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Posted by: Triple H Sep 24 2017, 05:50 AM
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TAGLINE: A Golden Opportunity Awaits the WWE!”
VENUE: St. Louis, Missouri- Scottrade Center

WWE Proudly Presents....

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Then.Now.Forever intro starts up. We see the fireworks, the WWE logo. As as the screen goes black displaying the WWE Logo. After a couple of seconds of a black screen, an overview of the St. Louis Scottrade Center comes upon the screen, followed by various flashing images of the history displayed Money in the Bank over the years. As these images appear on the screen, we hear the WWE Voice Over Guy.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY..." One Night can change EVERYTHING!Every, Superstar, Diva with ONE OPPORTUNITY to Become Mr. Money in the Bank or for the First time in History Miss Money in the Bank.'

The images of the mitb participants slowly flows into images of the two men competing in tonight’s WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship match. AS the images of CM Punk, and the man of the WWE! Seth Rollins display upon the screen, the voice over continues.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY..."IN this land of Opportunity. ONE hangs high above ALL!"

Like before the images slowly switch gears, as we go from the participants in the World title match into the two men who will stand and fight in tonight’s Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As images of Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe battling it out display upon the screen, the WWE Voice over guy continues onward

WWE VOICE OVER GUY..."Opportunity IS… seized! And Opportunity is Historic.' Opportunity is GUARANTEED! Tonight at MONEY IN THE BANK. who will be the next to reach the summit. To heights unimaginable. To reach for and claim their rightful place…ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!”

As those last words are spoken from the Voice over: It's now time for WWE MONEY IN THE BANK.With that; the opening promo has come to an end, as we are taken live inside the Scottrade Center where the pyros are going off along the Money In The Bank stage! The fans are hyped. They are on their feet, screaming at the top of their lungs. The camera pans through the sold out crowd as we hear the voice of RAW, Michael Cole greet us!”

MICHAEL COLE... "Once in a while, a life of a WWE Superstar can changed in an instant.' How far are you willing to climb? And how fearless are you willing ti Fight for the Opportunity of Life-time?" Tonight We make History! This is MONEY IN THE BANK!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I can't wait to get started, Michael! I know Tonight is going to be historic Night at Money in the Bank.' We going to remember it forever!"

With that, the Cameras take us to the backstage area, immediately taken into straight into the office of the Power Couple of the WWE! Appearing on the screen is Stephanie McMahon, and her husband Triple H. As the WWE Universe at this moment of time, greet them with an Mixed reaction. The Fan's are undecided how they should feel now about them, when they have not got too much involved in Superstar matches. Instead they have been handing out Opportunities to the talent that have earned it With that; Hunters looks at his wife before speaking up what he got racing thought his mind right now."

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“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Look, Steph. I don't know about you, but I've have heard the Rumors all week long, I heard them when I woke up at our Hotel before coming here at Money in the Bank...."Here's the thing, It already making me sick to my Stomach. I would want to throw it up for it to go away." You know him very well, because he's your brother SHANE MCMAHON!"

The WWE Universe responds with a Huge pop! After Shane Mcmahon's name is mention a name has not been heard from after he was termnated from the Company. A few months ago for breaking the company drug test policy. With that; Stephanie quickly silences the Crowd as she spoke up to respond to her Husband, Triple H!"

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Excuse me Hunter?" So what you heard some rumors about Shane.' Well, guess what! They all in your head that's what you are hearing now drop it, I don't want hear about it again Alright?" We have bigger things to talk about here, than to worry about my Brother that is not apart of this Comapny today. It's not like he's going to be apart of it anytime soon!"

"It almost seem like the Sitration it starting to become heated between the Power Couple of the WWE! As Hunter took a deep breath to let the anger inside him to release itself before, he responded to his wife."

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Alright, Steph. You're right." Those are just things in my head trying to tell me something that isn't true. I don't know, what I would do without you to guide me into the right direction. Now onto business it has come to my attention, that our WWE World Tag Team Champions...." The New Age Outlaws have failed to report for a random drug test, It's been reported this has happen serval times over the past Month'. Therefore Right now, I am going do what is right for business, that is Stripped Road Dogg and Billy Gunn of the WWE World Tag Team Championships!"

The WWE Universe respond with an in a chorus of boos, is heard live at Ringside that is the responce from "The Soldout" Crowd in St. Louis, Missouri after hearing Triple H's announcement stripping the Out Law's of the WWE World Tag Team Championships! The Coo! Smiled into the camera, before his wife took this time to speak adressding the Issued.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “That's right. I'd do understand Tensions are incredibly high right now, after the Un- Popular announcement by: My Husband Triple H!" I do think he did the right thing, as Popular the Outlaws are in our Industry. We just couldn't let them get away with breaking the rules, Triple H is the Coo of the WWE.' What he did was not Personal it's was just Business! Now you asked what happens next to the WWE World Tag Team Championships! Well, that is simple question to answer Join us tomorrow Night only on Monday Night Raw! 'Cause It's what...BEST FOR BUSINESS!"

With That; The Power Couple of the WWE! Smiled into the camera. As Money in the Bank cuts to a promotional video from its sponsors and then a hype promo for the opening match of the evening live on the WWE Network!"

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Money in the bank returns from a quick commercial break after just witnessing the open segment. It was time for some action, the WWE Hardcore Championship match! Both both Jimmy Havoc and Dean Ambrose are ready in the ring waiting for the bell. The referee shows both men the vacant title, and hands it to the announcer before signalling for the bell! As soon as the bell rings, Dean Ambrose rushes out of his corner towards Jimmy Havoc! And, having no patience he immediately commences a beat down on Jimmy Havoc! He steps back once the referee begins to count, Jimmy Havoc clearly fumed about the shocking attack he replies with his own assault taking Ambrose down into the ground! After a few vicious strikes, Jimmy Havoc moves out of the ring with a smug grin appearing across his face!

He lifts up the apron skirt, and pulls out a Steel Chair from under the ring, beating it on the ground.. Knowing Hardcore Matches are his type of match! He enters the ring, as Ambrose is still downed in pain. He waits for Ambrose to get up, as Ambrose get up he is met with a CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD! BUT.. Ambrose catches onto the chair, and reverses by knocking Havoc with the chair! After the knockdown, Ambrose goes crazy with the chair assaults to Havoc cutting him open! Blood starts to spill from Havoc, but he finally pulls to the side. Ambrose puts the chair to the floor, and leans in the ropes waiting for Havoc to rise.. Once Havoc get's to his feet Ambrose runs to him with a wild arm, but Havoc ducks it and as Ambrose hits the ropes, he falls through them and flings himself out of them back to Havoc! As Havoc turns his is met with the Ambrose LARIAT! And, Havoc gets flattened. Ambrose springs to his feet, feeling the hype knowing what's on the line.. Havoc gets to his feet, and turns as Ambrose fires out a leg.. Havoc catches onto it and spins Ambrose around and nails him with a German Suplex onto the CHAIR! Havoc climbs onto his feet, as momentum steers into his hand. He bends down and grabs onto Ambrose by the head and batters his head off of the chair.

For majority of the match Jimmy Havoc controls the match, he nails move after move on Ambrose. He walks towards the ropes, title taunting the crowd out as he turns around he rushes out at Ambrose, and fires out a punt kick! Ambrose ducks under the kick and rolls behind Havoc, he hooks onto his waist and brings him down into a roll up!



Havoc powers out at the two count, and both men quickly steer to their feet! Havoc jumps into Ambrose hitting him with a big superkick, causing Ambrose to fall back into the ropes! Ambrose once again falls through them and rebounds nailing another Ambrose LARIAT! Havoc gets flattened, and Ambrose barely keeps his footing.. Ambrose laughs wildly, and helps Havoc onto his feet. He shoots out a boot, and claps it off the gut of Havoc. Havoc showing no signs of life. Ambrose underhooks both arms and positions himself with Havoc above the steel chair! Ambrose drops down and SLAMS THE HEAD OF HAVOC OFF THE STEEL CHAIR CONNECTING THE DIRTY DEEDS! He climbs on for the pin, and nods as the referee counts!




LILIAN GARCIA... “Here is Your winner via pinfall and the NEW WWE Hardcore Champion…..DEAN AMBROSE!”

MICHAEL COLE..."WOW! What a Victory for the Lunatic Fringe! He is leaving here back to the dressing room to celebrate his victory as the brand-new Hardcore Champion!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That's right Michael! History already has been made in the opening match with Dean Ambrose capturing the Hardcore Championship.' What a way to kickoff the Money in the bank pay-per-view. This is already turning into a historic night, we are just begging there is more action still to come."

With that, “Retaliation" by CFO$ hits over the p.a system, sending the WWE Universe back on their feet. As the Lunatic Fringe! Is handed the Hardcore title. He turns around and exits the ring, before making it back up the the ramp and disappearing behind the curtains. As Money in the bank cuts to a promotional video from its sponsors and then a hype promo for the following match coming up Next!"

The scene cuts backstage where Renee Young is standing in front of the Money in the Bank Interview set with a mic. We Are just moments ago removed from the Hardcore Championship Matcch, where Dean Ambrose just captured the Hardcore Championship."

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RENEE YOUNG..."Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce my guest at this time time... the NEW WWE Hardcore Champion..."

She stops as Dean walks into the shot. With the Hardcore Championship over his shoulder he puffs out his cheeks.

DEAN AMBROSE..."What's the matter, cat got your toungue?"

Renee finally shakes it off.

RENEE YOUNG..."Right, well congratulations on the title victory, it was a great match."

Dean softly chuckles.

DEAN AMBROSE..."I had no doubt."

RENEE YOUNG..."Well... where do you go from here? What's the Future for Dean Ambrose."

DEAN AMBROSE..."That's a very fine question, Renee."

Dean scratches the side of his head, figiting slightly, before shaking it off.

DEAN AMBROSE..."But I can't give you a straight answer... because are we talking Big Future... or Small Future?"

Renee cocks an eyebrow as Dean uses his free hand to elaborate both big and small.

DEAN AMBROSE..."It's real simple, Renee.... This Title."

He adjusts the title on his shoulder.

DEAN AMBROSE..."It's only the begining... The first step. Because the Big Future..."

Dean sways back and forth with a grin on his face.

DEAN AMBROSE..."The Big Future is grand... this title... it will morph and transform into the WWE World Championship."

RENEE YOUNG..."What about the Uni..."


Renee jumps a little, not expecting that. Dean chuckles and shakes his head.

DEAN AMBROSE..."That's the Big Future, though. The Small Future... The Here... The Now. Well.."

Dean Looks over to the camera.



DEAN AMBROSE..."I told you this would happen, Marty. I told you I would win... I told you I would dispose of Havoc and stand here with the Title YOU want. Everything I said, has come to pass... and that includes the fact, I'm waiting."

He looks to the title for a moment then smirks back to the camera.

DEAN AMBROSE..."You want it? You THINK you can take it?"

His eyes bug slightly as he shouts out...


With that; Dean Ambrose storms off leaving a stunned Renee. As the scenes fades off.

The scene opens to show Brooke Hogan and Tessmacher conversing quietly. The camera man is able to pick up the hand gestures made by the two women, but unable to hear the words being exchanged between the two women. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. In unison, the two Brooke's shouted "Come in!". The door opens and in walks Paige, Charlotte, Asuka, Naomi, Emma, and Kelly Kelly. The six women that were set to compete in the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match filed into the room. The participants looked back and forth at one another before all of their eyes focused on the women in front of them.

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."Ladies, we would like to thank you for joining us here this evening."

BROOKE HOGAN..."You're all probably wondering why we've asked you here, but we'll get to that in a moment. At this time, Brooke and I would like for the six of you to take a moment to reflect on how you got here, in this moment."

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."Each of you ladies have earned your right to compete in this historic match tonight. The women's division has come a long way in the past few years. The women of the WWE have an opportunity to over shadow the men tonight. The six of you truly have what it takes to steal the show. Brooke and I are quite confident that you guys are the ones that can make tonight all about the ladies of WWE. "

Brooke finishes her little speech and then folds her hands together and holds them in front of her, surveying the women clad in their ring gear in front of her. Naomi is the first to speak.

NAOMI..."You got that right! The women of the WWE are taking over! And, I don't care which one of y'alls weaves I gotta snatch tonight, but each and every one of you will FEEEEEEL the glow because that briefcase is coming home with me!"

All the surrounding Money In The Bank participants let out stifled chuckles. Naomi looked around in disbelief.

NAOMI..."Excuse me?! Did y'all find something I said funny?"

PAIGE..."No. Not at all Naomi. The lot of us....we pity you. How awful it must be to think you're a big star when in reality, you're just an extra in the life story of Paige. See, honey in case you've forgotten....THIS IS MY HOUSE, and I will be the one walking out of Money in the Bank with the briefcase in hand."

The other women stood back watching as Naomi took a menacing step towards Paige. Brooke's Tessmacher and Hogan could feel the tension rising in the room, so they decided to intervene.

BROOKE HOGAN..."Alright ladies, enough is enough. Save it for the ring. I don;t think there is enough room in here for all of you to let your egos out of the bag."

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."This is exactly the type of spark that we were talking about! I agree with Brooke that you save it for the ring, but when you get out there ladies....turn up the heat! Burn the superstar division out of the kitchen! Best of luck to all of you, and do the women's division proud!"

They all took this as their cue to exit the office. As they did, the Brooke's continued talking in their hushed tones once again. The camera panned back out to ringside, as the next match was set to begin momentarily.

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The Footage open back up at Ringside, as the WWE Universe rose to their feet for the Next contest of the evening '. And the crowd was still buzzing with Excitement after "The Lunatic Fringe..... Dean Ambrose captureing the WWE Hardcore Championship for the second time in his career. With that; the night was still young, and with more Ring competition still to come for everybody to winess live on the WWE Network!" It was now time for some Divas action, this is the first-ever Divas Money un the bank match on a night is about to become historic after all the history is written in the WWE History books."As the cameras open up with the WWE’s resident “glow worm! made her way into the squared circle. John Bradshaw Layfield and Michael Cole struck up commentary as the final participant made her way into the ring.

MICHAEL COLE... ”Ladies and Gentlemen what a night it’s been thus far. Now, we will witness history in the making as one of these lucky diva’s grabs the future of her career by the horns. As you can see, there is a briefcase that has been suspended above the ring. That briefcase holds a major window of opportunity. Inside, there lay a contract that the winner of this match can cash in at ANY TIME within the next year and possibly become the Women’s champion. However, timing is of the essence. There are six ladies in that ring, but only one can walk away with that briefcase tonight. Who wants it more?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."”And now is usually when you ask me who I think is going to win the match, but I will have you save your breath Cole because I haven’t really got a clue. There is a talented group of women in that ring, and I cannot make a decision on who I think is going to walk away with that briefcase tonight. The only thing that I am sure of is the woman that does secure that briefcase, well her life is going to change forever.”

As JBL finished his statement, the theme song of Naomi had ceased and the women began looking antsy. The referee signaled for the bell and the women began to go at it. Kelly Kelly and Emma began exchanging blows, with Emma backing Kelly into a corner and proceeded to dominate her. Paige and Asuka were fighting it out on the outside of the ring, while Naomi and Charlotte stayed steady in the center of the ring exchanging blows. The main focus right now was the brutality that was occurring on the outside between Paige and Asuka. Paige had just whipped Askuka into the barricade, and it was evident that ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ was hurting. Paige took this opportunity to throw one of the several ladders that were set up around the ring, inside and followed suit. Naomi and Charlotte immediately noticed what Paige was doing. As soon as she had the ladder in her hands, Charlotte and Naomi shared a nod before running and dropping the ladder, sending both it and Paige back to the outside. Asuka, was bringing another ladder into the ring from one of the other sides of the ring. Charlotte decided she would be the first to attempt to seize opportunity. She sent Naomi over the ropes with a dropkick to the back. Following with a baseball slide to Asuka. Kelly and Emma were still in their own little world, so Charlotte was momentarily alone. She set up the ladder and positioned it beneath the briefcase.

MICHAEL COLE... "Oh look here! Charlotte, Miss Genetically Superior herself is looking to end this one early and win the opportunity of a lifetime. Can Charlotte make it to the top of the ladder.”

Charlotte made it about halfway up the ladder before she was tipped over by the suddenly aware, Emma. As Charlotte Flair landed hard on the floor outside the ring, Emma began trying to successfully try and re-position the ladder. However, Charlotte had made her way back into the ring. She grabbed Emma by her tights and pulled her off the ladder backwards. Charlotte hurriedly climbed the ladder. She was at the top and noticed Paige climbing up the other side of the ladder. She quickly reached for the briefcase, but only grazed it with her fingertips. As she reached again, she felt the blow of Paige’s forearm hit her in the side of the face. Charlotte temporarily forgot about the briefcase, and began trading punches with Paige on the top of the ladder. Ultimately, Charlotte got the upper hand, and Paige went flying off the top of the ladder and hit the mat below. As Charlotte surveyed the damage she had done to Paige, she became aware of Asuka, Kelly, and Emma fighting right beneath the ladder, trying to become the woman to climb up the other side. Charlotte, made an air cross over her chest before taking a leap of faith. She did her signature corkscrew moon-salt from the top of the ladder, thus taking out all three women. As all four of them writhed around the mat, clearly hurting from the blow. Naomi climbed back into the ring. She looked around stunned to see that all of her opponents were currently unable to follow her up the ladder. Naomi rushed to the ladder.

MICHAEL COLE...Oh my God!!! Naomi’s going to win it here. Charlotte took out herself and four other people and Naomi is going to capitalize here!

Naomi reached for the briefcase and within a second, she had secured it and clutched it to her chest as her theme began playing once again! She jumped from the top of the ladder, landed on her feet, and began dancing with the briefcase held high above her head. Charlotte looked around in disbelief, as Naomi slid out of the ring.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...”Will you look at the expression on the face of Charlotte Flair. She was so close to winning the match. If only she hadn’t looked down, she could’ve been the one leaving with that briefcase tonight.”

MICHAEL COLE... "”Well, the fact remains that she did and Naomi is Miss Money in the Bank. Congratulations Naomi!”

The scene opened up with Renee Young Standing by with a microphone in hand and Smiled.

RENEE YOUNG..."Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time he is a former world champion please welcome "The Animal" Batista!

The camera panned out as the crowd cheered seeing a rather angry Batista who ran a hand through his hair before Renee Spoke.

