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 Monday Night Raw Results 5/22/2017, BARCLAYS CENTER - BROOKLYN, NY
Triple H
 Posted: May 22 2017, 05:55 PM
Triple H33 years old, played by Joseph
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Monday Night Raw is Live...

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Then.Now.Forever video fades upon our screens. As the WWE logo comes and it is time for Monday Night RAW to hit the air once again, via the USA Network. As the montage comes to an end, the RAW logo appears on the screen with the words “LAST WEEK ON RAW” at the bottom of it.

Suddenly, a playback of last weeks events starts up. The images that first appear on the screen, are the images of Mr. McMahon coming in the middle of the ring at the top of the last edition of RAW where he made some announcements to shake things up again in the WWE. and Introducing "The Deadman" THE UNDERTAKER!”. As these images are shown upon our screens, we hear an all too familiar voice over.

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WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "It has officially begun."

The images on the screen now show of The Undertaker special appearance to Monday Night Raw, and the excitement that spilled out throughout the arena that night. The shocked faces. The excitement and joy in everyone’s eyes. The image slowly moves into the Undertaker throwing down his challenge towards A.J. Styles for a match at Wrestlemania.That image slowly fades out.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY... "The Phenom gave us, gave birth to the rise of new evil.”

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As those last words were spoken, the images get darker as Brock Lesnar now appears on our screen. Followed by images of what "THE BEAST did to C.M Punk in the ring on Raw last week to get a match at Wrestlemania with the Voice of the Voiceless. A close up image of Brock's face while he laughs at the carnage he left before himself in the ring, is the last thing we see before the screen goes black. One second passes. Two seconds pass. Three seconds pass. Suddenly a faded images strung together in a montage of our main event with Seth Rollins against the Miz and Baron Corbin in a Triple Threat match. Those images then fade away, and the words “MONDAY NIGHT RAW: STAPLES CENTER” show upon the screen for a moment.


Those images of wrestling greats doing battle with one another, switch to that image where we seethe miz picking up the Victory and defeating Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin in a Triple Threat match. He defeated Baron Corbin to win it for himself giving him all of the momentum in the world heading into Wrestlemania as the voice over guy is heard once again. This time not recapping events of last week, but this time giving a more up beat preview of things to come.

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WWE VOICE OVER GUY..."Tonight, champions cement their reigns and a new challenger will rise to claim her rightful glory. Through it all, a Women will become a challenger.That will be challenge on The Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment. Who will become that Mythl prepare for the biggest clash of modern day titans.”

Image then quickly switches to that of the competitors of the divas triple Threat match carrying out on RAW tonight, and are soon followed by images of those looking at earning a title shot tonight in a number one contenders match for the Divas title.As these images now display upon our screen in graining, dark, playback mode, the WWE Voice Over Guy finishes up.

WWE VOICE OVER GUY..."Barclays Center. Brooklyn, New York. It’s time…..Its time for the last road to Wrestlemania. it’s time to get RAW!”

with that, the opening intro/playback cuts off and the Monday Night Raw intro video starts up with "ENEMIES" playing throughout the arena, as the Cameras open inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York! The pyro shoots from the stage to the skies and the Cameras zooms over the WWE Universe who are holding up signs of their favorite WWE Superstars and Divas. And, for a change tonight, Michael Cole is being heard as he Welcome Millions of WWE Fans that watching around the World for The longest-running weekly episodic show in television history!MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”

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MICHAEL COLE..."Ladies and gentlemen you are looking in live inside the The Barclays Center! The WWE Universe has packed in from the bottom to the top as we proudly bring to you another edition of MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... I cannot wait to get tonight underway. The Road to WrestleMania continues we are just DAYS AWAY from the biggest WrestleMania in history aren't you exited Michael!.. I am ex—“

With that ‘KING OF KINGS” hits over the p.a system. The fans rise to their feet and greet the sound of The Authority’s entrance music with a mixed reaction. Usually such sound is greeted with thunderous boos, but not tonight. For maybe The Authority is starting to win the crowd over with their recent actions, promises, and match making abilities. Yet there are indeed quite a lot of those who are still not buying it. Even so, The Authority emerge from the backstage area, and the fans only get even louder with their reaction.Triple H and Stephanie are joined hand and hand, and are quickly followed down the ramp way by WWE Champion, Seth Rollins and Divas Champion Alexa Bliss.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome….THEEEE AUTHORITY!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "There they are Michael! There they are! They are the ones are responsible for this changed in WWE just in time before, Wrestlemania. They are the Authority and they are in charge of MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”

The fans continue to give a mixed reaction, as Rollins and Bliss. walk around the ring on opposite sides and roll into the ring. Stephanie heads up the steal steps, followed by her husband who then soon holds the ropes open for her. Stephanie enters into the ring, and Hunter follows suit. Both Triple H and Stephanie receive microphones from the ringside attendant and find their place in the middle of the ring, as Seth Rollins and Alexa Bliss find their position behind the two figure heads. The music slowly fades out, and with that, The two power heads take moment and share in a laugh at the reaction.

MICHAEL COLE..."One must admit that The Authority have put together one exciting night for all of us here tonight, before Wrestlemania!”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I know I have said this over and over again, but I will say it again: Tonight is going to be HUGE! JUST HUGE MICHAEL! Boy I can’t wait to hear about some of these major announcements from the Authority. I guaranteed it about Wrestlemania!”

Hunter and Stephanie continue to stand in the middle of the ring, listening to all of this from the sold out crowd. Their smirks are still planted upon their faces, as Stephanie is the first to bring the microphone up to her lips.

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STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “What’s up Brooklyn!”

The fans respond with another mid reaction, as many are hyped to open the show, but others feel that is still poor taste for Stephanie by again stealing her brother catchphrase opening line. He'd use to do when he open up a show before, when he was employed by WWE.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Welcome everyone…Welcome to MONDAY NIGHT RAW!”

This time a better response is given, as the fans break out into a thunderous pop. The Brooklyn crowd is hyped for tonight’s edition of RAW. They couldn’t be more alive right now.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “Tonight here on Monday Night Raw we have an exhilarating, heart stopping, action packed night planned for all of you. We have worked hard putting tonight together and there is no need to thank us. We did it all for you…the WWE Universe. Really. Really. It is our pleasure.”

Again a mix reaction greets the words coming from Stephanie McMahon. Her husband now slowly brings his microphone to his lips, as he feels it is time to jump in and contribute to this opening of RAW.

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“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "My lovely wife is right. Tonight is going to be a big night on Monday Night Raw, a week away from Wrestlemania. You will only get that on that Flagship brand. Nowhere else, let's be honest about it. You only will see that kind of action on Monday Night Raw. that's what you people deserved only the Authority can give that to you. We made a promise to you, people when we came back to the brand that created to be fun to be a part of it. We promised you, a more competitive RAW that would push people to become winners and those winners will be future CHAMPIONS!"

The fans respond with a nice pop, as they like the line up they have heard so far. It sounds intriguing and nothing is wrong with a triple threat number one contender match here tonight.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Tonight we will Create a number one contender for the Divas Championship it will take place in a Triple threat Match. That's kind of action you will see before Wrestlemania. Not to mention we got a mixed "tag team— match,” in our Main Event featuring YOU'RE WWE CHAMPION.....SETH ROLLINS!" AND the Divas Champion taking on the Miz and Maryse in the main event.”

The fans explode with a huge pop. They love that match up. Two of their fan favorites competition in the main event in what should be a highly competitive and highly entertaining main event.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "But, before we get to that…We have more announcements for you fans, the WWE Universe. I do know before. We can have Wrestlemania there is something we need to have for that epic event. I'd just can't wrap my head around it right now, there is something missing I just can't figure it out — um something is missing maybe you, can figure it out Steph? I know it something that is something that's huge, it something like the biggest thing in the world?"

The fans give a little pop, as they can assume just who Triple H is referring to. Suddenly his wife Stephanie McMahon quickly replied soon as the crowd settle down.


“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "That's right. ‘The guest host for Showcase of the Immortals', Later tonight we find out just who is going to be the guest host at Wrestlemania? It's what you people deserve, it will be reviled before Raw goes off the air because...." IT'S …..WHAT…..BEST…..FOR …..BUSINESS!”

The fans explode with a huge pop. They love that Idea of a guest host for Wrestlemania. They know it might be of a legend from the past one of their favorites making a return to shake things up making Wrestlemania entertaining.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "That's not all. We have more announcements for you fans. You see Last Week on Raw we saw Brock Lesnar, attack one of your favorites, to get what he wanted in-order to get a match at Wrestlemania . To be Honest I would have done the same thing if I was in his shoes, but he crossed the line when he attacked a Fan from the audience. I get it might have been Cm Punk's best friend in any other case Brock Lesnar would have been suspended from the WWE without Pay.....There will be a punishment and action will be taken due to the Beast actions last week. He will be fined five hundred dollars for what he did and Brock Lesnar, will be allowed to compete at Wrestlemania."

Fans give a pop at the mention of Lesnar’s name, as Stephaine seems rather too happy about the announcement from her Husband. Hunter just smiles and carries on.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "That's right. Brock Lesnar. This is a one-on match, and like I said it is not some ordinary match. Sure, alone Brock versus Cm Punk is enough to where we can stand here and say it isn't ordinary. However. IT WILL BE NO DISQUALIFICATION!”

The fans absolutely love it. Brock Versus Cm Punk at Wrestlemania, no disqualification./Huge announcement.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "As we said, the winner of the divas Triple Threat Match. Tonight will be rewarded with a shot at the divas title at Wrestlemania. And Alexa Bliss has proven she is WINNER time in, and time out, which is why she is the Divas Champion of the WWE! So tonight WE find out who will be the Next Challenger.”

STEPHANIE MCMAHON ... “So without any further adue, ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAWWWWW!”

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh man. It is set! It is set! Brock Lesnar versus C.M PUNK at Wrestlemania! God almighty what a start to Monday Night RAW!”

