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 Thy Kingdom Calls
Cody Rhodes
 Posted: May 15 2018, 12:29 AM

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Wrestlers Name:<BR>
Cody Rhodes

Nickname <BR>
"(The) American Nightmare"

Hometown: <BR>
Marietta, Georgia<BR>

6ft 2in<BR>




Theme Music:<BR>
"Kingdom" - Dowstait<BR><p>

user posted image<BR>
<h1>MOVESET: </h1><BR>

Finishing Moves: <BR>
(Minimum Of One / Maximum Of Two)<BR>
Cross Rhodes (Rolling cutter)<BR>
Beautiful Disaster (Springboard roundhouse kick)<BR><p>

Signature Moves: <BR>
Silver Spoon DDT (Flowing DDT)<BR>
American Nightmare (Modified reverse figure-four leglock)<BR><p>

Favorite Moves: <BR>
Alabama Slam (Double leg slam)<BR>
Bionic elbow<BR>
Falling Star (Springboard senton from the ring apron to the outside of the ring)<BR>
Knee drop<BR>


-Goes right here.Let us know how you write. A minimum of 500 words to be accepted!<BR>


RPing Experience: <BR>
Too many years<BR><p>

How did you find us?: <BR>
(IE - Voting site, Advertisement, CTTW, RPG-D, ect..)<BR><BR>

Do you currently play a Character here?: <BR>
<h1>THE SIGNING</h1><BR>
Have you read the RULES of WWE 2018?: <BR>

Do you plan to be Active member on our forum?: <BR>

Do you plan to show for your matches when Booked?: <BR>
Cody Rhodes
 Posted: May 15 2018, 12:39 AM

Things hadn’t gone the way The Miz was hoping for them to go tonight. The Miz was supposed to leave Smackdown as the new number one contender for the United States Championship by finally getting redemption on Travis Kooper but that wasn’t how things would go down. Alex Riley was kicked from ringside allowing Travis Kooper to get the job done and defeat The Miz. Although, Kooper hadn’t done a good enough job to actually shut The Miz up. As a matter of fact, it looked like he had only made him even louder. The Miz found himself alone after the match storming towards the office of the WWE network representatives. He didn’t give a damn who he was going to find because no matter who it was they were about to receive the same rant from him. The Miz had about reached the office whenever he was approached by a very apologetic looking Alex Riley. Riley went to open his mouth but Miz would quickly put up his hand to Riley’s face.

The Miz: “Save it, Riley. I gave you one job to take care of and you couldn’t even get that job done. This has been a recurring theme over the years. You continue to let me down so shut your mouth and do us both a favor and get the hell away from me!”

Alex wasn’t that good at following directions clearly as he tried to reason with his “boss”. He really couldn’t afford to be fired by The Miz once again. As terrible as it sounded to be employed by The Miz of all people, it was the only source of income Riley had to support himself and his loved ones. He had to plead for a job that he honestly didn’t even want in the first place.

Alex Riley: “Look, I’m sorry man! I couldn’t help that the referee kicked me out of there. I was trying to do my job, you know that!”

Riley had a good point in his defense. He was trying his hardest to help Miz walk away with the victory but ended up getting himself caught and kicked out of Miz’s corner. The Miz didn’t seem to be budging as he just scowled at Riley.

The Miz: “You tried? Really? Really!? REALLY!? [The Miz couldn’t help but shake his head with a sarcastic laugh.] You tried… I don’t give a damn if you tried!”

The Miz was clearly done playing games at this point. His anger and frustration had gotten the best of him as his face turned red and he pointed a finger at Riley while shaking all over.

The Miz: “Let me let you in on a little secret here. Trying isn’t going to get you nowhere if you don’t succeed! You were supposed to guarantee me a spot at Wrestlemania for the United States Championship! You only had one shot and you failed miserably. So why in the hell should I even listen to a word that you have to say?”

Riley knew that he was clearly in trouble of losing his job completely. Trying to think of anything in order to save his own ass, Riley came up with the perfect answer, at least he thought it was the perfect answer.

Alex Riley: “There are more opportunities in the future that I can prove myself in. Think about it this way, you now have an even better match at Wrestlemania! You now have a spot in the money in the bank ladder match! You should be ecstatic!”

Riley once again had a very well thought out answer, but logic wasn’t the right way to try to win a battle with The Miz. Miz was only going to listen to himself so Riley’s words were just gibberish to him at this point.

The Miz: “Correct, I do have a great opportunity at Wrestlemania. I am this close to getting back to the world championship. [The Miz would hold up his fingers to give a measurement.] With one victory, I have the golden ticket to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion! I am not going to allow some amateur like you to cost me ever again! You had your shot and you blew it!”

