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 Rules, Read carefully (Updated: 08/14/17)
Brooke Hogan
 Posted: May 18 2013, 12:26 PM


The following is the WWE 17: 'The Future is now'. Handbook outlining the rules and regulations when playing the game.

The rules are subject to change at any time without warning and it is the responsibility of each player to re-familiarise themselves with the most up to date rules regularly, to be as informed as possible. In addition, all rules are at the discretion of the Admin Team. For more information please contact a member of the Admin Team.

When you Register your account do it with the name of your Superstar/Diva, not your name. (Example: If you Pick Randy Orton, You would Register with the name Randy Orton.

When you register, you need to post your Contract with your superstars stats. If you don’t do it after 48 hours your account will be deleted. You can find the full required sign up template in the sign up forum. Be sure to fill it in completely, contracts will not be reviewed until a sample is provided. This sample does not have to be massive, just a small showcase of what you can do.
We allow all talent listed on the Vacant Roster, however It is updated regularly. We do use the WWE Gimmicks with this being a WWE EFED. For example, you may play Seth Rollins but not Tyler Black. Should you pick up an independent Superstar and later they sign with WWE, you may not have to change to the WWE name immediately.

Created wrestlers are NOT allowed in the fed but we have tried it. was just bad idea and it didn't work out too well for a reason. Therefore CAWS are not made for here WWE 17: The Future is now!

We do allow for you to sign up as a a single player to join the game as a tag team and you are more than welcome to make up tag teams to join forces as a existing Faction known in the WWE Today. You must get the staff approval before signing up. We do have the right to Decline your Contract for it. We do ask for you to talk to those are in Charge of Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night Smackdown. So, the admin team is aware of your request.

We do allow for you to sign up as a a single player to join the game as a tag team and you are more than welcome to make up tag teams to join forces as a existing Faction known in the WWE Today. You must get the staff approval before signing up. We do have the right to Decline your Contract for it. We do ask for you to talk to those are in Charge of Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night Smackdown. So, the admin team is aware of your request..

we allow character changes, if they have yet make their debut you not be in s storyline before you can make a switch. You may be asked to keep the character until a storyline/scheduled match on PPV has been wrapped up...


we only allow up to three characters Maximum! (one per main show) One character for Monday Night Raw. and One character allow on Tuesday Night Smackdown! after roleplaying for four consecutive matches Before getting to play a second the Limit will not be changing at any given time. We do have the right to free up your accounts. We only allow up to Characters two per a Brand only.

As a general rule; real talents may only use entrance music they have used in real life. The only exceptions to this rule would be where they have ONLY used a faction entrance music (such as Nexus, The Shield etc) or they are have never competed within WWE or TNA. To use a remix of a theme that has never been used in real life, you must obtain permission from a member of the Admin Team first. CAWs are permitted to use any entrance music provided it hasn't been used by a real talent and is also not used or has been used as a television theme; i.e: "Burn It To The Ground" by Nickelback.

If a Superstar has been in WWE but then goes to TNA or elsewhere the most recent WWE theme music must still be used. If a Superstar has been in TNA but not WWE, the most recent TNA theme music must be used, an independent theme music won't be allowed.

You may have no more than two signatures. Nudity/sexual images in signatures is not permitted and they may not stretch the page (as a general rule no wider than 500 and no bigger than 320 height wise).

You may have a music player/bar, but it must not be set to autoplay. Full YouTube videos are not allowed, and they must be set to be a music bar only if used (set the height option to 25).

You may also have as many drop down bars as you wish. It is important to note your signature area may NOT stretch the page because it is too wide and as already stipulated within the signature section; no inappropriate quotes, text, bars etc. We reserve the right to edit your signature to comply with the Handbook.

Any account (not on Leave of Absence, Alumni etc.) that has not been online for a period of 5 days or more may be deactivated without warning. If you have failed to let Joseph (Triple H) know you are not going to be around if that is the case at all will result in deletion of your character.We serve the right to free up that the character, and making it available to the next handler. If you think you will be away for more than 3 days, you should post in the Leave of Absence section to keep your account/s safe. Please keep in mind that you should be active with all the characters you play, its your job to keep them active not ours. We are here to in force the rules.

There may be a week where roleplaying for a match just is not possible for you and we understand that. That's why you can request not to be booked for a certain card. This is not really taking a LOA but should you wish to do this, you should post your under our LOA section. If you post a quite early notice ahead of time for a night off or LOA, please be sure to remind your respective show staff before the cards of the show you will not be able to roleplay for, they're only human, and things can be missed/forgotten. Don't ask for a night off if you recently no showed a match because you probably won't get it.