RENEE YOUNG..."Now Dave, last week after you won the Intercontinental Championship Number One Contendership you were viciously assaulted by The Bullet Club who now, Sources are saying are here because of your opponent, The Reigning Intercontinental Champion, Batista your take on this situation?

Dave simply glared at Renee who gulped a little bit before beginning to speak.

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DAVE BATISTA...“My Take? My Take? How do am I supposed to feel about being taken down by a couple of jackasses posing as one of the greatest Stables to ever grace this Business The N.W.O? I'll take you my take It makes me sick that a group like that even thinks to breathe in the same direction of the N.W.O. They say that Imitation is the greatest form of Flattery but not in this case, we are looking at a group of Jokesters who can't seem to get the job done on their own! However, that brings me to tonight.!”

Dave took a moment to catch a breath as the crowd exploded in Cheers as the chants of "BATISTA! BATISTA! BATISTA!" flew throughout the arena.

DAVE BATISTA...“Cody, I thought you were better than this "Champ" or because of what you did should I call you "Chump" bringing in a group because deep down in your heart you know without help you can't beat me and yes, I may not be at 100 Percent tonight due to that asskicking those jackasses gave me last week on Raw but I will be DANMED if your just handed a title defense, tonight you wanna walk out with the championship? Your going to h ave to EARN IT! No shortcuts now the question is are you a champ, or a chump.

Batista shook his head in disgust for a moment.

DAVE BATISTA...“Cody you're a 2nd Generation Superstar you are the son of the late and great American Dream Dusty Rhodes. A Man who defined this business and you are pulling this crap! Well unlike you I respect the dream and tonight he is going to have to forgive me for this because Cody. You are no champion, you a champion and after tonight you're not going to have that belt after I've Batista Bombed your ass STRAIGHT TO HELL! and I'm begging your Bullet Club Bullies to show up because if they get involved tonight they will get more of the same. See ya out there, "Chump".

With that Batista stormed off leaving a starled Renee as money in the bank got ready for its next match.

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The Cameras open back up Live on the WWE Network! After witnessing a promo from: "The Animal" Before, stepping into the Ring with Cody Rhodes for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Coming up in a few moments.Tonight has been quite an entertaining night for the WWE Universe, from all over the world who have gathered at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri to witness Money in the Bank."

LILLIAN GARCIA..."The following match is for one fall and it is for the intercontinental championship. Introducing first the challenger.”

With that; "I Walk Alone" hits over the p.a system. The fans explode into a huge pop! For the Movie star, part time WWE Superstar"The Animal" Batista! As he emerges from from the backstage area, making his way onto the big large stage. As Batista slowly turned around as he usually did before he slammed his palms on the metal before doing his motion as Pyro exploded behind him as he slowly got up slapping his chest before punching forward causing the Pyro to make a huge explosion while the crowd cheered like crazy."Before making his way down the ramp and climbing into the ring as Lilian made her induction for him as he enters the ring.

LILLIAN GARCIA..."Making his way to the Ring from Washington DC weighing in at 290 pounds at this time. He's the Challenger, "The Animal" BAAAAAAAAAAAATISTA!!!!

Batista made his way into the ring before getting on the turnbuckle flexing his muscles before pounding his chest and jumped off the turnbuckle and looked towards Bray who stands in the corner with a grim smile. As he step out of the Corner grab the ropes to shake them as the WWE Universe exploded with another Huge pop! with that; his theme died as he waited on WWE Intercontinental Champion to make his way down into the ring.

MICHAEL COLE..."Batista seems to have laser focus right now John. As good as Cody Rhodes is I think he might be in trouble."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Batista is an absolute animal Michael that nickname is not just a moniker. I have been in the ring with that man, he is one of the things that shortened my career. Yet I don’t know right now if he is focused or if he is angry. If he is focused then we could be seeing a new intercontinental champion. Yet if he is angry someone who is as smart as Cody Rhodes is going to be able to abuse that.”

Lillian then goes to speak; however before she can do so the Young Bucks hop the guardrail and steal the microphone right out of her hand. Batista seems to be confused looking at the Young Bucks before the lights go out in the arena.

MICHAEL COLE..."What the hell is going on here John?"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... ""I think the champion is engaging in mind games. As someone who has been in the ring with Batista before I have to admit I don’t think this is a good idea.”

As the lights come back on the Young Bucks are gone however Cody Rhodes is standing at the top of the ramp. He then motions someone forward and the fans cheer as his wife Brandi makes her way out to stand next to him with microphone in hand.

BRANDI RHODES..."And his opponent representing the Bullet Club, from Marietta Georgia; weighing in at 220 pounds he is the current reigning and defending intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes!”

The Rhodes’ then make their way down to the ring and in hand as Cody smirks at Batista in the ring who is pacing as he has been seemingly waiting for the champion and he is getting impatient.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Batista is chomping at the bit to get this match started Michael.”

MICHAEL COLE..."Like you said John; mind games."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Well that didn’t work out well for Pastor Eaver did it?”

As Cody makes it to the ring stairs he hands his title to his wife before he poses on the turnbuckle. However Batista who has clearly had enough of this rushes over and grabs Cody before bieling him half way across the ring. As Cody hits the mat the referee rings the bell.

As Cody makes it back to his feet Batista hits him with a clothesline that nearly flips Cody through a loop. The younger champion then seems to back off his challenger into the corner causing the animal to follow him before reigning boots down onto his chest.

MICHAEL COLE..."Batista has come out of this all guns blazing here."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "He wants to get this over and done with which is smart. Yet if I was him I would be careful. An angry fighter is a sloppy fighter and he might make a mistake.”

Batista breaks on four for the repeated shots in the corner so he didn’t get disqualified. However as he walks back over to Cody the younger man kicks out at Batista’s knee cap with his boot twice clearly aiming to target the legs of the animal. Batista tries to pull Cody to his head only for Cody to sweep the leg he had been kicking at and drive Batista head first into the middle turnbuckle.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... ""This is exactly what I meant Michael Cody has just weathered the early emotional storm now we will have to see what happens next.”

Cody then begins stomping at the knee and quadriceps of the leg of Batista that he had been working on. It is clear to see that he had been intending to take away the base of the animal so that he would be able to win the match. Cody then uses the ropes to elevate himself and drop down with a knee drop onto Batista’s leg. The animal screams out in pain as he tries to move away but Cody’s other foot is holding him in place. Cody then drops another knee onto the leg of Batista as he has been trying to wear the animal down.

MICHAEL COLE..."This seems to be a smart strategy by Cody John, if you take out the legs you take out a lot of Batista’s power."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... ""Both of these men have been trained by legends. Batista was trained by the two time hall of famer Ric Flair who was a master of things like this. Cody is the son of a multi time NWA champion. if anyone is going to know how to bring old school tactics to modern day wrestling it is people like these two guys. ”

Cody then seems to measure Batista as he is going for the disaster kick. However as Cody balances on the ropes Batista catches him with a powerful clothesline which knocks Cody over the top rope. However the champion catches the top rope and skins the cat back into the ring only for Batista to catch him and hit him with a running powerslam. Batista then drops down for a cover.




MICHAEL COLE..."What a sequence right there John. Batista seems to be ahead of the curve here."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Very true Michael but Cody has a lot of athleticism. I can’t tell you how hard it is to do what he just did. Sadly it was out of the frying pan and into the fire. ”

Batista then pulls Cody to his feet who tries to hook the animal with a small package. However Batista is too strong as he powers him up and plants him with a jackhammer. Batista then drops down for another pin.




Batista seems to be annoyed with the fact that he hasn’t been able to put the champion away. Batista then backs into the corner seemingly looking for the spear. However as he runs at Cody he gets kicked square in the head by Cody before he hits him with a cutter

MICHAEL COLE..."Was that an RKO?"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "It certainly looked like it. ”

Cody then mimes a gun at Batista who was slowly getting to his feet Cody then goes for the disaster kick again only to be caught with a spear. Batista then drops down to cover Cody again.




MICHAEL COLE..."Batista cannot put Cody Rhodes away here John."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "This is pure resilience from the champion. Like him or not that shows how much that title means to him.”

As Batista pulls Cody to his feet he kicks Batista in the same knee again. As Batista drops to a knee Cody runs and bounces off of the ropes and hits the disaster kick which rocks Batista. Yet the Animal remains on his feet leading to Cody hitting another disaster kick before grabbing him and hitting him with the Cross Rhodes. Cody lies on his front as he drops an arm over Batista.




The fans begin cheering this as the two men seem to be giving them their all over the title and they aren’t about to stop now. Surprisingly Batista is the first to his feet. He then motions thumbs down as he begins pulling Cody to his feet. However as positions him for a Batista Bomb Brandi Rhodes jumps up on the apron.

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh come on this is unfair she shouldn’t even be out here."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "She has a name Michael”. Brandi is his wife and wants to be around him. I am sure your wife would want to be around you if you weren’t so annoying. “

However as the referee is distracted Marty Scurll runs into the ring umbrella in hand. Batista spears the Villain only for Cody to grab the umbrella and smash Batista in the back of the knee. Cody then throws the umbrella out of the ring as Marty rolls out of the ring. Cody then grabs Batista by the legs and locks in an inverted figure four.

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh this is so typical of the bullet club. The referee’s back turned and they swarm."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Hey if the referee isn’t smart enough to see it then it’s not cheating. “

Brandi then gets off of the apron as Cody cranks on Batista’s knee causing the animal to tap out.

Brandi then throws her hands in the air as she grabs the microphone she had before.

BRANDI RHODES..."Here is your winner and STILL intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes!”

With that, Brandi now climbs into the Ring and hands the title to Cody who lifts the title over his head that right there was the final image shown to the WWE Universe as the footage faded for another break from our lovely sponsors live on the WWE NETWORK!"


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TAGLINE: A Golden Opportunity Awaits the WWE!”
VENUE: St. Louis, Missouri- Scottrade Center


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Scene opens up as cameras are rolling again backstage. Money In The Bank has been a solid show so far, and the fans are only anticipating more great action has we build and build to the epic encounters scheduled for later in the evening. But first we are taken back into the office of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who seem to be enjoying their night so far.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “What a night tonight has been so far!”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "You are right Steph. It couldn’t be going any better. We started the night off by making the right decision regarding the Tag Team titles, and I think it has only progressed since then. Still some big matches to come though.”

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Of course. Big matches on both the men and woman side. I will feel we have another hit on our hands Hun….”

Before Stephanie can finish her sentence, the two are interrupted. Everyone in attendance who are watching via the titantron in the arena can hear the sound of Hunter’s office door opening and closing. Triple H and Stephanie’s attention is tuned into something off camera, and within seconds we see what that is….Kevin Owens. The fans in attendance give a mix reaction, filled with mostly boos, as Owens comes into picture looking less than pleased, but trying to keep a friendly feel about him behind that tough exterior.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Kevin Owens. Nice to see you man.”

KEVIN OWENS..."Hunter. Stephanie. Nice to see you two as well. Both of you are looking quite nice this evening. Sorry I didn’t dress up for the occasion. By the way, nice tie Hunter.”

Kevin taps Hunter’s tie, as he just smirks and Stephanie gives a big smile. It isn’t quite clear if Kevin is being serious or sarcastic in this moment, but Hunter and Steph are rolling with it.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Thank you.

KEVIN OWENS..."Your girls picked it out didn’t they?”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "As a matter of fact they did.”

KEVIN OWENS..."Nice. Real nice. But wardrobes aside, I came here to talk to you about another matter that…well…that is pissing me off.”

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “And what might that be Kevin?”

Owens looks straight at Stephanie and then over to Hunter. Looking both of them in their eyes at different times to make sure they are really looking and listening to him. He wants to make sure this point gets across.

KEVIN OWENS..."ME! The matter is the simple fact that you don’t have the biggest prizefighter this company has on tonight’s card. So basically I’m standing here, and with all do respect boss man….I’m demanding a match. I want a match. A big one….and I want it tonight. I deserve it!”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Well Kevin. I appreciate your enthusiasm to participate tonight, but the card is full. You simply just aren’t needed tonight.”

KEVIN OWENS..." Not needed? Do you forget that up until a few weeks ago I was riding an eight match winning streak. I was one half of the tag team champions with your little protegie. You don’t NEED me?! I get it. I get it. Well Hunter….you will see what happens when you don’t give Kevin Owens what he deserves.”

With that stern warning, Kevin turns and exits the office. Leaving both Stephanie and Triple H standing there, dumbfounded on just what Owens could be speaking about. With that the cameras fade out as we return to ring action.

The cameras rapidly panned across the sold-out venue hosting Money in the Bank. Thousands upon thousands of fans stood to their full height showing their excitement for the upcoming pay-per view. Voices echoed around as chants and cheers broke out for the fan favorites. The WWE Universe showed their support and appreciation towards the dedicated superstars. The darkness of the titantron faded, revealing a shot of WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion—Lana. She was welcomed with nothing but a roar of boos. Her blonde locks in loose curls flowed neatly down her shoulder blades as she admired her own reflection in her championship. Her eyes refused to meet with the camera as she held her prized-possession in front of her as she glared at her name written in gold.

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LANA..."Do you see what this says, Angelina Love? It says “Lana, Smackdown Women’s Champion.” The most [i]Ravishing champion in sports entertainment. This will never be yours, Angelina.”[/i]

The champion gritted her teeth, still facing the aftermath of the previous attack by Angelina Love and Emma. Her eyes narrowed with fury. Angelina Love struck Lana when she was most vulnerable. When she had her back turned. That would not happen again. Lowering her championship, Lana locked her piercing, hazel eyes with the camera as she proceeded to speak with confidence.

LANA..."You struck me when I was most vulnerable, when I had my back turned. However, that was your mistake, Angelina. You did that because you are weak. You struck me from behind because you do not dare stand toe-to-toe with me. You know that I am the most dominant female within this company, and you made a mistake by attacking her. Triple H will not do anything, but I will. Your actions have consequences, Ms Love. Revenge loves company. ”

A sinister smile curled at the corner of Lana’s lips as she rested her championship on her shoulder. Her tongue lightly ran across the bottom of her red-coated lip as she arched a slender brow. Her eyes could speak a thousand words. With a Cheshire cat-like grin upon her lips, The Ice Queen continued to speak sending out a warning to Angelina Love and her little “friend.”

LANA..."Unfortunately for you, Angelina—I am known for getting my revenge. ”

The Ravishing Russian extended her arm as she clenched her fist together with that smile still beaming bright. She nodded her head in agreement with her own words as she lowered her fist. Crushing Angelina Love was imminent. Money in the Bank was Lana’s night. Angelina Love wouldn’t be able to stop her. Emma also wouldn’t be able to stop her. Diverting her attention to the camera, Lana finalized her message for the number one contender.

LANA..."But do not worry, Ms Love—I am certain your dear friend Emma will join you, yes? I cannot imagine you’d come out here alone to face me. You may be weak and you may be pathetic but you are not as stupid as you seem. Please, I encourage you to bring your silly, little friend along. I am not afraid to look any challenge in the eye. The numbers advantage is on your side, Angelina. However, I do not need the additional support. I accomplish everything on my own. I crush the competition, just like I will crush you, Ms Love. Your time is slowly coming to an end. The Queen will rise to the top once again and you will bow down on one knee.”

With that tooth-filled grin still curled at her lips, Lana took one final look at her Women’s Championship. The blonde shot the camera once final glance, as her hazel eyes pierced through the screen. With one swift swoop of her blonde, curled locks—Lana confidently walked away from the camera as the scene faded to a close.

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Darkness fell upon as “Angel On My Shoulder” echoed through the sold-out arena. A spotlight focused behind a white back-drop as the silhouette of a female appeared. Smoke surrounded the female as she extended her arms, posing for the camera. The white back-drop fell to the floor, as Angelina Love made her presence known. She held the pose momentarily before proceeding down the ramp way. Ignoring the WWE Universe, Angelina Love proceeded to circle the ring. She pulled herself up onto the canvas side, via the ropes and walked to the centre. Lifting her leg over the middle rope, she swayed her petite frame, before pulling herself completely in. Posing a final time, Angelina Love took her position in the corner, as she awaited the arrival of Lana.

LILIAN GARCIA..." “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is schedule for one fall and it is for the Smackdown Women's Championship! Making her way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… ANGELINA LOVE!”

Multi-colored lights flashed around the arena as “Ravishing” immediately followed, as Lana made her presence known. There was a torn reaction from the crowd as Lana was flooded with both boos and cheers. The Ravishing Russian fiercely walked to the centre stage, with her arms extended, admiring herself with every move she made. Her championship wrapped firmly around her waist, as she twirled slowly on the spot. Pausing on the spot, she blew a kiss to Angelina Love as a smirk grew upon her lips. The champion proceeded to walk down the rampway, with her arms extended until she approached the ring. Pulling herself onto the canvas side, she walked along the ropes until reaching the middle. She extended her leg, before lifting it over the middle rope. Pulling herself into the ring, Lana walked to the middle of the ring with her eyes on Angelina Love. Unbuckling her championship from around her waist, she raised it high, taking her rightful corner.

LILIAN GARCIA..."And her opponent, coming from Moscow, Russia. The Smackdown Women's Champion... LANA!”

Lilian Garcia removed herself from the ring, as the referee raised Lana’s championship high. As both ladies admired the belt, the referee signalled for the bell. DING. DING. DING. Both females left their corners as they immediately squared toe-to-toe in the ring. Nothing but back and forth trash talked commenced between the two, as Lana shoved Angelina Love’s shoulder. Angelina smirked as she followed the same route. Showing her strength, Angelina Love pushed Lana, causing the champion to fall to the canvas. Lana looked up in shock-horror, as Angelina pounced on top of the female, throwing nothing but forearm shots to Lana’s temple. As the referee counted, Angelina stood to her full height, mocking the champion. With the aid of Angelina, Lana crawled on her knees. Angelina took a hand-full of Lana’s long, blonde locks—but before she could react, Lana began throwing forearm shots to Angelina’s ribcage. As Angelina was weakened, Lana bounced off the ropes, just to be met by a clothesline by Angelina Love. Looking down on the champion, Angelina chuckled. "AND THAT’S YOUR CHAMPION, HUH?” She mocked, taking another hand-full of Lana’s hair, dragging her to her feet. Swinging those blonde locks, Lana met the canvas face first. Rolling her over, Angelina went for a quick pin. ONE… TWO… KICK-OUT! Lana kicks out quickly, as Angelina turned her back to the downed Lana, arguing with the referee.