The fans burst into a huge pop, as it is time. It is time to get the show on the road. Monday Night RAW is here, and time for the new direction to take form. ‘KING OF KINGS” hits back over the p.a system. Stephanie and Triple H stand together in the middle of the ring with smiles upon their faces, before they start to make their way out as Monday Night RAW fades to its first commercial break.

What a great opening match on Monday Night Raw. Really setting the tone for the rest of tonight’s contests. As the fans sit back down in their seats after an entertaining match, the cameras start rolling backstage. Everyone inside the Allstate arena can watch on via the titantron. As the Footage opens up, as we now see Brock Lesnar and his agent Paul Heyman just arriveing entering the arena for the first time. They are not award what took place eariler tonight in the opening segment, where Brock Lesnar has been fined Five Hundred Dollar for his actions last week. With that, as they making their way thought the backstage looking around for their dressing room Renee young approached them as Renee Young comes running up behind the two.

user posted image

RENEE YOUNG ... “Paul! Brock! Paul!”

Paul and Lesnar slowly turn as facing Renne young. Brock doesn’t look so pleased to see the young lady stopping him from making his way to his dressing room. while Paul tries to be respectful and show a warm smile, but really behind his eyes you can tell he is rather annoyed by this moment.

PAUL HEYMAN... "Ah, Renee. What is it? What brings you here?”

RENEE YOUNG ... “Well, I don't know if you have heard what took place eariler this evening in the opening segment for Monday Night Raw. I couldn’t help but noticing that it appears that you two are Arriveing for Monday Night Raw, and I was curious if I could get some comments from you on your client being Fine Five Hundred Dollar instead of being Suspended from WWE?”

PAUL HEYMAN... "Well Excuse me Renee? My Client: Brock Lesnar is fined for what? Because what he did last week to C.M Punk? Give me a break, this is the Wrestleing business. If CM Punk is going cry over it before, Wrestlemania then he should of not came back to WWE. Excuse me Renee, myself and my Client will adressed that later this evening on Monday Night Raw.” …

Paul stops with the sarcasm as he looks stright into the camera, and looks over at Renee young.

PAUL HEYMAN... "Look, Renee, darling….I’m a fan. I really am of yours, but now is not the time for all of this. My client came here to do what he needs to do, before Wrestlemania in six days. Now it's time for my Client to prepair for this enormous encounter, as you called it. Cause come Wrestlemania….Brock Lesnar is going to do the unthinkable. Brock Lesnar is going to put to rest the great C.M Punk because he will be VICTIMIZED! CONQUERED! BY BROCK LESNAR!"

Lesnar just gives a smirk, as Paul turns around as he and Brock enter their dressing room where the Beast will gear up for his special raw apperance later tonight on Raw With that, they enter the dressing room leaving Renee just standing there with the microphone in hand. Camera fades out.

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Returning from the commercial break it was clear to see that already both Zahra and Layla were already inside the ring. Summer Rae stood on the outside clapping as the bell was heard. Both Layla and Zahra lock up as Zahra seems to push Layla away. Strength was seen from Zahra as Layla looked on while Summer was shouting to Layla to focus. Of course, Layla did and went back on the attack of Zahra by kicking Zahra hard in the mid-section. This attack took the wind out of Zahra as she dropped to her knees. Little cheeky Layla then turned and hopped back hit Zahra in the face with her butt. Zahra was less impressed as Layla walked away and clapped herself in her performance while Summer clapped also. Zahra on the other hand did not find that move to her taste as she stood up and was about to slap Layla in the face, Lucky for Layla Zahra missed and Layla kneed Zahra in the midsection before grabbing her head and throwing her into the corner post. Zahra hit the corner post had and it was now Layla used the Schoolgirl move onto Zahra as previously Layla walked away looking impressed.

Layla seemed to have this match in the back as she grabbed Zahra hand and was about to Irish Whip Zahra, but Zahra fought back with an elbow shot to the face of Layla. Layla stepped back as Zahra was coming with more attacks. Zahra then Irish whipped Layla into the corner she had just come out off and Layla hit the corner hard. Zahra went for a running shoulder block which connected and took wind out of Layla. Summer seemed less impressed as Zahra then grabbed Layla and threw her out of the ring. Summer went over to check on Layla as Zahra got out and pushed Summer out of the way. Summer landed on the floor as Zahra picked up Layla who was seen on her hand and knees and threw her back into the ring. Summer slowly got up and it was Zahra who went for a pin.




Layla was up quickly and so was Zahra as Zahra then went for a lock up but missed as Layla ducked under the arms of Zahra and went for a Roll-up, while trapping the leg of the Zahra. It seemed power was the name of the game as Zahra somehow kicked out.

MICHAEL COLE..."What strength by Zahra. ”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."I agree, but we all know what Layla can do. I'm sure Zahra is going to really have to give everything.”

MICHAEL COLE..."I don't know! Zahra is toying with Layla.”

Back to the action and again both Divas were up. This was the moment Summer grabbed Zahra's foot and held on as the Layla seemed happy with some help. Layla went for a Reverse roundhouse to Zahra as Summer let go quickly, and backed away as the referee warned Summer who looked innocent. Zahra hit the outer mat and screamed at Zahra while mocking her. Layla jumped out and it was seemly going to be an attack by both Summer and Layla but in the mix "Goin' In" by Thomas McFarland featuring Black Montana was heard.

Summer and Layla turned their attention to the ramp as Brandi Rhodes along with Cody Rhodes walked slowly onto the stage area and stood there looking down, Summer turned to Layla and pointed to Layla to finish Zahra off.

MICHAEL COLE..."What a match. Brandi is out here with Cody! What's their game plan.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."Both Brandi and Layla don't see eye to eye so I think Brandi is out here to show Layla she not scared.”

Back inside the ring and Layla is back in focus mode and picking up Zahra. It's clear Layla wants to end this as she goes for her finisher Bombshell. Layla misses as Zahra hits a spear. Down goes Layla and hits a pin as Summer distracts the referee by shouting and pointing at Brandi who's still looking down from the stage area. Zahra stands up and swings the referee around and shouts at him while Layla is still laying on the mat. Zahra is furious and hits the mat to cover Layla again. This is the moment Layla had time to gather her thoughts as she kicks out. Still with a furious look Zahra is up and pulls Layla to her feet. Layla with all her energy hits the same finisher again which is the Bombshell and connects. Quickly getting to her feet while Summer stands guard the referee counts makes the count.




The bell signals as Lillian makes the introduction.

LILIAN GARCIA..."Here is your winner: LAYLA!”

Getting up to her feet Layla walks over to where Summer is as the pair look up onto the stage area. Brandi smiles as she whispers into the ear of Cody who nods as the pair walk slowly down to the ring as a commercial break is seen for a brief moment.

Coming back the camera focuses on inside the ring were Layla, Summer Rae, Brandi and Cody Rhodes are all seen. Each of the three Divas have microphones as the fans settle down. Layla is now regrouped and points at both Brandi and Cody while speaking harshly into the microphone.

LAYLA..."What Brandi? Want to see what I do to wannabe Divas. Making sure you get a first look before you decided to step in the ring with me. You see Brandi that was a little taste. A small portion of my skills. You can stand behind Cody. You can bring your Knight out to the ring with you and make him protect you. But I know Cody inside out. I know what his weakness is. I've been married to him. But you already know that.”

Brandi smiles as she looks away. Her eyes look down to the mat as she then steps in and looks Layla deep in her eyes.

BRANDI RHODES..."You don't scare me Layla. Neither does Barbie doll standing next to you. You can’t find a male to be by your side so you get thin Lizzy here. Maybe a rubber male outfit might work and you get your match against myself and Cody. But till then I will just keep playing your little games till you get the hint that myself and Cody don't care. Keep this up Layla and I will make sure you lose your matches like you threated me.”

Again, it was the turn of Layla who seemed to focus with a stern look.

LAYLA..."Oh, Brandi don't give me hopes. I don't need a man to back me up or fight with me. I won my match with Cody in the courts. But I'll gladly do it again. You see Brandi, I know Cody as a dark secret. One that is in all men. That my darling is that Cody looks. Looks at Women. He's a looker who wants different women. He's little black book is full of women. From the Goth side to....”

It's then Summer runs past Layla and Brandi into the arms of Cody who catches her and in a loud confident tone.

SUMMER RAE..."ME!!!! Cody has eyes for me. We have all witnessed it. But Layla don't care. She given me her blessing. Oh Wody. You are so adorable.”

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The camera focuses its attention on Cody and Summer as Layla is seen smiling while a hurtful look is seen from Brandi. Brandi removes herself from the ring as Cody drops Summer and goes after Brandi as Layla waves goodbye as the commercial break is seen leaving ring side.

Monday Night Raw returns from a commercial break. With that, the cameras cut away from in ring action as the video screen inside the arena fades on. We are taken to the backstage area, inside the locker room of one Dolph Ziggler. Dolph has clearly was just returning tonight on this action packed show just in time for Wrestlemania with it being just days away. He was in his locker room getting ready to leave for the Night, Triple H, smile upon his face, comes into the picture. The fans give a mixed reaction.

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“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Well there he is. The ultimate underdog. The man always passed up for other superstars when handing out opportunities. Alright with the Grandest Stage of Them All, just being days away there is an opportunity on the table for you that's a shot at the Intercontinental Championship which will make it a Triple Threat Match which means more Competition at Wrestlemania. You know, and I know this is what you want..”

Dolph stands upright, and gives Triple H a look that can only be described as one of confusion. For this is something he didn’t expect coming from the WWE COO. A congrats towards him. Definitely something out of left field, like most of the actions taken by Triple H tonight. Dolph can only respond one way while standing in this awkward situation.

DOLPH ZIGGLER... “Thank you.”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "You're welcome. You are welcome man. This is a huge opportunity. We know this is not something that happens on Raw very often. When Smackdown hands out Championships, I on the other hand give out Opportunities to earn a Championship. We know Titles are earned in the square circle putting the work in, not given it to somebody that some might think is the flavor of the Month. That's not how we do business on Monday Night Raw. So now…. Now I guess it is time for you to show me what you do what that opportunity.”

