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Trish Stratus
 Posted: May 25 2017, 01:59 AM
Trish StratusN/A years old, played by Maria
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MAURO RANALLO..."Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Smackdown Live. I'm Mauro Ranallo here with my partner Byron Saxton. We've got a jam packed show for you here tonight. Tell them about some of what they are about to see tonight Byron.”

BYRON SAXTON..."Well, we've got a little diva action later tonight with Paige, Bayley, and Charlotte, better known as PCB taking on the trio of Carmella, EVa Marie, and Victoria. We will also see Baron Corbin defending his World Heavyweight Championship against the Rated R Superstar, Edge!”

MAURO RANALLO..."Byron I cannot wait to see what transpires here tonight on Smackdown Live. The last show before Wrestlemania. I gotta tell you. I am on edge wanting to see what is going to happen. Look at the ring, it has been covered in a red carpeting and it appears we are going to be having a little celebration.”

Just then, "I Tease, You Touch" began blaring throughout the arena, and Brooke Tessmacher began making her way to the ring. There were clusters of balloons tied to each of the ring posts. Confetti littered the ring. Brooke walked up the steel stairs. Crossed over to one of the stagehands and grabbed a microphone. She stood in the middle of the ring as the fans cheers began to subside.

BYRON SAXTON..."And, now it appears as if we are going to hear from Smackdown Diva's Law, Brooke Tessmacher.”

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to tonight's edition of Smackdown Live. I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed seeing the men and women of Smackdown on Monday Night Raw. Now, I'm sure you are wondering why the ring looks like this. Well, you're about to find out! At the Supershow, our roster showed that we had what it takes to battle the superstars and divas of Raw. With that being said, let me please introduce the NEW Diva's Tag Team Champions, The Bella Twins!!!!!”

"You Can Look But You Can't Touch" by Kim Sozzi began playing as Brooke Tessmacher gestured enthusiastically to the titantron. The Bellas posed at the top of the ramp before doing their signature twirl, holding their championships high above their heads.

BYRON SAXTON..."You gotta admit those championships look nice on The Bellas.”

Brie and Nikki entered the ring, each retrieving a microphone as their music slowly faded. Brooke began speaking again.

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."Let me first start off by saying how well the two of you represented Smackdown Live at the Raw Supershow. I would like to congratulate you guys on winning the Diva's Tag Titles. I have to admit it is a little bittersweet for me to see you hold the title again though Brie, seeing as the last time I was your partner, but I can't think of a better partner for you than Nikki.”

NIKKI BELLA..."Thank you Brooke. None of this would have been possible without Brooke Hogan's invitation over to Raw. So a huge thank you to Brooke Hogan.”

BRIE BELLA..."Sasha and AJ underestimated us, and we showed them exactly what the blue brand is all about!”

The fans began cheering again, and Brooke Tessmacher stood by clapping before she raised the mic back to her lips.

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."Now, I would like to invite the rest of the Smackdown Live women's roster down to the ring for a moment. So, ladies if you could please join us....”

She clasps ehr hands together in front of her as she and the Bellas turn their attention to the titantron. "Turn It Up" bt CFO$ is heard throughout the arena, and the Smackdown Live Diva roster headed to the ring lead by Bayley. Everyone watched as the Divas made their way to the ring. All except one. The Women's Champion, Lana was missing from the lineup of women.

BYRON SAXTON..."Talk about a slap in the face to Brie Bella. Her opponent for Wrestlemania, Lana isn't here at ringside to join in the celebration.”

MAURO RANALLO..."Perhaps that's Lana's way of telling Brie that she is irrelevant to the title picture.”

BYRON SAXTON..."I think Brie Bella has more than proved herself as far as being a worthy opponent. We may just see the Women's Championship change hands at Wrestlemania.”

MAURO RANALLO..."I don't know Byron. You shouldn't count Lana out so easily.”

The Divas lined up single file in the ring, and awaited an explaination from Brooke Tessmacher about why she had called them out there. They didn't have to wait long.

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."Now, I know you guys are wondering why I've called you out here. It seems fitting to me that since Brie and Nikki have brought the Diva's Tag Titles over to Smackdown Live that they should defend them. Don't you guys think so?”

She looks to the crowd for approval and she is answered by cheering.

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."I thought you guys would agree. However, before they can defend those titles, we first have to have number one contenders. So, I......”

Before Brooke can finish her thought, the mic is snatched out of her hand by Angelina Love.

ANGELINA LOVE... “What do you mean you NEED number one contenders?! Velvet and I deserve our redemption against The Bella Twins. They have been a thorn in our side for the past few weeks now. What better way to sweeten the pot than to put those pretty little titles on the line. Unless The Boo-Hoo Bellas are scared?”

She looks into the direction of Brie and Nikki with a faux pout. Brie and Nikki try to go after her but are held back by Bayley and Charlotte. The Bellas are yelling inaudibly at 'The Beautiful People' as Paige snatches the mic away from Angelina.