The Miz looked to storm off from Riley but A-Ry refused to give up that easily. He was going to fight as hard as he could to keep his job. He was already fired so what was the worst that could happen? He may be hit with a Skull Crushing Finale but that was nothing that he wasn’t used to in this point in his career working with The Miz. Riley ran to catch up with Miz to plead with him.

Alex Riley: “Mike! Listen to me!”

The Miz stopped in his tracks with anger in his eyes. He would glare at Riley for not only calling him by his first name but daring to command him to listen to him. The Miz pointed his finger back at Riley speaking through gritted teeth.

The Miz: “You watch how you speak to me. If you haven’t learned by this point, I am not a person that you want on your bad side. I can make sure that you never work again if I wanted too! So, if you have even a single bit of common sense, get out of my way while I am still playing nice!”

If this was The Miz trying to play nice, I would hate to see how he acted whenever he was actually mad. Even with all of the threats made against him, Riley still didn’t budge. Riley shook his head to much of Miz’s surprise. Usually he had people running by this point but there was something different about Riley. He had more guts than most people, Miz actually had a “bit” of respect for that at least.

Alex Riley: “No! I am not giving up that easily! [The Miz raised an eyebrow a bit shocked by this “new” side that Riley was showing. Maybe the kid had guts after all.] I need this job and I know that I do a damn good job at it! You can’t just blame me for one mistake. If that referee wouldn’t have been playing favorites, then you know you would have won! Blame the system, not me!”

The Miz would have a smirk form on his face which was a good sign for Riley. The Miz would begin to nod his head at Riley’s statement. To Riley’s surprise, Miz’s next move was to pat Riley on the shoulder.

The Miz: “Now that is what I am talking about! That is the drive that I want to hear from you! Maybe you are worth something after all! It only took you almost six years to finally be a man but damn you did it!”

Alex Riley wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be insulted or complimented by Miz’s statement. So, just to play things safe, he would just say thank you anyways a bit confused to how the rest of this conversation was about to go.

The Miz: “It is this systems fault, again! Things were supposed to be better once I came back but all it looks like to me is the same old bullshit that it has always been! Years have flown by and yet I still am treated the exact same way and I am sick and tired of it! Here is your first test, let’s that this place over!”

The Miz had an almost diabolic grin come across his face as he extended his hand to Riley. He wasn’t so sure how he was able to save his job but Alex would only smile back at The Miz and accept his handshake.

Alex Riley: “Just tell me what to do, Boss.”

Miz had a sly smirk on his face as he would turn his head and look down the corridor before back at Riley.

The Miz: “Just follow me and whatever you do, don’t you dare back out if you give a damn about your job. This might get us both fired from this company but trust me, there is plenty of more work out there for me and you if I choose to bring you along.”

Riley nodded his head to agree with Miz’s instructions. He knew that he wasn’t likely going to like what he was about to be dragged along in, but he needed this job more than anything else. As much as he hated to admit it, he couldn’t make this well of a living without The Miz. He was certainly not one of his “friends” but Riley would do whatever The Miz asked him to do.

Alex Riley: “Lead the way and I’ll follow.”

The Miz looked at Riley like a proud parent whenever their child was doing something right.

The Miz: “Finally, it looks like you might be getting the hang of this.”

The Miz would lead the way stomping through the backstage arena heading back on his earlier mission. The Miz finally reached the office and would begin knocking harshly and loudly against the door. The voice from inside answered back to ask who it was. The Miz wasn’t in the mood to play any games as he turned back to Riley.
The Miz: “Take the door down!”

Riley only nodded his head to his instructions. He would take a few steps back before running with a big boot to the door, but it wasn’t enough to break the door down. Riley was certainly not going to allow this damn door to stand in the way of him and his job. He would take a few steps back again before running full speed ahead and just using his entire body to break through the door. Riley fell to the floor as Miz would push right by him pointing towards the suited blonde headed man sitting behind the desk. This was going to be good since it was the same guy that Miz had already warned in the past. The man stood up from his desk looking angry and confused.

WWE Network Representative: “What in the hell is going on here?!”

The Miz wasn’t even trying to play nice with the authority at this point. He had never been the type to get along with anybody let alone management. He had played nice since he was supposed to be the “chosen pick” for Smackdown by this very man. Although, weeks have past and they haven’t done anything for him.

The Miz: “If I was you, I would sit the hell down and shut the hell up!”

The representative didn’t take too kindly to Miz’s demands as he tried to fight back against his demands.

WWE Network Representative: “Watch who you are speaking too! I am your boss!”