DOLPH ZIGGLER... “I guess so. Let me guess. It’s going to be some joke on me. Same ol same ol.”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "No. I said exactly what I'm telling you now. The Aurthity gives out opportunities to earn a title. This is something you have the face to do at Wrestlemania in a few days. Well Dolph….You're in a match for the Intercontinental Championship it's a Triple Threat Match where you will be going up against against Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship!”

DOLPH ZIGGLER... “Intercontinental Championship? Versuses Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn? So you are putting me against a friend of mine. Trying to mask it as a title opportunity when really you just want to see me and Sami beat the hell out of each other to amuse some sick enjoyment you get out of all of this.”

Hunter doesn’t look pleased with Dolphs position on this, or maybe he just isn’t happy that Dolph isn’t taking the bait on this whole new ‘nice guy’ persona Hunter has going for him tonight. Either way, Triple H steps in closer to Dolph and keeps his cool.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "It’s a title shot so show some gratitude, Dolph. No one else is getting a guaranteed title shot this is a opportunity for you. It can make your career again put you back on the map. Be grateful.”

DOLPH ZIGGLER... “Well since you put it hat way Hunter…..thank you.”

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Your welcome. Good luck.”

The sarcasm between the two is quite evident as each gives their thanks and welcomes. Triple H then just smile and turns and walks off, leaving Dolph Ziggler there to finish backing as the video screen fades off.

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As the scene cuts to the ring Dean Ambrose and William Eaver are waiting for the bell to ring. Eaver seems to be far calmer with the situation with almost a smile on his face. Ambrose on the other hand is looking round almost nervously as he has a Singapore cane in his hand. However he seems to be looking for Marty Scurll who had attacked Ambrose last week and called out Eaver. As the bell rings Ambrose charges at Eaver swinging the cane looking to take his head off. However Eaver is able to move out of the way. It looks like he is going for the clothesline from heaven early. However Ambrose takes the Singapore cane to the knees of Eaver causing him to trip and hit his head and neck off of the ropes. Ambrose then rains down cane shots to the back of Eaver’s head and neck clearly trying to take advantage of the accident that Eaver had with the way he had been taken down.

MICHAEL COLE..."Ambrose has taken advantage of a mistake by Eaver here. It looks like he might have been able to get an advantage over the hardcore champion.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...You might be right here Michael. I felt that the introduction of Batista in that triple threat match had been why Ambrose didn’t walk away with the title. So one on one Ambrose might have a pretty good chance of putting Eaver away here.”

After a number of strikes to the head Ambrose pulls Eaver to his feet via his hair in an attempt to hook him into the Dirty Deeds. However the lights in the arena go out.

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh here we go again.”


The fans erupt as the one true villain hits. However the lights in the arena are still down.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...We need to get security out here. I don’t care if this is a hardcore match you can’t have that maniac running around hurting people. ”

However when the lights come back on Ambrose is standing in the ring waiting for Scurll with Eaver in front of him. The fans begin cheering and even Eaver grins. Ambrose has a snarl across his face as he turns around straight into …


JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD...HB SHIZZLE. Where the hell did he come from? ”

MICHAEL COLE..."I think you just got your answer for Marty Scurll’s music John.”

Ambrose then turns almost like he is up on strings and turns straight into the clothesline from heaven by Eaver. The pastor then shakes hands with HBK before dropping down into the pin. HBK then grins and drops down and counts the pin alongside the referee.




LILIAN GARCIA... “Here is your winner the hardcore champion Pastor William Eaver.”

After the match between Ambrose and Eaver ends the lights in the arena go out. Pastor Eaver seems to look around the arena for who is coming for him however there is no sign of anyone. The titantron then becomes static and there can be heard the sound of clapping. As the static clears the camera shows the Villain Marty Scurll. The fan erupt in a mixed reaction at the Villain.

Scurll gives the camera a sinister grin before he carries on clapping.

MARTY SCURLL..."That was a very convincing performance Pastor, I am sure that for the members of your flock that just has them drinking the kool aid. Yet as I said before we have known each other a long time Bill. I have seen inside your heart, mind and soul and I know that you don’t have a chance against me. You see Bill I know the truth. I know the fact that you are just as normal and just as human as each and every one of your normal and boring members of your flock. Yet for some reason you claim to be able to save them and more to the point they seem to believe you. I mean if it wasn’t so pathetic it would be sad. I mean look at what you just did to Dean Ambrose. Am I supposed to believe that you can convert him now? that the rabid dog of CZW will see the light? No the truth is you are little more than a liar Billy. You parade around like you are a saviour or that you can be someone to save them from themselves. Yet the truth pastor is that when you get into the ring with me you are going to be the one that needs saving.“

The fans boo this as Scurll laughs. Eaver looks confused from the ring due to the fact that Scurll is seemingly on the titantron yet he had not come out to the ring like he had attacked Dean Ambrose the week earlier.

MARTY SCURLL...“Good and evil is a careful balance. I have been able to see that year after year and guy after guy. You see Bill for you to want to claim to save people there has to be someone on the other side of that coin; there has to be the evil to your good, and that is where you are going to find me preacher. I am going to be dogging each and every one of your steps until I take back what is mine. So you might claim to have God on your side but I promise you that the devil is coming for you. “

Scurll laughs again as the static takes over the screen.

Moments after the conclusion of what turned out to be a highly entertaining and competitive match between Dean Ambrose and the Hardcore Champion, Pastor William Eaver. We just witness Shawn Michaels costing Dean Ambrose the Match after some sweet chin music. As the the video screen fades on. The fans are still are their feet after what they just witness out there at ringside, they now witness Shawn Michaels upon the video screen, walking in the backstage area. The fans let out another chorus of cheers for "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels. He was just returning from behind the Curtain after giving Dean Ambrose sweet chin music. Shawn was now walking through the hallway, getting ready to leave the arena for the night. The arena befomes silence before we see WWE interviewer Tom came into the Picture.

user posted image

TOM PHILLIPS "Excuse me, Shawn. I was just wondering if I could get a quick word with you.”

SHAWN MICHAELS... "Of course Tom. Shoot.”

TOM PHILLIPS "I was just wondering what was that about between you, and Dean Ambrose out there, what was that all about "Shawn", was this a sign you want a match, with "The Lunatic Fringe, at Wrestlemania?"

SHAWN MICHAELS... "Well you see boy….I'll see a guy that is lazy his name is Dean Ambrose. "Look I have been at home with my kids, and my family enjoying my life. "Then I turn on Monday Night Raw, it has become very clear to me what needs to be done about it. He has disrespected this company and he has disrespected this business. I'M Mr. Wrestlemania. Come Sunday, the Showstopper is gonna take HIM OUT. "I see him at Wrestlemania!''

Fans love the sound of that, give shawn one more pop, as he walks off the camera. Leaving the arena to get ready for Wrestlemania against Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania The camera then close in on him leaving the arena. The video screen fades out.


Triple H
 Posted: May 22 2017, 06:21 PM
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Monday Night Raw is Live...

A familiar theme hits and the WWE Universe in the Barclay Center immediately start booing. That theme is of course the theme of John Cena. The boos soon turn into "John Cena Sucks" to the tune of his theme. The Face of the WWE steps out on the stage with a huge smile. He turns to the camera that is in his face. He says, "New York, this is why I love you! That's really catchy." He pulls out his newest yellow and black hype towel that reads, "Never Be Afraid".

MICHAEL COLE... “John Cena with a new towel tonight that reads, Never Be Afraid. You have to wonder if that is referring to his Wrestlemania opponent, Bray Wyatt.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "It has to be. John Cena is a vocal person. I'm sure he will explain.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome at this time.He is a Sixteen time WWE Champion…JOOOOOOOOHN CEEEEEEEENAAAA!”

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JOHN CENA..." For the past week, I've received texts, emails, tweets, you name it. Asking if I were crazy. Asking if I was suicidal. Asking if I was afraid of the man who knows no fear. Asking if John Cena was afraid of meeting Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania. Allow me to remind each and one of you right now, just what I stand for. The man standing in this ring, is not a damn coward! Not once have I walked down that ramp and stepped into this ring, afraid of any man who stands before me! Each and every time, I step threw those ropes I'm defending a legacy that the WWE Universe and myself built. We built a legacy that has near surpassed Hulkamania. A legacy that as much as you internet smarks want to hate you have to deal with the fact that is forever embedded in the history books. A legacy so big you buy tickets just to see me fail. But you see I ain't about failure. If you look at my credentials you know that I do anything but I fail. Each and every time a new guy comes here, he thinks he can shoot an arrow at the target on my back. You know they say history repeats itself.

The Chicago crowd pours out a huge amount of boos, a few cheers can be heard from Cenation. John's face never smiles, he just drops the microphone and lets the Universe voice their opinions.

MICHAEL COLE... “ John Cena looking as if he is all business.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "You'd be too, if you were in his shoes, Michael. The man's integrity is on the line.

John Cena pulls the microphone back up to his mouth as the crowd dies down a bit.

JOHN CENA..."History repeats itself. Bray, you are no different from every punk who has came down to a ring who I think I can rightfully say this my yard. Sorry Roman and Taker but boys, for fifteen years, not a single person can remove me from it. Bray, you stop being with your mind games and ripoff Undertaker promos and think about what you did. For the past year, you've been on this quest to take out the heroes of the WWE. When you took out Batista, everyone had every right to believe you were serious business. But it seems you have a big head now. Because you challenged me. The hero... the man every internet smark calls Superman. Bray, I'm not going to sugar coat it, I am a super man. I do rarely lose. And it because, I know that I can't. I refuse to let every single sick kid, healthy kid, and parent of said kid down. John Cena ain't never gonna be knocked on his ass. Just like every single person who thinks they can take my pride, you are going to find out, real quick, that this Superman, doesn't a have a Kryptonite.

John Cena slams down the microphone. My Time is Now hits over the PA system as he makes his exit to the back. Mixed reactions from the Brooklyn crowd accompanying him on the way out.

