WINNER …. SAMI ZAYN! </center>




Then.Now.Forever video comes upon our screens. As it ends the cameras fade on in the backstage parking lot at the TD Garden. We are just moments away from WWE Hell In A Cell kicking off, and as these cameras begin to roll we see a long black limo pull up into the backstage parking lot.<P>


The limo comes to a stop, and the driver opens his door, and gets out. He comes around to the back of the limo, places his hand on the door, and opens it up carefully. Right on time, Triple H steps out from the limo, and then proceeds to turn around and help his wife, Stephanie McMahon out of the limo as well. The fans all give a mixed reaction after seeing these two. Some convinced they have turned over a new leaf, while others still don’t trust them. Hunter and Steph tell the driver thank you, and then start walking towards the arena with smiles upon their faces. As they do, they are soon joined by Tom Phillips.<P>

TOM PHILLIPS "Stephanie, Triple H, may I have a quick word with you two?”

<center> STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Of course Tom. What can we do for you on this glorious night?”</center><br><p>

TOM PHILLIPS "Well, it is about tonight actually. What are you two expecting from such a night?”

<center> STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “What are we expecting? We are expecting another amazing night of WWE action put on by the best brand in wrestling: THE RAW BRAND! Tonight will be one HELL of a night.”</center><br><p>

Stephanie and Triple H share in a quick laugh together, as Stephanie tries to play on words there at the end. The two clearly seem to be in a rather joyful mood tonight. Setting the stage for what they feel will be an amazing night.<P>

<center> “WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Like what you did there, honey. Tom, we have a six pack challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. We have the very first No Disqualification Lumberjill match for the Divas Championship. We have a vicious first blood match, and to top it off we have not one, not two, but three Hell In A Cell matches. Doesn’t get any better than that.”</center><br><p>

TOM PHILLIPS "Will these matches be straight up?”

<center> STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “What is that suppose to mean?”</center><br><p>

TOM PHILLIPS "Due to what happened on RAW near the end of the John Cena versus Sting match and so forth.”

<center> “WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "What happened on RAW should have never happened. Owens and Rollins will be delt with. Every match will be straight up. Only true winners are walking out of hell tonight. It will be brutal. It will be entertaining. Most of all…it will be a night that is best for business!”</center><br><p>

The fans watching on the video screen inside the arena, give a nice pop, as Triple H and Stephanie just smile and then walk on past Tom Phillips. The cameras fade out, and the screen goes to black. A few moments go by and suddenly a few words come upon the screen:<P>

In 1997, A new evil was born. A merciless structure.<P>

Images now appear on the screen In hazey imagery of past stars competiting. We see images of Foley in some of his most memorable moments inside the Cell, and then we see highlights of an interview he did about the cell. We can hear foley saying: “WHEN I ENTERED HELL IN A CELL, I REALIZED CLEARLY SOMETHING IS WRONG.” We then see images of Shawn Michaels competing inside Hell In A Cell and hear his voice speaking: “YOU FEEL LIKE, IS THIS THING GONNA GET THE BEST OF ME.” Images then switch to Edge inside the cell in the past, and we hear his words over the images: “IT JUST LOOKED LIKE IT WOULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. IT TOOK A TOLL. THAT’S FOR SURE.” The images then stop, as the blank screen comes back, and more words slowly fade upon it: <P>

Unlike anything before it. In this place…men will do things. Things that can’t be undone. Tonight on the battlefield that is the Devil’s Playground, lives will be altered. And the suffering inflicted will be eternal. Hell…..AWAITS.<P>

The screen goes black again. Again, a few moments pass us by. The screen is still black, when suddenly we hear the sound of a dark and demonic voice speaking, amongst the dark black screen.<P>

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight is my night, to bring out the worse in them. I will find pleasure in their pain, and make evil things happen. I am…..HELL IN A CELL!”</center><p>

A demonic image of the structure known as Hell In A Cell, appears on the screen now. <P>


Images now switch to that of John Cena and Kevin Owens encountering one another, brawling, beating one another down. As these images display upon our screen, we hear that same dark voice.<P>

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, the face that runs the place faces his unquestionable demise in the form of a prizefighter, as these two men look to tear each other apart.”</center><p>