The Miz didn’t give a damn about this “job” at this point. Miz was only in this industry for himself in the long run. If this place wasn’t giving him what he felt like he deserved, there were plenty of other places that he could go to get the respect he needed. Instead of replying directly to the representative, Miz turned to talk to Riley.

The Miz: “If he doesn’t sit down by the time you reach him, sit him down for me!”

Alex nodded his head as he started over towards the man. The representative looked like he wasn’t going to back down from Miz and Riley at first. That was until Riley actually reached him and he quickly took a seat to not have to get beat up.

WWE Network Representative: “What is this all about, Miz?”

The Miz slammed his hands down on the representative’s desk to make a loud noise just for emphasis. Leaning over to get as close in the man’s face, Alex Riley stood by the man’s side to make sure he didn’t try to make a move.

The Miz: “What this is all about is all of the bullshit that you slammed down my throat in order to convince me to come back to Smackdown to help you! [The representative looked to open his mouth to defend himself but Riley shook his head to signal that was a bad idea.] You lead me to believe that things were going to be so much better for once. I actually bought into the idea that you people wouldn’t be as corrupt and ignorant as everyone else I’ve worked for in this company but guess what, you’re worse!”

Not making a very bright decision, the man would try to defend himself even against Riley’s prior warning. He held up his hands in a pleading way to try to calm The Miz down.

WWE Network Representative: “Mike, we have been trying to do everything in our power to try and make things go as smooth as possible for you here on Smackdown! We were even able to secure a safety net for you and now you are in the money in the bank match at Wrestlemania! We are trying the best we can for you!”

The man really should have just kept his mouth shut because now The Miz looked even angrier than before. The representative really had a poor choice of wording to be using the words “safety net” and “for you” in the same sentence. Miz straightened himself up leaning on the desk to let a bewildered chuckle as he began to slowly walk to the other side of the table.

The Miz: “Really? You think that you have to put out a safety net for me? REALLY!?”

The Miz had completely lost control of his anger at this point. Reaching the other side of the representative, the man turned to get away from The Miz only to turn right into Alex Riley. His heart sunk to his chest as he realized that he may be in grave danger.

WWE Network Representative: “Come on now, you know I didn’t mean it that way! I was just tr…”

The Miz wasn’t wanting to hear any excuse. It was too late for explaining and now Miz wanted to get down to the bottom of this situation once and for all. The Miz grabbed ahold of the man by his shirt making a very daring move to lay his hands on a WWE official.

The Miz: “Shut your damn mouth and do it quickly. I don’t want to hear anything else out of you but answers! You have made a mockery out of me by aligning myself with such a mediocre, unskilled “authority figure”. At this point, I would rather align myself with Daniel Bryan as much as I hate him than deal with you. You know why? Because as irritating and infuriating as Bryan can be, at least he isn’t a senseless, ignorant suit!”

The Miz could even hardly believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. He was so pissed off that he was saying what he truly felt at the moment and as disgusting as the words even tasted, he would much rather be employed by a jackass like Bryan who actually knew something about being inside of the ring instead of a corporate stooge like this guy. Even Enzo Amore would be a better “corporate stooge” to run a show than this guy.
The Miz: “I am done waiting around for a miracle to happen. It is time for you to fight or flight. If you want the most must see WWE superstar on your side then it is time for your to act like it, do I make myself clear?”

The representative would just softly nod his head not really in the position to be opening his mouth. The Miz would then say one single word, “good”, before releasing his grip on the man’s shirt collar. The Miz would look to Riley with a proud grin on his face believing that he had gotten his point across and got the job done. It wasn’t until The Miz noticed the man picking up his phone that The Miz would just snap out of almost nowhere. The Miz smacked the phone out of the man’s hand sending it flying across the room. Suddenly, the representative seemed to have grown a pair as he pushed up to his feet pointing at Miz with a very shaky finger and voice.

WWE Network Representative: “You have crossed a line here! You are about to go too far and no longer be an employee here if you don’t watch out!”

The Miz would look at this man like he was the biggest idiot that he had ever laid his eyes on. And to be fair, at this moment he pretty much was. The Miz couldn’t even believe that the man would even dare to raise his voice at him let alone stand up to him like he was going to actually do something to him. The Miz would just motion to Riley with his head before both men would begin to close in on the representative.
Shane McMahon
 Posted: May 15 2018, 01:14 AM

YOU'VE BEEN user posted image

You've been accepted to join Monday Night Raw! My name is James, and you will be joining the Raw brand with Your WWE coo Triple H who is handle by he's the GAME! And with Shane McMahon as your gm.If you have any questions don't be afraid to send us a PM. We'll get back to you as quick as we can. And don't forget to read the rules. And most importantly have fun!


WELCOME ! Granger
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