Monday Night Raw returns from a commercial break. The cameras open back up as we are taken to the backstage showing Triple H had been watching the match that the fans had been watching and the COO seems pretty happy with what he had been seeing. Then there is a knock at the door.

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“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Come in.”

The camera then pans to show one third of the Empire Nick Aldis walk into the room. The fans boo the man that had arguably been the biggest hero when he had been on Smackdoown. Yet he had been someone who had shocked the world when he had turned his back seemingly on the fans when he had attacked Osprey and aligned himself with Scurll and Zabre Jr.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Mr Aldis what can I do for you?”

NICK ALDIS:... "Well you can give me some answers for a start. For a company that seem to suggest they give everyone the fair break I saw Dolph Ziggler being just handed a shot to the intercontinental title under the guise of an opportunity. Yet since I have been here I have been overlooked time and time again. When I signed for Raw you told me that you weren’t going to have my contract lapse and that I would be respected. Yet here I am not having wrestled since before the royal rumble and I still haven’t even had a match on raw so what is it exactly you are going to do about that?”

The fans boo this due to the fact that the fans aren’t happy about Aldis walking in and demanding anything off of Triple H. Yet with the fact that the authority had been just as hated by the fans it was almost novel to have someone demand something off of them.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "How about I punch you in that big smug face of yours how about that? I’ll tell you what though you coming in here shows balls. Especially as you weren’t even meant to be here; so the fact you have seemingly flown yourself in to just complain about the lack of opportunities you have had shows me something. So why is it you think you should get that match more than Ziggler?”

NICK ALDIS:... "Where do you want me to begin? I mean how about the fact that I didn’t lose my world title that Baron Corbin is carrying around under the pretence that he is little more than a paper champion, or the fact that I wasn’t pinned for the European title when I lost that in a triple threat match. Or maybe the most impressive I retired Sting from TNA. If he had been a man of his word he wouldn’t have even turned up in the WWE. Yet as usual he was just an ass kissing egocentric parasite who wanted to leech more off of this business. Dolph Ziggler is a failed project who wants to act like he still has it. He isn’t even a has been he is a never was.”

The fans boo this due to the fact that they don’t like the way that Aldis had talked about Ziggler. Especially with the fact that didn’t Ziggler as a has been.

“WWE COO” TRIPLE H:... "Maybe you are right so here’s what we are going to do. I’ll add you to the match. Yet if you don’t win then you aren’t going to be able to complain about your lack of opportunity”

Triple H then extends his hand to Nick who shakes it before he leaves the room. Triple H simply shakes his head as the camera cuts back to ringside.

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"Angel On My Shoulder" started to play, and moments after Madison Rayne appeared at the top of the ramp. She posed ala 'The Beautiful People'.

LILIAN GARCIA... “Ladies and gentlemen this Triple Threat match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Madison Rayyyyyyyyyyyyne!”

Madison climbed up onto the ring apron and entered the ring by 'letting the pigeons loose'. As her music ceased, she walked around the ring. Her theme was quikcly replaced by "The Sky Is The Limit" and Sasha Banks made her way out onto the titantron.

LILIAN GARCIA... “And her opponent, Sasha Bannnnnnnnks!”

She was clearly ready for action because she didn't even do her signature entrance. She simply began walking down the ramp towards Madison. As she climbed into the ring, "Light It Up" replaced "The Sky Is The Limit" and AJ Lee skipped her way out to the ring.

LILIAN GARCIA... “And their third and final opponent...Ladies and Gentleman.....AJ Leeeeeeee!”

AJ skipped around the ring a few times, before she slid beneath the bottom rope. Lillian removed herself from the ring, as the referee called for the bell. The three women eyed each other up for a moment, before Sasha AND AJ went for the assault on Madsion Rayne. AJ jumped in the air, straddling her, knocking her to the canvas, and connected with a series of flying fists. Sasha quickly jumps in on the attack, stomping her feet into Madison's midsection, as AJ climbed off. AJ laughs manically as Sasha continues.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Great strategy here by Sasha and AJ trying to eliminate their third opponent in Madison Rayne.”

MICHAEL COLE... “I agree but will said strategy come back to bite the former Diva's Tag Team Champions in the behind?"

After the vicious assault right from the get go, Madison rolled out of the ring, covering her stomach. This left Sasha and AJ to duke it out one on one. Sasha and AJ's eyes bored into one anothers. AJ began to smile and skip around Sasha. Sasha giggled slightly, not following AJ with her eyes. Banks began to taunt the crowd before she was hit in the back with a vicious elbow by AJ sending her to her knees. AJ then followed up with a drop kick to the same section of Sasha's back causing her to fall face forward onto the canvas. AJ skipped around Sasha again as she made her way to her feet. AJ flew back against the ropes, going for a flying clothesline but was tripped up by Madison Rayne. Madison pulled AJ out of the ring. As AJ turned around, Madison hit her with a big boot. Realizing that she had taken AJ out for a short time, Madison climbed back into the ring, only to be met by Sasha who began stomping away at Rayne again. As Madison attempted to recover, Sasha taunted the crowd. Madison used this opportunity to take advantage, and rolled Sasha up for the pin.




Sasha quickly made her way to her feet. Her eyes showed straight fury as she ran at Madison. However, Madison's ring presence was more tapped than Sasha anticipated. Madison quickly dropped to her behind, pulled down the bottom rope, and sent Sasha flying through the ropes to the outside. Madison who was now feeling quite proud of herself, looked over the ropes at the crumbled Banks and tauntingly waved at her. She turned only to be met with a kick to the thigh, sending her down to one knee from AJ Lee. AJ followed up with the Shining Wizard.

MICHAEL COLE... “This is it folks. AJ Lee is going to be the number one contender to Alexa Bliss' Diva's Championship."

AJ goes for the pin. However, before she can get the one count it's broken up by Sasha Banks. AJ stands up quickly and begins yelling at Sasha. Sasha immediately begins to argue back. Once AJ Lee thinks she has won the argument, she turns her attention back to Madison. However, she shouldn't have turned her back on Banks. Sasha grabs hold of AJ's shoulders from behind and connects with the Backstabber. Shockingly, Sasha doesn't roll AJ into the Bank Statement. She hooks her leg looking for the pin, but before the referee can begin counting Madison quickly hooks the other leg. Sasha looks at Madison in confusion. The referee is looking equally confused.


The referee shrugs, drops to the mat, and begins counting.




He signals for the bell and the entire WWE Universe is staring at the ring in total confusion. Sasha and Madison begin arguing in the center of the ring. 'All About Us' blasts through the PA System as Brooke Hogan walks out holding a Microphone, as she motions for them to cut the music, she looks down at the ring as her voice is heard the PA System as her theme fades.

MICHAEL COLE... “What is Brooke doing out here... I guess there can only be one winner..."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I don't think that is going to happen Cole, both women pinned AJ Lee and Brooke is here to tell us what is going to happen."

BROOKE HOGAN... "“Ladies... Ladies... Calm down.. I get it I really do. Both want that spot at Wrestlemania against Alexa Bliss for the WWE Divas Championship. Now I've looked back at the footage and both pinned AJ Lee, So.. the only solution I have is to make the Title match at Wrestlemania, a Triple Threat Match. It's going to be ALEXA BLISS.. Defending against MADISON RAYNE, And SASHA BANKS."

The crowd erupts into millions of cheers, as both Madison and Sasha look at each other both with a same smirk on their limps, both motioning that the title was going home with them, as Brooke holds her hand up with a smile on her face.

MICHAEL COLE... “My God! Brooke Hogan making it a triple threat match at Wrestlemania... Alexa isn't going to be happy about this.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Alexa is going to be furious... I wouldn't want to be Brooke Right now."

BROOKE HOGAN... "“The thing is Ladies, AT Wrestlemania; Alexa Bliss will not be defending the WWE Divas Championship, Oh No! She will be defending the NEW WWE RAW WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP! That's right, Wrestlemania the RAW Women's Championship will be on the line for the first time ever! It's about showing what you women are made of, and what better way to do that by bringing in something New on the grandest stage of them all."

The fans are going crazy again, Brooke Looks down at the ring with a satisfied look on her face, as she raises the microphone to her lips again.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "What the Hell WWE Raw Women's Championship... A new Title for the Ladies, what a night this is Cole."

MICHAEL COLE... “I think Brooke is doing the right thing; Bringing in the WWE Raw Women's Championship."

BROOKE HOGAN... "“Oh yeah.. and Ladies good luck next week, Let the best woman win."

'All about us Blasts over the PA System as the crowd erupts into millions of Cheers, the camera pans around and then shows Madison and Sasha having a stare down before 'Spiteful' Blasts over the PA System as Alexa walks out with the Divas Championship as she steps to the center of the ramp and raises the championship above her head with that sick sadistic smirk on her lips, the cameras pan out before going to a commercial break.

RAW returns from commercial break and a dark, smokey room is shown. A match is lit and it lights a lantern, giving little light to the darkness.

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BRAY WYATT.... "Six days..... Six more days, man. Six days until the world falls apart. Six days until the prophecy comes true, the whore of Babylon will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, and burn for all eternity in eternal damnation.”

Wyatt laughs and stares into the camera.

BRAY WYATT.... “"John Cena, for years I've heard you say 'my time is now,' and 'if you want some, come get some.' You have mighty courage for a weakened man. Those you faced in the past, those you so called 'conquered' are NOTHING compared to me. Unlike those you faced in the past, they aren't GODS. I could sit on Mt. Olympus, but you and I both know there are false gods that live up there. John, my boy, I'M COMING FOR YOUR THRONE. I shall be crowned with the finest gold, along with my ruler Sister Abigail. See, for hundreds of years she has been waiting for this moment. Waiting for the right moment to strike, waiting for the perfect human being to deliever her message. It took hundreds of years, centuries of pure agony and rage. But no more, no more shall she suffer. She shall RISE from the ashes and CRUSH YOU LIKE A BUG!”