The images quickly change to that of the battle that has roared on between Seth Rollins and Sting over the past few weeks. As these images display, we hear the voice again.<P>

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, a new prince, forged in the depths of dishonor, faces the heaven’s last standing warrior with a face of darkness. Hell will be unleashed, and only one will rise from the depths of hell, to carry on their legacy.”</center><p>

The images quickly change to showcase tonight’s main event. The Miz and The Rock. Two veterans competing inside the devil’s playground to see who will walk out on top, and be the new champion, the new face of Monday Night RAW. As the images of their battles display, the voice over continues.<P>

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, a challenger emerges that drags a champion to the depths of hell, to ignite a war, where in the end…one true champion will emerge to lead them all.”</center><p>

Images really pick up now of devastation that has endured inside the Hell In A Cell over the past few years, as well as images of tonight’s competitors going at it over the past few weeks. As these images showcase, we hear the voice over one final time.

<center> WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "Tonight, these mortal men must endure my torture. My hell. So if they haven’t already, they better start praying. Welcome to HELL!”</center><p>

<iframe width="420" height="225" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p>

With that, the opening theme for Hell In A Cell plays, and we are immediately taken inside the TD Garden as pyros go off everywhere, and the sold out crowd rises to their feet going absolutely nuts. The camera scans through the screaming crowd, and as it does we hear the voice of RAW, Michael Cole, welcoming us.<P>

<center> MICHAEL COLE... “You are looking live inside the sold out TD Garden! Tonight is the night! Tonight Monday Night RAW puts on one of the most brutal pay per views the WWE has to offer. Tonight….is HELL IN A CELL!”</center><br><p>

The cameras leave the crowd and zoom in on Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield who are at ringside.<P>

<center> MICHAEL COLE... “Tonight is a huge night, John. Intercontinental title on the line, divas title on the line, a first blood match, and three, count em’ three Hell In A Cell matches!”</center><br><p>

<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Oh boy, I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so excited for tonight. You said it Michael. Three Hell In A Cell matches. Owens versus Cena. Sting versus Rollins and our soon to be new WWE Champion, god help us, The Miz taking on current champion, MR. Hollywood….The Rock.”</center><br><p>

<center> MICHAEL COLE... “New champion? Already calling the end?”</center><br><p>

<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Well I’m not the biggest Miz fan, but he is a whole lot better than The Rock. I’m tired of that guy. Let Miz be the champ and we will roll with it.”</center><br><p>

<center> MICHAEL COLE... “I think there are millions and millions of others who would disagree with you, John.”</center><br><p>

<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Millions and millions? I see what you did there. Nice joke Michael, but no…it’s not happening.”</center><br><p>

Right then the two are interrupted as the video screen inside the TD Garden fades on. The fans all turn their attention to it, and once they do, they erupt into a roar of cheers. The cheers reign down for non-other than….The Rock! The Rock appears on the screen, as he is currently standing next to the Boston Harbor. The Rock turns his attention towards the camera before him, adjusts his sun glasses and then looks deep into the camera before him, as the fans inside the TD Garden continue to cheer for the current WWE Champion. <P>


<center> The ROCK..."FINALLY….THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO…..BOOOOOSSSSTON!” </center> <br><p>

The fans erupt into a cheap pop, and with that, a thunderous ‘Rocky’ chant breaks out inside the TD Garden. The Rock adjusts his stance, and continues on. Clearly with a message to deliver.<P>

<center> The ROCK..."In 1773, the great people of Boston had had enough! Enough of the British! Just like you are with the WWE Universe today, the British was always in their face. Annoying them. Every day, month after month, YEAR AFTER YEAR! The people started a revolution. The American Revolution! Tonight, when I beat you inside that Cell a new revolution will continue….THE ROCK REVOLUTION!” </center> <br><p>

The fans give another pop for The Rock, as he just smirks for a moment. The Rock then adjusts his sun glasses, licks his lips, and returns to a more serious demeanor as he continues on.<P>

<center> The ROCK..."In 1773, the people took England’s tea, and threw it in the Boston Harbor. Calling it the Boston Tea Party. Well tonight, we are having a party of our own. That party starts now, so lets get it started. Camera man, follow me over here.” </center> <br><p>