PAIGE..."Yeah? Well, what if Bayley and I want a shot at winning those titles huh?!What makes you ENTITLED to the number one contender spot?”

Carmella then rips the microphone away from Paige.

CARMELLA..."The Princess of Staten Island in the house!!!!!! Okay okay now WHAT IF Miss F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S is looking for a partner to take on the Busted Bellas?”

She holds the mic down with her eyebrows raised and her head cocked to the side. Several divas start to argue in the middle of the ring, and Brooke Tessmacher snatches her microphone back from Carmella.

BROOKE TESSMACHER..."WILL YOU ALL WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE! If you would've let me finish you ALL could've saved your breath! No one is being HANDED a number on contenders spot. It WILL BE earned! Now, seeing as Brie is set to compete against Lana at Wrestlemania this is an issue that will be handled after the pay per view. As for tonight, I think I can satisfy you're urges to compete ladies. Velvet, tonight you will compete in a singles match against Candice LeRae. Angelina you can accompany her to ringside. As for the rest of you that feel the need to butt your two cents in....Paige....Bayley....tonight I am offering you two a chance at revenge. Tonight, it will be Bayley, Charlotte, and Paige versus Carmella, Eva Marie, and Victoria. Now, are you all satisfied?”

They all nodded in approval. However, they all still eyed the championships that Brie and Nikki had slung over their shoulders. The Bellas, seeing this decide to respond.

NIKKI BELLA..."You guys can eye ball these championship belts all you want, but they aren't going anywhere.”

BRIE BELLA..."That's right. We didn't put all that hard work and effort in just to come back to Smackdown and hand them over. You guys will.....”

Suddenly, Brie was interrupted by the theme music of Lana. 'The Ravishing Russian' appeared at the top of the ramp shooting daggers into the direction of her Wrestlemania opponent, Brie Bella. Brie's stare was the equivalent of Lana's as the show went to commercial break.

The cameras are now set and focused on ringside where Rey Mysterio and Big Show now stand in the middle of the squared circle staring each other down . The crowd going wild and filling up the arena with the “ 619 chants “ as the referee calls for the bell both men charge at each other as Rey Mysterio goes for a spear Big Show counters with a irish whip sending Rey bouncing off the turnbuckle as Rey stumbles about Big Show connects with one vicious clothesline nearly knocking Rey's head off as he crashes onto the mat. Walking towards Rey Mysterio as he picks him up and locks in a headlock as Rey begins to fight back as he connects with a number of elbow shots to the stomach of Big Show sending him stumbling backwards . As Big Show stumbles backwards Rey Mysterio is then seen charging at Show as he connects with a running drop kick that sends big show crashing onto the mat. The crowd going wild as 619 619 619 chants fill up the arena .

BYRON SAXTON : Rey Mysterio looking to fly here tonight ladies and gentlemen ! Big Show might want to avoid falling victim to that move or it might just cost him the match.

Back inside the ring Show is backed up against the turnbuckle as Rey is now charging at Show and connects with a bronco buster . The crowd going wild as Rey climbs the turnbuckles quickly as he waits and watches on as Show slowly makes his way to his feet. As Show stumbles about Rey comes flying off the top turnbuckle and connects with a diving hurricanrana . Show falls onto the mat as Rey goes for the cover as he hooks the leg of Show as the ref starts the count .

MAURO RANALLO : Rey seems in control of the match at the moment but he needs to keep on the attack cause one slight mistake and Show will capitalize as he's been known to do .

1.....2.... KICK OUT !!!

Rey stands up as Show does the same and Rey charges at him going for a spear that Show counters and sends him bouncing off the ropes . Rey bounces off the ropes and comes back charging at Show who takes him down with one vicious big boot. Rey crashes onto the mat as Show follows up with a series of stomps and kicks each time Rey tries to make his way back to his feet . Show looking out to the crowd who is chanting for Rey as he gets a smirk upon his face and picks Rey up and locks in the bearhug that has Rey screaming out in pain. Show adding the pressure as he locks on the move tighter now and Rey begins to fight back as best he can but Show now fighting back as well connects with a vicious sidewalk slam that lands Rey back in the middle of the ring.

BYRON SAXTON : Rey taking quite the beating at the hands of the big show here tonight … someone needs to stop this .

Back inside the ring Rey and Show are fighting back and forth as Rey goes for an elbow shot as Show blows it and picks Rey up and delivers one hell of a chokeslam as the drops down and hooks the leg of Rey covering him with the pin .


GREG HAMILTON: Here is your winner... THE BIG SHOOWWWW !!!