BRAY WYATT.... "Look deep into my eyes, John. Deep into my dark, wretched soul. I can smell your fear, I can feel it. Like a sound of a gun going off, I hear the lump in your throat. You and I both know that this Sunday, you aren't walking out of Orlando alive. In front of 75,000 people, I will crush their souls by DESTROYING you and SENDING YOU TO ETERNAL DAMNATION! Before I do, I have a message for you John. I don't have to communicate it, just watch dear boy.”

Wyatt steps back and places the lantern down. He leans out of the shot and picks up the newest John Cena t-shirt. He holds it up for world to see. He puts the t-shirt in one hand, and lights a match. Bray sets the t-shirt on fire! The shirt slowly wraps itself in flames as Wyatt stares into the flames He holds the shirt until the flames get close to his arm, and he drops it. Wyatt looks back into the camera.


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Wyatt laughs maniacly as the shot goes away from him and focuses on the burning John Cena t-shirt. The t-shirt is almost a pile of ash by this point, and the scene fades to black. As Monday Night Raw goes to a commercial break.

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The match starts and right away Batista charges at Wyatt. Bray does the same and the two start exchanging blows. Wyatt with a thumb to the eye. Batista stumbles back and Bray follows through with a throat thrust. Bray attempts a Drop Suplex but Batista breaks the hold with punches to Bray's gut. Right there Batista hits an atomic drop that drops Bray to one knee. Batista then leaves the ring and checks under the ring for some weapons. He finds a Singapore cane and slides back into the ring with a smile but Bray sees him approaching. Before Batista can bring the cane down on him, Bray charges at him and hits a hard running crossbody. Bray is quick to grab the Singapore cane and brings it down on the kneeling Batista's back.


Batista shouts in pain as Bray is ruthless with it. He brings it down a second time, then a third, then he goes crazy with it before stopping and looking out to the booing crowd. Bray just laughs at them and brings his attention back to Batista. Bray gets him to his feet and right away connects with a side slam and Bray decides to end it with that alone while Batista was weakened by the cane strikes. 1... 2... No, Batista kicks out. Frustrated, Bray rolls Batista out of the ring and soon follows behind. Getting him back to his feet, Bray Irish whips Batista into the steel steps... But Batista counters it and Bray goes crashing into them instead. Batista lightly limps over to Bray and stands him back up, only to shoulder thrust him into the barricade on the outside.

Batista hits about two more before going back under the ring. This time, he gets a table out and sets it up outside. The crowd goes nuts as Batista signals that he's about to Batista Bomb Bray right through it. Batista gets Bray to his feet but Bray starts swinging blows to Batista's face. Bray rolls Batista back into the ring as he climbs into the apron and enters the ring... But Batista had calculated it all and rushes at Bray with the Spear!... But Bray gets out of the way! As Batista goes through the ropes, Bray is able to grab onto his arm and turns the momentum into a Sister Abigail through the table! There is a loud "holy shit" chant from the crowd now.

Both men struggle to get back to their feet but it's Bray who's the one to do it on his own, backing up into the apron for leverage. Batista slowly but eventually makes it to his feet as well. Suddenly the crowd begins to boo. Pastor William Eaver had hopped over the barricade and starts attacking Batista with punches! As Bray rolls into the ring, Eaver rolls Batista back in before sliding in himself. Both Eaver and Bray start beating him down. Eventually, Eaver hits the Clothesline From Heaven on Batista. Eaver then gets Batista up on his knees by the shoulders and props him up for Bray. Wyatt is about to hit a second Sister Abigail when the crowd suddenly goes nuts. It's John Cena!

John Cena has returned to Raw and slides into the ring, going for Eaver first and hitting the spinning back drop, causing him to roll out of the ring. Bray attempts to stop Cena but The Champ catches him. Bray hits a clothesline but Cena grabs his arm and lifts him up for the Attitude Adjustment! Bray's back hits hard and he too eventually rolls out of the ring. Both Eaver and Bray look into the ring furiously as Cena helps Batista back up and they stare at the bearded duo back with a smile. Cena's music begins to play as this one seems to have ended in a draw. Bray shouts something at them before disappearing to the back and the men in the ring pose a bit more for the crowd as we go to our next segment.

user posted image>P> Monday Night RAW returns from a commercial break, where we saw a lot of promotion for upcoming WWE events including the upcoming Wrestlemania pay per view, which is being build as the best one of of all time. As the cameras are back on live,we get a quick glimpse of the sold out grown, who despite the long night, couldn’t be more energetic and excited for this upcoming match between AJ Styles and and Finn Baylor for some single competition. Both Superstars standing in the middle of the ring ready to lock up with each other The ref checks on both men, and then signals for the bell. DING DING DING. The match is underway, and the fans give a nice pop due to their excitement. The two men step forward and look as if they are about to start circling the ring, but before they can, the fans interrupt the action with a thunderous chant.


Clearly the WWE Universe are trying to get inside of Aj Style with the Undertaker Chants. The fans are loving it and letting styles know it. This angrys styles, as he takes it out on Baylor. He came here to Fight! He came here to send a message to the Undertaker. Styles comes forward quickly. NAILS Baylor FROM BEHIND WITH STRONG FOREARMS TO THE LOWER BACK! The fans boo heavily.

MICHAEL COLE..."Well John, it looks that Aj styles is trying to send a message to the Undertaker, before Wrestlemania. This Sunday on the WWE NETWORK!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Ha, so true Michael. You know the Deadman will be ready come Wrestlemania!"

MICHAEL COLE..."The Demon King is a lot of Trouble! He needs to catch a break to stay in it with Aj Styles."

Styles picks up Baylor from the Mat. He scoops him and slams him to the Mat.Styles then grabs Baylor, and pulls him in, looking for a vertical suplex…BUT NO! FINN BÁLOR COUNTERS BY LANDING ON HIS FEET Bálor really showcasing his athleticism. As he turns around Styles catches him with a heel kick, to the head. Styles quickly locks Baylor in STYLES CLASH SLAMS HIM TO THE GROUND!


JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Michael shut your PIE HOLE! AJ Styles, knows what he is doing is doing with Finn Bálor."

Styles taunts Finn Baylor as the crowd repond with roar of boos. Styles now drops down to his knees as, he places his body over Finn Baylor.....Suddenly The familiar tune fills out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, as the WWE Universe are on their feet. As they are enjoying the match between A.J Styles and Finn Bálor it has been a back and forth match before this very moment which got everybody attention. “all the sudden” ..... the Titantron lit up with a black screen before the sound of BONG.....BONG....BONG! We are taken into a dark room, filled with purple smoke with the singing Druids is heard over the Arena. The Undertaker is displayed to the WWE Universe.

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THE UNDERTAKER.. "A.J. STYLES when the Reaper Calls your Name, There is no NO APOLOGIZE. What is about to happen to you, at Wrestlemania. When the Reaper Calls your Name, THERE IS NO REMORSE to what about to Happen to you!"

the Undertaker is just stepping out of the purple smoke, as he walks slowly stepping closer to the camera as he soft spoken with strong words the sound of druids are continued to be heard and the WWE Universe respond with huge pop seeing "The Deadman" and after a moment of silence, the Cameras go to a split screen for a second. As We see the look of fear on A.J. Styles Face before, the Cameras focus back on the Undertaker in this dark room. He walked towards the Cameras again stepping out of the smoke brought his lips together as he spoke again.

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THE UNDERTAKER.. "Styles you have said before, you are not intimidate well, we see because the hounds of hell are baying for your soul and the gates of hell are opening and Welcoming you to your ETERNAL DAMNATION! A.J. STYLES, your name has been called, and for Everyone else Wrestlemania, will be heaven on EARTH for you. A.J. STYLES it will be hell and there will be Hell to Pay because, your Grave has been dug up and your name has been called at Wrestlemania, you will... REST...IN...PEACE!”

With that, the sound of cheers from the WWE Universe, back inside the Arena. As the Undertaker can be heard with his heavy, breathing starting right into the Camera displaying the purple smoke in the dark room and the screen goes pitch black the sound of BONG..... Hits over the Arena again and the WWE Universe cheer again we are taken back into the ring as the match continue between Styles and Finn Bálor. The lights came back on. AJ STYLES IS OUT COLD!


JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "I don't know, what just happen Michael. I know it's got to be the Undertaker!"

Finn Baylor can’t believe it. The Referee is still confused at what just happen to AJ Styles. At this time, Baylor drops down lays over Styles!




The bell sounds and the fans jump to their feet. They are cheering as loud as they can. Finn Bálor raises to his feet. The Referee raises his arm in victory. as “Catch Your Breath” hits back over the p.a system. The fans are cheering as loud as they can.

LILIAN GARCIA... “ Here is Your winner via pinfall….FINN BÁLOR!”

Finn Baylor continues to celebrate. He can't believe it. He has won a match. He jumps on the top turnbuckle throwing his arms in the air. The fans love it! They give him a huge pop, he now jumps down and exits the ring. As he makes his way back to the ramp way as MONDAY NIGHT RAW FADES OUT!

The WWE promised a action packed, entertaining, ‘Go Home’ edition of Monday Night RAW as we head into WrestleMania. They are delivered on that. RAW has been electrifying so far tonight, and it is only going to get even hotter as the main event is still to come, and much more. However at this moment, RAW cameras are rolling ringside as we get a close up of Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield ringside.

MICHAEL COLE... “Ladies and gentlemen it has been one hell of a night so far tonight, but what has gone down here I the Barclays Center I’m sure will pale in comparison to what we will witness on the grandest stage of them all….WrestleMania.”

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... " WreslteMania has always been the biggest night of the year for the WWE, but this WrestleMania….this WrestleMania will be the biggest in the entire existence of the WWE! Guaranteed!”

MICHAEL COLE...“I think for once tonight we agree on something JBL. As WrestleMania, I believe, will be the one event that everyone will be talking about for years to come. Which is why right now we turn our attention to the ring for Miz TV with a very special guest is about to sppear on it for the first time in history!"

With that, Right then “I CAME TO PLAY” hits over the p.a system. The sold out All State arena are on their feet, and join together in a chorus of boos. The Miz, dressed in an expensive suit, walks out from the back with Maryse at his side. The two are dressed in their best, as they slowly make their way down the ramp way.