The Rock takes a few steps to the side and comes upon a table that has been set up near the harbor. The set up is covered in Miz merchandise, and in front of it all rests The Rock’s WWE Championship!<P>

<center> The ROCK..."You see, what we are gonna do is pay respects to the Boston Tea Party. We are going to do that buy throwing all of Miz’s stuff, all of his hot garbage, into the Boston Harbor. Here is just a few of the items.” …..picks up a Miz “I’m Awesome” t-shirt…. “Here we go, The Miz t-shirt. THERE GOES THAT!” </center> <br><p>

The Rock tosses The Miz’s t-shirt over the edge into the Boston Harbor. The crowd gives a nice pop, as The Rock goes back to rumbling through the merchandise on the table.<P>

<center> The ROCK..."A Miz wrist watch. What poor child is forced to wear this by their sexually confused father? Tick tock, tick tock, yeah time to get your ass whooped!” </center> <br><p>

Rock tosses the wrist watch into the harbor. The Rock goes back to rumbling through and pulls out a Miz action figure still in the box.<P>

<center> The ROCK..."We got the Miz action figure. What 4th demintion of hell did this come from. Somewhere, somewhere in the world there is a man who has this in his home, on his shelf next to his bed….and he is a virgin!” </center> <br><p>

The fans laugh and cheer, as Rock tosses the action figure into the harbor. The Rock goes back to rumbling, and then pulls out the Marine four dvd.<P>

<center> The ROCK..."Look what I have here….The Miz’s movie. Marine 4. Yes everyone…yes, I am the one that bought it. Someone had to. Miz, here is some advice….don’t get your day job jabronie. Enough of this trash.” </center> <br><p>

Rock tosses the dvd over the edge into the harbor. The Rock then rumbles through one more time, and pulls out one last item. This is a baby sized costume of Miz extravagant costume. The black trench coat and sun glasses he wears to the ring sometimes.<P>

<center> The ROCK..."Uh-oh! Uh-oh, look at what we have here. The Miz costume for midgets! What an insult to midgets. What midget wants to look like a Gay Vampire!” </center> <br><p>

The fans laugh some more and cheer for The Rock as he tosses the costume over. The Rock then looks deep into the camera before him to adjust one man, and one man only…The miz.<P>

<center> The ROCK..."Miz tonight is The Rock revolution and we are throwing all your hot garbage away. So you can take it all, Miz, you can take all the crap you have been spitting week after week, you can take all the claims that you will walk out WWE Champion, you can take all the insults, take all that garbage, roll it up into a ball, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!” </center> <br><p>

The fans erupt into a huge pop, and another “ROCKY” chant builds throughout the arena. The Rock reaches down, picks up his WWE Championship and throws it over his shoulder. The Rock adjusts his stance one more, licks those lips and continues forward.

<center> The ROCK..."Miz, tonight The Rock is coming for you. The Rock is going all over Boston tonight, and then he will end up right there inside the TD Garden inside that Hell In A Cell, and will give you an ASS WHOOPING OF A LIFETIME!” …Rock turns his attention to the camera man… “You jabronie, get in a row boat and pick up all that crap out of the Harbor, throw it in the garbage where it belongs and burn it!” ….Rock looks back into the camera… “The People’s party is tonight! Boston….here we go!” </center> <br><p>

The fans give another pop, as The Rock walks on past the camera. The scene fades out, and the roar of the crowd can be heard. They are now even more excited for tonight’s huge pay per view.<P>

<center> MICHAEL COLE... “You hear it! This crowd is ready to roll! It’s time! Lets get Hell In A Cell underway!”</center><br><p>

With that, WWE cuts to some promotional videos promoting the WWE Network, as we prepare for the first match of the evening to take place.<P>

We were taken to a flashback scene that took place hours before the Hell in a Cell event was scheduled to get underway. Cody would be opening the event up when he would be taking on CM Punk in a No Disqualifications match. It was obviously going to be a brutal match, as was a majority of the matches to take place tonight. With the event still a couple of hour’s way, Cody had decided to squeeze in a quick workout session just to ensure that his body was ready for the grueling consequences of a No Disqualification match. Just as he was about to head to the training facility, he spots his fellow royal friend Charlotte looking like she was just about to head into the training facility as well. She spots Cody as well who had a smile on his face.<P>