MICHAEL COLE... "Angelina Love has been dominating most of this match, could we be looking at our new Smackdown Women's Champion?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Don't be silly, Cole! The match is just getting started.”

As Angelina Love argued with the referee, Lana saw her advantage spot. Recovering from her pin, the champion quickly rolled up Angelina Love from behind, covering her for a possible three count. ONE… TWO… KICK-OUT! Angelina Love wiggled free, as Lana quickly reacted. Throwing nothing but swift kicks to a downed Angelina Love, she screamed in anger. Now taking Angelina’s arm, dragging her to her feet, she tossed her into the turnbuckle. Resting against the turnbuckle, Lana came charging at Angelina, just to be met with the padded area. Angelina Love was back in control. Angelina delivered a harsh chop to Lana’s chest, causing Lana to move from the turnbuckle. With her back to Angelina, Angelina stalked he prey. As Lana turned around, she was met with nothing but a big boot causing her to fall to the canvas. Crawling on top of her, Angelina Love went for another pin. ONE… TWO… KICK-OUT! Lana lifted her shoulder, breaking the pin.

MICHAEL COLE... "Another near-fall! Lana is in a vulnerable position right now.”

With anger in her eyes, Angelina dragged Lana up to her feet. As Lana stood to her full height, she swung the palm of her hand against the cheek of Angelina Love, causing her to stumble back slightly. Lana reacted, as she tackled Angelina Love to the floor and began pulling at her blonde locks. Lana began slamming Angelina’s head against the canvas, as she stood to her full height. The champion began delivering countless of stomps to Angelina’s midsection, before taking her by the arm, pulling her to her feet. Wrapping her arms around Angelina’s waist, she lifted her up, perfecting the snap suplex. Bridging into a pin, Lana went for the cover. ONE… TWO… KICK-OUT! Lana let out a scream in aggression, as she once again took Angelina Love by the locks. Pulling her up to her feet, Lana swung Angelina Love around the ring, mimicking her previous move. "THIS IS MY RING!" Lana yelled. Angelina Love stumbled to her feet, as Lana caught the back of Angelina Love’s head with a roundhouse kick. Knocking Angelina down to the canvas, she went for the pin again. ONE… TWO… TH---NO! Somehow, Angelina got the shoulder up.


Frustration was building up. Lana couldn’t keep Angelina Love down with one finisher, so it was time for another. A dazed Angelina Love stood to her full height with the aid of Lana, as The Ravishing Russian stared at her with fire in her eyes. "YOU WILL NEVER BE CHAMPION. NEVER." The final words escaped Lana’s mouth, as she tightly wrapped her arms around Angelina Love’s waist, before lifting her into the air. Lana dropped Angelina Love as her spine, and back of head connected with the canvas. Lana fell in a seated position. With Angelina’s shoulders down, and Lana in a seated position, she went for the pin. ONE… TWO… THREE! Lana broke the grip, staring at a lifeless Angelina Love.

MICHAEL COLE... "Lana has done it!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."You can't dethrone the Queen, Cole.”

LILIAN GARCIA..."Here is your winner and STILL Smackdown Women's Champion... LANA!”

The words made it official. “Ravishing” blurred around the arena, as Lana laughed at Angelina Love. The Ravishing Russian snatched her belt from the hands of the referee, and raised her hand in victory. Posing for the cameras, Lana soaked in the moment. Turning her dark hues to Angelina Love, Lana cockily blew a kiss to Angelina Love, who was still feeling the aftermath of Lana’s devastating finisher. Basking in her own victory, the cameras cut to a commercial break.

The Footage open's back up at Ringside'. with that, we are just moments aways from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between "The Destroyer! Samoa Joe! and The Beast! Brock Lesnar!" Before we get to that, the Cameras open up with The Voice of the WWE! Michael Cole! Joining him is JBL! John "Bradshaw" Layfield.' They begin to Hype up this next match as the WWE Universe has been waiting to see it after it was just annoused to them back on Monday Night Raw!"

MICHAEL COLE... "What a start to Money in the Bank so far, but folks, you haven’t seen anything yet. Tonight is the Night. The BEAST! The Conqueror! Brock Lesnar returns to the square Cickle for the first since his victory at Wrestlemania over C.M Punk, to Challenge Samoa Joe for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."You damn right, Michael! This years Money in the bank is turning into One for the Ages.' This next match is going be nothing, but an ugly street fight between these two warriors! Only one of them will leave here as; WWE World Heavyweight Champion.' The WWE Universe has hand picked Brock Lesnar to leave here as Champion, he's the favorite to win this knock out drag out we are about to see in a few Moments. I don't know about anybody else, but I got a feelings ."The Destroyer! Samoa Joe will be taking a trip into Suplex City!" Before we are done with this upcoming Championship Match."


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With that, the video screen lights up once again. As, the WWE Universe have their eyes lock onto the tron, as the scene changes and we are taken back to last week on Raw's Supershow! The flagship brand of Monday Night Raw. We are taken into the Ring with The Destroyer! Samoa Joe with an live Microphone, in his hand after finding out.' He is left without an oppoent for Money in the Bank. He didn't have to wait long for the Beast! To answer his challenged, as his music hit over the loud speakers the WWE Universe went nuts, might been the biggest pop of the year. As Lesnar made short work of Samoa Joe! After taking him to Suplex City! The Hightlights faded off the screen. We now go to a pre-recorded Interview hosted by Michael Cole.

MICHAEL COLE... "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my weekly backstage sit-down interview segment on WWE. COM; this week will be one of the weeks to remember because this week, my guest or should I say guests are returning. "The Beast....Brock Lesnar'. let's not forget the advocate, Paul Heyman.' Well, gentlemen! I do really appreciate you both for coming down here and taking some time off from your hectic schedules, with Money in the Bank on Sunday just a few short days .” Welcome gentlemen!"

PAUL HEYMAN... "Pleasure is all ours Michael. Before, you say anymore the next time you Forget "the advocate! There will be a Beast down your throat, don't you forget that, do you Understand Mr. Cole you better?" I know the WWE Universe remembers the Last time, my Client got his hands-on you. "

MICHAEL COLE... "Oh please don't remind me, It's bad enough the footage is being shown to the WWE Universe on the WWE Network. Alright moving along now You know, Brock, this Sunday at Money in the Bank.' They are calling the event 'A Golden Opportunity Awaits you, at this year's Venue! We know the history at WWE Money in the Bank, last year with you defeating Roman Reigns to continued you're reign as: WWE World Heavyweight Champion! This time around live on the WWE Network.' It is only Fitting as it's 'Gonna to-be you versus Samoa Joe for the Championship! The question that everybody wants to know…IS…What are you going to do so-called Destroyer of the WWE, Samoa Joe?"

BROCK LESNAR...“Well, Michael! let me start off by saying to you and the WWE Universe.' I would be Lying, if I told you, I didn't feel something from them: When I step thought that Curtain last Monday Night! Well, it's true it was an Unbelievable Feeling! And it was a very special moment for me. I used the WWE Universe energy, to make example of 'The Destroyer' I hope he is ready for the Challenged at Money in the Bank on Sunday. I hope he's up for the challenge because, I am. I'm on a roll, baby. Samoa Joe, might as well stay at home, at what I got in store for him."

Brock paused for a moment. A sadistic smile appeared on his face, as he looked back over at Michael Cole. Looked right into the camera with the Camera man focus on him, what he was about to say next. As the Beast spoke up again.

BROCK LESNAR...“I came back to this company because, they wanted me. They needed me.... The WWE Universe wanted — for Samoa Joe to go to 'SUPLEX CITY'He wanted a fight, at Money in the Bank he is going to get one after. I punch his one-way ticket into 'SUPLEX CITY' Well, on Sunday! I am going to FUCK UP, Samoa Joe! Then. I'm going to stand before him holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. With pride. Then. I'm going to leave him in a pile of blood and urine and vomit....THE END BITCH!"

MICHAEL COLE... "You know, Brock, this Sunday at Money in the Bank.' They are calling the event 'A Golden Opportunity Awaits you, at this year's Venue! We know the history at WWE Money in the Bank, last year with you defeating Roman Reigns to continued you're reign as: WWE World Heavyweight Champion! This time around live on the WWE Network.' It is only Fitting as it's 'Gonna to-be you versus Samoa Joe for the Championship! The question that everybody wants to know…IS…What are you going to do so-called Destroyer of the WWE, Samoa Joe?"

A smirk now appears on the face of 'The Beast!' he paused for a second before looking up at the Interviewer.' before looking back over at his advocate, Paul Heyman! The question 'almost. Seem like a challenge for Brock to answer. As, the advocate looked right into the camera..' For him to answer the question instead of his client When the question was asked by Michael Cole."

PAUL HEYMAN... "Alright, Mr. Cole. You want asked my Client, what is going to happen to Samoa Joe?" When 'THE BEAST!"steps into the ring, against 'The Destroyer!" and IN, THE, END.' Samoa Joe''s World Heavyweight Title reign will be—CONQUERED! at the hands of your....NEXT WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world'. BROCK LESNAR!"

At this time, right now. 'THE BEAST!" paused for a moment for him to collect his thoughts, before speak up again to the Interviewer.' He then gave Michael Cole a directed stare looking at him straight in the eye, and looked right into the camera. As, he spoke up!

BROCK LESNAR...“Well, I was put on this Earth to seek and destroy and to hurt people.' It's what I do and I'll happen to be very good at it, and it does help put Money in my Bank account....And I do get the pure satisfaction of getting my hands-on my opponent and making him feel my pain. T hat's what makes me happy. That's it!' and 'It's not rocket science, people! I'm going to rip Samoa Joe' limb from limb. And it's 'is going to be ugly, people." At the end, of the day he will be CONQUERED by —By BROCK LESNAR!" When it over only then, Samoa Joe is going to wish he was still competing in front of the Minor Leagues.' Then the WWE!"

PAUL HEYMAN... "Well, Mr. Cole! Why do the comments coming from my Client mouth, Surprise? you, right now? You can go ahead and answer the question. When that little yellow strike down your back is quite visible for my client to see 'The Beast' BROCK LESNAR!"

MICHAEL COLE... "Well, Brock! Your opponent at Money in the Bank, Samoa Joe'. 'The Destroyer! He believes.' He 'Gonna not just beat you, but walk out of the Scottrade Center. In St. Louis, Missouri still WWE World Heavyweight Champion!"

A smirk now appears on the face of "The Beast!' He looked straight at Michael Cole, before responding the Interviewer remarks. That was said by Michael Cole which only piss-off Brock.'As a sadistic smile now appeared on his face. Lesnar now look right into the camera, with all the focus in the world is on him.' At this time 'The Conqueror!' spoke up.

BROCK LESNAR...“Look, Cole. I AM strictly, Business here. I don't have time for you to be funny with me'. You're one Lucky son of Bitch.... Cole! That I'm in a good Mood today, if it was any other day. You would be picking your ass up from that chair instead of sitting down in it like some' Corporate stodge! Listen up real, quick, I don't have time to play games right now. When I got somebody ass too kicked.... Along with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to win On Sunday, Money in the Bank!"

‘Bad Things Happen To Good People When You Step Into The Ring with BROCK LESNAR!"

BROCK LESNAR...“You know, Cole. I have tried to get 'The Destroyer to step, into the Ring with Brock Lesnar! What did he do? He packed his bags headed the nearest Airport.' He was scared then. When Samoa Joe, had Piss Running down his Leg. The guy was scared then.... I am sure nothing has changed since the last time. He ran away to face Brock Lesnar in the square Circle.' And the Good news is, he only got a small little appetizer on 'THE WRATH!' Brock Lesnar! he only got a small taste of that. I hope he liked the tasting that.'

MICHAEL COLE... "Alright, Brock. This is the final question, I have for you on this segment up before Money in the Bank.'"If there's one message, you have for Samoa Joe the WWE World Heavyweight Champion! What would you want him to know, before you step into the ring with him?"

Before, looking back up at the Camera with a focus looked upon his face. Lesnar with a sadistic smile on his face. As he breaks out with a laugh, what he got planned for 'The Destroyer!' against Samoa Joe at Money in the Bank for WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

BROCK LESNAR...“You know, Cole. I am not a guy does a lot talking each time, I have the opportunity to come back and to perform in front of the WWE Universe.' And 'The Destroyer!' on the other hand—Samoa Joe has talked a lot of Garbage, I don't know if somebody in the back perhaps knock him out on his head....'one-too-many times!' For him to believe, he unbeatable right here in the WWE!" Far "I'm concerned the only Reason he may have been unbeatable....IS.... because, he has not been in the Ring with anybody Good with Talent like BROCK LESNAR! Plain and simple."

Brock took deep breath. As he looked directly at Cole right in his eyes with a dead stare, and staring at him for a good moment.' then looking back over at Paul.'before' continued talking about 'The Destroyer! Samoa Joe his opponent at Money in the Bank for WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

BROCK LESNAR...“If there's one message for Samoa Joe, 'The Destroyer'! You need to understand one thing.' This is my world. You do not want anything to do with Brock Lesnar!' I know you, have spent the last twenty years in the Minor Leagues.' for a reason it because, you sucked as performer to a part of the one that only Matters THE WWE!"And Samoa Joe, you can think all you want to believe you're the Best. You may be the best in Minor Leagues.' Not in the WWE!"So, you can think that all you want at the end of the day.' You're title reign will be forgotten.... You will truly find out what it's like to be VICTIMIZED! CONQUERED! BY BROCK LESNAR!

After hearing those strong comments brought a "Smile!' too 'the advocate!' as Brock looked back over at Michael Cole before, he continued talking about 'The Destroyer! Samoa Joe as the Beast spoke up.

BROCK LESNAR...“Samoa Joe, at Money in the Bank is going to be hell on earth for you. When you step into the Ring with Brock can think all you want that you that you're 'Gonna Survived you're one-way ticket to 'SUPLEX CITY' it ends F5! BY BROCK LESNAR! You can. Dream, wish.... You're going to be the First Superstar to Survived it....Because at Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar is going to kick your ass. It will be unlike any other ass kicking that you've ever received. This isn't a fairy tale. There is no fairy tale ending, there's no happy feel good moment. THE END."

MICHAEL COLE... "Alright, gentlemen. Thank you for your time, and the best of luck to you Brock at Money in the Bank.' against Samoa Joe!"

With that, an smile comes on the face of Paul Heyman. Lesnar just stands looking as intense as ever. The warning he gives are not just words, but his ultimate belief of what will go down tonight. With that, the scene changes as the pre-recorded video comes to an end.

Cameras are again rolling backstage. This time we get a glimpse of Cody Rhodes walking through the backstage area after cleaning up following his successful title defense earlier in the night. The fans give a nice pop as they see the reigning Intercontinental Champion. Rhodes is receiving several congrats from crew members as he walks down the hallway, and then suddenly is stopped in his tracks by Renee Young.

RENEE YOUNG ... “Cody. Cody, before you leave can I get a quick word with you following a highly entertaining and successful title defense versus Batista tonight?”

CODY RHODES... “Sure, sure. Go ahead.”

RENEE YOUNG ... “Well Cody, I just wanted to first congragulate you and then ask, what is next for Cody….”

Before Cody can even answer his question, KEVIN OWENS COMES FLYING UP FROM BEHIND AND PUNCHES CODY IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD. Cody falls forward and drops his bag and belt to the ground. Renee runs out of the way screaming and furious Kevin Owens begins to stomp over and over again onto the body of Cody Rhdoes. The camera pans out as several crew members are heard making noises in shock and trying to call for back up. Owens, meanwhile, quickly picks Rhodes up and throws him face first into the nearby wall. He then grabs him again, and tosses him to the opposite side of the hallway into the wall, knocking over some hanging posters. Shattering the glass that was upon the frames. Cody is trying to crawl away to get some kind of leverage but Owens just stalks behind him, grabs him, picks him back up and thosses him over into several set up equipment boxes. Knocking over all the heavy equipment. The fans watching via the titantron are booing as heavily as they can. We can hear Michael Cole over the images.

MICHAEL COLE... "What is he doing?! What is Kevin Owens doing to Cody Rhodes?! Is this what he meant? Is this what he meant when he told Triple H he will regret not giving him a match?!”

Owens continues his punishing assault on Cody Rhodes in the back, who has a bit of cut on his forehead from the glass and crashing into all the equipment. Owens then notices a large metal container holding several sound equipment. Owens picks Cody up and out of the rubble of carnage he has created and then bends Cody forward into positon for a powerbomb. A few crew members come in, and Owens just shoves them away with ease. Owens then lifts Cody up and….POWERBOMB! POWERBOMB ACROSS THE EDGE OF THE METAL EQUIPMENT BOX! Cody is broken in half almost as he lays across the backstage floor, motionless. Finally several security guards and WWE officials show up and push Owens away. Owens takes one last look at the carnage he caused and then turns back towards the camera with a bit of a devilish smirk upon his face. With that the camera fades out with one last image of Cody Rhodes receiving some medical attention. Titantron fades out.


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TAGLINE: A Golden Opportunity Awaits the WWE!”
VENUE: St. Louis, Missouri- Scottrade Center


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Scottrade Center is buzzing quite a bit, as the sold out crowd has enjoyed a great start to Money In The Bank! However, even with the great start, the fans are still hungry for more and more and with that, the sold out crowd leaps to their feet at the sound of “NEXT BIG THING” hitting over the p.a system. A roar of cheers can be heard, as Lesnar comes stomping out from the back, followed by Paul Heyman. Lesnar, as usual, looks ready for war!

Lesnar bounces back and forth on his toes for a bit, and then lets out a huge roar as the crowd gets even louder with their pop for the beast incarnate! Brock and Paul stomp their way down the ramp way, heading for the ring. The two reach the bottom of the ramp, and Brock stops at the foot of the ring apron, while Paul keeps walking around to the steal steps. Paul walks up the steps to stand along the apron, as Brock leaps up onto the apron with one swift jump, grabs hold of the top rope and roars his head back, letting out another thunderous roar. Lesnar then swings his leg in and enters the ring. Paul continues to stand on the apron just to the side of the top left turnbuckle if watching at home. Lesnar, meanwhile, begins to shake out his arms and get loose as his music slowly fades out.

user posted image

MICHAEL COLE... "This…this is huge. Two gigantic men. Two monsters in our sport. Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe. Warriors in that squared circle competing for the storied WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I hope everyone is ready for a fight! That is what we are about to see. Not a wrestling match….but a fight!”