Without a warning Kevin Owens is seen jumping over the barricade as he slides into the ring and sneaks up behind Big Show who is celebrating his victory. Owens grabs the waist of Big Show, pushes the big man towards the ropes, Big Show rebounds off the ropes and as he comes towards Owens, Owens moves in to attempt to push Big Show up for a Pop-Up, however the attempt just causes Big Show to come to a sudden halt, standing at full height before Kevin Owens, then the big hand of Big Show shoots across, fist clenched and Owens drops like a wall of bricks being hit with a wrecking ball since Big Show just knocked Owens out with the Weapon of Mass Destruction punch!

]Silence filled the arena as the Titantron flickers and suddenly comes alive as SmackDown is already seeing some outstanding matches. The camera wakes up as a familiar face is seen walking the corridors of the SmackDown halls in deep thoughts. Simply this was not his week for action as Roman was in his causal clothes and holding a cup of coffee as he walked alone down the hallways to his destination which came quicker than expected.

user posted image

Stopping in front of a close door and knocking lightly Roman stood waiting as a faint Come on in was heard, as Roman did so. It seemed the camera walked through the wall as it was now seen on the opposite side and inside the office on the General Manager Trish Stratus who like all nights looked amazing and dressed to impress. Roman allowed himself to walk in as the door closed by itself and Trish stood up and greeted Roman who still had hold of the cup which he brought to his lips to moist them. It seemed seconds before Roman removed his cup and smiled as he looked Trish in the eyes and spoke in a dark light-hearted tone.

ROMAN REIGNS..."Trish! Did I ever say to you, that you bring a real lovely light inside my heart? Clearly you allow me to return as shown that SmackDown is heading in the right direction in getting real Fighters on your brand, and not pretty boys who TRY to fight. ”

Trish seemed a little taken back on the words coming from Roman as Trish was unsure what to say, but simply smiled a weak smile back in return to Roman speech.

ROMAN REIGNS..."Yeah! But you see Trish, I'm not a part-time guy. Sooner or later I will run SmackDown and take it past RAW where most of my EX pals are. I'm believing in making myself well known on SmackDown. Showing to many that I'm the BIG DOG around these parts. So many part-time guys come and go, but that is why SmackDown is failing. Just look at my cousin The Great One ROCKY. Talk about half ass this business.”

This seemed to sting Trish as she puffed up her chest and laughed sarcastically.

TRISH STRATUS..."Well Roman, thank you for your words in teaching me how to run SmackDown. I'm sure I don't tell you how to fight, but I do tell you who you’re fighting. And to make sure we both are clear, I will be placing you in a match at Wrestlemania. You will fight. But I'm going to keep that a surprise. As for your interest in why The Rock is part time, you will have to ask him as he's your family. It seems you have a family issue. But all in good time will The Rock return. But till then is there anything else you want to teach me in how I do my job?”

Roman smirked and stepped into Trish space and towered over her. Moving his head lower to come more to her neck, Roman sniffed while licking his lips. He paused for a moment before a whisper was heard into the ear of Trish.

ROMAN REIGNS..."You smell nice, it's a shame I'm married, I could halve eat you alive. You give OLD Rocky a message. Just say... His cousin wants to know when is the Part timer returner because I've got a title I want to show him.”

Roman slowly stood up straight as he turned and exit the office as the camera blanked out.

The camera shows a different area of the arena and fans see see Chris Jericho backstage, looking down at his cell phone with an incredulous look on his face, obviously displeased with whatever he's reading. Jericho reads it for just a few seconds before looking up from his phone and shaking his head in disbelief.

CHRIS JERICHO..."I mean, can you believe this? I'm Chris freaking Jericho! Last week on Smackdown I made Adam Cole tap out in the middle of that ring to the Walls of Jericho. and then, for good measure, I put Alex Riley in the Walls as well! Plus, I went out last Monday night and I beat Randy Orton so bad that no one's seen him since! So how, oh how, have our esteemed General Managers managed to leave ME, the King of the World, the Sexy Beast Chris Jericho completely off tonight's card? I mean, you see how crazy this is right?”

Slowly, the camera pans over to show just who exactly Jericho had been ranting to this whole time, and we see one half of the Beautiful People Angelina Love standing next to Jericho. Angelina was shaking her head, equally disgruntled.

ANGELINA LOVE... “I more than see it. I'm living it as well. I mean seriously?! No offense towards Velvet, but I have been more successful since I debuted here than she has been in the past few weeks, and she has a match on the last show before Wrestlemania AND I DON'T?! I get to be her VALET?! Clearly, Brooke Tessmacher has no idea what she is doing in that position. But, in all seriousness there is no way that we should be riding the bench tonight. ”

She folds her arms across her chest, showing by her body language how irritated and offended she was.

