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Triple H
 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 07:12 PM

*Membership Guidelines*

1. Ignoring staff pm messages, first time be left off with a warnning the next time may be deleted.

2. All Roleplay's must be new; If STOLEN or EDITED after being posted and found out, there will be consequences.

3. If you have a problem with the results and you feel like you should have won; Please PM a member of the rightful Staff to the brand and they can give you to why you lost; Please don't bring it up in the chatbox.

4. Please we ask you not to complain when the results will be up; everyone can get busy with real life stuff; and we as the staff know how it can be so member should respect that and they will be up on time.

5. Raw (Superstar) Smackdown (Main Event) Roleplay's are always 1k

6. Roleplays are based on 2k - 2.5k; But at PPVs they will be from 2.5k - 3k and at wrestlemania PPV Events they could go up to 4k.

7. Those RPs which are posted after deadline won't be counted, unless been athourized by a member of higher staff.

8. All Roleplay threads will be locked after the deadline, there will be no extensions, unless changed by higher staff.

9. ALL members will get 5 days to RP, and then it gives up 2 days to get the results up for the right day. (MONDAY & TUESDAY) for Raw and Smackdown.

10. If given a match or Segments to be done; Please can we get them to Higher Staff on time. I know Real Life comes first we all understand that but if you pick up a match or segment we need them on time.

11. If you've said you are going to do a segment can you please make sure you do; It's nothing worse than someone saying they are going to write one but don't follow through with it.

12. If you are planning to Bail you will be banned, we don't have time for people who like to waste our time when we as staff put in a lot of time and effort.

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