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LILIAN GARCIA...“Ladies and gentlemen at this time, accompanied to the ring by his wife Mayrse, please welcome the ‘Two-Thousand Seventeen’ Royal Rumble Winner….THEEEEEE MIIIIZ!”

The Miz and Maryse make their way into the ring. Usually in the center of the ring rests a couple of chairs that the Miz and his guest for the evening would sit in, but this time the ring is empty. Miz and Maryse stand in the center of the ring, once Miz receives a microphone from the ringside attendant. The two stand tall, their heads down towards the mat, as Miz, behind his sunglasses waits for the crowd to quiet down as his music fades out. All that can be heard is the deafening sound of boos.

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JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "Not a proper reaction from this Brooklyn crowd for the man who will be headling Wrestlemania coming up, against the Greatest WWE Champion of ALL TIME, SETH ROLLINS!”

The Miz slowly lifts his head up, and looks through those dark sunglasses of his out into the sold out crowd, as Mayrse joins in. The two are easily examining the hostile crowd who begin a precious chant for their beloved Miz TV host.


Mayrse just shakes her head. She is clearly disgusted by the disrespectful chant coming from the Brooklyn crowd towards her husband. Miz just stands there. Hands before him. A microphone in one. His posture his tense. Clearly a man who isn’t thrilled by the reaction from the crowd either. After the chant has its day for a good while, Miz finally slowly brings the microphone up to his mouth.

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THE MIZ..."Is that so Brooklyn? Really? Reeeeaaaally? I…. don't deserve to be the Two-Thousand Seventeen’ Royal Rumble Winner?! Well joke is on you, Brooklyn! Joke is on you cause at the Royal Rumble back in January I outlasted Thrity nine other Superstars to become YOUR ROYAL RUMBLE WINNER! SO JOKE IS ON YOU!”

The crowd boo ruthlessly, as Miz just responds with a smug smirk, as Mayrse pats her husband on the back.

THE MIZ..."Chant whatever you want Brooklyn, but the fact remains that I, I am going to Wrestlemania. I earned that spot….MY spot…by doing what I do best….WRESTLING! And tonight, tonight I will prove that again when I continue to out wrestle the RAW roster by beating Seth Rollins again for the second week in a row!”

The crowd gives a pop for Seth Rollins but a shatter of boos for Miz’s remarks about he's going to main event Wrestlemania. Miz doesn’t pause for long, as he continues with his tran of thought, keeping the ball rolling.

THE MIZ..."But you People isn’t important right now. What is important right now is that here in this very ring, at this very moment, I bring to you, back by popular demand……MIIIIIIZZZZZZ TV!”

Maryse starts to clap enthusiastically for her husband as he grins that big million dollar smile of his. The crowd, however, is less than thrilled as they let out another chorus of boos. The Brooklyn crowd is clearly live for tonight.


THE MIZ..."Boring, huh? Boring?! I don’t think so! Tonight, tonight is the biggest and best edition of MIz TV of all time, cause tonight….tonight I am using Miz TV to talk about my Wrestlemania opponent. The Current , AND SOON TO BE FORMER, WWE Heavyweight Champion….SETH ROLLINS!”

the Fans respond with a Mixed reaction of Seth Rollin's name even Mention. Miz and Mayrse just look over at each other, as Miz looks rather annoyed while he slowly takes off his sunglasses. He then turns his attention back towards the crowd.

THE MIZ..."Cheer for him all you want now, go ahead… Then again Boo him if that what you want to do. get it all out. Cause once this edition of MIz TV is over with you will not be doing anything when it comes to Seth Rollins. Tonight I will expose to all of you why Seth Rollins should not, can not, and will not be WWE Champion anymore come Wrestlemania! I’m here for you WWE Universe. I’m here for you. So without further adue, lets bring out tonight’s guest. Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you YOUR WWE CHAMPIN….SEEEETH ROOOLLLINS!”

The is a brief pause and then suddenly,“SECOND COMING” hits loud over the p.a system. The sold out crowd rise to their feet, and let out a mixed reaction that is filled with mostly boos. That reaction only grows in volume, as Seth Rollins, Alexa Bliss and all walk out from the backstage area. Seth has his WWE Championship over his shoulder. Alexa has her Divas’ championship over her shoulder. A lot of gold on display between the twoof them. The two start to make their way down the ramp way, as the boos only grow.

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MICHAEL COLE...“There he is! There is the WWE Champion that will face the Miz at Wrestlemania in the main event’ on The Grandest Stage of Them All!”

The fans continue to boo more than cheer, as all three find their way into the ring. Once the two are there, Meanwhile Alexa stands with Seth in the middle of the ring, just moments after Seth receives a microphone from the ringside attendant. Seth’s music fades out. As the two turn their attention over to the Miz and Maryse.

THE MIZ..."Seth….Seth welcome to my show. Welcome to Miz TV! Welcome to the hottest running wrestling talk show not just today but in the entire history of the WWE. Your welcome. I’m sure you are honored to be here. I’m su----“

Miz is quickly cut off, as Seth steps forward throws his arm up, Alexa claps supprts everything her man does, as she got in Maryse face for a brief moment. This single gesture receives a massive pop from the crowd. Seth then slowly brings the microphone up to his mouth.

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SETH ROLLINS:... " Look Pal. I didn't come on this ridiculous set of Miz TV to watch you, and Myra---- Maria, Maryse whoever that skank standing beside you. Running your Mouth. HAHA!” Let's get to the good stuff here Alright? You see this title Mike this title was EARNED! Over the past year, it's not a title like you see on Smackdown get handed over like some Game console. When a Kid open up Presents on Christmas day. The Bottom Line is I am the man around here, anybody likes it or not. I'm going to beat you Tonight in the main event, then I am going to beat you again at Wrestlemania because I can."

The crowd Respond with a huge pop for Rollins which is rare. The Miz couldn't believe what Seth Rollins just said to him. MIz quickly throws his arm up in the air, and addresses the crowd with bass in his voice.


The crowd erupts with a chorus of boos. Seth Rollins just stands there with his eyes locked on Miz very intensely. The Miz drops his arm and turns his attention back towards Seth.

THE MIZ..." How Dare you Seth Rollins come on MY SHOW. and you threated to crush my dreams at Wrestlemania preventing me to Become WWE CHAMPION!

SETH ROLLINS:... "Like I was saying Mike….. I don't give a damn if this is your show. As for CHAMP Being Honored to be here? THAT'S ONE HECK OF A JOKE—"Like a joke you'll, call a career in the WWE." Let's be honest HERE, it's been over Eight years since you main event a match in the WWE , let alone Main Event a match at Wrestlemania." It's because, the Miz has, became soft, weak and he can't deliver the goods anymore hang with the BEST wrestler in this Generation TODAY. THIS IS SETH ROLLINS ERA!”

Seth holds the WWE Championship high in the air, Shoving it in the Miz face which only makes him more angry, Seth then brings the title back down, and replaces it back over his left shoulder. Seth keeps the microphone near his lips, and after laughing at the miz's reaction, Seth continues to speak.

user posted image

SETH ROLLINS:... "Mike you see this title? This is a Title you will never have again in your CAREER. This is as close as you will ever get to MY WWE Championship! I'm going to use you, here is tonight in the great city of Brooklyn, in front of the Wildest crowd in the World only then next week. I'm going to do to you, what others before you have felt the WRATH OF SETH ' FREAKIN' ROLLINS BABY! Mike I hope you are listening to every single word that coming out of my Mouth because, come Wrestlemania. I'm going to beat you in the middle of my ring and I'm going to turn you into another stepping stone!”

The fans repond with a mixed reaction to that claim, as Alexa stands by her man and claps him on. Rollins just grins from ear to hear before breaking out with his famous laugher. He believes the words that are coming out of his mouth, for he has backed it all up over the past serval months. Seth now adjusts the Microphone before he brings it down and just stands there. After the message he just delivered to The A-Lister.Face to face with the Miz. The fans can feel the electricity, feel the tension between the two It grows and grows with each second that passes. The fans love it. Seth Rollins brings the Microphone back up to his mouth.

SETH ROLLINS:... "Mike I don't know, if you have looked around here and every single arena all over the world. Around here, my friend. I AM THE MAN! I've been saying all along: BECAUSE I'M THE BEST! I've, have beaten everybody that has step up to plate, against Seth Rollins. And, I have put them all down. They all have fallen to the Architect! Come Wrestlemania your Moneymaker…. Will, be taking a few Curb Stomps, before it's all said and done your dream will be Burned— to the Ground. I'm going to go on and keep being THE champion in WWE."

Rollins does that obnoxious laugh of his, as he backs away with Bliss who both just smirk at The Miz. “SECOND COMING” hits loud over the p.a system and with that the final exchange of warnings has been laid down. The Miz and Rollins have let themselves be heard one final time, and now all that is left to do is put it to action at Wrestlemania with everything on the line! Rollins and Bliss make their way back up the ramp as we get one last close up of The Miz watching them go. The Miz and Maryse will have the chance to prove something to them later tonight in our Main Event. As the cameras fades out with Monday Night Raw taking another commercial break.


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Monday Night Raw is Live...

user posted image

The bell rings and Sami and Cody size each other up in circles before grappling with one another. Sami gets Cody in a headlock, then spins around and ends up behind him, still holding him, this time in an armlock. Cody is able to get out with an arm drag but Sami gets back up. Cody attempts a dropkick, but Sami slaps it away. Cody gets back up and the two get into a stance, both feeling equally matched. Both men get into another grapple hold but Cody is able to Irish whip Sami into the ropes. Sami counters Cody's backdrop maneuver with a kick that sends Cody standing back up straight. Right as he does, Sami follows with a few chops to his chest, ending with a hard enzuigiri that smacks Cody's temple. Cody drops to one knee and Sami rebounds off the ropes, attempting a running dropkick but Cody dodges it in time, running towards the ropes. Sami realizes what happens and quickly turns around, only to see Cody springboard off the ropes to hit the Beautiful Disaster, hitting Sami almost immediately. Sami drops and Cody attempts the first pin of the match.