Just then, “DESTROYER” hits over the p.a system. A mix reaction, filled with mostly boos over takes the Scottrade center. Samoa Joe then comes stomping out from the back, looking just as fierce and ready for battle as Lesnar did just moments ago. Joe has the WWE Championship around his waist as he takes a moment at the top of the entrance ramp. Taking in the fans reaction. Joe then heads down the ramp way, as the fans continue with their reaction.

MICHAEL COLE... "There he is folks. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion! A man looking to come into this match and not just retain, but in his words “kill the beast”. Samoa Joe is looking to make a statement tonight against a legendary competitor of this ring.”

Joe makes his way up the steal steps and into the ring, and as soon as he does, he takes off the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and holds it up in the air as he and Lesnar quickly come face to face in the middle of the ring. The ref quickly jumping in between them to make sure this match doesn’t pop off too early. Lillian Garcia stands back in the ring, as she just entered to do the introductions. Paul, with a smile upon his face, still stands on the apron. The ref gets Joe and Lesnar to back up and the two walk past each other, giving a passing glance as they do. Lesnar walking towards the top left corner, and Joe walking towards the top right corner. The ref and Lillian stand back against the ropes in the middle of the two large men. Joe’s music starts to fade out as Lillian Garcia brings the microphone up to her lips.


The fans give a huge pop at the sound of that. The excitement in the arena right now is undeniable.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Introducing first the chall….”

Before Lillian could finish, Paul Heyman had taken a few steps along the apron and put his hand out to shush Lillian. He the motions for the microphone with Lillian hesitantly gives over, which receives a nice pop from the crowd as they know what is coming next. Paul takes the microphone and brings it to his lips as he steps back along the apron closer to Brock Lesnar.

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PAUL HEYMAN... "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN….My name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for the six foot three inch, two hundred and eighty-five pound beast among men. The mayor of suplex city, the conquer of legends….the soon to be NEW reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion…..BROOOOOOOOOOOCK….LESSSSSSSNAR!”

Fans give a nice pop, as Brock steps forward, throws his arms to the side and lets out another thunderous roar. Meanwhile, Paul hands the microphone back to Lillian and allows her to proceed on. Lesnar steps back into his corner.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Introducing next…the champion. Standing six feet, two inches and weighing in at two hundred and eighty-two pounds from Huntinington Beach, California. He is the Samoan Submission Machine and your reigning, defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion…..SAAAAMOA JOE!”

Fans give a mix reaction, which is again filled with mostly boos that don’t phase the current champion one bit. Joe just steps forward, again, holding the WWE Championship high in the air with one arm. Joe then steps back and hands the title over to the ref. Paul steps off the apron, Lillian exits the ring, and the ref hands the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over the top rope to a ringside official. Lesnar starts shaking his arms out. Joe does the same. Both bouncing on their toes as they each side step towards the middle of the ring. The two then quickly step forward and come face to face! Fans loving it! The tension is at an all time high. Joe is mouthing off, as Lesnar just smirks back at Joe. Nose to nose the two men are. The ref then comes back in the middle of the them and gets them to break it up, but just momentarily as suddenly the bell sounds….DING DING DING and with that, Lesnar and Joe come charging at one another. Lesnar quicly lounges down and in, and grabs hold of Joe by the waist, lifts him up, and drives him backwards into the bottom right corner. There, Lesnar begins to repeatedly lounge some hard shoulder thrusts deep into the mid section of Samoa Joe. Really starting fast and strong here, and taking the fight to the WWE Champion! Lesnar then quickly stands upright, grabs Joe, pulls him out from the corner, bear hugs him and…OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX DELIVERED BY BROCK LESNAR! Joe hits the mat hard, and the fans give a nice pop! Joe staggers back to his feet, and Lesnar is quickly up to his, comes in, and grabs Joe from behind. Again Lesnar grabs the waist of Joe, and the trip to Suplex city has already begun as Lesnar lifts Joe up, AND NAILS HIM WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Joe lands hard on the mat! Joe again staggers up, and just like before, Lesnar is right back up and behind him. Lesnar grabs Joe, AND HITS JOE WITH A SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX!


This time, Joe is a little bit more slower to get up, but Lesnar again is right on top of him from behind, and grabs the waist of Joe. Without hesitation, Lesnar lifts Joe up, AND NAILS HIM WITH A THRID GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans counting along, yell out ‘three’! Lesnar off to a hot start as he gets to his feet and starts bouncing on his toes back and forth, as Joe is still down on the mat, and Paul Heyman stands on the outside with the biggest grin across his face.

MICHAEL COLE... "What a quick start by the challenger Brock Lesnar! Can the champion weather the storm and fight off Brock?!”

Joe starts to stagger back to his feet and he is near the top right corner. Joe slowly turns around and Brock comes charging in, and BROCK CATCHES JOE WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE! Joe hits the mat hard. Brock then grabs Joe, lifts him back up to his feet, has rear position, grabs hold, and….NAILS SAMOA JOE WITH A FOURTH GERMAN SUPLEX! Joe hits the mat hard on the back of his neck and shoulders. Brock come stalking back over towards the bottom left corner, and again, reaches down, picks Joe up by his wasit, and with one swift move, lifts him up, AND NAILS SAMOA JOE WITH A FIFTH GERMAN SUPLEX! Brock Lesnar is just in complete control of this match, and the fans inside Scottrade center are loving the dominating performance so far from Brock Lesnar! Lesnar this time takes his time, as he circles around Joe, stalking him, laughing at him. Mocking the current champion which is a site to see so early in this epic encounter. Brock then reaches down, and starts to pick Joe back up, BUT SAMOA JOE QUICKLY COUNTERS AND NAILS BROCK LESNAR WITH A JAW BREAKER! Joe pulls Lesnar’s jaw down hard over the top of his head, which causes Lesnar to stagger backwards just a bit. Joe then shoots up to his feet, charges Lesnar and shoulder checks Lesnar into the ropes. Joe then comes in hard on Lesnar, and is just landing a serious of vicious right and left rapid fire punches into the body and head of Brock Lesnar. Mixing in a few sidekicks in there when he can. Really unleashing upon Brock. The punches cause Brock to start falling over to the bottom left corner. Joe lands more punches and adds in some tough elbow shots to the head of Lesnar as he has Brock backed up into the bottom left turnbuckle. Joe then backs out, and then charges forward….NAILING BROCK WITH A RUNNING BACK ELBOW. The shot dazes Brock just a bit, and Brock leans forward from the corner a bit, and there Joe, leaps backwards and…NAILS BROCK LESNAR WITH A CCS ENZUGIR! Joe’s bot landing right on the face of Lesnar, knocking him down to a knee across the ropes. Joe rolls right up to his feet, and with Lesnar down ona knee, leaning against the ropes that face front view towards the main camera, Joe quickly reaches around from behind Lesnar and…COGUINA CLUTCH! COGUINA CLUTCH….NO! NO! BROCK LESNAR QUICKLY BLOCKS THE ATTEMPT! Lesnar then tries to turn to get to his feet, but Joe quickly catches Lesnar with a high knee to the face, which causes Lesnar to FALL THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE AND DOWN TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR!

MICHAEL COLE... "Samoa Joe really starting to take this match back over! This is anyone’s championship to win!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I told you this was going to be a fight!”

On the outside, Lesnar tries to shake out the cobwebs as he slowly gets back to his feet to regroup. Joe, meanwhile still in the ring, turns and runs to the opposite ropes. He bounces off the ropes, comes charging forward and leaps through the middle rope….CATCHING BROCK LESNAR WITH A ELBOW SUICIDE DIVE! Joe’s elbow comes flying into the head of Brock Lesnar! Launching Lesbar backwards into the barricade! Fans, not big on Joe, still give a nice reaction to such an athletic move for the big man. Joe then gets up to his feet, comes at Brock, who is slowly trying to pull himself up via the barricade and Joe comes in hard with some more punches and kicks to the body of Lesnar. Weakening the large frame of the Beast. Joe then grabs the back of Lesnar’s head, AND THROWS LESNAR’S FACE RIGHT INTO THE TOP OF THE BARRICADE! Lesnar is stunned and the fans at ringside boo as loud as they can towards Joe, who pays them no mind. He isn’t here for them. Joe then quickly grabs the dazed Lesnar and WHIPS HIM HARD INTO THE BOTTOM RIGHT STEAL STEPS! Lesnar crashes hard into the steps. Almost knocking them over. Joe then stalks over and as Lesnar is still trying to regroup and get to a stable position upon his feet, Joe grabs the back of Lesnar’s head and throws Brock’s face hard into the steal steps. Lesnar staggers from the steps towards the announce tables that are set up at ringside. Joe comes in landing more punches to the dazed Lesnar, who tries to throw a wild counter punch, desperately trying to break up the momentum Joe has, but to no avail. Joe just catches Brock with a vicious high knee. Joe then grabs the back of Lesnar’s head and throws his face right into the top of the RAW announce table!

MICHAEL COLE... "Oh do you hear that?! What a sound that was! Lesnar’s face being just driven hard into the top of our announce table! The action has come up close and personal in this no disqualification title match!”

Joe turns away from Lesnar and goes back towards the steal steps near the bottom right turnbuckle. Joe reaches down, and pulls off the top half of the steal steps. He then turns around, looking to go back to Brock and apply more punishment upon his body….BUT NO! Just as Samoa Joe turned around with the steps, Brock launches up and forward and….SHOULDER CHECKS THE STEAL STEPS RIGHT BACK INTO THE FACE OF SAMOA JOE! The fans love it. The steps slam into the face hard, and cause Joe to fall backwards and drop the steps to the floor. Joe is stunned. Lesnar side steps the steal, and comes back at Joe, reaches down, picks him up from behind and….SIXTH GERMAN SUPLEX! BROCK LESNAR GERMAN SUPLEXES SAMOA JOE ON THE OUTSIDE FLOOR! Fans love it! Joe landed hard on the ringside floor just in front of the announce tables. Brock come stalking over, also shaking out the cobwebs from the onslaught that Joe had applied on him just moments ago. Lesnar then reaches down, picks Joe up, and lifts him up over his shoulders into position. The fans are all on their feet…..could this be it..

MICHAEL COLE... "OH man! Brock Lesnar! Brock Lesnar is looking for an F5 onto the Spanish announce table!”

Just as Lesnar looks to let Joe go flying with an f5 onto the table…..JOE SLIDES OFF! JOE SLIDES OFF JUST IN TIME! Joe the quickly throws his arms around Lesnar from behind and…COQUINA CLUTCH! COQUINA CLUTCH! JOE GETS IT LOCKED IN THIS TIME! Fans are booing heavily….they see it. Joe has it locked in. Lesnar is reaching out, he is fading. Joe has it in tight, as Lesnar now tries to use his hands to pull Joe’s arm away from his throat but to no avail! The Coquina Clutch is locked in tight! Lesnar is fading. Fading fast. LESNAR FALLS TO A KNEE! HE IS FADING. HE IS FADING. THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! JOE IS ABOUT TO TAKE LESNAR OUT! LESNAR IS PASSING O….NO! NO! LESNAR COUNTERS! Just as Lesnar looked to be fading away and succumbing to the Coquina Clutch, He suddenly breaks the hold, lifts Joe up onto his shoulders all in one move and…F5! F5! F5! BROCK LESNAR SENDS SAMOA JOE CRASHING THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE WITH AN F5! Lesnar drops to the floor beside the carnage as he is a bit dizzy as he tries to recover from the clutch still. The fans are loving it. Both men down. Lesnar holding his throat, trying to regroup. Joe, out upon a pile of broken table.


Finally after a couple minutes pass or so, Lesnar is finally able to fully get to his feet. He steps through the carnage, and reaches down, picking Samoa Joe up off the ground. Lesnar takes Joe over to the apron and rolls him back into the ring. Lesnar then reaches up, and with leverage by pulling upwards onto the rope, Lesnar is able to step back up onto the apron. Lesnar then enters the ring, and quickly drops down over Samoa Joe in the ring. The ref drops down beside them to make the count.



T….NO! NO! KICK OUT BY Samoa Joe!

The fans held their breaths and let out a sign of disappointment as they thought they were about to witness Brock Lesnar returning to the championship level. Lesnar gets to his feet, catches his breathe and then reaches down and picks Joe up, again getting back position on him. Lesnar then holds Joe tight, lifts him up and…SEVENTH GERMAN SUPLEX! Brock stalks over, picks Joe right back up, grabs hold and….EIGHT GERMAN SUPLEX FROM BROCK LENSAR! The crowd all chants ‘eight’ as they are keeping count. Lesnar gets to his feet and stalks around Samoa Joe with one thing to say to him….


The fans love what they hear, as microphones on cameras pick up Lesnar’s words. They love it. Paul Heyman just cheers his client on from the outside. Both starting to look rather confident again. Feeling they have this one in the bag. Lesnar comes back at Joe and starts to pick him up, as Joe is trying to push himself up to his knees. Joe then attempts a few counter punches, but to no avail as Lesnar blocks then and sends a hard side knee shot of his own into Joe. Lesnar then lifts Joe up and drives him hard into the bottom left turnbuckle. There, Lesnar again repeatedly lands more shoulder thrusts into the mid section of Samoa Joe. Joe, the warrior he is, is still trying to fight back and throws some hard elbows down onto the back of Lesnar’s head. Fighting through the pain of the trusts, those elbow shots help Joe, as they cause Lesnar to stop with the thrusts and back out just a bit, holding the back of his head. Joe tries to get that the second wind now, and charges Lesnar…BUT NO! Lesnar catches Samoa Joe with a side knee. Lesnar then quickly shoves Joe back into the bottom left corner, charges in, and nails a hard baclk elbow shot to the side of Joe’s head. Lesnar grabs the dazed Joe, pulls him out from the corner and begins to try and whip him across the ring into the opposite corner, but instead, pulls him back in, and….BROCK LESNAR NAILS SAMOA JOE WITH A SHORT-ARM SPINEBUSTER! Lesnar drives Joe hard into the mat before them! Lesnar is then on top of Joe while Joe is on his back in full position and begins to throw down thunders punches and elbow strikes down upon the face ad head of Joe. Just over and over and over again. Lesnar really doing a number!

MICHAEL COLE... "Oh my god! Just vicious! Just a vicious onslaught from Brock Lesnar! How is Samoa Joe not out cold yet!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."He will be soon! Look at the damage those shots are causing!”

With those punches and elbow strikes coming down hard onto Joe. The ground and pound begins to make Joe start to bleed from his nose and even just above his eye, as the elbow strikes cut him open. The fans love the brutality. Lesnar is completely losing his mind now. Lesnar has Joe about to be completely out and demolished, but instead stops with the punches and elbows and instead gets to his feet, pulling Joe up to his. Joe can barely stand, as Brock holds him up slightly and roars to the crowd. Brock then lifts Joe up fully, up and over his shoulders into F5 position. Lesnar then once again roars to the crowd and…F5! F5! F5! F…NO! NO! BROCK LESNAR’S F5 ATTEMPT FAILS! Once again juast as Lesnar is about to hit the devastating F5 to put Joe away, Joe somehow slides off and….COQUINA CLUTCH! COQUINA CLUTCH! JOE HAS IT LOCKED IN ONCE AGAIN! Lesnar immediately falls to a knee. He is desperately trying to get a breathe as Joe is slowly squeezing the life from Lesnar it seems. The ref checks on Lesnar.


Lesnar is just about out when…NO! LESNAR USES ALL THE STRENGTH HE HAS IN THE WORLD TO SHOOT UP TO HIS FEET AND LAUNCH HIMSELF BACKWARDS! The move slams Joe backwards into the turnbuckle. Lesnar just pancakes Joe in between himself and the top left corner. Knocking a little air from Joe, but not enough to do serious damage to Joe, but enough to cause Joe to release his hold and Lesnar falls forward to the mat, gasping for air. With that, Joe’s frustration builds. Once again a failed clutch attempt on Lesnar. The third time in the match. He just wasn’t going down. Joe then quickly exits the ring, as Lesnar tries to regroup and desperately get enough air back into his lungs to get his feet under him. However before he can do that, Joe comes back into the ring after retrieving an item from under the ring…A STEEL CHARI! Before Lesnar can do anything or sees what is happening….WHAM! WHAM! JOE NAILS LESNAR HARD OVER THE BACK WITH THE CHAIR SHOT! With that, Samoa Joe follows up with a dozen or so chair shots to the lower back of Brock Lesnar and the back of his head. Really unleashing all hell onto Brock Lesnar via the chair shot! For good measure, Joe drives the chair more and more into the back of Lesnar and then nails him one more time over the head with it. Lesnar looks to be out of it! Joe then tosses the chair away. Lesnar, the beast that he is, and unhuman as he is, is not out, even from all those chair shots. Instead, he is desperately trying to stagger to his feet, but can’t. Joe quickly comes back behind Lesnar and…COQUINA CLUTCH! COQUIN…NO! NO! LESNAR REVERSES! Just as Joe was going to lock it in for a third time, Lesnar counters, catches Joe, and lifts him up onto his shoulders for an F5…..BUT NO! LESNAR’S BACK GIVES OUT! LESNAR’S BACK GIVES OUT! Lesnar cant’ finish Joe as those chair shots did too much damage to Lesnar’s back and he can fully lift Joe at this moment. Joe quickly comes in from behind, wraps his arms around Lesnar’s neck and pulls Lesnar backwards to the bat locking in….COQUINA CLUTCH! COQUINA CLUTCH!

MICHAEL COLE... "OH god this is got to be it. Samoa Joe has it all the way locked on now on the mat! Lesnar has no leverage! Lesnar is fading! This could be it!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I can’t believe it!”

Lesnar refuses to tap out, as Joe continues to tighten the Coquina Clutch. The ref checks in on Lesnar again, and he refuses to tap, but then all of a sudden….LESNAR PASSES OUT! LESNAR PASSES OUT! THE REF CHECKS IN ON HIM……LESNAR IS OUT!


The ref signals for the bell as this one is over. Lesnar didn’t tap, but finally Joe got him to pass out! The ref quickly calls fo rhte bell and this match is over. Joe’s music hits over the p.a system, and then sold out Scottrade Center is in complete shock!