<center> CODY RHODES..."Looks like our royal paths were destined to cross again. Which only makes sense, since Hell in a Cell is tonight, the biggest event of the month on the RAW calendar. As much I could joke around and say that you’ve made sure to be here super early to ensure that you don’t miss my match will be opening up the show. I know you’ll have your focus on the Divas title match between Alexa and Eva tonight. An up close and personal focus I’d say as you’re probably going to be one of the lumberjacks out there surrounding the ring right? </center> <br><p>


Charlotte looked directly at him and gave him a smile, she had wanted to be here for all kinds of reasons. But yes she was focused on the divas title match.<P>

<center> CHARLOTTE..."Oh believe me I am here for all kinds of reasons but that is definitely the right one. I am more than focused on the Divas Title match. I know deep down the Divas Championship will be around my waist in the near future. As for being here early well I wanted to get some gym time, and I was simply hoping to catch up with you before your big match against CM Punk. </center> <br><p>

Cody nodded his head out of respect hearing what Charlotte had said.<P>

<center> CODY RHODES..."Tonight’s going to be big. That’s for sure. I’d say the landscape of the company will change by the night’s end. I’m not delusional by any stretch of the imagination, I know my match against Punk is going to be brutal and I’m going to take my fair share of punishment, but I’ll be sure to dish out more than I take. That mindset alone with guide me to victory. I know things are very competitive here in the women’s division. But that hasn’t stopped you from being on top of your throne as you’ve been the top woman in the past, I know it won’t be long until the Queen is back at her rightful place atop of her throne. Not only will we have a royal celebration, it’ll be accompanied by our championship gold that we will be in possession of. </center> <br><p>

Charlotte smirked over at Cody, He was right that the ring is her throne but tonight she is going to watch closely at the lumberjack match.<P>

<center> CHARLOTTE..."You know as well as I know that the ring is definitely my throne tonight might not be my night but in just a short amount of time, It will be when I take that Championship from whoever wins here tonight, As for you I know you got what it takes to beat CM Punk. You are the Prince after all. Our celebrations will be bigger than anything else. </center> <br><p>

Cody nodded in agreement of what Charlotte had said.<P>

<center> CODY RHODES..."That's what I like to hear. Sure the celebrations will be big, just big as these biceps of mine. I've been putting more gym time in leading up to tonight's match which is why I wanted to get another last workout in before the event is set to get underway. </center> <br><p>

Cody flexes his right arm while expressing a cheeky smile on his face. He managed to get another smile out of Charlotte who playfully shoved him before leading the way into the training facility with the scene fading to black.<P>
Boston , Massachusetts was where all the action was at tonight as thousands upon thousands of wrestling fans from all over the world gathered tonight at the TD Garden to bare witness to one of the most talked about and anticipated ppv's in sports entertainment and that's none other than WWE's own Hell In A Cell. Tonight the TD Garden has been completely sold out and the atmossphere feels almost magical as everyone is enjoying themselves and already having witnessed a couple matches the fans know that the best is yet to come. The cameras circle the crowd as the crowd goes wild and many fans show off their signs they made with much love in hopes of catching the eye of their favorite diva or superstar. Zooming in on the ring we see Lilian Garcia standing in the middle of the ring with a smile upon her face and a microphone in hand. Slowly she raises the mic up to her lips as the crowd quiets down knowing that another match was just seconds away from happening before their eyes. “ Kingdom “ begins to blare throughout the entire arena as Rhodes appears at the top of the ramp . <p>

<iframe width="420" height="225" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p>

<center> LILIAN GARCIA... Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is set for a one fall and it is a no disqualification match. Making his way to the ring from Marietta , Georgia weighing in at 220 pounds he is.... CODY RHODES !!!</center><br><p>