Cody gets Sami to his feet but right as he does, Sami pushes him away and toward the ropes. Right as Cody hits the ropes, Sami rushes him and hits a massive clothesline, sending them both out of the ring. Both men are sprawled out and have trouble standing back up when coming to. Sami is crawling toward the barricade while Cody uses the apron to get back up. Once both men are on their feet, Sami sees Cody's position and immediately jumps up on the barricade and hits a huge Moonsault, landing right on Cody. There's a loud "holy sh!t" chant coming from the crowd. 4... 5... The referee is halfway through the ten count as both men are back to struggling to get to their feet. Sami eventually makes it to his feet and gets Cody back to his as well, but Cody breaks it once more. With a kick to Sami's gut, Cody then Irish whips Sami into the nearest steel pole.

Cody then storms over to Sami, pulling him off the steel pole aggressively and gets him in position for the Cross Rhodes... But just as Cody goes for the swing, Sami breaks free with punches to Cody's jaw. Right as Cody lets go, Sami hits a hurricanrana out of nowhere. Cody is quick to get up but falls back on one knee. When he slowly gets to his feet, Sami runs to the opposite side of the turnbuckle post they were near and once Cody's in position, Sami runs and dives through the space between the ring and the bottom turnbuckle, hitting his signature Tornado DDT. The referee is at 9 when Sami slides Cody back in and attempts a pin.



But Cody kicks out! Sami can't believe it but doesn't fight it. He slowly gets Cody back to his feet and Irish whips him to a corner turnbuckle. Cody's back hits against it but as Sami rushes him, Cody gets out of the way. Sami is able to avoid collision though by quickly hopping up on the top turnbuckle. Once Cody turns to face him, Sami dives with a diving crossbody... But Cody dodges again! Sami quickly rolls back up and this time Cody jumps up on the turnbuckle, using it as a step to perform another Beautiful Disaster... But Sami swats it away! Cody falls back into the corner turnbuckle position, hitting the back of his head. As he's holding his head, Sami had distanced himself to get into position... And runs at Cody, connecting with the Helluva Kick! Cody drops to the ground and Sami rolls him up for the pin.




LILIAN GARCIA... “ Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner... Samiiii Zayn!

Sami's theme plays all over again as he struggles to get to his feet but eventually does. At the same time, Michael Cole had left the announce table and joins Sami in the ring with a microphone in hand. Sami's theme then fades away as Michael prepares to speak.

MICHAEL COLE..."Sami, as mentioned before, you've been on quite a roll since returning to Monday nights, having defeated three former champions and repeating one of them tonight. Any message for--

Sami was still feeling the effects of the match but he cuts Michael off by speaking into the microphone in between his tired panting.

SAMI ZAYN..." I... I just about... Said everything I've had to say... Michael. Like I said, Triple H... Can keep the WWE Championship... On his little golden boy Seth Rollins... And away from me...

Sami looks down at Cody, then back up for the camera.

SAMI ZAYN..." But you can only hold me back for so long... I am going to TAKE the Intercontinental Championship off of Cody's shoulder and put it back on mine, like old times... But that won't be enough to satisfy my hunger... I'm coming, Seth... And I'm taking the WWE Championship next!

Sami simply walks away before Michael could thank him for his time as his theme music starts playing once more. He heads down using the steel steps and heads back up to the sound of the WWE Universe chanting his name and the "olé" song.

Monday Night Raw returns from a commercial break. The cameras open back up at Ringside, as the WWE Universe can only wonder what is about to take place up next. As the fans are still over their feet from the previous Match they just saw. What a night it has been already. The action has been hot all night long on Monday Night RAW as the fans have been treated to some amazing matches and some very informative segments so far that have done nothing less than entertain everyone inside the Staples Center Arena and everyone watching at Home. The Scene cuts back to the ring, as it is time for some more Monday Night RAW Excitement. A program that showcases the best wrestling on a weekly basis in the business. The fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what is next to appear at the top of their screen.

With that. "Next Big Thing" hits over the P. A system. The fans jump to their feet and greeted "The Beast" with huge pop! And Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman emerges from the back, and Brock hops around at the top of the stage for a second as the Fireworks to explode onto the stage."

MICHAEL COLE..."“Welcome back to Monday Night Raw. We're are on the Final stopped to Wrestlemania."This Sunday in Orlando, Florida live from the Camping World Stadium. Here comes the one Man, wrecking Machine. "The Beast Incarnate.... BROCK LESNAR!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... "That's right Michael! The Beast is here....I believe Paul Heyman, said they would be out here earlier tonight to addressed the Fined the Authority threw out on Brock, after what he did to CM Punk and to Colt Cabana last week on Raw. He's heading to Wrestlemania this Sunday to fight CM PUNK, I can't wait!"

user posted image

Brock and his advocate, Paul Heyman waste no time walks down the ramp. And Brock now jumps onto the apron. Brock climbs into the ring as "Next Big Thing" cuts off, as Paul Heyman walks up the ring steps and climbs into the ring with a Microphone in his hand... As Paul Heyman begins to speak to the WWE Universe about Wrestlemania, this sunday in Orlando, Florida at at the Alamodome.

user posted image

PAUL HEYMAN... "Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. I am the advocate for 'The Beast of WRESTLEMANIA!.. I'm not done yet....The Conqueror of the WWE! and, the single biggest Top box office attraction in combat history today....B-ROOOOCK..... LES-NAAAAR!"

The WWE Universe explodes into cheers after hearing Paul Heyman famous speech, as Paul pauses for a moment which Brock brings a smile to the Beast as pose raising his arms in the air, as members from the WWE Universe breaks out a "SUPLEX CITY! Chant as Paul Heyman waits for the crowd to finish he could continue to speak to the crowd.

PAUL HEYMAN... "Alright. We have a lot of business to cover tonight, so let's get started, shall we? Before, I get to what is important which is Wrestlemania where my Client: Brock Lesnar, will go one on one with C.M PUNK on the Grandest Stage of Them All!"

The Members of the WWE Universe busts out a Huge pop they love the sound of that match. Brock's advocate hyping up the Match for Wrestlemania, as Brock stands in the middle of the Ring smiling, as Paul Heyman begins to addressed The Authority.

PAUL HEYMAN... "NOW, Ladies and Gentlemen earlier this evening. When my Client, and I'll where still at the airport catching a flight to Brooklyn, New York. "Before we got to the Barclays Center, the Authority made a decision to dropped "The Beast Incarnate" with a Five-hundred-dollar fined instead of giving him a suspension because they need Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania."

A huge pop from the fans are heard from the WWE Universe again, as Brock Lesnar stood next to Paul with a big smile on his face. And Paul waited crowd to settle down before he continued on with his speech.

PAUL HEYMAN... "Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sunday at Wrestlemania only on the W.WE. Network my Client Brock Lesnar will, entertained you when he steps into the ring with Cm. Punk. This form of Entertainment is not the same, you have become custom seeing in the WWE. And Brock Lesnars forms of Entertainment, promotes violence and it promotes Hatered. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Cm Punk got a small taste of that Hatred because of that he is not here tonight. He's at home in Chicago, recovering from the 'Wrath of Brock Lesnar and preparing for the ass whopping he's going to take when he steps into the ring with the Conqueror!"

The Members of the WWE Universe bust out a roar of boos after hearing the comments from Paul Heyman about Sting as Brock Lesnar stands in the middle of the Ring smiling, as Paul Heyman Continues talking to the crowd.."

PAUL HEYMAN... "Cm Punk, you need to understand what you are getting yourself into when you step into the ring with Brock Lesnar. This is the very same Beast, that gave a beating to your friend Colt Cabana, which landed him in some near by: Hospital In the city of Chicago.' And, this is the very same Brock Lesnar, that Gave you, F-5 when you were to scared to get in the ring with him last week on Monday Night Raw."

The Members of the WWE Universe busts out a roar of boos after being reminded what took place last week, on Monday Night Raw. As Brock Lesnar stood next to his advocate smileing and proud at what he did. As Paul Heyman continued to give the crowd a history lesson about Brock Lesnar accolishments.

PAUL HEYMAN... "This is the very beast gave you the WWE universe a Wrestlemania moment over three years ago which nobody will ever forget about as long you all live where my client erased The Undertaker Wrestlemania legacy and conquered the Streak, I can guarantee you next Sunday at Wrestlemania live in Texas where Brock Lesnar steps foot in the Hell in A Cell against Sting the same outcome, and Fate will happen to Sting where Brock Lesnar will take to Sting straight to Suplex City, and Sting will be conquered at the hands of Brock Lesnar, and "The Beast" will be unleashed doing his thing at the top of his game and give Cm Punk a beating at Wrestlemania, Cm Punk will be VICTIMIZED! CONQUERED! And taken to "SUPLEX CITY at the Hands of THE BEAST OF WRESTLEMANIA! YOU'RE CONQUEROR—BROOOOOOCK.....LESSSSSNAAAARRR!"

MICHAEL COLE..."Oh man. The Beast is ready for Wrestlemania! this Sunday, in San Antonio, Texas. I can't wait for this Match against Cm Punk. Brock esnar has his work cut out for him with The Straight Edge Superstar!"

With that,"Next Big Thing" by Jim Johnston starts back up. As Paul Heyman and Brock quickly exit the ring. As they make their way back up to the ramp. As the scene begins to fade out and Monday Night Raw fades to a Commercial Break."

user posted image

The scene opens up after a commercial break Inside the arena in Brooklyn, NY. The millions of fans are booing as Miz, Maryse, Alexa Bliss and Seth Rollins are seen inside the ring, getting ready for the main event of the evening, both Alexa and Seth holding onto their titles both wearing the same smirk as they place their belts on the outside Alexa runs her hand down Seth's arm before stepping out onto the Apron, Maryse leans in and kisses the miz before stepping out of the ring on the apron as the ref signals for the bell as Miz and Seth begin to circle the ring as they step into the middle Seth kicks him in the mid without fail he runs at the ropes and rebounds off them hitting him with a spinning neck breaker. Getting up from the mat Seth is laughing as he mouths some words. "I'M THE MAN"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... It seems Seth Rollins is proving why he is the Man."