CHRIS JERICHO..."No, we totally shouldn't! I mean, look at us. We're both incredibly talented, we're both impeccable dressers, plus we're both pretty damn good looking if I may speak for myself. And you're absolutely right, Brooke has NO CLUE what she's doing if she thinks that putting people like Candice LeRae and Ashley Massaro on the show instead of someone as internationally famous and talented as you. And the fact that that half-crippled excuse for a Canadian Edge is getting a World Heavyweight Championship match before ME is laughable. I mean, we all saw how two weeks ago that fat lard Samoa Joe beat him into the ground when I was stuck with him as my partner, how Trish and Corey think he deserves a world title shot is beyond me. Actually, I do know why they think that. You know why, Angelina? It's because they're a couple of stupid idiots!”

ANGELINA LOVE... “You should be the one in that title match, not Edge. What the hell has he done to earn a World Heavyweight title shot? Smackdown Live is going to become the laughing stock of the WWE with people like Stratus, Graves, and Tessmacher calling the shots. At least Triple H, Stephanie, and Brooke Hogan know what the hell they are doing over on Raw. I'm sure our talents would be much more APPRECIATED over on Raw! Maybe we should consider putting in a request for a brand switch?”

She shrugged her shoulders, not really knowing what else to say. As frustrated as she was, she had no answers for herself or Jericho's issues.

ANGELINA LOVE... “And, don't even get me started on that heart attack waiting to happen that everyone calls Samoa Joe. He and I have had words in the past over Twitter, due to the fact that my piece of shit soon to be ex husband couldn't get his head out of his ass.....can't wait until that divorce is finalized.”

She trailed off as she spoke her last words. She hadn't breathed a word to anyone about her filing for divorce from Davey Richards, not even to Velvet. Now, here she was spilling her guts to Jericho, and for what?

Jericho scoffs at the mention of Samoa Joe, his lip upturning into a cocky sneer.

CHRIS JERICHO..."Hah, I'm surprised Fat Joe can even manage to drag his chubby ass away from catering to make it to the ring, let alone be in the running for a World Heavyweight Championship match. Maybe you're right, maybe our talents would be better appreciated on RAW instead of on Smackdown, because obviously those stupid idiots Trish Stratus and Corey Graves don't have the first clue what they're doing when it comes to premium talent like us. Maybe once I embarrass that loser Alex Riley at WrestleMania and take away his United States Championship, I'll be shown the respect I deserve around here. And as for Davey Richards? I knew that scrub didn't have what it took to be in the WWE, let alone keep a stable relationship with a megastar in this business such as yourself.”

Angelina giggles at the fat joke directed towards Samoa Joe. She nodded as he continued he rest of what he had to say.

ANGELINA LOVE... “You will definitely get the win over Riley at Mania. He's not a champion either. If it weren't for Corbin's unhealthy obsession with Vampire Barbie, I would venture to say Riley was an even more pitiful excuse for a champion. But, Baron Corbin takes the cake!”

She put her head down for a moment, not even acknowledging what Jericho said about Richards, but hen she raised it with her eyes full of fire.

ANGELINA LOVE... “As far as my worthless spouse is concerned. He is worse than a "scrub"! He is a low life bottom feeding parasite that leeches fame off of me! Me! His own wife! Mother of his child! And then, has the nerve to leave me?! What a freakin' joke!!”

She had become so irate that she was shaking. One lone tear rolled down her cheek, as her body shook in frustration. At the appearance of the tear, Jericho began to look slightly uncomfortable. Angelina, without saying a word, wiped the tear away, and turned her attention back to Chris. However, before Jericho could respond to anything she had to say, Velvet Sky walked into the cameras view, staring at Angelina Love awkwardly.

VELVET SKY..."Angelina.....are you CRYING?!”

ANGELINA LOVE...NO Velvet geez! What do you WANT?!”

VELVET SKY..."It's time for my match.....you're still coming right?”

Angelina nodded. Velvet reached out her hand and Angelina took it. Jericho waved an awkward goodbye to Angelina, as Velvet's eyes bore into his as she walked past. Jericho held his hands up in surrender as Smackdown Live went to commercial break.

Smackdown Live returns from commercial break to show an extremely anxious looking Candice LeRae. It's evident she is ready for action. "Angel On My Shoulder" by Dale Oliver plays as Velvet and Angelina walk down the ramp. Velvet is still giving Angelina awkward glances as they head to the ring. Angelina is yelling at her to stay focused as she points at Candice Lerae. Velvet nods, as she gets into the ring her trademark way. She and Angelina instructed the camera man to show her behind as she wiggled it before hopping into the ring and posing. The referee calls for the bell as Sky turns her attention to LeRae.

The two women lock up, with Sky getting the upperhand, putting LeRae in a headlock. Velvet then sent LeRae flying into the ropes. As LeRae made her way back towards Sky, Velvet used a Russian Legsweep to knock her to the mat. Velvet made her way behind her grabbed both of Candice's hand, shoved her knee into her back, and began to pull and apply pressure. LeRae hollered out in pain, as Velvet continued to aminister the torture. The fans began a slow clap, getting behind LeRae, as she tried to power out. After a few moments, she was successful in her attempts. She delivered a series of elbows to the gut of Sky, threw herself into the ropes and was going for a swinging neckbreaker. However, as she hit the ropes she was tripped up by Angelina Love and sent face first into the mat. She got up quickly and began to yell at Love, who held up her hands as if she hadn't done anything. Velvet took advantage of the distraction by Angelina, and rolled Candice up, grabbing a handful of tights as she did so. The referee dropped for the count.