<p> Rhodes begins to make his way down the ramp as he reaches the bottom of the ramp he then makes his way towards the steel steps. Climbing the steel steps he then enters the ring and makes his way towards the center of the ring where he locks his eyes upon the top of the ramp as he awaits on the arrival of his opponent. It takes but a mere second for the music to die down and is quickly replaces with “ Cult Of Personality “ which begins to blare throughout the entire arena. The crowd going wild as Punk gets a loud pop from the crowd, appearing at the top of the ramp he looks out to the crowd and smirks as he begins to make his way down the ramp as he locks his eyes upon Rhodes. <p>

<center> LILIAN GARCIA... … and his opponent from Chicago , Illinois weighing in at 218 pounds he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD.... CM PUNK !!!</center><br><p>

<iframe width="420" height="225" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><P>

Reaching the bottom of the ramp Punk heads on over towards the steel steps as he climbs them and then enters the ring getting an even louder pop from the fans in attendance. Making his way towards the center of the ring as both men engage in a stare down as the music comes to an end. The anticipation can be felt throughout the entire arena as the referee calls for the bell and all hell breaks loose inside the arena. Both men charge at each other as they engaged in a grapple lock with Rhodes getting the upper hand momentarily as he has Punk trapped in a headlock as he begins to add the pressure. The CM Punk chants starting instantly as this aggravates Rhodes as he locks in the pressure as Punk begins to connect with a series of elbow shots to the stomach of Rhodes as he manages to break the lock after a couple shots. Rhodes is sent stumbling backwards a bit as Punk charges at him and takes Rhodes down with a vicious clothesline that nearly knocks his head off. <p>

<center> MICHAEL COLE... What a vicious clothesline that was from CM Punk who is not taking easy on Cody Rhodes inside that ring. He nearly knocked his head off with that move .</center><br><p>

<center> JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... The thing you fail to realize about Punk is he's out here to do what he does best Cole... he's not here to impress the fans nor is he out here to waste his time . He going straight for that win and if Rhodes wants to win tonight he's going to have to try a hell of a lot more than that.</center><br><p>

Back inside the ring both men are at it again as Rhodes has irish whipped CM Punk into the turnbuckle as Punks crashed hard against it. Rhodes wasting no time comes charging at Punk as he connects with a drop kick that drops Punk onto the mat once again. With vicious stomps Rhodes begin to attack CM Punk as the crowd goes wild . Rhodes is quick to exit the ring as he begins to look for weapons underneath the ring as he manages to pull out a steel chair and tosses it inside the ring. Punk on his feet now watches on as Rhodes tosses the chair inside as Rhodes hops onto the edge of the ring as Punk grabs the steel chair and goes to hit Rhodes with it only for Rhodes to quickly enter the ring and duck the chair shot attempt. Running up behind Punk , Rhodes goes for a bulldog as Punk counters and sends Rhodes crashing onto the nearest turnbuckle only to connect with a step -up high knee that he quickly follows up with a bulldog. Seeing Rhodes face down on the mat Punk goes to the nearest turnbuckle as he quickly climbs it as looks down onto Rhodes and smirks as the crowd can only wonder what he will do next. <p>

<center> MICHAEL COLE... Look like CM Punk is about to do some flying around here and these fans are crazy enough to cheer him on.</center><br><p>

<p> Punk comes flying off the top turnbuckle with a vicious diving elbow drop but before he can properly connect Rhodes quickly rolls out the way only for Punk to come crashing elbow first onto the hard canvas . Punk rolls around in pain as Rhodes charges to the ropes and bounces off them as he then connects with a knee drop to the chest of CM Punk who rolls around from side to side in pain. Punk trying his best to bake his way to his feet as Rhodes grabs the steel chair he had previously tossed into the ring and goes to crash it onto the back of Punk who is quick to roll out the way as he does a leg sweep and knocks Rhodes down. Both men quickly making their way to their feet as they charge at each other once again as Rhodes manages to gain the advantage here and connects with a inverted suplex slam as Punk drops down and onto the mat again Rhodes is quick to hook the leg of Punk and cover him for the pin as the crowd goes wild. <p>

<center>ONE…<br /><br />
TWO…<br /><br />


KICK OUT BY PUNK ! And Cody Rhodes came so close but Punk once again proving just why he is the best in the world .