Everyone is stunned. Announcers. Paul Heyman. Crowd. Everyone. Joe gets to his feet, as Lesnar is still out in the mat. The ref hands over the belt and Joe takes it. Joe holds the WWE Championship high in the air in victory as the crowd boos, while a few just continue to be speechless. Stunned.

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MICHAEL COLE... "I can’t believe it. Brock Lesnar. The warrior that he is. The beast that he is, would not tap out. He refused to give in, but in the end….the lights went out. He didn’t quit. But those lights finally went out and in shocking fashion….Samoa Joe retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship."


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TAGLINE: A Golden Opportunity Awaits the WWE!”
VENUE: St. Louis, Missouri- Scottrade Center


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The Footage opens back up live after returning from an break hearing from our sponsors. ITS now time for the Raw Women's Championship match! This is the Diva match the WWE Universe has been talking about all week long. The same question has been asked like any other that can One of the Divas in this match take the Gold from Alexa Bliss? It's time to find out on this historic Night at Money in the Bank, as the cameras open up inside the ring Lilian Garcia is ready for the next up-coming Match it's going to be Epic!

LILIAN GARCIA... “The following contest is a triple threat match, scheduled for one fall, and is for the Raw Women’s Championship!!!”

“Sultry (XO)” by CFO$ hits the PA System and the lighting in the arena changes from normal to a shade of pink as the crowd’s reaction changes to a negative one as Peyton Royce struts out onto the stage with the flower in her hand. She raises the flower up to her nose and takes a whiff before she starts making her way down the entrance ramp.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Introducing the challengers. First... From Sydney, Australia... She is one half of the Iconic Duo... PEYTON ROYCE!!!”

MICHAEL COLE..."Well, I guess that Peyton Royce eliminating Billie Kay from the battle royal didn’t split the team up after all.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Of course not, Michael. When your a part of a team that’s as iconic as Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, the small stuff doesn’t matter. You’re still a team after a battle royal.”

MICHAEL COLE..."For those of you that are wondering why Billie Kay isn’t accompanying Peyton Royce to the ring tonight, it has to do with what transpired on the Money in the Bank Kickoff Show earlier tonight. Peyton and Billie confronted Winter her locker room, and Peyton made the declaration that with Billie watching her back, she’ll leave with the Women’s Championship.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Yeah, but then Winter pulled a knife out on them and threatened them. I get that this is wrestling and that threats are a part of the show, but a knife? I’ve sounded like a broken record since WrestleMania 32, but Winter needs to be committed.”

Peyton makes it to ringside and walks to her right. As she approaches the turnbuckle post, Peyton places her left hand on it and turns the corner. She climbs up onto the apron and sits on the middle rope with one foot in the ring and the other on the apron. Peyton lies back on the middle rope and raises her legs, wrapping them around the top rope before entering the ring. In the ring, she sniffs the flower as her theme cuts out.

The lighting in the arena changes from normal to a lone dark blue spotlight on the stage as the slow guitar intro of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” by Black Sabbath is heard throughout the arena. Fifteen seconds into the song, the entrance curtain opens and the Satanic Diva also known as Winter walks out onto the stage, greeted by thunderous cheers from the crowd. Winter is wearing black boots, black leather pants, black MMA gloves, and a leather trenchcoat. After a few moments, Winter begins making her way down the entrance ramp.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Introducing next... From London, England... She is the Satanic Diva... WINTER!!!”

MICHAEL COLE..."It was at this event last year that Winter took on Maryse in the first-ever Women’s Inferno Match.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Yeah, and poor Maryse has burn scars from that match.”

MICHAEL COLE..."The question for tonight is simple. Will Winter manage to gain another victory as well as the Raw Women’s Championship at this year’s event?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I hope she doesn’t, because Winter is a sadist and a full-blown sociopath. Putting her at the top of the division is not best for business.”

Winter makes it to ringside and walks over to the steel steps. She slowly walks up the steel steps and pauses. She raises her arms and the lighting returns to normal. Winter steps onto the apron and enters the ring. In the ring, Winter pulls her trenchcoat down her arms, and hands it to a stagehand before her theme cuts out. Winter glares a hole through Peyton before they turn their attention toward the entrance.

“Spiteful” by CFO$ hits the PA System and the cheering from the crowd is instantly replaced with immense hostility. The entrance curtain opens and Alexa Bliss cockily walks out onto the stage with the Raw Women’s Championship around and pauses. She raises her right hand and balls it into a fist before making her way down the entrance ramp.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Their opponent... From Columbus, Ohio... She is the Raw Women’s Champion... ALEXA BLISS!!!”

MICHAEL COLE..."It was last year that Alexa Bliss won the Divas Championship. Since then, it was retired, and the Raw Women’s Championship has been the main championship for women on Raw. She hasn’t lost a championship match since last year.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Yeah, and that only proves that it isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, but it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Alexa has been a hell of a champion ever since she won the Divas Championship last year, and I don’t see her reign as Women’s Champion ending any time soon.”

MICHAEL COLE..."On the neck of Alexa Bliss, you see a bandage. From what I gather, Winter held her at knife point sometime earlier today.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That’s all the more reason for Winter to be locked up in an insane asylum.”

Alexa makes it to ringside and turns to her right. She climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring. In the ring, she unfastens the belt from her waist and holds it up high before lowering it behind her head. She gets right into Peyton’s face and shoves the belt right into her face, yelling at her “THIS IS AS CLOSE AS YOU’RE GONNA GET TO THIS BELT AND YOU’RE GONNA LIKE IT!” Alexa moves over to Winter, but before the champion can even talk trash, she is knocked down to the mat by a Big Boot from the Satanic Diva. Alexa’s theme instantly cuts out and the opening bell rings.

MICHAEL COLE..."Just like that, the match is under way!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."What a cheap shot from Winter!”

Peyton runs at Winter, and like Alexa, she is knocked down to the mat by a big boot from the Satanic Diva. With both Alexa and Peyton down on the ground, Winter has a split second decision over who she will go after. She mounts Alexa and starts pummeling her face. She punches Alexa in the face - one, two, three, four, five times - before Peyton pushes Winter off of Alexa and mounts Alexa. On top of Alexa now, Peyton punches her in the face - one, two, three, four, five times - before Winter knocks Peyton off of Alexa with a boot to the side of the head.

MICHAEL COLE..."Both Winter and Peyton are trying to get their shots in on Alexa Bliss.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Doesn’t it seem strange that it’s Winter and Peyton ganging up on Alexa, and not Alexa and Peyton ganging up on Winter?”

Both Alexa Bliss and Peyton Royce look up at Winter from the mat. The Spiteful Women’s Champion and the Venus Fly Trap look at each other, and then at the Satanic Diva as they get up to their feet. Alexa and Peyton charge at Winter simultaneously with Alexa using her shoulder to push Winter back into the Northeast corner. Winter strikes the back of Alexa’s head with clubbing elbows while Peyton approaches the two in the corner. Peyton punches Winter in the face, causing the Satanic Diva to stop hitting the back of Alexa’s head. Peyton punches Winter in the face - one, two, three, four, five times - causing Winter to stop hitting Alexa.

MICHAEL COLE..."Looks like they heard you, John.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Winter’s nuts, and she poses the biggest threat to the lives of Alexa and Peyton, so they should have just started the match off this way. Eliminate that nut case, and we can have ourselves a one on one match like it was supposed to be. Then again, with Winter’s history in multi-person matches, I don’t think I have to worry about her leaving with the championship at all.”

Winter throws a punch and catches Peyton in the face, and Alexa thrusts her shoulder into Winter’s midsection before Peyton punches Winter in the face. Winter throws another punch and catches Peyton in the face again, and Alexa thrusts her shoulder into Winter’s midsection before Peyton punches Winter in the face again. Winter throws a third punch and catches Peyton in the face a third time, and Alexa thrusts her shoulder into Winter’s midsection before Peyton punches Winter in the face a third time.

MICHAEL COLE..."Right now, Alexa and Peyton are working in tandem. It’s a fight for survival because they know what Winter is capable of.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Yeah, all Alexa and Peyton have to do is co-exist until Winter is out of the way, and then they can fight each other.”

Winter throws a fourth punch and catches Peyton in the face for the fourth time. Alexa thrusts her shoulder into Winter’s midsection, but this time, Winter manages to hit the Champion in the face with her knee. Winter punches Peyton in the face again and clubs Alexa in the back of the head with her elbow. Winter punches Peyton in the face for the sixth time and clubs Alexa in the back of the head with her elbow for the second time causing the Women’s Champion to back off.

MICHAEL COLE..."Winter’s fighting out of it.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Come on. Do something quick!”

Winter steps out of the corner and punches Peyton in the face, then she punches Alexa in the face. She goes back and forth, back and forth punching Alexa and Peyton until is leaning against the ropes. With Peyton leaning against the ropes on the north side of the ring, Winter nails her with a vicious looking clothesline that sends Peyton over the top rope and to the floor at ringside. The Satanic Diva turns her attention to the Women’s Champion. Once Winter turns to look at Alexa, the Champion throws a punch to Winter’s face before attempting an Irish whip. Winter reverses Alexa’s Irish whip attempt and sends her to the ropes instead. After Alexa bounces off of the ropes, Winter hoists her up and drops her with a Tilt-A-Whirl slam before going for the pin.



Alexa Bliss is pulled out of the ring by Peyton Royce and Winter gets up to her feet. Once Alexa gets to her feet, Winter runs toward the ropes on the north side and dives between the middle and top ropes, landing on both Peyton Royce and Alexa Bliss.

MICHAEL COLE..."Winter just dove through the ropes and took out both Peyton Royce and Alexa Bliss!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."That nutcase will destroy herself if it means destroying others.”

On the outside, Winter picks up Peyton and whips her hard into the steel steps. Then, the Satanic Diva picks up Alexa and whips her hard into the steel steps, causing her to collide with Peyton and causing Peyton to collide with the steel steps again. The force of the Irish whip into the steel steps on Alexa is so great that it causes her to tumble over the steps, landing on the other side. After a few moments, Winter walks around Peyton and the steel steps toward Alexa. Once Winter approaches her, Alexa takes her down with a Drop Toe Hold, causing Winter to collide face first into the concrete floor.

MICHAEL COLE..."A sickening thud as Winter falls face first into the exposed concrete floor.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Yeah, that’s the way to do it Alexa. Show everyone why you’re the Goddess of the WWE.”

Alexa and Peyton get up to their feet. Alexa grabs the right side of Winter while Peyton joins the two and grabs the left side of Winter. Together, the Women’s Champion and the Venus Fly Trap roll the Satanic Diva into the ring under the bottom rope before re-entering the ring themselves. In the ring, Winter manages to get back up to her feet, Peyton and Alexa whip Winter to the Northwest corner. Alexa charges at Winter and starts throwing punches to her face with Alexa coming to throw kicks at Winter. Peyton punches Winter in the face – one, two, three, four, five, six times before letting up and allowing Alexa to get her shots in. Alexa kicks Winter’s stomach – one, two, three, four, five, six times before Winter drops to a seated position in the corner.

MICHAEL COLE..."Now, the numbers game is starting to get to Winter.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Hey, look at that. She’s somewhat human, after all.”

With Winter in a seated position in the corner, Alexa throws punches at Winter’s face. She punches Winter in the face – one, two, three, four, five times and kicks her in the stomach before she’s pulled away from Winter by Peyton. Alexa and Peyton stare each other down again as Winter gets to her feet in the corner. Once Winter gets to her feet in the corner, Peyton starts throwing punches at Winter’s face. She punches Winter in the face – one, two, three times before moving to her body. Peyton punches Winter in the abdomen – one, two, three, four times before moving back up to her face. Peyton punches Winter in the face – one, two, three times before pulling her head forward just to elbow her in the face, dropping her to the mat. Peyton picks Winter up by the hair and backs her into the Northwest corner before Alexa pulls Peyton away from her. With Winter on her feet in the corner again, Alexa throws more punches to Winter’s face, punching her in the face – one, two, three, four, five, six times before throwing kicks. Alexa kicks her in the stomach – one, two, three, four, five times before being pushed out of the way by Peyton.

MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa and Peyton are on the same page like they were earlier, but this seems to be more of a competition between the two now.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."As long as Winter is suffering, I’m okay with it.”

Peyton and Alexa glare at each other momentarily before Peyton whips Winter to the Southeast corner. Once Winter is sent to the opposite corner, both Alexa and Peyton stare at each other with Alexa saying, “Let me get her this time.” With that being said, Alexa charges at Winter and hits her with a dropkick in the corner, causing Winter to drop to the mat as Peyton lets out a little smirk. Alexa grabs Winter by her hair and brings her to her feet, and she whips her into the Northwest corner, the corner that she was originally in to begin with. Once she hits the corner, Winter comes staggering out of the corner and right into a Death Valley Driver from Peyton. With Winter down, Peyton quickly gets to her feet and smirks at Alexa. Winter gets up to her knees and Alexa kicks her in the side of the head, causing her to sway to the right. Then, Peyton punches her in the face, dropping the Satanic Diva to a seated position on the mat.

MICHAEL COLE..."Winter is out of it.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Good. I’m glad that twisted freak is done.”

Peyton grabs the right side of Winter’s head and Alexa grabs the left side of Winter’s head. Both ladies bring Winter to her feet and they run her over to the ropes, and they throw her over the top rope. Winter comes crashing down onto the floor. The picture-in-picture replay known as the “Double Feature” shows Winter being launched out of the ring by Peyton and Alexa.

MICHAEL COLE..."They almost threw Winter into the third row. Now, it’s a one-on-one contest like they wanted.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Like we all wanted, Michael. Winter has no business being in this match. I don’t care if she’s this year’s Miss WrestleMania.”

Back to the live action in the ring, Alexa and Peyton start throwing punches as the crowd gives both of them mixed reactions for each blow that lands. The two continue trading blows with each other and Peyton gets the upper hand, punching Alexa - one, two, three, four times – until Alexa is backed into a corner. Peyton grabs Alexa by the head and turns her around, so that Alexa is facing the corner, and attempts to drive Alexa’s face right into the top turnbuckle. Right at the last second, Alexa is able to get her foot up in order to block it and she elbows Peyton in the face – one, two, three times, and follows up the elbows with a DDT. Alexa picks Peyton up by her head as the camera cuts to Winter licking her wounds on the outside.

MICHAEL COLE..."What a triple threat that this has been so far. For now, Winter has been neutralized.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Somehow, I don’t think she’s done yet. It’d be nice if she was, but she isn’t. We just saw her licking her wounds and I get the feeling that she’s waiting for the right moment to strike. I hate giving her any kind of credit, but that’s a smart idea.”

Back in the ring, Alexa has Peyton backed into a corner and props her up into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. With Peyton in a precarious position, Alexa punches her in the face – one, two times – before climbing up to the top and placing Peyton in a facelock. Alexa is about to attempt a superplex, but Winter comes rushing in with a clothesline to Alexa, and Peyton goes flying to the outside. With Peyton out of the ring, Winter rolls Alexa up for a pinfall.



THR-NO! Alexa kicks out.

MICHAEL COLE..."Winter was looking to capitalize on Alexa having her back turned and it almost worked.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Yeah, with ‘almost’ being the key word.”

Winter gets into an argument with the referee, yelling at him to count the fall, but the referee yells back at her due to Alexa kicking out. Winter pushes the referee, and the referee pushes back. Winter backs right into Alexa, who rolls her up.


TWO! Winter by kicks out!

Alexa is knocked off of her with such force that she is driven into the ropes right as Peyton gets onto the apron. Alexa’s shoulder connects with Peyton’s abdomen, and Peyton is sent flying from the apron back down to the floor. Winter gets to her feet and approaches Alexa, who takes her down with a Drop Toe Hold. Alexa picks Winter up and sends her down to the mat with the Glitter Blizzard (Leg-Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb), attempting the pin.



Winter kicks out.

MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa nearly had Winter that time.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Come on, Alexa. Put her away!”

Alexa brings Winter to her feet by her hair and backs her into the ropes on the west side of the ring and whips her to the opposite side of the ring. After Winter bounces the ropes, Alexa attempts a clothesline, but Winter ducks and keeps running. Right when she bounces off of the ropes, Peyton grabs Winter’s ankles and pulls her feet out from under her, causing her to fall face first into the mat. With Winter on the mat, Peyton pulls her out of the ring and she lands on her feet. Peyton grabs Winter by her hair and the back of her pants and throws her face first into the steel steps. Meanwhile, Alexa’s in the ring watching this unfold. Right after Winter is driven into the steel steps, Alexa runs to the ropes like a bat out of hell and drops down to the mat in order to slide under the bottom rope, sending Peyton down with a Suicide Dive.

MICHAEL COLE..."Peyton through Winter face first into the steel steps and Alexa took Peyton out with a Suicide Dive.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Alexa caught Peyton off guard with that one, and now all three women are down.”

After a few moments, Alexa gets to her feet first and is on wobbly legs. After collecting herself, Alexa picks Peyton up and rolls her into the ring before sliding in the ring after him. With Peyton flat on her back in the middle of the ring, Alexa quickly crawls into the cover while hooking the leg.




Peyton gets the shoulder up. After Peyton kicks out, Alexa looks up at the referee, who says that it was only two, “He got the shoulder up. I saw it with my own eyes!” Alexa gets to her feet and brings Peyton back up to her feet, and backs Peyton into the northwest corner. Alexa attempts to whip Peyton into the opposite corner, but Peyton reverses and sends Alexa to the corner instead. Peyton gives chase and Alexa leaps up, hoping that Peyton will collide with the corner. Peyton sensed that it was coming, so she puts on the brakes when Alexa leaps up, and moves beneath her, causing Alexa to land on her shoulder as the crowd gives Peyton a mixed reaction.

MICHAEL COLE..."Uh oh, I think we’re going to see the Gory Neckbreaker.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Alexa’s holding onto those ropes for dear life.”

Peyton pulls Alexa once, but Alexa’s grip on the ropes doesn’t budge. Peyton tries to pull Alexa away from the corner a second time, but again Alexa manages to keep her grip on the ropes. Peyton tries to pull Alexa away from the corner a third time. The third time proves to be the charm as Peyton is able to pull Alexa away from the corner to the middle of the ring. Winter slides into the ring while this is all happening and waits as Alexa thrashes his arms and legs in an attempt to get out of the Gory Neckbreaker. Alexa thrashing her arms and legs wildly proves to be too much for Peyton as the thrashing causes Peyton to drop Alexa to her feet. Peyton attempts a clothesline, but Alexa ducks and runs right into a clothesline from Winter.

MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa managed to duck the clothesline from Peyton, but she couldn’t duck the clothesline from Winter.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Poor Alexa. She folded up like an accordion.”

Back in the ring, Winter turns her attention to Peyton, and Peyton kicks her in the stomach before punching her in the face, dropping Winter to her knees as Alexa crawls to the southeast corner. Peyton picks Winter up and places her into a facelock, and hoists her up for a suplex. Meanwhile, Alexa manages to climb to the top rope. With Winter in midair from the suplex, Alexa jumps off of the top rope - catching Winter and Peyton with a Diving Crossbody, forcing Peyton to drop Winter face first to the mat while also falling to the mat. All three competitors are down as the crowd cheers over this exciting match.

MICHAEL COLE..."What an impressive display of athleticism from Alexa Bliss.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."This is why she’s the champion.”

With all three competitors down, the referee begins to count.




FOUR.... Alexa begins to stir.

FIVE....Alexa gets up to her hands and knees.

SIX.... Alexa gets up to one knee.


Alexa gets to her feet and breaks the count as she staggers around the ring. She walks up to Winter and Peyton, and turns her back to them. With her back turned to Winter and Peyton, Alexa hits them with a double Insault to Injury. Alexa gets up to her feet again and runs to the ropes. Meanwhile, Winter and Peyton quickly get up simultaneously, and they lift Alexa up after she bounces off the ropes, and drop her with double spinebuster – sending the champion to the mat. After a few moments, Winter and Peyton turn their attention to each other and charge at each other. The two catch each other with simultaneous clotheslines, and now all three competitors are down again.

MICHAEL COLE..."Once again, all three women are down. Whoever gets up first will have the advantage.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Come on, Alexa! Come on, Peyton!”

With all three competitors down, the referee begins the count.

ONE!....The screen splits to show the impact of the double clothesline involving Winter and Peyton.

TWO....The camera returns to the live action as all three competitors show some form of life.


FOUR.... Peyton sits up on her side.



Winter gets up to her knees as well as Peyton. Alexa crawls to the center of the ring and gets up to her knees. Peyton punches Winter in the face. Winter punches Alexa in the face. Alexa punches Peyton in the face, knocking Peyton up to her feet. Winter gets to her feet and is met with a punch to the face from Peyton. Alexa gets to her feet and is met with a punch to the face from Winter. Alexa punches Peyton in the face and follows it up with punching Winter in the face. Alexa kicks Winter in the face, knocking Winter to the ground before turning her attention to Peyton. Alexa throws a kick, and Peyton catches Alexa’s foot. Before Peyton can capitalize, Alexa brings her other foot up and connects with the Enziguri, knocking Peyton to the ground. Winter crawls over to the corner and uses the ropes to pull herself up. Alexa gets to her feet and goes right after Winter. She attempts to whip her to the opposite corner, but Winter manages to reverse and she sends Alexa to the corner instead with Winter following her. Right when Alexa hits the corner, she leaps up like he did Peyton earlier in the match. Winter stops and Alexa’s feet land on her shoulders. With Alexa’s feet on her shoulders, Winter lifts Alexa’s feet up and throws her to the outside, where he crashes onto the floor.

MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa had a full head of steam, but Winter managed to put a stop to it.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Come on, Alexa! Get in there!”

Back in the ring, Peyton lies in wait for Winter to turn around. Right when Winter turns around, Peyton hits her with a clothesline and follows it up with another clothesline. Winter gets to her feet and Peyton hits her with a dropkick. Winter gets to her feet again and Peyton hits her with a spinning heel kick. Winter manages to get to her feet again, and Peyton lifts her up and drops her down with a Flapjack. Peyton climbs up to the top rope and jumps off, hitting Winter with a diving stomp, but she isn’t done yet. She lies in wait as Winter uses the ropes to pick herself up off of the mat, and she staggers right into Peyton, who lifts her up for the Gory Neckbreaker. Amazingly having the wherewithal, Winter notices that she’s close enough to the ropes, and she grabs the top rope. Peyton tries to pull her away from the top rope, but to no avail, because Winter still has fight left in her. Peyton decides to dump her over the top rope, and Winter crashes to the floor.

MICHAEL COLE..."Peyton attempted the Gory Neckbreaker, but somehow Winter managed to hold on. Peyton basically said ‘screw it’ and dumped Winter over the top rope to the floor.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."What does it take to destroy Winter?”

Back in the ring, Alexa enters with a chair and lies in wait for Peyton to turn around. Right when Peyton turns around, Alexa throws the chair at her and Peyton catches it. With the chair in Peyton’s hands, Alexa delivers the Forearm Smash to the chair, backing the chair right into Peyton’s face, knocking Peyton to the ground. Both Peyton and Alexa are on the ground, Peyton from being hit and Alexa due to exhaustion. Alexa gets to her feet while clutching her forearm and goes for the pin.



.... THREE-NO!

Peyton manages to get the shoulder up right at the last second, and Alexa can’t believe it. She was a cunt-hair shy of retaining the title, and somehow Peyton manages to get the shoulder up.

MICHAEL COLE..."How did Peyton kick out of that?”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I’m as shocked as you are, Michael.”

Alexa brings Peyton up to her feet while Winter climbs up onto the apron. Alexa drops Peyton-Plex (Bridging Fisherman Suplex).

MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa just used the Peyton-Plex!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I don’t believe it!”

ONE.... Winter climbs up to the top turnbuckle.

TWO....Winter jumps off of the top turnbuckle.

THREE-NO..... The count is broken up as Winter lands on Alexa Bliss with the Twisted Bliss (Rounding Moonsault) before rolling off of her. Now, all three women are down again.

MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa had this match won, but Winter stopped it with Alexa’s own Twisted Bliss!”


After a few moments, Winter rolls over onto her stomach and drapes her left arm over the shoulders of Alexa.




Peyton manages to push Winter off of Alexa, breaking the count.

Peyton and Winter get to their feet, both women looking nearly spent. Peyton and Winter stagger into each other. Once they do, Peyton finds it within herself to lift Winter up and drop her with the Frost Bite (Swinging Side Slam dropped into a Backbreaker). All three women are down again.

MICHAEL COLE..."Now, Peyton just used the Frost Bite on Winter!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Turnabout is fair play, Michael!”






SIX.... Alexa begins to stir.

SEVEN.... Peyton begins to stir.

EIGHT.... Alexa grabs the ropes on the south side of the ring while Peyton grabs the ropes on the north side of the ring.


Alexa uses the ropes to pull herself up first, breaking the count. Meanwhile, Peyton uses the ropes to pull herself up.

Alexa and Peyton stumble toward the center of the ring. Peyton kicks Alexa in the stomach and attempts the Peyton-Plex. Once Peyton lifts Alexa up, Alexa manages to strike Peyton in the face with her knee causing Peyton to drop Alexa to her feet. Once she’s dropped to her feet, Alexa immediately drops Peyton with a DDT. Instead of going for the pin, Alexa walks over to the Northeast corner and climbs up to the top rope. After a few moments, Alexa jumps off of the top rope and lands on Peyton with the Twisted Bliss.



Before Alexa can go for the pin, she is pulled off of Peyton by Winter and placed into the Dragon Sleeper. With Alexa in the Dragon Sleeper, Winter applies pressure as Alexa frantically tries to fight out of it.



Winter pulls Alexa away from Peyton and the ropes with Alexa still in the hold. Alexa starts fading and the referee asks her. “Alexa, do you give up?” Winter applies more pressure and Alexa is just about limp. Peyton starts to stir while Winter still has the hold applied to Alexa. “Alexa, do you submit?” With a burst of energy, Peyton gets up to her feet and charges at Winter in order to try to break the hold, but once she gets close enough, Winter spits blood in her face, causing Peyton to scream in pain as she drops to the mat.

MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa’s fading and Peyton has been neutralized!”


“Alexa, answer me. Do you submit?” The referee asks while Winter applies even more pressure. Alexa raises her right hand and she slowly taps Winter’s arm three times. The bell rings and Winter releases the hold before dropping to the mat in exhaustion as the crowd explodes with deafening cheers as “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” by Black Sabbath hits the PA System!

LILIAN GARCIA... “The winner of this match as a result of a submission and NEWWWWWWWWWWWWW Raw Women’s Champion... The Satanic Diva, WINTER!!!”

The time keeper hands the Raw Women’s Championship belt to the referee, and drapes the belt on top of Winter.

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh my god.... I-I’m speechless. Winter has finally done it!”


An instant replay shows the clip of Alexa Bliss landing on Peyton Royce with the Twisted Bliss. Then, it shows Winter placing Alexa into the Dragon Sleeper. Then, it shows Peyton trying to break the hold but getting blood spat in her face for her trouble. Finally, the replay shows Alexa Bliss tapping out to the Satanic Diva. Back to the live feed, Winter is shown standing in the middle of the ring with the Raw Women’s Championship belt in her right hand and a lone blue spotlight shining upon her as the crowd applauds and cheers her championship win. She walks over to the ropes on the west side of the ring and gingerly steps through them before walking down the steel steps. She begins walking up the entrance ramp with the championship.

MICHAEL COLE..."Walking out of here, albeit very gingerly, is the new Women’s Champion and deservedly so.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Yeah, just wait until Alexa gets her rematch. Winter won’t beat her again.”

Winter is shown standing at the top of the ramp on the stage right before the entrance curtain. After a momentary pause, she raises the belt and fire shoots up through the stage while the camera cuts to an advertisement for the next pay-per-view.

After the Video Package the scene opened up backstage as Riley was seen preparing for his match as he adjusted his wrists as Renee Young was seen walking up to him before begining to speak towards him.

RENEE YOUNG..."Alex, Sorry to stop you but I wanted to catch you before your Money In The Bank Ladder Match. So tonight, you enter the Money In The Bank Ladder match and a lot of people have been asking. With Everything you've done in the WWE what's next for Alex Riley?"

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Alex couldn't help but laugh at this before shaking his head and began to speak.

ALEX RILEY..."Whats Next for Alex RIley? You know i've gotten that a lot lately. The fans know I got plenty left in the tank but the guys in the back. They think my time has come and gone really Boy? How many more championship reigns am I going to have to get before you realize I'm the real deal hmm?

Alex simply laughed after asking himself that question before turning to Renne.

ALEX RILEY..."How many times Renee? How many times have I proven people wrong time and time again and constantly people question if my time is up trust me when I say this Renne my time is FAR FROM UP! Now concerning tonight's match what people seem to fail to realize I have the chance to make history tonight!

Alex smirked a little bit as suddenly “RILEY! RILEY!” Chants filled the arena.

ALEX RILEY..."That history? I have the chance to become a 2 time Money In The Bank Winner, now that might not seem much to some pepole but that is a big deal to me! that contract garentees I will be a world champion in the future and I think its time someone took Samoe Joe down a peg!

The crowd exploded in cheers as Riley adjusted the United States Championship on his shoulder.

ALEX RILEY..."Its Kind of Funny I am in the same Postion Mike was when he first cashed in his Money In The Bank contract, only diffrence is I still have my United States Championship and Mike, I don't know what happened to you but this Hollywood thing it really fits you but we will see who the better of us is come that ring tonight but if you asked this Crowd you are simply Awful but as for me. As you often say I'm…

Riley didn't have to finish as the crowd shouted Awesome! as Riley Smirked.

ALEX RILEY..."Now, Excuse me Renee I gotta go get ready.

With that; being said RIley took off towards the ri ng leaving a very confused and stunned Renee.


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TAGLINE: A Golden Opportunity Awaits the WWE!”
VENUE: St. Louis, Missouri- Scottrade Center


user posted image

The fans are so excited the money in the bank match is finally here. Miz was the first out, accompanied by a paid bodyguard. A rather large man who the self-proclaimed A lister has brought out with him as an insurance policy it seems. Next out was Rusev, followed by AJ Styles who came out to a large pop then Rey Mysterio. Alex Riley was the 5th man out to the ring. The former WWE Champion and current United States Champion looking more than motivated to win another opportunity at gold. All five men are in the ring, and seem rather eager to get started with this match, but the referee makes sure the men keep their distance from one another. Each man taking his turn to look upwards towards the opportunity. Towards that briefcase that will earn them a title shot whenever they want. With that, “Big Show’s music hits over the p.a system. The fans are still on their feet and again, they send out mostly mixed reaction as Big Show slowly walks out from the back. Show raises one arm up high in the air, and then begins to walk slowly down the towards the ring. Suddenly the lights com back fully on inside the Scottrade Center, and Show’s music is cut off quickly as Alex Riley has left the ring and ran up the entrance way towards Show. Riley charges in hard, but Show catches Riley with a right hand that staggers Riley as he flies by. Suddenly everyone is out of the ring, and all of them have come for Big Show, the largest man in the match. Show fights his way through this onslaught. Knocking each man down as they come at him. Show then sends Rusev crashing into the barricade. Rey quickly leaps up onto the back of Show, and Show just reaches behind his back, and flips Rey off onto the floor with a thud! Show has made it through the onslaught and heads off, making a straight line towards the ring.

MICHAEL COLE..."Big show an early target here in the early going, but it seems as if he has fought his way through it!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."They are just trying to take out the biggest threat!”

Big Show stops at the foot of the entrance way, and proceeds to start to pick up a large ladder that rests there, but before he can….ALEX RILEY COMES RUNNING IN WITH FOREARMS TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. Big Show staggers forwards, and in comes AJ Styles aswell! The two trade off on right hands to the body of Show. Suddenly, leaping into the picture is Rey Mysterio, who lands some hard shots to the body of Show as well. Big Show staggers around the ring. Rey tries to continue to go after him, but Styles and Riley grab hold of Rey and push him to the back of the line. Styles and Riley come in at Show on the side of the ring, grab him, set him up, AND NAIL HIM WITH A DOUBLE SUPPLEX ONTO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR[/b[. Some early teamwork from the unlikely pairing but seemingly aligned Alex Riley and AJ Styles. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the ring, Miz has found his way into the ring, and is pulling up a ladder from the outside. Miz almost has the ladder all the way up through the middle rope, with just a bit of it dangling through the middle rope over the ringside floor. However, Rusev comes running around the ring, leaps off of the steal steps, and slams down on the dangling side of the ladder, causing the ladder to sea-saw upwards and uppercut the chin of Miz, sending Miz to the mat! Rusev quickly slides in, and just as he does, on the opposite side of the ring, AJ Styles slides in. Riley, meanwhile, tries to slide in right behind Styles, but Rey Mysterio grabs Riley from behind and pulls him back away from the ring. Riley just turns, and shoves Mysterio, who flies backwards with ease into the ringside barricade. Riley then comes forward and begins to beatdown on the much smaller Rey Mysterio. Meanwhile inside the ring, Styles has backed Rusev up into the bottom left corner with some strong right hands and chops. Styles then sends in some kicks to the gut, before reaching in, and attempting to whip Rusev across the ring…but no! Rusev reverses and whips Styles hard into the top left corner. Styles’s back hits the corner with a thud, and he staggers forward. Rusev charges in and nails Styles to the mat with a hard clothesline!

[b]MICHAEL COLE..."Rusev looking rather impressive here in the early going!”

Riley is back on apron near the entrance way, and Rey is right behind him, not letting Riley get away. Rey is like an annoying gnat that Riley can’t get rid of. The two start exchanging punches on the apron, and quickly Rusev runs to the ropes, AND CATCHES RILEY AND REY MYSTERIO WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! [/b[ Both Rey and Riley hit the ringside floor hard. Rusev then turns back to Styles and lands a couple of stomps to Styles body. Rusev then turns back around and sees Riley staggering to his feet just a few feet in front of the entrance way. Rusev comes back to the ropes, grabs hold, and slingshots over, [b]NAILING A SLINGSHOT PLANCHO UPON ALEX RILEY! Fans love the athleticism from Rusev who doesn’t often showcase that side of his arsenal. Miz slides back into the ring, as he does he notices Riley, Rusev and Rey staggering back to their feet on the outside. Miz takes off towards the corner, leaps up, and then leaps off nailing his own plancha right onto all three men! They are all down, as the fans at ringside love the action. Meanwhile in the ring, AJ Styles has regrouped, and gotten back to his feet. He looks out, and sees all four men who slowly start to stagger to their feet just after Miz’s bodyguard helps him to his. So now those five men are seemingly standing together as Styles comes running towards the ropes, leaps over the top rope, AND NAILS A SOMMERSAULT DIVE ONTO ALL FIVE MEN! Everyone is down once again. Another pop comes from the crowd, as Styles really caught some air there. All of a sudden everyone in the audience is on their feet, as we noticed the big guy, Big Show has climbed up onto the apron, and is starting to climb up the side of the top left turnbuckle. As he does, the five remaining participants and Miz’s bodyguard, slowly stagger to their fee all together. Big Show then leaps off, AND NAILS A THUNDEROUS PLANCHA ON TOP OF EVERYONE! The crowd loves it!

MICHAEL COLE..."The big man getting some air! Showing he too can take the fight to the air! What a start to this match up!”

Big Show gets to his feet, and grabs one of the ladders near the barricade. Show slides the ladder into the ring, and slides in after it. He gets up, and picks the ladder up into his grasp. Alex Riley is up and slides into the ring. Just as he does, Show comes in, AND NAILS ALEX RILEY TO THE MAT WITH THE LADDER! Show then turns just in time as Miz has run along the apron and up the side of the bottom right turnbuckle. Miz leaps off, and Show catches him with the ladder! Miz is down on the mat and rolls out of the ring. Show then turns back around, AND RUSEV COMES RUNNING INTO THE RING AND CATCHES BIG SHOW WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK! sending the ladder right into Big Show’s face! Show rolls out of the ring, as Rusev favors his shoulder for just a bit. Rusev then gets to his feet, and picks the ladder up. He starts to set it up, but notices Styles enter the ring. Rusev folds the ladder back up, and sends it right into the gut of AJ Styles. Styles staggers back a bit, and then Rusev lifts the ladder up higher and sends it right into the face of AJ Styles! Styles hits the mat hard! Riley slides back into the ring, and Rusev quickly hits the body of Riley with the ladder, sending riley again down to the mat. Rusev then just throws the ladder down upon Riley’s body. Adding insult to injury . Rusev then reaches down, and picks the ladder up off Riley’s body. Rusev takes the ladder and starts to set it up in the middle of the ring. Rusev then starts to climb up the ladder.