Kickout by Candice LeRae!!!

BYRON SAXTON..."Candice LeRae with a great display of strength to be able to kick out of that one!”

MAURO RANALLO..."Absolutely, Byron. Despite the attempts by 'The Beautiful People' to thwart LeRae, she was able to kickout! Shes proving it's going to take more than a little distraction to take her out!”

Velvet and LeRae both pushed hair out of their faces, as they made it to their feet. The women lock up again, only this time Candice gets the advantage and whips Velvet Sky into the corner. She follows up with the "Violence Party" causing Sky to fall into a head in the corner. She begins to stomp away at Sky viciously. Suddenly, Candice is attacked from behind by Angelina Love. Angelina strikes LeRae in the back with a steel chair knocking her out cold. The referee calls for the bell as Angelina helps Velvet, who is holding her chest, to her feet.

GREG HAMILTON... “Here is your winner by disqualification, Candice LeRae!!!!!!!!!!!"

Velvet and Angelina begind hammering away at the knocked out LeRae. Velvet then looks at Angelina and mouths "DO IT"! Angelina pulls a brown paper bag from the back pocket of her jeans and unfolds it. Angelina instructs Velvet to hold LeRae's head up, and she does so. Love slides the bag over Candice's head before Sky slams her face first into the mat again. Velvet and Angelina both place a foot on LeRae's back and hold hands as they hold their arms in the air over top of her. "Angel On My Shoulder" plays again, as they exit the ring. They walk up the ramp backwards to admire their handiwork, as the scene fades out.

The match starts and Heath starts trouble immediately. He shouts something at Shelley, then does the same to TJ before facing the crowd and shouting at them. The crowd boos and as he turns around, he eats a double dropkick from Shelley and TJ. Heath rolls out and now Shelley and TJ focus on each other. Kicks to the midsection from TJ. Enzuigiri but Shelley dodges it and connects with one of his own, followed by a dropkick. Golden Gate Swing attempt by Shelley but is countered into a hurricanrana. Quick rollup from TJ. 1.. Shelley kicks out at 1. TJ with an irish whip to the corner. Tornado DDT by TJ. TJ attempts a brainbuster, but Shelley counters with a knee to the face. Shelley with a superkick, but Perkins dodges it. Shelley instead hits Slater, who had slid back in only to roll back out again.

TJ turns Shelley around and hits his headstand headscissors takedown, then he dabs angering the crowd further. Perkins attempts the TJP Clutch, but Shelley kicks him off. Shelley with another irish whip to the corner. Shelley then runs at TJ, connecting with a double knee strike. TJ drops and Shelley climbs up on the top rope. He then shouts at TJ to get up and he slowly does. TJ then turns around and Shelley leaps off with a diving crossbody. TJ is able to catch him over his shoulders out of nowhere and quickly hits the Detonation Kick! TJ covers Shelley for the pin and before Slater can break it, gets the win.

GREG HAMILTON: Here is your winnerrrrr... TJ Perkins!

Smackdown Live returns from commercial break, and Brie Bella is tearing through the backstage area seemingly looking for someone. It doesn't rake her long to come across what she was seeking. Brie approached the blonde from the front.

BRIE BELLA..."So, you're too far up on your high horse to come down to the ring and congratulate me and my sister for winning the Diva's tag titles? Honestly, I didn't expect you to. However, have a problem with you going out there, standing feet upon feet away from me, and shooting daggers at us with your stare. I know you're intimidated by me Lana, and you should be because at Wrestlemania.....I will beat you for that championship.”

She motions to the WWE Women's Championship that is slung over the shoulder of Lana. Lana arches a brow in response to Brie Bella’s comments, as a light, almost sarcastic giggle escapes her red-coated lips. Shaking her head back and forth, that thick, Russian accent echoed throughout.

LANA..."Do not be so silly, little girl. You do not deserve my praise. Yourself and your pitiful sister won those championships by pure luck—not like you had much competition anyway. Regardless, you will step out of this dream land come Wrestlemania. You will not beat me for this championship. You will not come close. This championship....is MINE!!!”

Lana spoke with confidence as her eyes pierced through the skin of Brie Bella. Glancing down, her dark hues focused on the championship that rested firmly on her shoulder blade, admiring her own reflection. Meanwhile, Brie's eyes had a fire in them unlike one that was ever seen before.

BRIE BELLA..."Little girl? I've been in this business a hell of a lot longer than you.I'm becoming a veteran to this company and I think you need to be taught a lesson in respect.”