Rhodes getting frustrated as he slaps the mat with frustration as he begins to punch away at Punk who is quick to shove Rhodes off him . Both men quickly making their way to their feet as they charge at each other once again with Punk getting the first hit this time around as he counter's the clothesline attempt by Rhodes and instead connects with the arm trap swinging neckbreaker . The crowd going wild as they see Rhodes collapse before Punk who drops down and connects with an elbow drop to Rhodes who then rolls around in pain. Quickly making his way back to his feet Punk picks Rhodes up and connects with a mongolian chop that sends Rhodes stumbling back a couple steps as Punk charges at Rhodes and scoops him up and connects perfectly with the GTS he then taunts to the crowd as he drops down , hooks the leg of Rhodes and covers him for the pin as the referee starts the three count. <p>

<center>ONE….<br /><br />
TWO….<br /><br />

<center> LILIAN GARCIA... Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner... CM PUNK !!

“ Cult Of Personality “ begins to blast throughout the entire arena once again as CM Punk celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring. Aj Lee appearing at the top of the ramp as she watches as he exits the ring and walks up the ramp and meets up with him . Embracing him in a celebratory hug as she then pulls away and walks backstage with him as the cameras cut to a brief commercial break.<p>
Hell In A Cell was finally here and it's a defeat or be defeated night. Many fans from all over the world have gathered at the TD Garden in Boston , Massachusetts to witness history in the making. Tonight only the best of the will shine inside the squared circle , some will be come out on top as other will be knocked down from the top and dethroned , robbed of that which they have held onto so dearly. Among such cases is that of Aj Lee the former divas tag team champion who along with Cameron were dethroned and robbed of their championships by the team of Nattie and Zarah. Now at Hell In A Cell Aj Lee gets a shot at the divas tag team championships but this time around she will no longer have Cameron as her tag team partner. Kicking Cameron to the side Aj has acquired the help and support of the baddest diva on the entire roster... the baddest of the bad... Sasha Banks. Coming back from a brief commercial break the camereas set upon the backstage area where Aj Lee is seen walking along the long corridor decked out in her ring attire as she turns the corner she spots Paige who was there to support her boyfriend Baron Corbin . A wicked little smirk appearing about her face as Aj skips up to Paige as she reaches her hand out and taps on Paige's shoulder as the women's champion turns around and stares at Aj who glares back at her . <p>


<center> BLACK WIDOW | Aj LEE ..."I would say welcome and thank you for coming to visit me but the fact is I know you aren't here for me , you are here for Corbin . By the looks of it life on the blue brand for you is rather peachy eh ? Being women's champion and all you don't have time for your friends anymore huh ? </center> <br>

<p> Paige can't help but chuckle a bit as it was clearly to see how jealous Aj Lee was and it was to be expected Paige held championship gold where as she did not. Paige clears her throat and smiles over at Aj and pats her on the head gently as she goes to speak. <p>

<center> SMACKDOWN WOMEN'S CHAMPION | PAIGE ..."Aww... what's wrong Aj ? Not happy to see me ? Or is it because you have no gold to brag about... must suck being empty handed huh . In all seriousness though I did come here to see you as well … to wish you luck for your match out there tonight. I was rooting you on during your previous reign and this time around should be even better as you have Sasha on your side. Smart move there bestie boo... are you ready for tonight though ? Surely Nattie and Zarah wont take it easy on you ladies out there tonight. </center> <br>

Aj clenches her fists at the mere mention of Zarah and Nattie and her beloved diva tag team championships. Tonight was the night that she was planning to put an end to their reign and once again taking the throne and this time with Sasha Banks as her tag team partner. <p>