MICHAEL COLE..."Rusev the first individual in this MITB match to head for the briefcase!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."He may just end it right here!”

Suddenly, before Rusev is even halfway up the ladder…REY MYSTERIO COMES SLIDING IN AND RUNNING UP THE LADDER BEHIND RUSEV. Rey leaps up onto the back of Rusev, which causes some fans to laugh. Rusev then starts to pull his way up the ladder some more, dragging Rey up there with him, as Rey holds onto the back of Rusev. Rusev nearly reaches the top of the ladder when Rey starts to nail right hands into the side of Rusev’s face. Rey then leans back and pulls and….BACKSTABBER! BACKSTABBER! Rey pulls Rusev off the top of the ladder and nails him with a backstabber from the ladder! Fans love it! Rusev quickly rolls out of the ring, holding his back in major pain. Rey limps up to his feet, shaking out his legs. Rey then starts to climb up the ladder, but Big Show is back in and up and just drags Rey right off the ladder. Show then just throws Rey back up into the top right corner, folds up the ladder, and shoves the ladder right into the face of Rey Mysterio. Rey falls to the mat. Show throws down the ladder for a second to throw his arm up in the air to taunt which receives a mix reaction from the crowd.

MICHAEL COLE..."Big Show, looking rather dominate!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Going to be hard for anyone to keep that giant down!”

Show stops taunting and turns slightly around, and Alex Riley had reached the top turnbuckle in the top right corner and just as Show turned around…..BLOCKBUSTER! BLOCKBUSTER! Alex Riley catches Show with a blockbuster! Show is down on the mat. Riley gets to his feet, and Show rolls over to his stomach, stunned, trying to push himself up, as a big man is hard to keep down. Meanwhile, Miz enters the ring with a ladder. He gets up, picks the ladder up in his grasp, as Riley picks up the ladder next to Rey. The two stand on opposite sides of the ring, and Big Show slowly staggers back up to his feet in tbetween them. Miz and Riley then run towards each other….AND SMASH CORBIN IN BETWEEN THEIR LADDERS! PANCAKING BIG SHOW WITH THE TWO LADDERS! Show falls forward and down to the mat! The impact caused miz and riley to lose their grips on the ladders, as the ladders fall to the mat. Miz and Riley then catch each other in their side view, and now lock eyes. The once partners, turned enemies, have a lot of history, as the two walk towards each other. Despite it being a long time since their rivalry the two still don’t have love for each other. They get almost face to face in the middle of the ring, when suddenly, AJ Styles has leaped up onto the apron. Styles leaps up onto the top rope, springboards off, AND NAILS RILEY AND MIZ WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Riley and Miz are right back up, and Styles quickly catches Riley with some right hands. Everyman for himself in this match. The a thunderous superkick, BUT NO! Riley ducks out of the way, and Styles CONNECTS THE SUPERKICK ONTO THE MIZ! Miz had just picked up the ladder, and the kick sent the ladder right into the face of The Miz, sending MIz right back to the mat! Miz rolls out of the ring. Styles turns around, and Riley quickly takes advantage, by kicking Styles in the mid section, AND NAILING HIM WITH A LIFTING DDT!

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Did you see that?! Perfect counter by a former World Champion! Show em how it’s down Alex!”

Riley grabs a ladder, and leans it up in the bottom left corner. Riley then heads over, and grabs AJ Styles. Riley quickly whips Styles hard into the ladder. Riley then comes running forward AND STYLES QUICKLY COUNTERS! Styles pushes off the ladder, lounges forward, catches Riley who leaps into air and nails Riley with a HANGMAN’S FLAPJACK ONTO THE LADDER! Riley’s face goes right into the ladder as it leans up in the corner. Styles quickly resets the ladder back in that corner, and picks Riley up. Styles places Riley against the ladder in the corner, and backs up all the way to the top right corner. Styles then comes running forward, AND NAILS ALEX RILEY WITH A RUNNING DROPKICK IN THE CORNER! Riley falls sideways to the mat, and rolls out of the ring to the outside floor! Styles then grabs the ladder out of the corner, and sets it up right under the briefcase. He opens it up and has it stable in position. Styles then starts to climb up the ladder towards the briefcase. At this time, Rusev slides back into the ring, and starts to climb up the opposite side of the ladder. Rusev and Styles then begin to exchange right hands atop the ladder. Miz then slides back into the ring with his own ladder. He sets the ladder up right next to Rusev and Styles and starts to climb up the ladder. As he does, Rey Mysterio slides into the ring, and with one banged up shoulder, starts to climb up the opposite side of The MIz. He and Miz then begin to exchange right hands as Styles and Rusev do. Suddenly, Alex Riley is back in the ring, and brings in another ladder with him. Riley then sets up the ladder, also next to Rusev and Styles. All five men are now at the top of three separate ladders, exchanging right hands and each at times, reaching for the briefcase. Suddenly, Rey has had enough and starts throwing headbutts in upon Miz. He finally catches him with one good one with stuns both miz and Rey. They both fall from their ladder onto the mat! Styles suddenly gets the best of Rusev, and slams Rusev face right into the top of their ladder. Rusev FALLS BACKWARDS DOWN TO THE MAT! It’s now just Styles and Riley.

MICHAEL COLE..."Styles and Riley going at it! This could be it! One of these two men could pull it off right here and now!”

Riley steps over onto Styles’ ladder. Riley starts to throw down some vicious right hands upon the skull of AJ Styles which staggers Styles a bit. Riley then comes in with one hard right hand, but Styles reaches in and grabs Riley as he does and….NAILS A ONE HANDED BULLDOG FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER! BOTH MEN CRASH HARD ONTO THE MAT! THE FANS ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Riley and Styles both roll out of the ring to catch their breath and recover from such a major move. Meanwhile Rusev staggers up, and knocks over two of the three ladders. He then starts to climb up the original ladder under the briefcase. But as he starts to, he notices Miz has entered the ring. Miz reaches and grabs one of the fallen ladders, and Rusev leaps off the 4th step of his ladder and catches MIz with a double forearm smash, which casues Miz to lose the handle of his ladder. The ladder falls forward and leans against the standing ladder. Rusev then grabs Miz, and slams his face right into the leaning ladder. Rusev then goes back around, and starts to climb up the standing ladder, opposite the side where the leaning ladder rests. Rusev is getting to the top. The fans are on their feet, as they know this could be it. Rusev starts reaching for the briefcase. The fans are holding their breath when suddenly, AJ STYLES SLIDES IN AND RUNS UP THE LEANING LADDER AND CLOTHESLINES RUSEV FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER! Both men hit the mat hard, which Rusev getting the worst of it as he just bounces out of the ring to the ringside floor near the announce tables.


Styles now slowly staggers up to his feet, and heads back to the standing ladder. Styles then starts to climb up the ladder, and gets to the top. He then reaches, as again the fans are holding their breath! Could this be it?! Styles touches the briefcase, but just can’t quite get it unhooked yet. Miz is back up to his feet and removes the leaning ladder. He gets it in his grasp and shoves it upwards, connecting the ladder right into the gut of AJ Styles! Styles slowly falls from the top of the standing ladder onto the mat! He was so close, but couldn’t get the job done. Suddenly Big Show slides into the ring, Miz turns to attack, but no! BIG SHOW CATCHES MIZ WITH A BIG BOOT SENDING THE LADDER RIGHT INTO THE MIZ FACE! Show then walks around standing ladder as Styles starts to stagger up, and grabs Styles AND NAILS HIM WITH A CHOKESLAM ONTO OTHER FALLEN LADDER! Styles’ body just breaks upon the ladder! Such a vicious chokeslam! With that….THEMIZ’S BODYGUARD ENTERS THE RING!

MICHAEL COLE..."What is this?! He can’t get involved in this match?!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."It’s no disqualification Michael! He can do whatever he wants! Specially if this is what Miz paid him to do!”

The body guard is in position as Show turns slowly around. The bodyguard comes in for a hard clothesline….but no! Show reaches out and catches the bodyguard by the throat and….CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM BY BIG SHOW! Show delivers another vicious chokeslam. Miz’s bodyguard is out cold! Show kicks the bodyguard out from the ring, and he falls, out cold onto the ringside floor. Show then turns his attention back to the center of the ring and resets the ladder under the briefcase. He is about to start to climb when MIz slides in and….LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW! MIZ CONNECTS WITH A LOW BLOW! [/b[Show falls to a knee. Miz grabs him from behind, stands him back up and….[b]SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE! Show is down. Miz slowly starts to climb up the ladder. The fans can’t believe what they are seeing. Could Miz really make a huge statement and pick up a giant victory. Miz starts to reach for the briefcase. He touches it but just can’t quite get a grip on hit. He reaches higher. Big SHow, the tough guy that he is, slowly starts to stagger back to his feet. Show notices Miz reaching for the belt and comes in. Show puts his hands upon the ladder and shoves it over….WHICH SENDS MIZ FLYING OFF THE LADDER, OVER THE TOP ROPE AND HARD TO THE OUTSIDE FLOOR! MIZ IS OUT! Show then grabs hold of the ladder and pulls it back up under the briefcase. Show then slowly starts to climb up the ladder, still shaking off the impact of the finisher from Miz just moments ago. On the outside of the ring, opposite of Show, Riley lifts up a ladder through the middle rope, and hooks it on the standing ladder. Almost making a bridge from the ropes to the standing ladder. Show is at the top and has his hands on the briefcase!


Show is about to unhook it, when Riley leaps up onto the bridged ladder, which allows him to climb up the opposite side of Show much faster. Riley reaches the top, and sends hard right hands into the gut of Show. Knocking the air from his lungs. Show bends over in pain, and Riley grabs onto him. Riley hooks him in, looking to attempt a vertical supplex from the top of the ladder. The fans are holding their breath on the edge of their seat. Riley tries…but no! Show blocks it! Show is just too big of a man for Riley to simply suplex like that! Show then breaks free from Riley’s grasp and throws down some hard forearm shots to the back of Riley’s head. Riley is bent forward, and Show steps up onto the top step. Show then pulls Riley in, looking to send Riley off the top of the ladder with a POWERBOMB! Show sets him up….BUT NO! NO! RILEY REVERSES! Riley uses all his strength to reverse, and instead, flips Show over his head, AND SENDS BIG SHOW FLYING OFF THE TOP ROPE AND LANDING HARD ONTO THE BRIDGE LADDER BREAKING THROUGH IT!


Riley is now in postion. This could be it. Alex Riley could once again have his hands on the Money IN The Bank briefcase! However suddenly, AJ Styles leaps up onto the apron on the other side, leaps up onto the ropes, and springboards from the top rope….RIGHT ONTO THE LADDER OPPOSITE RILEY. Styles climbs up quickly AND MEETS ALEXY RILEY AT THE TOP OF THE LADDER! The two start to exchance right hand over and over again. The fans are on their feet. Each man is letting the other have it. They are letting it all out right here, right now. Punches after punches. Styles suddenly starts to get the best of Riley. Riley is staggered, but not at. He wont go down. He won’t let go. Styles suddenly reaches up, he has the briefcase in his grasp. Riley too, reaches up and gets his hands on it. Styles shoves the briefcase forward AND IT KNOCKS RILEY RIGHT IN THE FACE…….RILEY FALLS! RILEY FALLS! ALEX RILEY FALLS FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER ONTO THE MAT! Styles is left! The fans are going nuts!


Styles reaches up, starts to unhook the briefcase but just as he is trying to do so, Rey Mysterio is trying to slide into the ring, but gets pulled right back out by MIz and…SKULL CRUSHING FINALE ON THE OUTSIDE FLOOR! Miz quicly grabs a chair from under the ring, and slides in. Styles has the breifcause unhooked…BUT NO! NO! NO! THE MIZ SENDS A CHAIR SHOT UP AND ON THE LEGS OF AJ STYLES! Styles reach is no more. Miz reaches back, and sends another chair shot up into the legs of Styles. Styles legs are weakening they can barely hold their ground on the ladder. Miz THEN NAILS ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT TO THE LEGS! AJ STYLES LOOSES HIS FOOTING….STYLES FALLS! STYLES FALLS! STYLES FALLS FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER![b] Miz suddenly looks around….everyone is down! Everyone is down but Miz! Miz realizes this and is going bizerk! THE FANS ARE BOOING HEAVILY! Miz drops the chair and quickly climbs up the ladder. Miz reaches….Miz unhooks……[b]MIZ DID IT! THE MIZ UNHOOKS THE BREIFCASE!


The fans can’t believe it. They are losing their minds. Booing as loud as they can. Miz holds the briefcase up high in the air from the top of the ladder as his music plays loud over the p.a system.

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Just moments after the WWE Universe just witness "Mike, "The Miz win his second Money in the Bank match after capturing the Money in the Bank Briefcase. "The Sold-out" Crowd live in St. Louis, Missouri....Are still in shocked over the outcome of the Match. With that; we are taken back up to the Kick off panel where Renee Young,Jerry "The King" Lawler , Booker T and Corey Graves are in their seats where they were during the kick off show. Renee Young welcomes us back to the panel.

RENEE YOUNG ... “Welcome back to the Money in the Bank, Kickoff Panel WWE Universe.' Renee Young here, with WWE famer"Jerry "The King" Lawler , Booker T and Corey Graves. Oh my God what a night it has been here at Money in the Bank. It has been a historic Night the entire evening. Speaking of Making history, all I can say right now is wow. Just wow. About after the Miz's performance here tonight becoming Mr. Money in the bank for the second time in his WWE Career But, what a night guys, huh?”

COREY GRAVES..."Renee, you are actual right on you're commentary. Maybe if you keep this up perhaps we could see you replace Michael Cole in the future! Well, Tonight! Has-Been one of those nights for the WWE Universe.' It begun with the WWE Hardcore Championship, Between Dean Ambrose and jimmy Hovoc!"

JERRY "THE KING" LAWLER.... "Well, I have said it before, I am going to say it again right now. IT's GOOD TO BE THE KING! Tonight, for me! It was the Divas Money in the Bank match! Starting with Naomi, making history to be the First woman in history! To win capture the Briefcase..." Good for her. We are very likely looking at the Next Champion, when she cashes in that contract. We are far from done here. We have the main event for the WWE Universal Title coming up!"

RENEE YOUNG ... “That's right, still to come. We have the man of WWE! Seth Rollins to defend the WWE Universal title against CM Punk in an-No Disqualification, match up. Here, tonight. So Book, let's begin with you, tell us who you got leaving here as Champion of the WWE?"

BOOKER T... "Well, Before I begin to give you, my reason and why Renee! Let me say, I have a lot of Respect for CM Punk for what he has done for our business. When he was an active Wrestler going full force all the time for this company.' He left for personal reasons. We are not going to get into that, so my pick who I believe will leave here as the WWE Universal Champion is......—"Seth Rollins! Look, may have been retired when Seth Rollins got to the WWE! I can tell you he will stop at Nothing to leave here as: Champion.' Prove to everybody here he is what he claims to be. THE MAN OF THE WWE BABY!"

COREY GRAVES..."So, Book. So you, believe that. You believe in Seth Rollins for him to get it done tonight against CM Punk in his first title deference as the Universal Champion in the New Era of the WWE! I know your reason for Picking the MAN of the WWE! It's because, Seth is Triple H boy. Your Boss who signs your checks every week like the rest of us in the WWE! That is the whole truth, you know it."

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RENEE YOUNG ... “Alright guys. Lets cool it right now. Alright, we have the main event of the evening coming- up in a few short moments.' So with all that being said, we need to go backstage now where we are getting word that our WWE Universal Champion.... Seth Rollins! IS standing backstage with the Authority in his dressing room for some final thoughts.'Before, Seth Rollins makes his way out to the Ring!"


With that; being said. As the Cameras open up in the Backstage area straight into our WWE Universal Champion's Locker Room. The scene opens with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Standing side by Side. The Game turns around and locks eyes with the Architect of the WWE....Seth Rollins! As the coo! Took this opportunity to get the man of the WWE! Jacked and ready to defend his title against CM Punk in a few short moments from now.

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“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "SO Seth, it's almost time! Are you Ready? I'm sure hope you are, I know this is your time is still here right now!

"MAN OF WWE; SETH ROLLINS:... "Oh yeah, I am ready for you! It's about damn time the man of WWE got treated for a nice sweet meal.' Come on let's be honest alright? I am starving like I have not eaten in about a week. After all the training, I have put this body thought for Money in the Bank!"

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "You know, Seth! I am not taking you out for anything just yet. You have to prove yourself with a Victory leaving, here with the WWE Universal Championship! If you can do that, then I'll be more than happy to treat you to Dinner.' All you have to do is win....Something you have been doing for Months. This shouldn't be a problem. It's your Job to Put Punk in his place in your Ring. Do you Understand me? I got no time for Games. So you, better get the Job Done!"

A big smirk appeared across face of Seth Rollins! As Stephanie McMahon at this time, took the opportunity to step into the picture. She has been standing next to Hunter the Whole time watching WWE Universal Champion! She now spoke up getting right into Seth's face.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Well, Seth you think you are funny don't you? Look at me, when I speak directly to you. This right now is the best time for you get your act together, right now. If you love being Champion as: You say then you will do what we ask from you! You have CM Punk up Next with your WWE Universal Title on the Line.' The Miz is standing in your shadow waiting on Opportunity to cash that in. The First Opportunity he sees is your weakness. So it's on you, to make sure you don't let your Guard down! Those are your orders to get done here at Money in the Bank!"

Right then, Seth took the time to break out with his World famous laughter. As he placed the WWE Universal title over his right shoulder'. The WWE Universe inside the arena love what they are seeing from: The Architect of the WWE.' Seth Rollins! As he took this time to speak up, this was his only shot to speak before going out to the ring.

"MAN OF WWE; SETH ROLLINS:... "Well, look Stephanie McMahon! That's one: Heck of a Joke', Trust me, believe in the MAN OF THE WWE! All you need to do.' I'm more than focus for this Match, and for the Miz will be in my shadow waiting for the first opportunity to cash that case in. I have been there, and done that! IS WHAT. The Miz looks to accomplish!" I am ready for —Anything Tonight Because, I am the man of the WWE— For a Reason. This Championship belongs to "SETH 'FREAKIN' ROLLINS! It will be with me in the end. 'Cause. I AM JUST THAT GOOD.'... HA! HA!"