LANA..." Veteran?! Please! I have accomplished more within the space of a year, than you have your entire career. I am not intimidated by you. That word will never be associated with you. Intimidation is not a word that is frequented in my vocabulary. However, failure will become familiar to you, Brie. Once I am finished with you at Wrestlemania, you will have to forfeit those championships. You know why? Because you will be HISTORY. Whereas me? I am just beginning and I.....will continue to make it. Do not underestimate me Bella. ”

As she spoke, she admired her Women's Championship. Her eyes raised back towards Brie as a devious smile curled at the corner of her lips.

LANA..."At Wrestlemania, I am walking out with my Women’s Championship wrapped around my waist. I am the one that should not be underestimated Lana. ”

Lana stared hard into the eyes of Brie Bella as she finished her last statement as the show continued.

Trish Stratus
 Posted: May 25 2017, 02:19 AM
Trish StratusN/A years old, played by Maria
N/A 370 posts (view all)

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'The Beautiful People' enter the diva's locker room boasting about their attack on Candice LeRae not too long ago.

ANGELINA LOVE: “Aren't you so proud of us Velvet? Someone needed to show that pitiful excuse for a woman that she has no right being in that ring calling herself a diva.”

VELVET SKY:"SO proud, Angelina. I can't believe the nerve of her trapping me in the corner like that!”

She touched her chest from where LeRae's chops had connected and she winced.

ANGELINA LOVE: “Ohh suck it up buttercup. You can;t be showing signs of weakness. How are we going to get a title shot against The Bellas if you're running around griping about a sore chest of all things. We're getting our shot! Get it together Velvet!”

VELVET SKY:"Let me do it to you and see how you like it Angelina!”

Some of the diva's in the locker room were becoming agitated with the noise Angelina and Velvet were causing, and Ashley Massaro is the one that spoke out.

ASHLEY MASSARO:"Maybe if you guys would quit belly aching about the Bellas and actually do something with your careers, Trish and Brooke may consider giving you guys a shot at the Diva's Tag Titles! Nonetheless, we're all sick of hearing you whine about those titles! Quit acting so entitled and try EARNING something!”

Angelina and Velvet scoffed and looked at Massaro with expressions of pure shock.

VELVET SKY:"HOW DARE YOU TALK TO US LIKE THAT?! Do you know who we are?!”

ASHLEY MASSARO:"Yes.....Yes I do....You're a pain in all of our asses and your voices? Their like nails on a chalk board!”

Angelina and Velvet began trying to go after Massaro, but Candice Michelle stepped in the middle.

CANDICE MICHELLE:"Look, I don't care what kind of beef the you ladies have going on here, but Ashley....she's my opponent for tonight. I'm really eager to compete so, whatever issues you guys are having are going to have to be resolved later. I want her in one piece for our match.”

Ashley looks a little confused by the interferance of her opponent for the evening, especially because she was kind of sticking up for her. Angelina began to sneer at Michelle before she retaliated.

ANGELINA LOVE: “How about both of you skanks mind your own damn business? I don't recall asking for the opinions of either of you has beens!”

CANDICE MICHELLE:"When you openly bitch about something...you make it everyone's business. Now take your whiny asses somewhere else because we're ALL sick of it!”

Angelina and Velvet were through talking. Velvet grabbed ahold of Candice Michelle's hair, and began throwing punches. Angelina Love kicked Ashley in the gut, grabbed her hair, and sent her smashing through a nerby mirror. She quickluy crumbled on the floor, as Velvet tossed Candice Michelle shoulder first into the wall. Massaro laid unconscious and Candice thrashed about holding her shoulder. Brooke Tessmacher, hearing the chaos came running in. She pushed Velvet Sky and Angelina Love back away from Michelle and Massaro as she bent to check on them. She stood back up and addressed 'The Beautiful People' with fury in her eyes.

BROOKE TESSMACHER: "What in the HELL is wrong with you two? Now we're a match short because these two can't compete now. You two need to get the hell out of my arena NOW

Angelina and Velvet gave Tessmacher a challenging look as if they were saying why don't you make us. Brooke however just smiled in their faces and yelled SECURITY! Soon, 'The Beautiful People were thrashing about trying to get away from the members of the security team. The camera went back to ringside as Angelina and Velvet were escorted from the premises.

BYRON SAXTON..."Welcome back to Smackdown Live Byron Saxton here ringside with Mauro Ranallo . As we get ready to head down into Diva’s Tag Team action let’s take a moment to look at what has transpired to inspire Brooke Tessmacher and Trish Stratus to schedule this match here tonight.”

The titantron flashes back to the Raw Supershow when Paige and Bayley were blatantly attacked by Carmella and Eva Marie after their match, only to end up outnumbered by the interference of the Nature Girl Charlotte Flair. The camera flashes back to the announce table.