<center> BLACK WIDOW | Aj LEE ..."Luck ? I got rid of the dead weight Paigey... I got rid of Cameron who week after week would rely on me to get the job done. I had to do what was best for those championships and I found someone more deserving of them. Surely you will agree right Paigey Bear ? Who better than the boss? And just like that tonight I am about to walk into that ring crowned the new divas tag team champion and then maybe I'll pay you a visit on your brand. For now though Paigey Bear... I'd hold onto that championship nice and tight as you might here to show support to Corbin but surely that pretty little championship will catch the eye of someone around here and not in a good way. Maybe you should keep an eye out on my match cause tonight when I defeat that little buddy of yours Zahra and take MY championship back from her I will get my throne back and maybe she will be so broken hearted and humiliated she will take her ass over to Smackdown... birds of a feather right ? Surely you can accommodate her over there . But hey... if you can't land her a spot over there I'm sure it won't be hard putting her back in her little street corner she never shouldve abandoned. Now if you will excuse me... I'll let you get to lover boy as I've got a match to prepare for... I'm glad you're wearing all black though as right after my match you will be attending your bestie's funeral … ciao doll face. </center> <br>

With that said Aj skips her way past Paige as she has a devilish smirk upon her face leaving Paige behind with a confused look upon her face. She never could figure Aj out but then again who could ? Aside from CM Punk there was no one who could understand her little dark and twisted humor . <p>
The atmosphere from the Boston crowd was wild. The sold-out fans engaging with every superstar that Monday Night RAW had to offer. Backstage, the cameras caught up with everybody’s favorite interviewer—Renee Young. Her short, bleach blonde hair in soft waves as she twirled a microphone between her fingers welcoming her guest at this time.<p>


RENEE YOUNG ... “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest… She’s competing very shortly in tag team action tonight. She is “The Boss” … Sasha Banks!
There was nothing but a roar of cheers for the hometown hero as Sasha Banks made her presence known. She walked into the camera shot with swagger and attitude. Her signature shutter shades rested firmly on top of her brightly colored locks as she soaked in the cheers from the crowd. With her typical “Boss” necklace around her neck and her bling shining--- The Boss was here.<P>

<center> SASHA BANKS... “Keep talkin’, I hear ya’.</center><P>

RENEE YOUNG ... “ Welcome, Sasha! How does it feel to perform in front of your home crowd?

<center> SASHA BANKS... “You’re walkin’ on my territory now. Boston knows how to put on a show, this is where the Boss started her journey and this is where The Boss is goin’ to win the WWE Divas Tag Team Champions. Just you watch. But I’m thankful to be back. In the holiday spirit, I’m thankful that everybody who got me here, can have the opportunity to watch me change the game tonight. Nobody knows what’s comin’ tonight. Natalya ain’t got a clue and neither does my dear, dear, Zahra Schreiber. Champions are made here in Boston.</center><P>

The confidence oozed from Sasha Banks as she displayed a sinister smile across her dark-coated lips. Renee Young switched the microphone back underneath her lips as she proceeded to the next question as The Boss watched closely.<p>

RENEE YOUNG ... “Actually, that rolls nicely onto my next question. Tonight, you’re scheduled to face Zahra Schreiber and Natalya for the WWE Divas Tag Team Championship as you team with your new… “Partner in crime” AJ Lee. What are your thoughts going into this match?

<center> SASHA BANKS ... “ C’mon Renee, what type of question is that for lil’ ole’ me? Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m not nervous. Look! I’m not even shakin’. I’ve got the best partner around. AJ Lee knows what it’s like to be a champion. She’s skilled, talented and she’s been breakin’ down doors since she’s arrived. Just like The Boss. Watch and learn Renee, ‘cuz you’re witnessing greatness in the making. I’m just getting started.</center><P>

Sasha Banks spoke with her head held high. A sigh escaped from Renee Young’s lips in preparation for the next question however The Boss extended her arm, throwing it in front of her face signalling for silence. Renee Young, who stood baffled remained quiet as Sasha Banks flashed her an innocent smile.
<center> SASHA BANKS ... “Don’t interrupt me, Renee. People can talk, people can say whatever they want… But the important thing is that I’m the one that’s keepin’ them talking. And tonight? You’ll see exactly how I do that. I was born to do this. I was born to be a champion. Zahra and Natalya? I hope you kept them championships reaaal warm for me and AJ. It’s the last time you’ll see ‘em. Bank on that.</center><P>

Ending it on a high note, Sasha Banks exited the camera shot. With the closing statement, The Boss received a positive reaction from the hometown crowd. She had her chance to shine in front of Bo$$ton. Leaving a stunned Renee Young, the interview came to a close.

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