We want you to try your best. If you are not an expert, don’t worry. We are here to help. So if you got a question or something about RP just ask us, and we will be happy to help you. And remember the more you participate and the better your RP's = The higher your chances are of getting better matches or even winning Titles!

No showing (failing to post a roleplay before the set deadline) will not be tolerated at all around here. We do set a fair deadline for everybody so, everybody has more then enough time to get their roleplays written and turned in by the respectful handlers on site. The admin team will ask you to provide us with a written roleplay, if you fail to provide us with proof. We have the right to delete you on the spot for not turning in a roleplay. It's not personal, it's just business.

You are only permitted to submit one roleplay per match, per a character depending how many characters you might be handleing at the moment.

Often a roleplay may have a mistake or number of mistakes in that you would like to take out and this is fine. All players are granted to make one edit as long it's before the deadline, when the deadline expires the topics are locked. Therefore you won't have acess to makine any edits, replying to the topics. Also the edit rule is for coding mistakes and errors only, new roleplay parts may NOT be added. Adding new parts shall mean automatic disqualification. We do have access to post edit logs to check this if we feel there is foul play.

There is no "rematch clause" when it comes to losing a championship or other important match. Show staff may grant a rematch, but they are not obligated to do so. If you are given a rematch it will be the admin team decision to grant you one.

I believe this new rule, has been a long time coming after being around this efed industry for over four years now going into our fifth year. We have ran into this problem before lack of segments turn in by the current handlers.

This is something is very important to our site. We would like for you to get in involved in segments, not with you, turning in the work.'We want you to get involved working with other good members here on site. I know at the end of 'the day. That' why everybody is here on WWE 17; year after year. Giving it you're very best, week after week. We are going to make it happen for all of you! This is 'going to be a team effort working together as a Team. I know we are expecting the same people to turn in the work. I believe each week we will have different segments turn in by all sorts of Superstars and Divas from you. “Last, but not least.' I don't know about all of you.... I can defiantly "Speak, for myself".And, Along with the rest of the staff. The Game has changed. Starting today, turning in the work for your characters to be placed in the results on Both Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night Smackdown because, it's now a requirement for you to do your job playing your characters on screen. With that being said, Welcome to the real world Folks, welcome to the WWE! THE FUTURE IS NOW!"

Any segments you send over first, it will be review by Joseph aka Triple H.If it makes sense it will be added to the Results. Joseph can refuse to use a segment for the results if it don't make any sense for him to use it for Monday Night Raw.

Please try and keep your segments to the point. Remember this is supposed to be TELEVISION we're watching the WWE! Actions between words are of course needed, but two paragraphs worth of inflection and back story between speeches is not, as we wouldn’t get this in reality watching RAW.

In free-for-all matches, i.e: there will only be one winner (singles, triple threat, battle royal etc) the best roleplay of all submitted is the one which dictates the winner. In tag team matches, as long as there are an equal amount of players in each team, it is a team effort. Overall, the team the judge feel have the better joint effort will win the match. This doesn't mean because your partner no shows you have no chance however, quality > quantity and one great roleplay can defeat two not so great roleplays, it's happened. In larger tag team bouts (6-person and above) the roleplays are ranked in order from best to worst by the judge and whichever team gets the most roleplays into the top 3 or 5, wins it. In handicap situations, or situations where there are an unequal number of players per team, the best roleplay overall will win the match for their side; i.e: a handicap match or two players facing one player portraying a tag team.

Please have faith in the judging team when it comes to match decisions. The only people biased to your work on the fed is you. Our judges have probably read more roleplays than you've written so they're certainly not inexperienced. However, if you lose a match and you are unhappy with the decision, please do not moan and be angry about it in the Cbox or on the forum whatsoever. Kindly request official roleplay feedback from the respective show staff. If after this you continue to create a negative atmosphere surrounding the loss, you may be suspended or banned. We are a completely fair efed and for nearly seven years now the best roleplay has won every single match and it will remain that way. If you have an ego, leave it at the door because we won't hesitate to bring down the ban hammer to those who can't take a loss.

Roleplays should not contain highly sexual, offensive or overly violent scenes. Profanity (swearing) is allowed but please only use it in moderation and in fitting scenes with fitting characters, it shouldn't be all over the place. Your roleplay should be your own work and not copied in whole or part from somebody else or any of your past roleplays.