MAURO RANALLO..."Paige and Bayley are looking to settle the score here in the ring tonight. ”

Just then "Stars in the Night" by CFO$ began to play and the fans stood on their feet cheering as Paige, Bayley, and Charlotte appeared. They linked arms and skipped down to the ring.

Confidence and a carefree attitude are absolutely radiating off of this trio of women tonight.

They all entered the ring from separate sides with Charlotte doing her signature entrance. Charlotte posed in the center of the ring, and Paige and Bayley took opposing turnbuckles. They posed for the crowd as Paige’s theme was quickly replaced by Carmella’s. Victoria, Eva Marie, and ‘The Princess of Staten Island’ walked out sending cold hard stares down to their awaiting opponents. They walked slowly down the ramp with their eyes fixated on the women in the ring. For Paige Bayley and Charlotte playtime was over. Their s smiles disappeared and we’re replaced with focus. As soon as Carmella, Eva Marie and Carmella entered the ring chaos ensued as Paige speared Eva Marie and went on the offensive. Bayley followed her lead going after Carmella leaving Charlotte to handle Victoria.

Somehow after minutes of pure adrenaline, the referee was able to get the six women into their corners and Paige and Eva Marie crossed to the center. Eva began by viciously slapping Paige in the face. Paige responded by screaming loudly and connecting with a series of headbutts. As Eva grabs her head in pain, Paige hits her with a drop kick. Eva hits the mat hard. Paige screams "THIS IS MY HOUSE! and grabs ahold of Eva. However, Eva was ready now. She threw a few hard swift strikes to Paige's gut before running against the ropes and hitting her with a clothesline. Paige's back smacked off the mat, and she began grabbing at it while rolling around in pain. Eva held her arms out walking in circles expecting the audiences praise. Much to her dissatisfaction, they booed. Eva began yelling something to the crowd, but the sound of her voice was drowned out by the theme music of the general manager Trish Stratus.

Eva's eyes widened as Trish walked out onto the titantron. Trish simply smiled at her and waved. Everyone else that was ringside looked around confused as to why Trish had come out to the ring. Eva held onto the ropes as she yelled something at Stratus. Trish, still smiling began pointing behind Eva. She turned around and was met with a boot to the gut from Paige. Paige then hoisted Eva up and hit the Ram-Paige. She went for the cover.




Charlotte and Bayley wore jaw dropping smiles as "Stars in the Night" began playing again. Carmella and Victoria looked infuriated but they dared not challenge the general manager who was still looking on with a smile. The three women celebrated in the middle of the ring before the show went to break.

When Smackdown comes back from the break TK Cooper and Travis Banks are already in the ring with one of the south pacific power trip about ready to make his debut in a smackdown ring.

BYRON SAXTON..."Cooper looks like he is about to be thrown to the wolves. ”

MAURO RANALLO..."Given the mood of his opponent I get the feeling that is an apt comparison Byron.”

GREG HAMILTON... “His opponent from Huntington Beach California, weighing in at 282 pounds SAMOA JOE!"

As the Samoan Submission Machine walks out to the ramp there is something that seems different to him. There is no MMA style shorts, there is no tape around his wrists or even the towel around his neck. Joe is wearing a tap out t shirt and his jeans as he walks down to the ring.

MAURO RANALLO..."That is some very unconventional ring attire from Samoa Joe.”

BYRON SAXTON..."I get the feeling this is going to be bad ”

As Joe climbs into the ring Banks climbs out of the ring seemingly to give his partner a fair match. However as the bell rings and Cooper runs at Joe he is dropped by a big boot from the south sea islander. Joe then follows it up with a back splash that seems to crush the smaller man.

BYRON SAXTON..."Good god that looked like it hurt”

MAURO RANALLO..."Samoa Joe is a monster built on destruction. That splash is intended to bust up all of your insides and it looked like he did just that to TK Cooper.”

Joe then climbs out of the ring. As he does so he knees Banks in the gut before throwing him over the barricade to the concrete before focusing his attention on Cooper who is slowly making his way back to his feet.

MAURO RANALLO..."In quick fashion Banks has been removed and I don’t fancy Cooper’s chances either.”

Joe throws the newcomer into the corner before following up with a signature back elbow and enzuigiri before putting him onto the top rope.

BYRON SAXTON..."Samoa Joe clearly isn’t paid by the hour.”

Joe pulls Cooper out of the corner and plants him almost through the mat with a muscle buster. Joe then plants a boot on his chest and motions a title around his waist as the referee counts.

GREG HAMILTON... “Here is your winner SAMOA JOE!"

MAURO RANALLO..."A dominant display by Samoa Joe and it is clear he is not letting his desire for the world title go. I have to ask Byron if Joe doesn’t get what he wants who can stop him?”