With that, it's about time for the last match of the evening. Our Main Event between the WWE Universal Champion.' Seth Rollins, CM Punk for the title. As Seth now turns around, Triple H open the door holding it for the Architect. Seth step thought the door follow by: The Authority! As the cameras begin to fade. The Scene came to a close. The Main Event for the WWE Universal Championship is up next! We cut to WWE Network for the last time to advertise: Next Month's pay-per-view. HELL IN THE CELL!"


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TAGLINE: A Golden Opportunity Awaits the WWE!”
VENUE: St. Louis, Missouri- Scottrade Center


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It is time. It is here. The main event. Fans have enjoyed an action packed 2017 edition of Money In The Bank. We saw champions solidfy themselves. We saw an A lister become the absolute opportunist. Now it is time for the biggest prize of them all to be put on the line. Now it is time for the Universal Championship. Everyone in attendance is geared and ready to go. They have enough energy for this final contest as this is one many of them have been waiting for. With that.

“CULT OF PERSONALITY” hits over the p.a system. The fans give a nice pop, and after a few seconds, CM Punk comes walking steadily out from the back and that pop only gets louder. The challenger looks ready and focused for this occasion. Punk takes his time, and makes his way down the ramp way towards the ring.

MICHAEL COLE... "This….this is a huge opportunity for CM Punk. Golden Opportunity. He has the chance to dethrone the long reign of Seth Rollins and replace The Man around here on top of RAW.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Huge opportunities come with huge risk. He is going up against arguably the best Universal Champion we have ever had. The Man! Seth Rollins! This will not be easy for CM Punk no matter how talented CM Punk maybe!”

Punk makes his way into the ring and does his usual prematch routine before finally finding himself standing in the bottom right corner. Leaning there, waiting the arrival of the champion. With that, Punk’s music fades out. A few seconds pass and then suddenly.

“SECOND COMING” hits loud over the p.a system. The fans give a mix reaction, that is filled with mostly boos. That reaction only intensifies as Seth Rollins with arms out wide and the WWE Universal Championship around his waist, comes stomping out from the back. His trademark smirk upon his face. Rollins is pumped and ready to go. Rollins quickly makes his way down the ramp way towards the ring.

MICHAEL COLE... "There he is JBL. The self-procliamed ‘Man’ around here, Seth Rollins! Our current Universal Champion!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Say what you want about the guy. Like him. Hate him. NO matter how you feel, you have to admit he has earned the right to call himself ‘The Man’ around here, and until someone beats him….that is what he is!”

Seth Rollins reached the bottom of the entrance ramp and heads up the steal steps located near the top left turnbuckle. Rollins the walks along the apron down towards the bottom left turnbuckle and climbs up the side. There Rollins unhooks the Universal title around his waist and holds it up high in the air. The fans again give a mix reaction as cameras go off everywhere. Rollins then puts the title over his shoulder and enters the ring. Lillian Garcia makes her way into the ring for introductions as Rollins takes his place in the top left corner and CM Punk takes his place in the top right.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Introducing Ladies and gentlemen this next contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is our MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! This match will be a no disqualification match and it is for the WWE UUUUUUNIVERSAL CHAAAAAMPIONSHIP!”

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Fans give a huge pop! Rollins just smirks as he leans in his corner with the Universal Championship over his shoulder. Punk bouncing on his toes, shaking his arms out. Looking determined to dethrone the Universal Champ.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Introducing Introducing first….the challenger. Standing six feet two inches and weighing in at two hundred and eighteen pounds. He comes to us from Chicago, Illionis and is known as the voice of the voiceless. He is….C….M…..PUUUUUUNK!”

Fans give a nice pop, as Punk lets out a roar and throws his arms in the air. He is pumped and ready to go. Rollins just smirks in the corner and mocks Punk. Punk steps back into his corner as it is now the champs turn to be introduced.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Introducing Introducing next….the champion. Standing six feet two inches and weighing in at two hundred and seventeen pounds. He hails from Davenport, Iowa and is your current, reigning, defending UNIVERSAL CHAMPION…..SEEEEEETH…..FREAKIN….ROOOOOOOLLINS!”

Rollins steps forward, throwing the Universal Championship high in the air and throwing out some strong words towards the crowd about him being the man. This receives a mostly negative reaction, but Rollins could care less. He knows he has what it takes to back up his strong words. With that, the ref takes the belt from Rollins and hands it to an outside official. Lillian makes her exit and Rollins slides his shirt off and throws it over the top rope. The two are ready to go! The ref checks on them, sees this, and here we go! DING DING DING With that…the Universal Championship match is underway and the fans give a nice pop! Rollins and Punk start of cerebral as both men start to size one another up. They begin to circle the ring. Not once, but twice. They both indicate for s time Punk has a lock up and lounge forward, but just before they lock up, Rollins side steps out of the way. Punk turns around to face Rolins, and Rollins just steps back, laughing and mocking CM Punk. The two then start to circle the ring once again. Once, twice, and again start to indicate for a lock up. The lounge forward, and just like before, Seth Rollins side steps out of the way. Rollins is again laughing and mocking Punk, who doesn’t take lightly to this. The fans boo Rollins. This time Punk has a response for Rollins. He tilts his head back a bit, and then launches a spit right into the face of Seth Rollins! PUNK SPITS IN ROLLINS FACE! The fans love it! Rollins’ smile is easily gone, as the disrespect is real. Rollins wipes the spit from his face and quickly charges at Punk. Punk ducks a running clothesline attempt from Rollins and just when Rollins turns around, Punk leaps backwards into the air, AND CATCHES SETH ROLLINS WITH AN ENZUGIRI! Rollins stumbles back into the top right corner. Punk gets to his feet, comes running in, and nails a running high knee to Rollins, then steps back, and lounges forward with a running clothesline across the chest of Rollins. Rollins is stunned in the corner. Punk then backs away a few steps, comes running, AND AGAIN CATCHES SETH ROLLINS WITH A RUNNING HIGH KNEE IN THE CORNER! This time Punk wraps his arm around the head of Rollins in the corner, pulls Rollins out, runs forward and NAILS SETH ROLLINS WITH A RUNNING BULLDOG! Punk in full control!

MICHAEL COLE... "Wow, the challenger is come out on fire here in the early going!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Don’t count Rollins out just yet, Michael! He is the champ for a reason!”

With Rollins down on the mat, Punk quickly heads to the top left corner. There, he exits the ring, and climbs up the side of the top left turnbuckle. Punk sets himself up, then leaps up, AND CONNECTS WITH A FLYING ELBOW DROP ONTO SETH ROLLINS! Punk quickly goes for the cover!




Rollins is able to quickly quick out just as the two count is made. Punk pays no mind to the failed pinfall, instead knowing he has a lot of work to do. Rollins tries to roll over and Punk quickly wraps his arm around the throat of Rollins, and gets him in a side headlock. Punk squeezes tight, as Rollins quickly gasps for air. Rollins knows he must act quick, and quickly pushes his way to his feet, as Punk holds tightly onto the side headlock. Rollins is able to use his strength to push Punk into the ropes, and then push him off. Punk losing his grip, goes flying across the ring into the opposite ropes that face the announce tables. As Punk bounces off and comes back, Seth Rollins quickly leap frogs over CM Punk! Punk hits the opposite ropes, comes back, Rollins catches punk, attempts hip toss…BUT NO! Punk blocks it, switches positions and…HE COUNTERS WITH A HIP TOSS OF HIS OWN ON ROLLINS! Rollins is right back up, and Punk leaps straight up into the air, AND CATCHES SETH ROLLINS WITH A LEAPING DROPKICK! Fans give a nice pop, as Rollins hits the mat. Punk is really taking it to him. Punk comes to the body of Seth and lands a couple of stomps onto the champ. Punk picks Rollins up and pushes Rollins into the top right corner. Punk come sin hard and lands a couple of vicious knife edge chops across the bare chest of Rollins. Leaving a mark. Punk then grabs hold of Rollins and begins to whip him across the ring, but no! Rollins reverses! Rollins sends Punk flying acorss the ring, and Punk’s back hits the bottom left turnbuckle hard. Punk staggers forward, and Rollins comes running in, BUT CM PUNK LOUNGES FORWARD AND CATCHES SETH ROLLINS WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE! Rollins almost does a full flip in the air and hits the mat hard!

MICHAEL COLE... "Jesus! The champ almost had his head taken off there by the challenger, CM Punk!”

Punk gets to his feet, backs up into the ropes, bounces off, comes forward, leaps into the air, and catches Seth Rollins with a leaping knee drop to the forehead. Punk then takes off back towards the top left turnbuckle and climbs up. Punk is setting up for another air attack, but Rollins quickly rolls out of the reach. Rolling himself towards the bottom right corner, and leaning there against the ropes. Punk just drops down onto his feet on the mat, and comes walking forward at Rollins. He gets close, reaches down, but just as he does, Rollins leaps up, catches Punk AND COUNTERS WITH A REVERSE STO INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Punk goes face first into the turnbuckle. Rollins rolls up to his feet and lands a few stomps to the body of CM Punk. Rollins then reaches down, picks Punk up, lifts him up and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Rollins then climbs up there with punk, gets him into position and attempts a superplex…BUT NO! CM PUNK BLOCKS IT! Rollins tries again, but again Punk is able to block the attempt. Punk then starts firing some right hands into the mid section of Rollins. Rollins looses his grip, and Punk just shoves him backwards. Rollins falls from the top turnbuckle onto his back, and rolls over to his knees. Punk tires to adjust himself and get his footing on the top turnbuckle, but before he can, the athletic Rollins gets right back to his feet, runs forward, leaps up onto the top turnbuckle, grabs Punk before he can react and….SUPERPLEX! SUPERPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE BY SETH ROLLINS! The two land hard on the mat, but Rollins doesn’t let go of his hold. Instead he flips over, still holding onto Punk. Picks Punk up with him, lifts him up into the air and…FALCON ARROW! FALCON ARROW! WHAT A COMBINATION! SUPERPLEX INTO A FALCON ARROW! Rollins hooks the leg for the count!




Fans give a little pop as Punk is able to kick out of the combination. Rollins rolls over onto Punk and proceeds to throw down some hard right hands into the face of Punk. Rollins then picks Punk up and pushes him back into the ropes. Rollins then attempts to whip Punk, but Punk reverses. Rollins hits the ropes, comes back, and Punk goes for a clothesline attempt, but this time Rollins ducks his attempt. Rollins bounces off the opposite ropes, and Punk turns around to RECEIVE A SLINGBLADE FROM SETH ROLLINS! Rollins quickly gets back ot his feet, and NAILS CM PUNK WITH A STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! What athleticism from Seth Rollins! Rollins hooks the leg!




Rollins gives the ref a look of frustration, but then goes back on the attack. He gets right back up to his feet, and begins to land stomps over and over again to the body of CM Punk. Rollins then reaches down, picks Punk up sets him up, and proceeds to nail a vertical suplex, keeping his grip on Punk, rolls over and proceeds to nail two more vertical suplexes…executing THREE AMIGOS! Punk is dazed. Rollins quickly rolls up to his feet, and leaps up onto the top right turnbuckle. He waits as Punk staggers up, dazed, and Rollins then flips off and…BLOCKBUSTER! BLOCKBUSTER! SETH ROLLINS CATCHES CM PUNK WITH A BLOCKBUSTER! Rollins again goes for the count!




The fans give a nice pop. You can see the frustration really starting to build inside Seth Rollins after each failed pinfall! Rollins gets to his feet and lands a few more stomps to the body of CM Punk, keeping him down. Rollins the exits the ring, walks along the apron, and heads up the side of the bottom right turnbuckle. Rollins gets his footing under him, stands, leaps off, AND SETH ROLLINS CONNECTS WITH A FROG SPLASH ONTO CM PUNK! Rollins again hooks the leg! That’s got to be it!




Fans love it, but Rollins can’t believe it! What does he have to do?! Four straight missed pinfalls! Rollins is furious and he gets to his feet and immediately gets in the refs face who continues to stand b the two count. Meanwhile, this gives Punk a little time to regroup. Punk rolls close to the ropes, and starts to lean on the bottom rope a bit, using it to pull himself up to one knee. Rollins has had enough arguing with the ref, and turns to see Punk trying to regroup. Rollins quickly takes off for Punk, but Punk quickly catches Rollins and flips him up and over the top rope…BUT ROLLINS LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE APRON! Punk doesn’t know Rollins landed on his feet, and his back is to Seth as he steps forward in the ring. He then slowly turns around and at this time, Rollins quickly leaps up onto the top rope, springboards off, AND CATCHES PUNK ACROSS THE FACE WITH A SPRINGBOARD KNEE STRIKE! Punk falls backwards and through the ropes down to the ringside floor near the announce tables. Rollins quickly heads to the opposite ropes, bounces off, comes running towards Punk, and just as Punk staggers up, Rollins leaps through the ropes and…SUICIDE DIVE ONTO CM PUNK! Rollins is quickly back up and isn’t down there. Rollins slides back in, runs back to the opposite ropes, bounces off, comes running forward as Punk staggers up, Rollins leaps through ropes….SECOND SUICIDE DIVE ONTO CM PUNK! Rollis is fired up but he isn’t done there. Rollins signals for one more. Rollins slides into the ring. Runs to the opposte ropes bounces off the ropes, comes running back as Punk staggers back to his feet on the outside floor one more time, and this time Rollins leaps up and over the top rope, NAILING CM PUNK WITH A SOMMERSUALT PLANCHA! Rollins will showing off here!

MICHAEL COLE... "Seth Rollins really taking it to Punk now! Wow what a sequence there by the champion!”

Rollins gets to his feet and begins to taunt Punk and then the crowd at ringside. The fans give a mix reaction that is filled with mostly boos. Rollins then starts to take about one of the monitors on the main RAW announce table. He takes the cord attached to that monitor and proceeds to, WRAP IT AROUND THE THROAT OF CM PUNK! Punk is gasping for air, as Rollins tightens the hold. Fans are booing loudly, as Rollins is literally choking the life from Punk! Punk is about to lose all hope, when suddenly he, leaps backwards and shoves Rollins back up into the RAW announce table. Rollins lower back connects hard along the edge of the table, causing Rollins to lose his grip of the cord. Rollins staggers off to the side, holding his lower back in pain. Punk takes a moment to catch his breath and then grabs the fallen monitor, turns to Rollins and lounges at him looking to connect the monitor over Rollins head…BUT NO! Rollins ducks under and then, ROLLINS SUPERKICKS THE MONITOR RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF PUNK! Punk hits the floor! Rollins just smirks as he looks out into the crowd. Rollins then steps over, grabs Punk by the head and pulls him up. Rollins bends Punk forward and gets him into position. Rollins then lifts Punk up into the air, runs forward towards the barricade just passed the top right turnbuckle and…A BUCKLE BOMB ONTO THE OUTSIDE BARRICADE! Punk crashes hard onto the barricade. He looks almost broken. Rollins isn’t done there. Rollins grabs Punk, pulls him away from the barricade and turns him around. He then sets him back up, lifts him back up, and runs towards the opposite barricade passed the bottom right turnbuckle and just to the side of the time keepers area and …A SECOND BUCKLE BOMB ONTO THE OUTSIDE BARRICADE! Punk falls forward to the outside floor. Rollins just walks along the outside floor towards the bottom left corner of the ring, if watching at home, and engages in some trash talking with some fans. Punk is barely hanging on. Punk tries to push himself up to his feet, and falls over into the barricade near the time keepers area. Rollins turns and sees Punk and comes in for the kill. He runs at Punk, BUT PUNK COUNTERS AND FILPS ROLLINS UP AND OVER AND INTO THE TIME KEEPERS AREA! Rollins crashes into the table, the chair and knocks everything over. What a counter. Punk falls over back down the floor and both men are down!

MICHAEL COLE... "Oh man what a counter by CM Punk! He just may have bought himself a chance in this match when all hope looked lost!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Seth Rollins should have kept on the attack! Never turn your back to your opponent when you have him down and out!”

Both men seem to be down for quite sometime. Punk on the ringside floor. Rollins on the otherside of the barricade amongst the rubble of the time keepers equipment. Punk slowly pulls himself up to his feet and looks over the barricade. He sees Rollins down and walks around the barricade to go and pick Rollins up but just as he does, Rollins turns over and…SMACK! ROLLINS NAILS PUNK OVER THE HEAD WITH THE RING BELL! Punk falls backwards to the floor. Fans boo heavily. Rollins rolls up to his feet, drops the bell, and picks Punk up. Rollins then proceeds to roll Punk back into the ring. Rollins slides in. Rollins heads to the opposite side of the ring and bends over a bit and yells for Punk to get up. Punk slowly tries to push himself up to all fours, and just as he does, Rollins comes running in and…CURB STOMP! CURB STOMP! SETH ROLLINS NAILS THE CURB STOMP! Punk is out. Rollins looks down, thinks about the pinfall for a moment but then….CHANGES HIS MIND! Rollins wants to really make sure Punk stays down this time. Rollins reaches down, grabs the arm of punk and drags him over to the middle of the ring. Rollins then reaches down, and picks the lifeless Punk up to his feet and bends him forward into position for the pedigree. There, Rollins holds him in position for sometime. Rollins holds his arms out wide to the side, smiles and just mocks Punk and the crowd. Really taking his time here to add insult to injury. Then with one swift move….PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! ROLLINS PUTS THE nail in the coffin! Rollins then rolls Punk’s lifeless body over and goes for the pinfall!




user posted image

With that the bell sounds, and Rollins’ music hits back over the p.a system. It is over. A dominate title defense by Seth Rollins! The ref quickly retrieves the title and hands it over to Rollins who holds the belt up high in the air, signifying his dominate title defense.


MICHAEL COLE..."This has been a Money in the bank one for the Ages! For Years to come. We are out of time folks. Thank you everyone for tuning in to Money in the Bank. We will see you tomorrow night on Monday night Raw as a new era is about to BEGIN! Good night Everybody!

user posted image

The fans show their displeasure mostly as Rollins continues to celebrate with the Universal Championship. And that is our last image of Money IN the Bank as another successful pay per view fades to black. The wwe logo flashing upon Black the screen. MONEY IN THE BANK GOES OFF THE AIR.


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