Having relevance in all your scenes is extremely important and lack of relevance can easily cost you a match win. Relevance is about creating scenes or a story within your roleplays which connect in some way to your match, feud, storyline, opponents or even mental or physical state. Market your match to be as exciting as possible to the WWE Universe. Originality is highly welcomed and it's always great to see stand out scenes but they must also be relevant. If you're ever unsure how relevant you're being, do request official feedback when you can.

Players may use any character in their roleplays long as they have been given permission to use them. We do ask in respectful do not caused any harm to them without approval! This is to allow for maximum creative freedom. Abuse of this rule may result in the player in question being stripped of the ability to use characters without permission..

All roleplays you submit should be posted on the board (no links) without the admin team permisson.and colour coded in some form. . In addition, roleplays should be readable so no difficult to read font colours, sizes or styles. If your roleplay is difficult to read, the judge reserves the right to skip over it. This decision be up to the staff has the final call on the ruling..

It is highly frowned upon to "gate crash" a general roleplay. This means responding to a roleplay with a "TBC By So and So" tag when you are not the expected person to respond.

If you are on LOA, participating in general roleplays is not allowed unless you have declared your LOA has ended but you are simply waiting for your member grouping to be changed. Tweeting and character communications are allowed provided it's not in excessive amounts.

Any player who has been a member of the game for two PPVs or less is, unfortunately, not entitled to a Leave of Absence. Any player who has been a member of the game for more than two PPV matches is entitled a maximum of two months LOA. It must be stressed that any player who has a character which is a champion and takes a LOA may have their championship taken away should the LOA period be so long that it hinders their respective show. You may be refused a LOA if you no show a match and THEN request a LOA. In such an instance, you may be required to roleplay one final match to rectify the no show and then be granted LOA status, or not at all, depending on the circumstances. We do ask for people to not make it a habbit on loa like posting one to get out of matches like defending the title.

Any player who has been a member for two and a half years or more is entitled to ask (via PM only) for an extended LOA that allows them to be away for longer than the regular LOA would allow. This is NOT a right, it is a privilege and the Admin Team will make decisions on a case by case basis taking into account track record, estimated time away and popularity of the character.

Leave of Absence is not only at the Admin Team's discretion when you take it but also during your LOA as well. If we feel you're taking liberties (ie. online as usual, talking in the Cbox a lot etc), and unless you have LOA'ed a character for reasons not relating to being away and unable to RP (ie: taking a break from that character) we may terminate the LOA. The keyword in Leave of Absence is Absence. Failing to return from a LOA will result in deletion or alumni if appropriate. Be aware, LOA being granted is not guaranteed even if you fulfil the eight match requirement. If your track record or OOC conduct isn't up to scratch, don't be surprised to see your request refused. One last thing lets try not make it habit in posting a LOA weekly.The admin team will review every LOA.

Alumni is a status that has been earned from the player over time, not given! that allows a player to remain a member of the forum despite not participating as an active player Unlike Extended LOA, Alumni does not expire after a period of time and is for players who don't intend to return to actively participate or their absence cannot be covered by LOA. Players shouldn't ask for this status to be granted, the Admin Team will judge each opportunity on a case by case basis however we like to see 1 year minimum of dedication for all we consider for alumni.

All out of character postings, whether on the forum, Cbox or through PMs, should carry an appropriate amount of respect. We do not and shall not tolerate OOC wars or discrimination of any kind including the harassment of another member regarding but not limited to their; gender, race, age, sexual orientation, roleplay skill level, religion or any other reason. Bullying is not allowed whatsoever. If you feel bullied, you should contact a member of the Admin Team. In addition, no member may post pornographic, violent or otherwise illegal, highly offensive material or material deemed highly inappropriate to those under the age of 17 years old.

Please do not post (or ask for) sensitive information on forum topics such as email addresses, instant messenger ID's etc. We don't allow sensitive information on the forum itself as it'll always be there and you never know who's going to get your information, we have your safety and best interests in mind. Any topics compromising this rule shall be deleted.

The advertising of sites, e-feds, etc is not allowed via PMs or in the Cbox. If we caught you advertising you will be deleted!

This is meant to be a fun place for all and the above 'policies' have stood since the fed began, the fed still stands because of them. But it is time they were put into writing so that there is no mistaking the outcomes of nasty, spiteful behavior. So have fun! Play nice keep the game nice!

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