BYRON SAXTON..."Nobody. That is one pissed off Samoa Joe. I have seen him in NXT, I watched what he did to Shinesuke Nakamura, I saw what he did to Bobby Roode when he came to Smackdown he is hell bent on hurting someone and doesn’t care what it takes.”

The scene opens to Fandango doing some spins around the locker room. He has a look of worry on his face. The camera pans out to show Tyler Breeze standing there fixing his hair in his phone.

Tyler Breeze: "Why are you doing Salsas?"

Fandango: "You know I like, do that when I get anxious Breezy man. "

Tyler dropped his selfiestick to his side and bought his handback and blind sided Dango with a --SMACK--. Fandango stood there and looked at Tyler with confusion.

Tyler Breeze: "This isn't our first time, snap out of it Dango. Tonight we have a chance to become number one contenders for the Tag Team titles! Do you understand how big of a deal that is? Look at this waist, this gorgeous waist needs gold."

Dango rubbed his cheek.

Fandango: "I-uh I know. I'm like sorry. Just nerves B. "

Tyler Breeze: "Lose the nerves, your perfect v hips are calling a gold belt. I think Breezango finally deserves their time in the spotlight Dango. Imagine it, we finally become champions.. Together.. I mean all we have to do is beat #DIY. That's our first step, then we get to face the Machine Guns for the titles. "

Fandango: "You make it sound easy "

Tyler scoffed.

user posted image

Tyler Breeze: "Listen Negative Nathan, I know what we're about. I know we can stand with the best, and trust me Boo' I know we can beat the Motor City Machine guns. So, let's go Deputy Dango, lets go out there and show these #uggos what gorgeous faces they've been missing. Are you ready? "

Dango took a deep breath and done two perfect spins, when he stopped his hair was in his face and he shook it out.

Fandango: "Lets rock this joint, Breeze... "

Tyler Breeze: "Ha, Ha! Let's go Fandangooooo! "

The two bumped fists, and made their way toward the curtain..


Both champion and challenger are in the ring as the referee holds the world title aloft between Corbin and Edge. The younger and taller champion looks to be confident going into the match. Yet the wiliness and experience of Edge had been something that Corbin had to be worried about when going into this match.

MAURO RANALLO..."Here we go champion and challenger this should be a good match”

However before the referee can ring the bell Corbin grabs the world title out of his hands and blasts Edge in the head with it. The fans boo as the referee chastises Corbin who simply laughs as Edge crumples to the mat. It is clear to see that the belt shot has opened up the forehead of the rated r superstar.

BYRON SAXTON..."What an underhanded move by Corbin. If he wants to call himself the world champion he should damn well act like one. ”

MAURO RANALLO..." Well the referee didn’t ring the bell. It was a well thought out pre-emptive strike by the lone wolf whether we like it or not. ”

The referee checks if Edge wants to continue despite the injury to his head. As Edge pushes past him to give Corbin the finger the referee rings the bell.

MAURO RANALLO..." The rated R superstar is defiant as always.”

BYRON SAXTON..."Except this time it could get him hurt in a big way. ”

Corbin grabs Edge and hits the end of days straight away. The champion then drops down into the pin.




GREG HAMILTON... “Here is your winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion Baron Corbin!"

Before anything else can be said Corbin grabs the microphone out of the hands of Hamilton.

BARON CORBIN..."I told you this would happen. Since I won this title I told you that no one would be able to step into the ring with me. Do you know what the best part is? now I have beaten Edge I can focus on Chris Sabin and Paige because there is no way in hell no one is going to make me fight for my world title at wrestlemania I don’t care who is in charge. I am not defending my title against anyone and there is no one on the planet that can make me. Not Trish Stratus, not Vince McMahon not …. ”

The fans erupt as for the second time in an hour Destroyer hits and Samoa Joe makes his way out to the ring. This time however his hands are taped as the Samoan walks down the ramp.

MAURO RANALLO..." Well here comes someone who might disagree with that.”

BYRON SAXTON..."Yeah you want to bully people Baron, you want to make demands to get a world title match. Well let’s see what happens when you get into the ring with one of the most dominant men in the history of our business. ”

However Corbin stands his ground as Joe climbs into the ring and the two heavyweights begin slugging it out. It is not really clear who has the advantage. However as Corbin goes for the end of days Joe reverses into the coquina clutch!


BYRON SAXTON..."Now Corbin knows how Paige feels. Not being able to escape, being powerless it looks like Corbin could be fading here.”

Joe drops down and wraps his legs around Corbin like a snake choking the life out of it’s prey. As Corbin goes limp Joe lets go of the hold. He then grabs the world title and points to the wrestlemania sign. He then picks up the microphone that had been abandoned on the floor.

[color228b22]SAMOA JOE...[/color]" If I wasn’t clear enough last time; I’ll see your ass at wrestlemania bitch..”

Joe then drops the microphone and leaves the ring as the camera pans down to the fallen form of Corbin with the world title placed over him.

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