MICHAEL COLE..."What do you expect he is the WWE Champion for a reason."

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... Teaming with the Divas Champion; Alexa Bliss."

MICHAEL COLE..."Seth Rollins, showing no Mercy for Miz tonight..."

Seth turns on his feet and stomps on Miz's arm; with each stop Rollins would laugh at him. Maryse standing on the outside beside her self as she begins to shout at the ref. Alexa laughed on the outside, Seth gets him to his feet and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle causing him to hold his back in pain. Seth runs at him and goes for a running boot to the face but Miz dodges to the side causing Rollins to hurt his leg, Miz gets behind him and goes for a roll up as the ref begins to count; One.. Tw.. KICK OUT BY ROLLINS. Miz gets to his feet and goes for his finisher but Seth ducks under his arm and drop kicks him to the mat, Seth points towards Alexa walks over and tags her in. Alexa gets into the ring as the ref tells Miz to get out as Alexa steps into the Middle Maryse climbs in as Alexa mouths some words "This is my ring." Maryse mouths some words back before Alexa turns but then quick fast gives her a right hook and then another one before hitting her with a spinning heel kick. Alexa goes for the cover... One... Two... On the outside Miz is there and pulls Alexa out of the ring causing her to smack face first on the outside moving away from her the ref begins to shout at Miz. As this was going on Seth runs around the ring and attacks Miz from behind causing him to face plant the outside mat. Seth walks over and helps Alexa up as she slides in the ring Maryse pulls her up by the hair and hits her with a snap DDT... she goes for the cover.. One... Two.. KICK OUT BY ALEXA. Maryse gets to feet pulling Bliss by the hair as she goes for another Snap DDT but Bliss hits her in the midsection with a forceful punch.


JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... Alexa showing that she has what it takes."

MICHAEL COLE..."Can Alexa and Seth both beat this Power Couple?"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... Cole; Alexa and Seth are the Power Couple of Monday Night Raw."

Alexa goes to tag Seth in but Maryse grips her by the hair and Irish whips her into the corner before running at her and clotheslining her into the corner. Maryse walks to the ropes and flicks her hair back holding onto the ropes and smirking. Seth is on the other side holding out his hand, Alexa gets to her feet slowly pulling herself up from the mat as Maryse walks over and grips her by the hair, but before she could do anything Alexa elbows her in the face, before running over and tagging Seth's Hands, Rollings gets inside the Ring and runs over and flips Miz over the ropes before punching full force in the face, the anger he was feeling right now only goes to show what he thought of Miz. "YOU'LL NEVER EVER BE WWE CHAMPION!" Rollins gets to his feet lifting Miz up and gets him into a Pedigree position but before he could do anything Maryse jumps on his back, Alexa gets inside the ring and pulls her off by the Hair; That sadistic smirk on her lips and slams her face full force into the canvas, Lifting her back up and delivers her own forceful Snap DDT straight into the mat, then pushing her out of the ring.


JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... I don't know what can happen; but this is by far the best main event, EVER!"

MICHAEL COLE..."Seth Rollins going for his finisher John."


Miz turns and walks towards her, as he mouths some words of his own, Backing her up into the corner as Seth runs over and attacks him from behind, Alexa smirks as Rollins gets him to the center of the ring Twists his arm into an ARM LOCK and then a JUMPING HIGHKNEE TO THE FACE. Causing Miz to fall to the mat, pulling him over to the corner on his back as he points towards Alexa one last time with a sadistic smirk on his lips, as Alexa walks over and climbs the turnbuckle, as she crushes her hand in front of her, as she jumps off the turnbuckle and delivers a TWISTED BLISS. Seth mouths 'PIN HIM! START COUNTING...' Alexa rolls him to the middle and covers him.




LILIAN GARCIA... “Here are your winners, Seth Rollins and Alexa Blisssss."

Seth and Alexa are handed their titles as they stand in the middle of the ring with their arms raised holding their championships in the air, as the camera pans around showing Michael Cole, and John Bradshaw Layfield on commentary as 'Spiteful' Blasts over the PA Syste... JBL and Cole are heard over the Music.


MICHAEL COLE..."Alexa Bliss and Seth Rollins proved why they are the power couple of Monday Night Raw... Bliss just embarrassed the Miz in front of millions of fans, What an evening this has been, Next week it's WRESTLEMANIA!"

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD... Speaking of Wrestlemania, It's going to be huge, and why is that Cole?"

MICHAEL COLE..."Well, Ladies and Gentlemen. The Revealed of the Host for Wrestlemania is next! Don't go anywhere Folks. Were going to find out after this final Commercial break as Raw, Continues live!”

As the camera's pan around the millions of fans are heard booing and chanting as Alexa Bliss and Seth Rollins make their way up the ramp, the camera pans around again before going to a commercial break.

RAW returns from its final commercial break. The moment everyone has been waiting for is here. We are about to find out who, is the Guest Host for Wrestlemania. There has been so many Rumors who everybody thinks might be the guest host for the Grandest Stage of Them All!" We are about to hear right now. With that, the Cameras return at Ringside as Michael Cole is standing in the middle of the Ring with a Microphone in hand the crowd greeted him with a small pop as he placed it up to his lips begin speaking to the WWE Universe.

user posted image

MICHAEL COLE..."Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time right now. Please help me Welcome back to the W.W.E. He's a legend and that is responsible for helping putting Wrestlemania, on the Map making it what it is today. My guest at this time is W.W.E. Hall of Famer. The Immortal…. HULK HOGAN!”

With that; I AM A REAL AMERICAN" and Hogan's music hits loud over the P.A. System! The fans leap to their feet and go absolutely nuts. They can't believe it! Every single fan is on their feet for "The Hulkster". As Hulk Hogan emerges from the back, and the sold out crowd marks out as loud as they can. It is really him. Hulk Hogan making his return to the WWE on Monday Night RAW!"


The fans continue to completely mark out, as Hulk Hogan is dressed up wearing a pair of black pants and his trademark Hulkamania T-shirt. He stops on the entrance ramp to, performed a few poses for the WWE Universe before making his way down the ramp. Hogan now has reached the bottom of the ramp before, walking up the ring steps Hogan stops for a second to soak in the reaction he is receiveing from the WWE Universe. He now climbs into the ring before doing a few more poses for the WWE Universe as The music fades out, and after a couple of paces back and forth, Hulk Hogan stops in the ring just a few feet away from Michael Cole, as the fans show their appreciation for the WWE Hall of famer.

user posted image


MICHAEL COLE..."Well, Hulk it's safe to say all of your fans from all over the world, didn't forget about you. While your time away from WWE." And Hulkster, the floor is now yours. So, take us Home ONLY LIKE YOU CAN!"

Hogan can’t help but to smile cheek to cheek, appreciating the warm welcome from the crowd. It’s been a while we last seen Hulk Hogan back on Monday Night Raw, so everytime the Hulkster makes a return like this it feels like home especially with Wrestlemania just around the corner for the Guest Host. As Hulk Hogan was center stage with a Live Microphone in hand and Hulkamania was alive and well.

user posted image

HULK HOGAN..."Well,Let me tell you something brother,” Tonight is historic night before Wrestlemania, especially right here in Brooklyn, New York. BROTHER!"

The fans again burst into another huge pop. The Hulkster is feeding off the energy from the WWE Universe, he knows all of his fans here tonight for Monday Night Raw are having a blast. Hogan takes a moment, as the fans build up one more Hogan chant for him. Ashe listen to them chanting loud as they could before he spoke again this time he raised his voice a bit before speaking into the Microphone.

HULK HOGAN..."Tonight marks the turning point of my career because I'm officially home, BROTHERS. You know, Thirty-Three years ago I was part of something very, very special. Something that turned into a global phenomenon, the first ever WrestleMania. You know, history was made that day and history's been made right now. Right here with everybody in the WWE Universe. I just want to tell everyone all around the world, in the WWE Universe and especially as god my witness right here in. THAT HULK HOGAN is back Jack! I'M your guest Host for Wrestlemania XXXIII....MANIACS!"

The fans explode with another pop. As Hulk Hogan is getting himself all work up with Wrestlemania just less than a week away. Like he has done many times before, when he used to compete in the square circle for over thirty years in the business before his retirement. He raised the Microphone back up to his mouth. Hulk Hogan continues on with the crowd becoming more excited as he spoke.

HULK HOGAN..."I'm proud to say to my Hulkamaniacs this is the turning point of my career and I'm so happy to finally be back home, where I belong that's in the WWE. I've got another huge announcement that is in this year's Andre the Giant battle Royal that the winner of that will receive a shot Either at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE Universal title."So, in closing I only got one question to ask you W.W.E: Whatcha gonna do?“Whatcha gonna do. When Hulkamania, and WrestleMania XXXIII..... RUNS WILD ON YOU, BROTHER!”

With that, “I AM A REAL AMERICAN” and Hogan’s theme hits back over the p.a system. the WWE Universe are on their feet for Hulk Hogan he knows what they want from him, hes not going to disappoint the WWE Universe as he stands in the middle of the ring with all of the cameras on him.

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD..."OH MY GOD! That was Awesome, Michael. The Hulkster is back in the WWE! HE'S THE GUEST HOST FOR WRESTLEMANIA!”

MICHAEL COLE..."This has been a Money Night Raw to remember for years to come. We are out of time folks, with this being the final RAW before Wrestlemania, we could only imagine how insane that night will be. Thank you everyone for tuning in to RAW as our next stop is Wrestlemania!! Good night!

user posted image

The final visual was Hulk Hogan still standing in the middle of the ring,conducting with his famous poses for the WWE Universe with the cameras focus on him for all of Hogan's Hulkamaniacs. Monday Night RAW fades off air with one last image of Hulk Hogan. As the the WWE Logo is displayed on the Black screen!”


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